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It's crazy how we just met last Saturday, then become roomies the next day, and by Monday we're officially sugar baby and sugar daddy.

Six days with him, and today is exactly one week since we first met, but I think I've known him for years already.

Tonight, as agreed, I'm gonna go to his room for the first time ever; we agreed to share the bed once the weekend is here.

Knocking on his door, I wait patiently in my champagne satin negligee, with my hair and make up done.

But he doesn't respond to my knocks, making me confused if I should try again in a few minutes or just barge in uninvited. After all, we did agree, didn't we? So I've actually got an invitation.

I walk back to my room because I can't bring myself to go against my own principle; I don't do stuffs without consent. So I play with my phone as I hang out at the balcony.

Realising twenty minutes has passed, I force myself to go back to his room. I check my hair and make up, making sure everything is perfect before marching to that door again.

"Hey," he answers on the fourth knock.

"Oh." And that's when I know he has forgotten this little detail we've set last week.

Because he looked like he just remembered by the way his eyes are scanning me from head to toe, obviously noticing my effort on the appearance. The extra appearance.

"Eee." I try to lighten the atmosphere as I joke with our initials.

He grins then widens the opening of the door, "Come in."

I step inside with my tummy going crazy by how wild the butterflies are flying in there; he looked sooooo hot by only wearing a piece of dark-grey towel revealing the delicious v, just waiting for me to tug it away with a gentle pull. His hair is still wet from the shower.

It's not the first time he's shirtless because he has been bolder as the days went; cooking breakfast shirtless, swimming shirtless, half of the time we spent together would have him shirtless which I'd squirm every time I see those toned abs, just like I am now. Can't wait to trace each and every pack he has on his chest.

"I'm sorry, were you in shower?"

He smiles as he walks to a door which I believe is the walk in closet, "I'll be back in 30 secs!"

I nod eventhough he's already disappeared behind the door.

"It's still early," his voice fills the space again before I managed to check out his room. Yeah last time I checked it's only 10.30.

"Do you wanna hang out outside or... sleep?" Code word for sleep: have sex. Guess he's being polite.

"We can have a drink outside." I agree to his proposal, when in my mind I'm planning to combine those two.

"Rose?" He asks as he arches an eyebrow, already making his way to the door, perhaps to fetch my drink.

"It's okay, I'll have whatever you have."

He stops his track, "In that case," he shifts course to a corner of his room instead, to the mini bar he has there. The grey sweatpants he's wearing is not doing a good job at hiding his amazing ass. Yums.

Compared to my room, the layout is a mirror to mine. But the interior design is less feminine and sterile, because mine has the theme of ivory white but this room is a combination of few shades of grey.

"For the lady," he hands me a glass when I'm already approaching him at the mini bar, "Alright. Let's go. It's time to visit my favorite place."

I smile at the mention of favorite place. I still remember the first day I was here when he showed me my balcony. Geesh, it really is my favorite place. I always spend my alone time there if I'm not with him.

"You have a whole bed out here?" I gasp seeing a king size bed located at the corner of this huge balcony. Or more like a terrace. He definitely has it at least thrice the size of mine, overlooking the infinity swimming pool.

"A better view, and much bigger balcony," I state the obvious, "Fine. Since you bought the house." I fake a dismay as he laughs.

"I'll give you this room if you marry me."

"So you can fuck your little boyfriend while he looks at the herbs you have in the garden?" I reply jokingly insinuating he's gonna put a toyboy in my room since I'll be occupying this room.

"You'll let me fuck men after we got married?" He sounds weirdly surprised.

"Why not?"

"I just." He stops there and takes a seat on the outdoor couch placed in the middle of the terrace.

I take a sip of the drink which stings my throat a bit by how strong it is but then I place it on the coffee table in front of him, climbing his lap, which obviously startle him by how sudden my action is. Or how unexpected he is at what I'm doing.

He even looked tremendously uncomfortable by his facial expression and how rigid his body is.

"I've always wanted to sleep under the stars since I was a kid." I tell him as I lift my face upwards, gazing at the stars. My arms are resting on his shoulders, as I can feel his warm breath by how close our face is to each other.

"Is that why you place the bed out here? You had the same thought too?" I finally look at his face, realising he's currently focusing on mine.


"Can we sleep out here tonight?" My voice has gone a few tones lower, almost whispering. Seduction mode: on.


"Thank you," I smile at him as both of us stare at each other. His eyes, will always awe me. The combination of green, blue, and turquoise is spectacular. It's like seeing the earth from his eyes alone.

I take it as my cue to kiss him when he doesn't surrender at our little staring competition. Boy his lips sure are soft, just like I've imagined since the past few days. He kisses like a pro too, not too passive yet not too giving.

