The next day, the general's manor was bustling with noise and excitement early in the morning.

Today, there were two masters who wanted to enter the palace. This big master was simple and nimble. He had packed everything up early on, but this young master had a lot of things to settle down. He was studying with the princess, so he couldn't lose face with the general's manor. He also couldn't allow the princess to steal her limelight.

After tossing and turning for some time, Mu Ran was dazzled by the people walking back and forth in front of her. Her clothes were on and off. She was wearing them again and again. Finally, her mother made up her mind. Everyone in the room finally finished their work and heaved a sigh of relief.

Yin Huaizhen was already waiting in the lobby for Mu Ran. The little girl finally called out and couldn't take her eyes off him. Dressed in a traditional Peach Blossom Palace attire, he had a shiny black hair plate on top of his head. His cute and sweet face was like a porcelain doll, making people unable to let go of him.

It was just that he was a bit short, so he had to personally go into battle and cultivate him.

"Let's go, father will bring you to the palace." As he spoke, he held onto Mu Ran's hand and led her out of the room.

Xie Yuqing sent the two of them off with her eyes as they walked further and further away. Ripples arose in the lake, and he wondered if everything would go smoothly today.

The father and daughter pair chatted in the car as they ate breakfast. Yin Huaizhen explained a few things that he needed to pay attention to. In less than an hour, they arrived at the palace gates.

Passing through the many pavilions and pavilions, Mu Ran didn't have time to recover from the magnificent and majestic architectural masterpiece before the palace maid who was leading the way informed her that the Hall of question had arrived.

Yin Huaizhen stroked Mu Ran's head. Inside, there was a group of Demon Lord. He did not know if Ran'er could deal with it. "Go, remember father's words. Do your best, and be cautious and low-key. "

"Daddy, don't worry. Ran'er knows what to do." Mu Ran nodded seriously as she revealed a confident smile. She turned around and followed the attendant into the hall.

Yin Huaizhen watched as Mu walked in step by step. He formed a fist with his hand and turned around to leave.

Just as he was about to enter, a cheer sounded out from the left: "Sister Ran, it's really you."

Following which, she was hugged by a lump of meat and almost fell down.

She took a closer look and realized it was the eighth prince. He was truly mischievous. He had never made a better impression on her.

"Little Eight, not good." A person behind him whispered.

Mu Ran was finally able to escape. She smoothed the wrinkles on her skirt and took a step back before bowing to the newcomers, "Seventh Prince, Eighth Prince Wan An."

A certain person saw that Mu Ru Yue was slightly distant, so he pouted and went forward to drag her away. "Big Sister Ran, don't be so formal. Let's go in first. Otherwise, that old man will start chanting his magic again."

Ji Mo Jue shook his head as he thought, "Little Eight's character really makes me feel helpless." He followed the two of them into the hall.

In the Hall of Inquisition, the first thing that came into his sight was a powerful and vigorous horizontal signboard, which read "Honesty and Honesty". It was simple and bright, neither extravagant nor ostentatious. The atmosphere of a book was very rich. In the middle was a desk, and on both sides of the table were bookcases. There were books of varying thickness, old and new.

An elegant old man was discussing something with a prince in the front row. Mu Ran thought to herself, "This is the current Imperial Tutor, Dong Bo." Father said that back then, he was also the emperor's teacher, and his knowledge was deep. He had been chosen as the teacher of a descendant of the royal family. It seemed that the Emperor had placed great importance on the education and education of his children.

The old man raised his head and saw that the eighth prince was dragging a little girl. He had already guessed the identity of this little girl in his heart. He didn't know what the Emperor's intentions were, but seeing this girl's temperament, it was certain that she wouldn't be boring in the future.

Mu Ran walked up and bowed to the old man. "Mu Ran pays her respect to the Imperial Tutor."

The elderly stroked his beard and smiled. "Princess Wen Yi, there is no need for you to be so courteous. Please take a seat. "

"Princess Wen Yi, we meet again." Following that was the Fifth Prince, Mo Jing, who had a face full of smiles as he greeted her.

"Greetings, Fifth Prince." Mu Ran nodded with a faint smile and saluted.

"Um, wait, I want to be with Princess Sis!" Little Eight was getting anxious. He looked at his brothers around him and didn't take his eyes off of the people around him. He didn't want to give this doll-like girl to anyone else.

He must get his master to make a treasure box and have the abbot of the Spirit Extreme Temple cast a spell. That way, he could put her inside it and release her whenever he wanted to play with her.

Little Eight was in the middle of his little scheme, but unexpectedly, he was interrupted by the loathsome master spell.

"Eighth Prince, do you want your royal father to change your title to eighth princess? Princess Wenyi was a reading companion for princesses, not a reading companion for princes. Since ancient times, men and women have always been different.

People of the royal family were the best in the world, they should be restrained even more, and should not act as they pleased. Eighth Prince, please return to your seat. "

The Imperial Tutor impolitely lectured Little Eight on what he had done today.

The more Little Eight heard, the angrier he became, but he just couldn't break out in rage. This annoying old man always liked to catch him and keep pressing down on him, trying to force him to use his ancestral hat.

