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I don't think I'm the only girl who wants a man who has money, is nice, good looking, and loyal. I mean, that should be the bare minimum for the criteria of a husband.

Example one: my sister. She is the first in our family who got married. Just like me, she's pretty, funny, and everything you want as a girlfriend and wife.

But she chose to marry that boy she met at church. Urgh, they might have the most beautiful pair of kids but they sure live not up to my standard.

I mean, I've been in that middle class family for eighteen years. I'd be stupid to want to stay that way when I have every means to change my life.

So I really don't understand why someone like my sister would marry my brother in law. Like I get it, he tall he's handsome he's like a freaking model but he's a technician! And now they're living in the same neighbourhood as my parents. Urgh. Poor life decision.

God is sure merciful when He gives me another example with my brother, the second sibling out of four.

He's that famous guy in high school who every girl wants to sleep with. But no, he's gotta be that loyal boyfriend when he stays with his childhood sweetheart and marry her after college.

Well at least he's smart to marry someone rich that helps him leave our small house and move into that giant bungalow. But the thing is, she's ugly. Okay maybe not ugly but mediocre.

And the result is? Yeah, their kids are ugly. Fine, mediocre.

Whatever. I definitely learned my lessons.

Number one, marry rich.

Number two, marry rich and good looking spouse.

And number three? Well that's what my second sister taught me; marry someone who has all above but is loyal and treats you like a treasure, or more.

She marries a Greek god who's smart and good looking but sure has a shitty playboy trait. Yeah he has a high paying job so he might not born rich like my sister in law but he knows how to make money.

They live like a nomad, moving to a new country every few years because he itches to find a job with more challenges and higher pay, but I sure know the real reason behind it.

They have this luxury life, producing beautiful kids, but the real reason behind their constant migration from one country to another, sometimes to different continent is because of his infidelity.

Doesn't matter how many times my sister cries on the phone while telling me about the new mistress, I know after the third time she'll never leave him despite whatever I say.

'Time: 3pm

Place: Kreyon

Reservation: Pheonix

Client: E.E and O.H'

This Miss Collins sure works efficiently because I received the email a couple minutes after my phone call with Helen.

"Where are you now?" She asks the moment I pick up her call.

"Don't worry, I'm not bailing." I'm in fact on my way to the restaurant. Just a couple more steps then I'll arrive at the front door.

"I know you won't. Just checking if everything's fine."

"Yeah I am. But, Oh? Really?" I can't help but to laugh reading the initial of my new sugardaddy, "O-H? Really, Helen?"

"He's as easy going as his name is."

"Hm. Interesting. So what else do you have for me besides his easy going personality?" I ask in a mocking tone.

"You know I can't reveal anything about the client except his initials."

"Geesh you-no-fun Madam Helen."

She laughs, "Let me know once you've decided. Though Miss Collins is ready with the contract."

I chuckle, "That easy going, huh?"


Fixing my pink colored summer dress, I take a deep breath as I follow the host to the table under the reservation of Pheonix.

I've done this sort of meetings more than ten times already but I'm always nervous. Always, always nervous because this is the first meeting, the one that will determine if I want to be his sugar baby. Or him to decide if he wants to proceed with me or cancel the arrangement.

My heart drums at the sight of a man sitting at a table near the window. There are a few guys sitting alone at their table but I somehow have this instinct that he's the guy.

As I walk closer to the table, just like any other girl when they see an attractive human being, I take a full view of him and judge him from his appearance.

Dark blonde hair with the length of not too long but not too short either, with serious facial expression as he stares at his phone without even realising I am almost there now.

I don't know how tall he is since he's sitting right now but he looks like he is from the long legs and torso. And from the way his muscles fill up that black shirt, well, he sure has an active gym membership.

"Here's your table," the host announces and that's when he finally lifts his face.

"Hi." My heart warms the moment I hear his deep voice along with the dimple on his left cheek when he smiles. Damn it, he sure is a heart throb.

He stands up and walks around to help retrieve the seat for me as I reply his hi, and then a "Thank you," once I sit on the chair.

"My pleasure." He goes back to his seat as the host asks me for my choice of drink.

"Can I have a glass of Rose?"

He nods and leaves the two of us as I place my phone in my pink Chanel clutch; I don't want any interruption during this important meeting. If anything, having manners is one of the things that keeps a woman classy. And I intend to be one until I die.

Wait. Important meeting?I thought I've already decided not to go through with it? Why would it be important, it's just for a free meal.

But honestly, his eyes, gosh I only take a look at his eyes for less than a minute but I sure got sucked out by how mysterious those orbs are. Green? Blue? Grey? Turquoise? Damn it, what color is his eyes?

But I can't gaze at them like a curious fool. I've gotta keep my composure. Raise the bar a little higher by not showing I'm interested or whatsoever.

"Sorry I'm late, it's my first day at New York. Still learning my way here." I grin awkwardly as I look at him again. Damn it, those eyes are doing it again, hypnotising me into thinking what color are they.

"Your first day? Where are you from?" He seems shocked but then he shakes it off with a smile. The dimple is making an appearance again.

"Uhm, London." I answer him with just one word as a waiter approaches us and delivers my drink.

"Could've fooled me, you don't have the accent though," he continues once the waiter disappears after I thanked him.

"I'm from Texas, just studying at London."

"Oh," he nods understandingly but I close my eyes as my attempt to stop myself from laughing. Damn it.

"Sorry, it's just, uhh," I shake my head repeatedly, damn it, this is highly unprofessional. And definitely not classy. Like how old am I, five? To laugh at people's name?

"When you said oh," I somehow managed to control myself, "Your initials. O-H."

"Ohhh." He says it again and that's when I burst into a much bigger laughter that my upper body shakes.

As if my laughter is contagious, he laughs as well making both of us look like two idiots who don't deserve to be here at this luxury restaurant when everyone seems prim and proper.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh at your initials." I quickly apologise once I managed to tone down my inappropriate behaviour. Urgh. This is embarrassing.

"If this makes it better, I'm Estelle Evans, Eeeee."

And here we are, laughing again that some pairs of eyes are starting to divert towards us.

"Owen Harris, Ohhhh."

Definitely two idiots with their Eeee and Ohhh.

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