Red Hands, Yellow Vine Wine, all over the city. In front of him, there was a bunch of girls and girls. There were even many love tragedies in this palace, and it was hard to tell how many of them had fallen in love with each other.

"The crown prince has arrived." The sound of a eunuch singing came from the door.

Mu Ran turned her head to look at the door expectantly.

Yin Huaizhen knew what she was thinking, "The princes are still in charge of the imperial court. They are all studying in the Hall of Inquisition. They enter the school every morning and end classes every morning." Today's banquet will end early. "

Mu Ran understood the situation and looked at each and every living ancient prince with interest. As expected, weapons were majestic and had their own spring and autumn.

The colorful-robed man walking at the front was the oldest. He looked like the First Prince. However, his obvious arrogance made others keep their distance.

That was true. He had the right to be arrogant. Mu Ran pursed her lips. He was a typical second-generation official.

The next few people to enter the hall were all led by one person, following behind him. Moreover, one group was not far from the other. Mu Ran found it funny. This gang theory had been carried out very early and thoroughly by the ancient princes.

However, the person who entered the room alone at the back made her suddenly unable to laugh anymore. Her body trembled slightly as she frowned and stared at him ?

That person also came here?!

No, how could it be him? She had already died in her previous life, and he was still alive ? How could this be ? If it wasn't, why did it look so similar... That stiff figure, that casting face, those deep eyes, those thin lips, and even that peach blossom mole in the corner of his left eye ?

This was the first time that Yin Huaizhen had seen Ran so agitated. She didn't even realize that her skirt had been drenched by the tea that had been poured onto it.

He frowned as he felt a little uneasy in his heart. Thus, he called Mu Ran softly a few times.

Only now did Mu Ru Yue come back to her senses. When she saw his parents looking at her worriedly, the corner of her lips curled up into a smile, expressing her relief. However, his heart couldn't stop trembling. He couldn't help but turn his head to continue chasing after that familiar yet unfamiliar figure.

"This son pays his respects to Imperial Father and Queen Mother, Jin An."

"Enough, you all can rise. Although today was the general's celebration, it was also a family banquet, there was no need to abide by too many rules. However, if you have any military issues that you do not understand, please feel free to consult. " The emperor waved his hand and opened his golden mouth, pushing Yin Huaizhen's seat into the heart of the struggle.

Yin Huaizhen stood up and expressed his gratitude, "Your majesty, I am truly grateful for your kindness. This official will do everything in my power to stop this from happening. "

Mu Ran lowered her head to ruthlessly calm her heart, she didn't notice that the gazes of the princes were unceasingly sweeping over her body.

He had never met this lady before, and had even just arrived at the capital of the Mo Dynasty a few days ago. However, the emotions she expressed were so intense, it was as if they had known each other for a long time, and he could faintly feel a sense of familiarity from her body.

No wonder Yao Qian wanted Yang Xiu to investigate her, it turned out that she wasn't following his lead.

A group of princes walked towards Yin Huaizhen's table, vying to be the first to offer their compliments. Since they were born in the royal family, they had always known what it meant to see the wind and act according to its will. Furthermore, this general was only at a high level of propensity with only 10 miles of incense.

"Ran'er, come pay your respects to the princes." Even though Yin Huaizhen did not know why Ran'er's emotions were so sudden, she believed that she would not be at ease at this moment.

Ran'er forcefully closed her eyes, covering up all the emotions in her eyes. She steadied her body and greeted them, saying in a clear voice, "Yin Mu Ran pays her respects to the princes."

He then slowly raised his head and smiled. His indifferent and distant expression was exposed to the crowd's gaze.

"The young lady of General Yin's family is really different. She can come and go at such a young age." The blue satin prince's heart moved slightly when he saw how naive, cute, and elegant Mu Ru Yue was. With a pleased expression in his eyes, he somewhat liked this general lady.

"Yin Mu once again greets the Fifth Prince."

"No need to be so polite, Miss Yin."

Mu Ran sized up the Fifth Prince in front of her. A handsome face, full lips with a charming curve, a pair of peach blossom eyes with a smile, frivolously looked at Mu Ran. Presumably, this was the 'good-natured elder brother' that Empress Yu spoke of.

This person's thin body slightly moved closer to Mu Ran, giving off a very intimate feeling. Mu Ran retreated without leaving a trace, cursing in her heart. This person was really a peach blossom heart, he already knew how to seduce a girl at such a young age.

"Fifth brother, don't scare her like that. This is the first time that Miss Yin has met. You have to leave a good impression on her. We will have a better relationship in the future." An even younger man walked up from the side, smiling as he tried to smooth things over. Everyone was well aware of the intent behind his words.

"Greetings, Sixth Prince." Mu Ran continued to maintain her smile as she went in and out of the room in a courteous manner.

"Miss Yin, you are too polite. Although we, Ji Mo, are a nation of courtesy, we are not humble people either. Miss Yin has lived in the West, for many years. Her words and actions should be carefree and unrestrained. The person who had just arrived was none other than the violet-robed young man who had just walked out. His eyes were filled with arrogance and a fierce gleam.

