In the spring of 1800, Grand General Yin Huaizhen led a hundred thousand elite troops to defeat three hundred thousand cavalry soldiers of the Western Tribes, taking over the capital of the neighbouring Western Tribes.

Emperor Mo Shuo was overjoyed, the princes and officials present at the banquet were all officials and generals, and Feng Yin Huaizheng was a general of the Heavenly Policy.

High General's Estate. In the East Warm Pavilion, a graceful lady was staring at the man who was sitting on the bed and the sweet girl who was enduring the internal energy in front of him. Her long, shapely eyebrows were locked as she stared intently at the man who was sitting on the bed.

Sweat constantly dripped down the handsome man's cheeks. After a long time, he finally withdrew his hand and gently placed the girl in his embrace on the bed.

"Huaizhen, how is it?" the woman asked hurriedly.

The man gently patted the woman's hand, comforting her, "It's fine, don't worry!"

As if she was in a dream, Zhuang Ci felt that she was in a dark sealed space, unable to find the exit. She wanted to open her mouth to call for help, but she couldn't make a sound.

He seemed to see a door in front of him, and a light was shining through the crack in the door. She wanted to get close, but the weight of her body made her unable to move.

Suddenly, a stream of warmth flowed unceasingly into his limbs and bones, dispersing the coldness deep within his body. And then there was a force driving her, pushing her forward, desperate, out of the door.

In the sudden bright light, Zhuang Ci wanted to cover her eyes with her hands, but she was held back by a pair of soft hands and was surprised: "Ran, you're awake?! Great! Great! Thank God! "

Zhuang Ci struggled to open her eyes. She wanted to see who this beautiful girl who seemed to be very close to her was.

In his blurry vision, a peerlessly beautiful face gradually became clear. Zhuang Xian frowned and calmly tried to search in his mind, but he could not find any information regarding this woman ?

"Ran? You. What's the matter with you? Are you not feeling well? Why aren't you saying anything? " The girl's words were filled with urgency. She felt that something was off. A hint of wariness flashed in Ran'er's eyes. This daughter that she hadn't seen for so many years had made her at a loss as to what to do ?

The girl looked at the man next to her with a helpless expression. Her beautiful eyes flashed with a pleading look. Qing'er, I've just woken up, and my body hasn't recovered yet. I think I'm hungry now, so go to the kitchen and bring her some porridge, let her have some food first ? ? "

When the girl heard this, she smiled shyly, "Hehe, I was a bit impatient. I'll go to the kitchen to take a look. You take care of Ran Er first!"

Zhuang Shi's heart sank as she looked at the two people in front of her. She should have been seriously injured by Lu Hai during the wedding ceremony. Right now, she was most likely in the Underworld, not this ancient and quaint place ?

However, they seemed to know each other, and they were very close ?

The man looked at his daughter, whose eyes were full of confusion and unfamiliarity. For a moment, he was filled with mixed feelings ?

"Good child, your name is Yin Mugran. I'm your father, Yin Huaizhen. The woman just now was your mother, Xie Yueqing." This is the General's Estate, welcome home. "

Yin Huai couldn't bear to see Zhuang Ci's expression. With a few words, he explained their relationship and their situation. Yet, it shocked Zhuang Ci... Yin Mugran? Father and mother? General?

She ruthlessly pinched herself. Her true pain told her that she was still alive, and what the man in front of her said was the truth!

Zhuang Ci found it hard to accept this fact. Transcendence!

He had never thought that it would be so ridiculous. He had once scoffed at the possibility of such a thing happening to him.

Just a moment ago, she had mercilessly killed her enemy, but now, she was here in perfect condition. What did the heavens mean by this?

Looking at Zhuang word's incredulous expression, in the blink of an eye, Yin Huaizhen's eyes were filled with desolation. He couldn't help but feel pain in his heart. All these years, he had truly owed her!

"Ran'er, try to say something. Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?"

Zhuang word looked at the man who loved and doted on her. She could vaguely see the shadow of her father from her previous life. She thought of her father who also doted on her in this way. She could not help but feel her eyes grow hot as she choked with sobs, "Father ?"

Yin Huai was emotionally moved as he pulled Zhuang Ci into his embrace, gently stroking her little head as he warmly said, "Good, Ran, you've finally returned to your parents' side. How nice! No matter what name you used to be called and how you lived your life, from now on, you are called Yin Mu Ran and you are the only daughter of General Yin Huai Zhen. No one dares to bully you here, your mother and I will give you the best life in the world, our love! "

In her previous life, her parents had also given him this much of love. Although they hadn't really spent much time together, it was enough for her to spend her entire life collecting memories that she had never given up on, even in those most difficult years. That was her greatest support ? This man really did look like his father!

At the door, Xie Yueqing looked at the warm scene in front of her, and her heart felt sour and sweet. After adjusting her mood a little, she walked in gracefully with hot porridge and side dishes, and said affectionately, "Qian'er, come and try some of mother's personally cooked vegetable porridge. Your father is full of praise!"

Zhuang Ci raised her head from Yin Huaizhen's embrace and smiled sweetly at Xie Yueqing, "Mother!"

Xie Yueqing foolishly looked at Zhuang Ci's sweet and cute smile. That word "mother" had drowned her heart, she had been looking forward to this day for thirteen years, and couldn't help feeling a little helpless. She had once imagined all sorts of scenes for the two of them to reunite, but when they actually met, she couldn't say anything ?

"Qing Er?" Qing'er ?. Yin Huaizhen couldn't help smiling as he looked at his wife. She wasn't afraid of the heavens or the earth, but she was at a loss for what to do with her daughter ?

Xie Yueqing regained her senses, feeling a little embarrassed. "Look at me, I've made you guys laugh again." Come, Ran'er, let's drink some porridge and be careful not to burn it! " As he spoke, he sat down on the edge of the bed, taking deep breaths while he fed Zhuang Ci.

