"The empress has arrived!"

Following the sound of the chant, a well-dressed woman under the escort of a group of palace maids and eunuchs slowly entered the room with a formidable array.

"Greetings to the Empress (Queen Mother), Jin An!"

"Everyone, please rise!"

Unparalleled elegance, elegant dress, meticulous makeup. Strict and upright, with a decent smile on his face, but the haughtiness in his eyes, is a clear sign that "subjects are not allowed to enter."

Having a mother means having a son, but whether he can be proud to the end will depend on whether he has the ability or not. In her heart, Mu Ran didn't think highly of people who spoke in such a grand manner.

If Zhang Yang made his move too early, he would definitely die miserably in the future. Then, he thought of that similar person, the Second Prince. He seemed to be at odds with the people and events here, forever standing outside the affairs of the world.

Mu Ran shook her head in frustration. Why was she so disappointing? She just looked a bit like him, and she was already so agitated.

Forcing himself to shake that person off, he lowered his eyes and studied the dishes on the table.

The empress's arrival announced the start of the banquet.

The emperor held onto the Queen and said with a loud voice, "Today is the grand celebration of the Rong City. High General Yin Huaizhen is fighting bravely against the enemy and was able to defeat three hundred thousand soldiers of the Western Tribes with the help of one hundred thousand elite soldiers.

Today, the military camp is allowed to set up a banquet to reward those who sit together, regardless of military rules or rank. He also authorized all soldiers in the Rong City battle to return home to visit their families for three days. "Here, everyone raise your goblets and celebrate my coming to Golden Age."

"Thank you, your majesty! For the Holy Light of the Emperor, ink and the sky share the same radiance. "

The Emperor's passionate speech seemed to have infected the officials in the hall. Mu Ran just watched silently as it happened.

The imperial court was glorious on the surface, but she didn't know how many dark corruptions there were in the dark. At the very least, it had been like this for generations in her previous life.

The emperor shifted his gaze to his client, his eyes sparkling. "My beloved daughter, I don't even know what I should reward you with this time." "Tell me, what do you want me to reward you for?" Then he glanced at Ding Ruchi, the trusted eunuch who had been waiting for the imperial edict.

Everyone was shocked. What song was this emperor going to sing?

Yin Huaizhen felt that his back was already covered in sweat. Under the complicated gazes of the crowd, he walked forward and kowtowed to express his gratitude.

"This subject thanks the Lord for his grace!" This subject has received the blessing of the Emperor and has already found his long-lost daughter. This is the greatest reward the Emperor has given to this subject. This subject has lived his life long enough. "This official ?"

The emperor seemed not to be surprised that Yin Huai would actually reply like that. With a smile on his face, he praised loudly, "Since that's the case, I shall fulfill my love for you. "Ding Ruchi, proclaim the decree!"

The emperor stopped Yin Huai from speaking. He knew what he was going to say next, so he immediately issued an edict to stop that person's train of thought.

The eunuch held the imperial edict respectfully and slowly opened it, singing and reading it sincerely.

"In accordance with the wishes of the heavens, the Emperor decreed that General Yin Huai would grant me the blessing of the Mohe Mountain, freedom from war, freedom from exile and meritorious services to resist the enemy, and would bestow upon General Yin Huaizhen a thousand silvers of gold, as well as a mansion as a reward.

Here is the daughter of the High General, Yin Muran. She has an extraordinary appearance, intelligence, and elegance. She was bestowed with the title of Princess Wen Yi. She immediately entered the Hall of Inquisition to accompany the princess in her studies as a token of the Emperor's kindness. This is it! "

Before the crowd could sort out the current situation between Yin Huai and the Emperor, the matter had been decided by the Emperor with a single blow. There was no room for rebuttal.

The imperial edict struck heavily on the hearts of the three members of the Yin family like a thunderclap. They had imagined tens of thousands of possibilities, but they had never imagined that they would end up like this. Moreover, the Emperor had come prepared for this outcome.

The hall was silent. Everyone in the hall was thinking of different things. The gazes they shot at the three men from the Yin Clan were like a sea, about to drown them.

The body of the person in the middle of the hall lightly trembled, yet he did not receive the decree to express his gratitude. The emperor was in no hurry. He was in a very good mood, as if he had not been this happy in many years. Finally, when that person was about to retreat, he made a move on him.

No matter how many years he had managed it, it had all fallen into his hands in the end. Although this would undoubtedly destroy the trust they had after so many years, it was still worth it. He was still here. How could Yin Huai leave?

Yin Huaizhen had never thought that his thoughts would be so thoroughly understood by his childhood friend, the current emperor of a nation.

In the past few days, he had a detailed discussion with Yu and the others. He originally wanted to return the military power and hand over the official position, bringing the three of them and their trusted aides away from the imperial court and live a dull life. Although he knew that the Emperor would not be that easy to talk to, he still held onto a strand of hope. To think that the Emperor would not even give him the chance to speak. He was really going too far.

He smiled wryly. From today onwards, there was no friendship between the two of them. Even the righteousness of a king and his subjects had to be thoroughly weighed in his heart.

"Your subject accepts the decree!" Each word was filled with helplessness and ruthlessness.

Mu Ran slightly lifted her eyes and looked at her father's stiff body. Her heart felt dull pain. It was just like back then when her father had sacrificed himself to protect her and her mother.

She bit her lip and swore to herself that if she was lucky enough to remain their daughter in this world, she would risk her life to get a passport for them.

