Yin Mu Ran slept well the entire night, sleeping until she woke up naturally. She habitually stretched herself, sighed with satisfaction, and then let out a few snickered ? ?

Mu Ran looked at the few people who spoke with a puzzled expression. She was a little dazed as she looked at the scene in front of her ? Two delicate and pretty maidservants were smiling. They looked sixteen to seventeen years old, and they wore red dresses with chignon. They looked both charming and considerate. The plates in their hands were full of toiletries.

Mu Ran understood. It was probably due to her past habits that made them laugh. It's vulgar, but it's good for moving the tibia.

She smiled embarrassedly and called out to the beauty who was looking at her lovingly. "Mother! "Morning!"

"It's not early anymore! It's already late, hurry up and wash up. Your father is still waiting for you in the front hall of the Warm Pavilion for breakfast! "Come here, mom will comb your hair!" Xie Yueqing couldn't help but laugh.

They busied themselves for an hour before finally dressing up. She was dressed in a goose yellow dress, holding onto the horn, her eyes were bright and clear, and there was a deep dimple on the right side of her tender cheeks. She looked innocent and sweet ?

Xie Yueqing was very satisfied with her own masterpiece, sighing in her heart. Such a beautiful daughter, she had truly been blessed by many generations!

The two of them walked into the hall together. Yin Huai was actually sitting at the table as he spoke to a middle-aged man in blue. Mu Ran sweetly called out, "Father!" Looking at his daughter, Yin Huaizhen couldn't help but exclaim in his heart, "She is so cute that she makes people love her."

"Hurry up and come eat. You ate a bowl of porridge last night. You must be starving!" Yin Huai dotingly caressed Mu Ran's head and pointed at the middle-aged man beside her. He introduced her, "This is the butler. Just call him Uncle Fang!"

She raised her eyes to look at the middle-aged man. He had a friendly face and a scholarly temperament, neither haughty nor humble. He gave off a feeling that he was like the spring breeze, just like the Uncle Fang of his previous life.

Mu Shan couldn't help but like him from the bottom of her heart. With a smile on her face and a sense of familiarity with this form of address, she softly called out, "Uncle Fang!"

"Good day, Miss. If you need anything in the future, feel free to say it. Uncle Fang will not refuse!" Uncle Fang looked lovingly at the little girl in front of him. Lingxiu was so sweet that he had the urge to treat her like his own daughter and adore her. It seemed that the heavens still favored the general and his wife.

After the family finished their breakfast with the merry meal, Xie Yueqing left and right. She indicated Yin Huaizhen with her hand, indicating him to go and touch her nose. He was the one who would do such ungrateful things every time ?

They were worried that Ran'er, who had been in the shadows for the past thirteen years, wouldn't forgive them ?. But she had a right to know. He gathered his thoughts and slowly opened his mouth:

"Thirteen years ago, the Western Tribes invaded my borders and I led an army to fight against them. In that battle, we fought very hard, and at that time, it was only five years since the founding of Ji Mo.

Your mother is the daughter of a family in Jiangnan who does silk business. She has business dealings at the border of the West.

After a fortuitous encounter, we had an affair with each other, and then we would spend the rest of our lives with each other. But since the war was at a tight end, and I didn't have much energy to take care of your mother, I wanted to send someone to escort her back.

But your mother was very stubborn and insisted that we fight against the enemy together, and said, "The safety of the country requires the responsibility of a woman." I teased her for a while, but in the end I couldn't bear her soft request, so I made her become a military advisor's errand boy and left her as a man.

Your mother is a woman with a soft exterior and a tough body. Her mind is not inferior to a man's, and she is a lot smarter. I have used her little tactics in many battles.

Very soon, your mother gained prestige in the military. Although we are not married yet, the generals who know her well all recognize her as the general's wife.

After several raids, I resolved to secretly send your mother away. Unfortunately, your mother was diagnosed by the military doctor as being two months pregnant, so it was not appropriate to travel a long distance, so we could only reinforce the military's defenses, and we could only end this battle quickly.

At last, in a battle six months later, our army made a great victory, captured the Western generals alive, and three hundred thousand enemy troops were brought down. Our Emperor was overjoyed. He immediately rewarded the army and ordered our troops to return to the capital.

Perhaps because your mother was overjoyed, you also felt happy and wanted to personally witness this victory. The night before your mother left, your mother's stomach ached and you came into this world ahead of time.

I was overjoyed. At that time, the army was cheering loudly, congratulating me on being the happiest person in the world. After so many days, my tense nerves had finally relaxed. The midwife, who didn't want to give birth, was a spy who killed the wet nurse and stole you.

By the time we found out, it was too late to catch up. Ignoring the urgent orders we made every day, we spent three days searching for you. However, we found nothing. The midwife from that day seemed to have disappeared into thin air, not a single trace could be found.

It was supposed to be a day in spring and March, but we felt as if we were in an icehouse, cold to the core.

Three days later, we will leave for the imperial court, leaving behind our trusted aides to search for you. After all, I cannot ignore the lives of three hundred thousand soldiers, as they still have a wife and children to take care of.

Your mother was furious with me, and wanted to stay and find you. Since I couldn't persuade her, I knocked her out and forced her to come back.

But when she came back, she ignored me and even wanted to break off all relations with me. When she ran away from home to find you, I asked my Emperor to grant her a marriage and put an end to her thoughts. On account of my meritorious service in Pingxi and the loss of my daughter, the Emperor agreed to marry us, and gave me the title of General Pingxi, and your mother the title of second rank Lady Furong.

