After Yin Huaizhen saw that Mu Rong had finished resting, he lightly coughed and began to talk about proper business.

"Ran'er, in three days, my emperor will have a banquet filled with officials to celebrate father's victory in the war. At that time, all hundred officials will bring their families to attend. "You are not familiar with the customs and etiquette of Instant Ink, so you will be at home in two days."

Let your mother teach you, and you must remember. If someone asks you about the amnesia, you just say you don't know. As for the rest, leave it all to Father. "

Mu Ru nodded obediently.

Yin Huaizhen stroked Mo Ran's supple hair. He paused for a moment, as if he was considering something, before he spoke again, "Ran, remember, your birthday is on the twenty-second of the second month."

"I'll remember it, Daddy."

Mu Lejiang's heart skipped a beat. Wasn't this the date of his birth in his previous life? And then he understood: February 22nd was not a simple day.

The banquet three days from now should be a war of attrition, it seems to be another battlefield without smoke.

Yu Huan couldn't even close her mouth. This Miss Mu Ran was really different from the other young mistresses. She didn't have the age to pretend and act like an adult. Moreover, she had absolute trust in this father that she had just met.

It was his first time having the thought of having a daughter like her in the future. It was too fun.

Even Mulberry City couldn't help but raise her eyebrows. This little girl really did inherit Sister Qing's teachings. Back then, she was as indifferent as before the great enemy.

"Does father have anything else to say?" Mu Qian looked at her father's solemn face, thinking that calling her here wasn't as simple as asking her to remember her birthdate.

His daughter, who was supposed to have a sweet face, now had a maturity that did not match her age. It seemed that he still treated her as an ordinary child, but he and Qing Er's daughter were not mediocre. Thinking of this, he couldn't help but have a new plan.

Although Ran'er was young, with her personality, she might have done a lot to save them.

"Ran'er is as thoughtful as your mother. Daddy originally wanted to let you live a few days peacefully, but now that you're back, he wants you to be caught up in a storm ?." Yin Huaizhen sighed as he pulled Mu Ran into his arms and gently caressed her head. On the surface, he was showing off his pride as a father.

Mu Ran looked at her father, who had a helpless expression, and her heart tightened. She spoke seriously, "Father, we are a family, we have to live together and suffer together. It took a lot of effort for our family to reunite, so no one can break us apart! "

Mang Lin pulled at Yu Huan, who was ready to step forward and interfere with the beautiful scene before her, and praised, "Young miss has the bearing of a general at such a young age. How rare! "Haha ?"

Yin Huaizhen raised his eyes to look at the two of them, who were constantly making small movements. He carried Mu Ran on his knees and calmly said, "Mu Linger, from now on, you will be Mu Ran's teacher and teach her the ways of the world. Yu Huan, teach her martial arts and body defense."

As soon as the words left his mouth, a certain person became indifferent, "Why do you need two teachers? I can teach the young lady well by myself." Yu Huan's heart was in disarray. Why was he present at all of these affairs?!

A leg and a cup of soup.

Brother Yu, what you said was wrong. In terms of martial arts, I am not worse than you. The treatment of my thesis is much better than yours. I think I alone will be enough for the matter regarding Miss. " After speaking, he turned to look at Yu Huan in a provocative manner. These words made a certain bird smoke in anger.

Seeing the scene in front of her, Mu Ru Yue couldn't help but smile sweetly. The two of them were truly rivals, it was extremely fun to hang out together. It seemed that there would be trouble in the future.

"Uncle Yu, Uncle Yu, you two like Ran'er. With you two as Ran'er's teachers, Ran'er will definitely be invincible!" Mu Ran laughed as she tried to dissolve the conflict between the two of them.

Yin Huaizhen stroked Mu Ran's hair dotingly as he went on to the main topic, "Ran'er, let Father tell you about our current situation.

The Mo Dynasty that we live in was founded 13 years ago when you were born.

The current emperor, Ji Mo Shuo, was his father's closest friend when he was young. The emperor had nine sons and three daughters. The nine sons all had their own forces within the imperial court. Amongst them, the eldest prince, Ju Mo Ke, the fifth prince, Mo Jing, and the seventh prince, Mo Jue, were the most powerful.

The First Prince and the Second Prince were of the same age, and they were both eighteen years old. After the ceremony, they left the palace, and the other princes were all in the palace.

The current emperor had yet to establish the ruler of the kingdom. Firstly, the prince was still young, and the emperor was in his prime. Secondly, he wanted to choose a prince among his many sons to make the Mo Dynasty prosperous and prosperous.

The princes had grown up over these years, and they had fought openly and in secret. Presumably, they would be like fire and water in the future. The Emperor was a very aggressive person. As long as he did not threaten the Rivers and Mountains Society, he would be happy to see such a situation unfold. After all, those who managed to obtain that position would definitely be the strongest and the most effective.

Third Prince, Ji Mo Heng; Fourth Prince, Ji Mo Yan was the First Prince's faction; Sixth Prince, Ji Mo Cong, was the Fifth Prince's faction; and Eighth Prince, Ji Mo Xi, was the Seventh Prince's faction. However, the Second Prince, Mo Chen, was not a partisan figure.