Mu Ran rolled her eyes in her heart. From start to finish, things that grew up were always difficult to deal with, and the strong ones always came later.

"Yin Mu once again greets the First Prince. In reply to the First Prince, although Mu Ran had grown up in the Western Tribes, she had always been a subject of Yimo.

These days, Daddy had always been praising Mo Yimo, saying that the Emperor was the ruler of the world and that the princes were diligent in their studies, treating others with gentleness and courtesy. "It's better to see than to hear Mu Ran today." Mu Ran lowered her head slightly as she pondered over her reply.

She felt as if her words had hit cotton and bounced back in shock.

This general's daughter was truly not to be underestimated. After being trained by the general to such an extent in just a few short days, it seemed that the people in the general's household were not simple. In that case, he was determined to obtain this person in the future.

Xu Jiu smiled, retracted the emotions in his eyes, and pointed at his brothers behind him as he introduced them to Mu Ran.

"Fifth Prince Yi Mo Jing and Sixth Prince Cong, you've met them. Come, this is the third prince, Mo Heng. The fourth prince, Mo Yan. The others here are the Seventh Prince, Mo Jue, and the Eighth Prince, Mo Mi. "

"You're really good-looking. I like you. " The moment he saw Yin Mo Ran, his eyes lit up. If not for the pressure from so many of his older brothers, he would have already jumped up and dragged Yin Mo Ran to his seat to get close to him.

When everyone heard this, they all burst out laughing. The straightforward character of the eighth prince had really made them look at him in a different light.

Mu Ran's face reddened. She never thought that she would be 'confessed' by such a little brat. Moreover, it couldn't even be considered a confession.

"Eh? "And the other one?" Ju Mo Ke looked behind him and found the person standing by the side absent-mindedly. The corner of his mouth curled up in a sneer, "I say, number two, why are you always hiding behind us? Come forward, I want to introduce you to the Yin Family's young miss."

That person was dressed in an ink-black robe, and was leisurely walking closer and closer to Mu Ran. Mu Ran's heart clenched in pain as she clenched her delicate hand into a fist, afraid that she would reveal a trace of her emotions.

The words that she had brought to her mouth had yet to come out.

"Hello, Miss Yin." That person laughed lightly and spoke first. There was no emotion in his eyes and his gaze was cold and indifferent, as if nothing in the world could enter his eyes or his heart.

Her heart trembled again and again. That magnetic voice of hers was exactly the same, except it was a bit younger. It didn't have the vicissitudes of life. She moaned in her heart. If the banquet didn't end soon, she thought she would suffocate here.

"Yin Mu Shan greets the second prince." She took a deep breath and responded with the calmest voice she could muster.

"He is called Yi Mo Chen, my second royal brother." He wanted Mo Chen to live in his shadow for the rest of his life. He wanted Mo Chen to live in the same world as him, and he wanted Mo Chen to live in his shadow for the rest of his life.

However, he was not used to it. If one day, Mo Chen had something he wanted, he would snatch it away and ruthlessly laugh at him, tearing apart that eternally calm and emotionless face.

"Thank you, Miss Yin. It's my pleasure to meet you."

He answered for the first time. This was the first time in his life that he had ever done something so inconceivable to himself.

After saying that, his own heart froze for a moment, but he immediately attributed this inexplicable matter to the person in front of him. It was she who first had a strong feeling towards him and had an effect on him. Well, that's it.

Mu Ru Yue didn't have the time to pay attention to the subtle atmosphere. She was in a state of high alert as she organized her thoughts on how to reply to this master.

"This humble subject thanks all the princes for my daughter's love. The banquet is about to begin, so I ask all the princes to take a seat." Yin Huaizhen stood up in time to respond. He looked at Mu Ran's fist that was almost crushed, and his heart was in a very bad mood. He couldn't let Mu Ran have any more contact with these princes.

"Ran'er, quickly sit down and drink some water to calm your nerves." Xie Yuqing's heart ached as she lightly called out to Mu Ran's red palm.

From the corner of his eyes, Yin Huaizhen followed the usually low-key and solo Second Prince. Mu Ran had never interacted with him before, so why did both of them lose their composure today? Could it be that something happened in the Western Tribes that he didn't know about?

However, Mu had forgotten about the previous events, and the Second Prince had never left Mo Du. There was something fishy about this.

Mu Ran looked at her parents, who were extremely worried for her, and felt a wave of pain in her heart.

He had taken over their daughter's body for no reason, snatched away her pampered body, and stolen away the gaze that should have been following her. He had even met the Second Prince, who was acting as if he was his lover. It was possible that he would bring unforeseen troubles to the Residence of General.

She suddenly made up her mind that it would only be fair to them if she completely left out her background. Otherwise, he would let things develop, or the consequences would be dire.

She calmed herself down, looked at the two sincerely, and said solemnly: "Father, Mother, I have some things that I want to discuss with you two when we return home."

She did not use the name of Yin Mo Ran. She wanted to use her identity as an outsider to lay her cards on the table with them. No matter what decision they made, she would definitely respect and accept it.

"Alright. We'll talk about it after the banquet. " Yin Huaizhen's heart skipped a beat. This little girl really had the same thoughts as him.

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