Placing his hands on my back as he puts some pressure on them, I take it as a consent and grind my pussy on his clothed private part.

Either he's small or I'm not turning him on, because I can't feel anything.

The hand that I thought was a signal of something more, well, turns out it's actually giving the opposite meaning, because he removes his lips from mine as he looks at me again, "I think we should take this slow."

How much slower do you want to go? Are you gay? I really wanna snap at him but who am I kidding, he is gay.

"Hmm." I hum in approval eventhough I'm slightly embarrassed now. I've just been rejected, subtly rejected.

"I'm sorry, I-"

"Hey," I quickly put a smile on my face as I place my palm on his bare chest. Damn it's stone hard. This is the first time I touch it and I definitely loike it. Next to the ass of course. Yums and yums.

"It's okay. We'll take it slow." I am convincing myself at the same time I'm trying to convince him.

"Thank you Elle."

"You're welcome." I force myself to keep that happy face while I remove my body to quit this embarrassing act.

"No," he grabs both of my arms, "Sit on me. I need to start familiarising myself with you."

The way he says it as if I'm a vaccine. Inject him with the weak end of the disease, and try to create the immunity when he fights it, when he fights his sexual preference towards men. This is a joke.

A fifteen-hundred-bucks-a-week joke.

But I oblige to his request anyway. Because he's my client. My sugar daddy.


"Do you think I should cut my hair short, like real short, man-short, then you'll at least be a little bit hard for me?" I ask as I adjust my head on the pillow. We're currently lying on the bed watching the stars together.

"Do you think I should bang my head on the wall until I lose my memory? So I can start fresh? Favor women? Get hard for you?"

I turn to him to look at his face, "Awww. You'd bleed just to get hard for me?" That's actually sweet.

"Then I'd go through surgery just to replace my pussy with a penis, so you'd get hard for me. A big, hugeee juicy penis. Or small. Anything you fancy."

He laughs as I continue, "Take the hormones, grow the beard, remove my boobs-"

"Fine, fine. You win."

I grin at his surrender. After a whole hour of playing this game I finally get the trophy. Of how creative I can get to make him hard.

"Have you ever been in a relationship before?" He asks with that warmth seeping in me when he gazes into my eyes.

"Had a few boyfriends when I was in school but I wouldn't call it relationship."

"What about after school?"

"I went to London for my degree, started this career right away so nope. Guess I've never been in one. What about you?" The most I've talked about my career, this career, is how many I've had so far, and that's it. Because I'm bounded by NDA.

"Three." He moves his eyes to the stars instead of my face, so I copy the same thing.

"Three serious relationships?"


I almost asked that one stupid question 'with men?' but luckily my brain cells managed to stop my voice cord from mouthing it out loud.

"When did you lose your virginity?"

"You mean when did I start having anal sex? Or oral sex is counted too?"

I giggle at how innocent I am in this subject. I've never had anal sex before but I don't think I'll be open to that anytime soon. Sorry, I don't do back door. Knock at the right door, please.

"I've lived abroad since I was nine, because my parents enrolled me to this boarding school in England. It's a school for the athletes, our schedule is flexible to suit the trainings and competitions and stuffs. Long story short, I lost it when I was sixteen, to my roommate."

"Is it a boy school?"

He nods, which makes me giggle, "Okay. Now I get where the environment part fits the story. Is he your first boyfriend? First serious relationship?"

"I was... hmm. Confused at that time. Wondered if I really like boys or because I spent too much time with him. But yeah, we decided to give it a try. My first serious relationship was with him, at seventeen."

"Cute," I grin, "So you're the type who love and lust, not just fuck around."

"I did fuck the guys first, but it slowly turned into something else. You get what I mean right?"

I nod, totally understanding his point, "So you better warn yourself not to fall for me then?"

He finally laughs, making my heart feels lighter. Because that was intense, hearing his past.

"Think I'm sleepy now," I rest my head on the pillow again, wanting to end the conversation before I blurt out my personal information. Or my mission to marry a millionaire.

"Okay Google," his voice forces me to open my eyes, "Activate the terrace roof." Huh?

"So we won't get wet if it rains," he whispers as if he can sense my shock. Which right now I'm in awe as I watch the transparent roof has covered the entire terrace. We can still sleep under the stars but now without the natural wind. But I can feel the cold air from the aircond starts to fill the space.

"This is perfect." Sleeping under the stars, with a guy who checks all my boxes, and nothing to worry tomorrow but to live and let live.

If only he's not gay, then I'll be having one of the best moments in my life right now; having sex with the perfect guy.

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