Ji Mo Jue shook his head, and dragged the angry, unwilling Little Eight back onto the throne.

This kid had been peaceful for a long time. He thought that he had changed his personality, but today, he was going against the tutor for the new princess' reading partner. It seemed that he really liked that girl. With a quick thought, he realized that Little Eight would never have a good impression of anything that he liked for more than half a month.

Mu Ran found her seat and sat down, but didn't see the princess. So who was she reading to?

Just as he was thinking, a clear voice like an oriole came from the entrance of the palace: "Xuan, you came late. Please apologize to Teacher."

"No worries, Princess, please take a seat."

Mu Ran stood up and turned around. She saw an exquisite girl around her age walking towards her. The beautiful eyebrows of the distant mountain, the beautiful nose with apricot eyes, gentle and elegant. Mu Ran sighed, "The royal family's genes are really excellent. Any one of them would be a celebrity in the modern world."

"Yin Mu requests Princess Fu An."

"No need to be so polite. So it turns out that the famed Princess Wen Yi is actually such a charming person. "

"Princess is joking. Mu Ran couldn't compare to the princess. In the future, I will accompany you in your studies. If you have committed any immoral acts, please forgive me, Princess. "

Ji Mo Xuan was very fond of Mo Ran. He was just a bit more reserved.

Mu Ran let out a light breath and walked around in a circle, feeling deeply helpless. This matter of dealing with princes and princesses really wasn't a good job.

Seeing that everyone was present, the Imperial Tutor began to teach. "If there's anything you don't understand, please ask..."

In the palace hall, there was complete silence. All the civil and military officials were fully focused, afraid that if they were careless, they would mislead the Son of Heaven and bring disaster upon themselves.

"My dear man, have you really decided?" The emperor was expressionless and his voice was calm. No emotion could be detected.

"Reporting to the Emperor, yes." Yin Huaizhen answered in a low voice.

"Speak, what are your conditions?" The Emperor pursed his lips and finally came to a compromise. His good friend and sage was currently scheming against each other in the imperial court. He was filled with mixed emotions.

The corners of Yin Huaizhen's lips curled up slightly, but he soon regained his composure.

"When I return to the Emperor, my daughter Mu Ran has been wandering the Western Tribes for many years. Her knowledge of the Barbarians is shallow, and she does not like to interact with others, so she is afraid that she will not be able to carry out her duties as a reading assistant. "Your majesty, please grant us your permission."

The Emperor sneered in his heart. Hmph, so it was all for his precious daughter.

Yesterday, if it wasn't because of their many years of friendship, he would have long ago made his daughter a princess and raised her in the palace. When they reached adulthood, they would be at peace. Otherwise, it would not be his turn to scheme against him.

The people on the ground were silent, and the clouds in their eyes flickered. After a long while, he opened his mouth:

"Yes. In recent years, although the domestic peace, but the border look down on the numerous. For me, the Yin Qing should take the national security as the first priority, and not be tied down by family matters.

If you are envious of others' unparalleled happiness, I will give you a portion of the troops under you to the prince to let you have your free time. However, they had to assume the responsibility of guiding the prince. "My dear Yin, what do you think?"

Yin Huai had been prepared for this. "This subject obeys the sacred will of the Emperor."

"Ding Ruchi, immediately go to the Hall of Inquisition and deliver my dictum: Princess Wen Yi, with a decent character, has been separated from her parents and has experienced the hardships of the human world. I deeply regret that I have allowed her to return to her residence and reunite with her family."

"Your servant obeys the decree." The attendant obeyed and left.

The group of people in the hall were drenched in cold sweat when they heard this. Many of the old officials sighed with emotion. After all these years, the only person who could do anything under the emperor's nose was this senior general. But how many people would covet this military power? It seemed like another bloody storm was brewing in the imperial court.

Of the two princes in front of the palace, one of them was extremely happy, eager to give it a try, the other was calm and indifferent, but no one could see the light that flashed through his eyes.

"If there is no opening, retreat."

A negotiation ended just like that. However, Yin Huaizhen did not relax. The Emperor did not give a clear explanation regarding the release of the military power. These two words, "what percentage", contained many more. But in the end, Ran'er had come back. This was a great joy.

After that, they headed towards the direction of the palace gate. It was about time for Ran'er to come out.

Mu Ran's mind was filled with disbelief as she followed the attendants out of the hall, ignoring the stupefied children behind her.

Was today her lucky day? What do you think? When she thought about it, it was no wonder that her father had asked her if she was willing to be his reading partner. He didn't expect that her father would actually make the Emperor change his mind and 'rescue' him.

Before long, he saw his father, who was standing firmly at the entrance of the palace like Mt. Tai.

She trotted forward, leaped up, and climbed onto her father's broad back.

He turned his head and kissed her father's face, "Daddy, I love you so much."

Yin Huaizhen supported Mu Ran's body, his face was filled with happiness. "Hehe, you villainous spirit. "Come, let's go home."

The father and daughter pair joked as they left the palace.

Outside the office, the Emperor was casting complicated glances at the two of them. Ah Zhen, is this what you want? If that's the case, then don't blame me. No one could live outside of his control. Since there was still value, he couldn't easily abandon his son.

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