In these thirteen years, we've sent over a thousand people, but we've never heard the slightest news of you. Your mother and I have already agreed that in order to properly compensate you in the future, we will not want a second child in this life.

We've discussed this in detail. Your disappearance is most likely caused by a spy from the Western Tribes, using your false descent to deceive others. He's waiting for an opportunity to steal you away so that he can turn the tables and strike me with a heavy blow.

After recuperating for so many years, I had originally planned to wipe away my previous shame, but how could I let him do as he wished? I was already fully prepared to take care of you and take care of you in one fell swoop.

Fortunately, I had planned well for this trip. Before the army reaches the border, I'll first go to the city and secretly rescue you.

The scouts reported that you were being kept in a farmhouse, but there were heavy soldiers around. When we rushed over, you had already fainted because of being poisoned. Fortunately, we had rushed over in time to save you and fed you a Heart Cleansing Pill.

After meeting up with the army, I spent a month to capture the capital of the Western Tribes. After the Emperor of Rong was forced to surrender, I rushed back with a letter of surrender.

You are deeply poisoned, and Uncle Fang knows very well that you do not even know what kind of poison it is. Unable to do anything about it, he sent his trusted aides to secretly inquire about the strange talents in the martial arts world, and those who can cure it will definitely be rewarded with a great deal of money. Finally, a martial arts master claimed that he could cure all kinds of strange poisons.

Sure enough, he gave her a bag of pills. He said that he would use one pill a day and use his internal energy to force the poison out of her for two hours.

Your mother was skeptical, so she let Uncle Fang carefully examine the medicine. After confirming that there was nothing wrong, she followed the magician's instructions and tried one pill. As expected, you spat out some black blood.

Your mother, seeing that it was fruitful, believed him and thanked him for his great reward. Before his departure, he had even instructed him to consume one pill a day, supplemented by two hours of inner force cultivation to force the poison out of his body. If he could persevere for a month, he would be completely healed.

From then on, Uncle Fang forced poison on you every day. When the class teacher returned to the imperial court the day before yesterday, I had been detoxifying your internal energy and always felt that I owed you too much, no matter what you did, it wouldn't be enough.

"Ran'er, this is your ancestry. All these years, Father and Mother have been living in guilt and longing. I hope you can forgive us."

Mu Ru Yue listened to what he said and didn't recover for a long time. She knew that even though her father said those words in a relaxed and indifferent manner, the life and death battle that happened that year was extremely hair-raising ? It was the sadness and helplessness of an era of chaos and chaos. They were probably suffering for everything in the past few years ?

Mu Ran took a deep breath, looked at her father, whose tone was indifferent with eyes filled with pain, and her mother, whose mouth was tightly curled into a smile. Tears welled in her eyes, as she stood up and tightly held their hands, and softly said:

"Father, Mother, all of these years, you all have suffered. I have never blamed you all! Ran'er also feels ashamed of not being able to fulfill her responsibilities as a daughter all these years. It was you who snatched me back from the hands of the grim reaper, giving me a second life. I am deeply grateful.

"Now that we have finally reunited, no matter what happens in the future, nothing can stop us from being together."

"Good boy! Mother's heart was finally at peace. For all these years, Father and Mother have always been tormented by nostalgia and longing. It is something we would never have dreamed of if we could forgive Father and Mother ? " Xie Yueqing couldn't help choking with sobs as she looked at her sensible daughter, hugging her tightly in her embrace.

Mu Ran understood in her heart that her father was only talking about 'Yin Mugran's' background, but she didn't know that her 'Zhuang Word' came from another world, and didn't know anything about the matters of this world. Mu Ran understood in her heart, her father was only talking about 'Yin Mugran's' background, but she didn't know that her father's' Zhuang Word 'was from another world, and she didn't know anything about the matters of this world.

After thinking for a while, Mu Ran carefully opened her mouth and asked, "Father, Mother, I have something that I don't know if I can tell you?"

Xie Yueqing quickly raised her head, wiped her tears, and revealed a smile, "Ran'er, if you have anything to say, just say it. Mom and Dad will agree to help you!"

Yin Huaizhen threw him an encouraging glance. "Speak!"

"When I woke up this time, I didn't remember anything before. Ran'er only felt that what Father said just now was very strange, but she didn't have any impression of living in the West." Mu Ran hesitated before speaking.

A few words caused both of them to be shocked. Xie Yueqing muttered to herself, "How could this be? ?"

The look in Yin Huaizhen's eyes kept changing, as if his hatred was about to burst out. He knew that Ran'er's poisoning was not simple, but he never thought that even if the poison was removed, it would still leave behind side effects.

In the blink of an eye, he looked to the side at the somewhat helpless Ran'er. His heart trembled. His daughter is so beautiful, why does the heavens always have to torture her!?

"It's fine, Ran! It must be the side effects of poisoning, so it's fine to lose your memory. Besides, it's useless to remember those bad things. From then on, we only gave Ran the most beautiful and best! "Let the memories in your heart be beautiful, not dirty ?" Yin Huaizhen comforted him warmly.

Xie Yueqing also added, "That's right, Ran. We still have a long time in the future, so we have plenty of time to get together. After saying so much, I think you should be tired as well. Your father still has matters to attend to, so I'll bring you around to familiarize you with the environment! "

"Great!" "Then dad will go and busy himself first. Ran'er and mom will go take a look!" Mu Ran said in a sweet voice.

Yin Huai nodded dotingly. "Go!"

Watching the two of them walk out, chatting and laughing hand in hand, Yin Huaizhen smiled knowingly. He turned to the door and called out, "Uncle Fang, please call for Yu Huan and Milkman to come to my study!" The man outside the door acknowledged and then turned around.

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