When she was sick, her father was also carefully taking care of her. Right now, this family of three was something she did not dare to dream about in her previous life. However, such happiness had suddenly arrived, making her unable to believe it or question it.

Zhuang Ci was truly hungry. She quickly ran out of porridge, but she was still satisfied. Seeing how satisfied she was eating, Xie Yueqing couldn't help but feel satisfied as well. She lovingly asked, "Are you full yet? Do you still want to eat it? "

Zhuang Ci shook her head, touched her belly in satisfaction, smacked her lips as if she was satisfied with what she had to offer, and teased Yin Huaizhen and her wife.

"Then our little Ran'er will obediently sleep after eating her fill. Tomorrow morning, we'll help you solve your doubts!" Yin Huaizhen tucked Zhuang Ci under his feet and took Xie Yueqing with him to bid them farewell. Zhuang Shi nodded at them, smiled sweetly, and closed his eyes.

Zhuang Shi listened attentively to the footsteps outside. When he was sure they had gone far, he lifted the blanket and got up. He felt incongruous and lowered his head to look at his body: thin arms, thin legs, small hands, small feet, and a little brat ?

Zhuang Ci was speechless as she scanned the room. The furniture was exquisite, the layout was exquisite, the decoration was grand, indeed! The general was not a boorish person who only knew how to brandish swords and guns ? There were no maidservants in the room, and two of them were outside the door. It seemed that he had instructed them not to disturb him.

Beside the dressing table was a half-human bronze mirror. Zhuang Ci stood up and walked forward, carefully examining herself in this life: twelve or thirteen years old, almond-shaped eyes and nose, cherry lips and teeth, jade-like skin, round face, sweet and lovely. Although she had not yet grown up, she was a standard beauty.

Pulling up the right corner of his lips, he placed a dimple on his cheek and rolled up the sleeve of his left hand. A red tear shaped birthmark was etched on his jade-like skin. It was silent and flashy.

With a thought, he lifted the bangs on his forehead. Two bunches of heroic eyebrows were embedded in his full forehead. It didn't match this face at all, but this eyebrow was what showed a person's true personality. All of this was the same as when he was a child in his previous life ?

However, this body was a little thin, and it would take some effort to cultivate it to the level of his previous life.

Zhuang Ci looked at the person in the mirror and thought, Is it because the heavens pitied me for my past life and made me suffer so much that I allowed her to be reborn in this loving family, to make her happy?

She could not help but shake her head as she secretly reprimanded herself. How could that be possible? If there really was such a heaven's will, then no one had come to find her. She believed that no matter who it was, the reason for her visit would not be simple!

Zhuang Ci sat in front of the mahogany dressing table, her heart racing as she digested and analyzed the information she had previously received.

This was the House of the High General. The dynasty was unknown, but they would know tomorrow. His parents, Yin Huaizhen and Xie Yueqing, spoke very intimately with each other. The three of them did not have any other family members disturb them during their time together, so it was very possible that they were a single wife.

Zhuang Ci couldn't help praising Yin Huaizhen. In this feudal and courteous dynasty, it was rare for a man to be so devoted to a single person.

It was a general, not a general. This meant that the general's rank was higher than an ordinary general. There were two reasons for this:

Firstly, he was resourceful and had great talent. It was enough to add a heavy amount of ink to the history books. The emperor would reward him with special rewards.

Secondly, the military might was greater than the imperial might. With the military power in their hands, the emperor had been forced to add a seal to the battle, indicating that he was prepared to make a move against him. From what Yin Huai had said, he hadn't flaunted his status and status, but had written a few lines to indicate that his mind was not on the fight for power in the imperial court. Although the second reason wasn't excluded, it wasn't the main reason. This was a father that she could admire and respect!

Xie Yueqing was a woman of peerless beauty, a perfect match for Yin Huaizhen, but a person who could fight hand to hand with the Grand General was definitely not a simple person. She was calm and orderly, her mind was exquisite, her understanding was good, her temperament was unparalleled, she was polite, and she could cook good food, a bowl of porridge captivated her stomach, her noble heart was gentle and kind, and she was a good wife and mother.

She was their only daughter, but she had obviously just returned to them. Perhaps it was to make up for her, but she had never been reborn. It seemed that she had either been brought up for some reason, or perhaps she was a superstitious fatalist. Perhaps she didn't want to be taken advantage of ? She really couldn't guess why.

However, her parents were peerless people in this world. Zhuang Xian really wanted to laugh, such a good parent, she would definitely cherish them, just like the love they gave her. She would respect them wholeheartedly and repay all the debts she owed her parents in her previous life to the General couple. In this world, she must work hard to make herself and the people around her happy.

From this moment onwards, she was Yin Mo Ran. She forgot the words of the manor and all the unhappiness of her previous life. With a completely new identity, she began a new life without any pursuits, no escapes, only peaceful and peaceful happiness ?

However, there was a voice in her heart that was becoming more and more arrogant as it opposed her. There was one person that she couldn't forget ? I can't forget! Don't forget! Zhuang word shook his head, trying his best to not think about it. However, that person's name still lingered in his mind ?

Shen Yu! The person she felt the most sorry for in her previous life was him! However, she had no other choice. She had already done her best to protect the innocent and the people she cared about. She just didn't expect to injure him. However, when she thought of the complicated and painful look in his eyes, her heart received a heavy blow, causing her to be unable to straighten up from the pain ? If she had a next life, she would pay her debt, regardless of any conditions, willingly!

Zhuang Ci warned herself not to think any further. She had said that she would forget everything, no matter what, she had to forget everything!

Get up, go to bed, turn off the quilt, and sleep.

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