The First Prince's Party was led by his imperial uncle, Zhao Zhongting, the Prime Minister. The Fifth Prince's Party was mainly controlled by the Imperial Guard Army. The Seventh Prince's Party was mainly based on the apprentices of his grandfather, a scholar from the Han Forest Courtyard.

In the banquet three days from now, the Emperor will use you as the lead to push them into an even deeper battle. "

Mu Linger secretly listened, her thoughts in a mess. It was unknown if it was because of the upcoming banquet, or because of that web of unknown things.

Yin Huaizhen paused, looking at the girl in front of him lovingly. He thought to himself, "Father will definitely not let you get involved in any dispute within the court. As long as you grow up happily without worry, everything that father and mother do is worth it."

Mu Ran focused, and her thoughts formed, "Father, I will remember what you said. But Ran'er thinks you have more important things to say. "

Yin Huai looked straight at his beloved daughter, his gaze clear and confident. He knew within his heart that his Ran'er was extremely intelligent.

"Ha ha" laughed: "Miss is really exquisite. Why don't you tell me what is the important thing your father didn't tell you?"

Yu Huan, unwilling to be outdone, interjected, "Right, right. I want to know as well, but alas, our Boss always leaves us with half a sentence."

Mu Ran smiled sweetly, "Keep a low profile!"

After saying that, he turned around to look at the expression of the person behind him. Unsurprisingly, he gave him his praise.

Yin Huaizhen encouraged Mu Ru and said, "Tell me about it."

"At this critical time, as a high ranking general, father cannot form gangs and factions. However, other people do not think so.

If a dignified general were to be accepted into his own camp, with father's influence and military power in the imperial court over the years, he would definitely cause many people to rush in like a flock of ducks. However, one of the reasons why father has been highly regarded by the Emperor all these years is because he is directly loyal to the Emperor, which prevents people from finding an opportunity to curry favor with him.

But now it's different. I've appeared. And it was in the early days of love, which filled everything with possibilities.

Many people yearned for the son-in-law of the general's family. If he could form a family with a superior general who was below ten thousand people, that would save him ten years of struggle and ease of military power.

I think that at the banquet three days later, the Emperor would also like to see how close his sons were to me, to indirectly show how many people were concerned about his position. "

Mu Shan drank a mouthful of tea from her father's hand and continued, "That's why I think that the Emperor wants my father to remain neutral. Even I must remain neutral so that the princes won't think about my father and still think about me. That way he'd be able to hold his seat.

Otherwise, if any prince received his father's support, his speed would be much faster. Thus, my performance at the banquet can be said to be extremely important. I can't understand the imperial court too much, and I can't be too concerned about a certain prince.

If one was a little careless, he could be accused of incurring the wrath of the dragon. Furthermore, the victor could be framed as a spy for the enemy kingdom, pretending to be the daughter of a general in an attempt to subvert the situation and stir up trouble. That was a crime of not investigating, a crime of dereliction of duty, and a crime of deceiving the emperor.

If they were embellished with exaggeration, it was likely that the entire family of generals would fall into disarray.

It all depended on the person behind it ? how the Emperor positioned himself. That's why Daddy didn't trust me and taught me how to see the situation so I wouldn't fall into someone else's trap and get beaten up. Father, am I right? "

"Pah pah pah ?" Yu Huan clapped and cheered as he nodded repeatedly, his eyes filled with unquenchable admiration.

Yin Huaizhen looked at the two of them, who never praised anyone else, and actually praised Ran'er without the slightest bit of stinginess. His face was brimming with pride and pride.

"That's right, that's right. Hehehe... My little Ran is a child prodigy! Looks like father can finally let go of half of his worries. But remember, everything depends on my suggestion. The imperial court is too complicated, you are still too young, Daddy is afraid that you will be bullied by the bad guys. Do you know? " Yin Huaizhen's heart ached for Ran.

Mu Ran nodded resolutely. "Don't worry, Daddy. Ran'er will be following mother for a few days to study, and won't let daddy lose face! "

"Good!" After the banquet, your father will take you on a tour around Modu. Let Uncle Fang bring you back to rest first. " Yin Huai really couldn't bear to let Mu Ran worry about such things. It was fine if she did it herself.

"Good!" Daddy, don't be too tired. Uncle Yu, Uncle Fang, tomorrow Ran'er will treat you guys to some student tea. " Mu Ran replied sweetly before being led away by Uncle Fang.

The three of them stared at the tiny figure in front of them, their emotions getting more complicated.

"Master, I'm afraid such a lady cannot be taught." "With your intelligence, I'm afraid no one in this world will be able to match you in the future."

"That's right, boss. With Miss's temperament, I'm afraid there won't be many people who can hurt her in the future. This is something beyond the reach of martial arts ?"

"You don't need to say anything more. This matter is decided. I know your abilities, Ran is still young, there is still a lot to learn. You teach her what you know best, and what she doesn't know. "One's understanding of the heart is important, but the most important thing is the ability to survive and protect oneself in this tiger's mouth wolf's land."

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