"Ran'er, accept the decree and thank you!" Yin Huaizhen turned around and led Mu Ran forward.

"Your subject's daughter, Yin Mo Ran, thanks master for his grace!" He saluted and straightened up. Seeing that her father had calmly received the imperial edict, no one could see the myriad of things that were reflected in his downcast eyes.

"The Emperor is wise. Congratulations, General. Congratulations to Princess Wen Yi. " The courtier, seeing what he was doing, praised the protagonists of the play.

"Here, everyone raise your goblets and toast Yimo." The emperor's fox-like smile blossomed.

"I wish you well!" After drinking the wine bestowed by the Emperor, the officials began to move around the tables, doing their utmost to flatter and flatter the Emperor.

The three members of the Yin family were the main targets for everyone to toast and curry favor with. After the good show that was led by the emperor, many people were preoccupied with their own thoughts. However, Yin Huaizhen was impeccable on the surface. She switched toasts with a flawless manner.

During this period of time, several princes came over to congratulate him. The three of them calmly faced each other without any superfluous emotions, but they did not offend him either.

Other than the Second Prince, he was alone, quietly sipping his tea. He was indifferent and calm, and gentle and harmless. Out of the corner of his eye, he glanced in Mu Ran's direction. Something silent ?

A flash of interest passed through his mind.

However, even though he was so low-key that he was almost buried in the crowd, he still attracted a few gazes from the crowd. Unfortunately, he didn't care.

When the palace banquet ended, the insects were chirping everywhere, and the moon and stars hung high in the sky. Outside the Supreme Harmony Hall, the crown prince's officials all left one after another. They were all the same companions they had come with, all alone.

A woman dressed in a palace dress slowly walked out of the side hall. Her familiar figure was firmly locked in her eyes. The corner of her mouth curled up as she looked at the man's lonely figure.

Disappeared into the night.

When Mu Ran and her family walked onto the path of the palace, she actually felt a sense of elation. She inwardly sighed: this palace wasn't really suitable for just anyone to enter.

She pulled the two adults along, repeatedly urging them to leave as soon as possible, afraid that Uncle Fang would wait outside for them to become statues.

Seeing that the few of them were about to leave the palace gates, a man in white clothes approached them in the dark at a moderate pace: "Greetings, Grand General. Greetings, Princess Wen Yi."

The sky was dark, and the face of the newcomer was unclear. His only pair of eyes shone brightly.

"I am Shen Zhihe, I am the Fifth Prince's reading mate. At the request of His Highness, he sent a message to Princess Wen Yi. May I speak with you for a moment? " The young voice was slow and gentle.

His surname is Shen? Mu Ran's heart stirred. Then he frowned. What was the Fifth Prince planning? Raising her head, she inquired about her father's intentions.

Yin Huaizhen had already guessed what this was all about. He lowered his head and promised, "Go on." We'll wait for you here. "

Mu Ran was stunned as she didn't want to go back on her father's intentions. What was this?

But she still followed him and waited for him to stop.

When they arrived under the palace lamp, the person turned around. Mu Ran instantly felt as if she fell into a hot spring. Her entire body felt warm as his soft eyes shone. With a jade-like face and a warm temperament, the hazy light sprinkled onto his body, making him seem as noble as an immortal.

Mu Ran couldn't help but be a little dazed. She had only met two men as beautiful as this in her two lives. Other than the person in front of her, there was also her big brother who had been neighbors with her for half a year in his previous life and doted on her until her bones became bone deep. But later, in order to help her avoid being hunted, he took the risk and almost fell into her enemy's hands.

The same temperament and eyes. The wall she had built in her heart fell to the ground with a thud. She couldn't help but feel good about this life. The corner of her mouth hooked up to his.

Shen Zhihe sized up the little girl in front of him. Finally, he saw her. In these few days, her name had been recited to and fro more than a hundred times by the subordinates of the Fifth Prince. It really was a hundred times ?

It would be better to meet him.

A pure and sweet face, an exquisite and transparent mind. It was not in vain that he insisted on coming here.

The two of them admired each other in their hearts, as relaxed and friendly as friends. But who knew that in the future, the two of them would become the greatest enemies of both sides? In a battle to the death, it would be extremely hard to deal with them.

"Princess, you don't have to guess the meaning behind Your Highness's actions. The crane came to express that Your Highness is willing to befriend the Princess. In the future, we will be staying at the Hall of Education. Shen Zhihe opened his mouth and his gentle eyes focused on the person in front of him.

"I dare not say so. Mu Ran was deeply honoured by Her Highness' intention to be on good terms with her. His Royal Highness the Prince has an outstanding knowledge and honorable identity. He is a role model for the aristocrats to learn from. In the future, Mu Ran will be the one to ask for more advice from Young Master Shen. "

The first half was a message from the Fifth Prince, while the second half was a humble remark from him.

As for the intentions of friendship, Mu Ran didn't like the Fifth Prince, so if this person in front of her, she was willing to give it a try.

"The princess has a heart of orchids, it is fortunate to see her. It was already getting late, and the crane still wanted to reply, so they didn't send each other off. Princess, take your time.

He stopped when he saw what was good to be done. He didn't expect that the owner of the peach blossoms would have such an upright and clean person to serve him, so he had a good eye.

Mu Ran gazed at Gao Jie's figure as her mind was filled with doubts: If she was filled with talent, why would she accept such a challenge? She had a noble and elegant temperament, so why was she in the company of turbid people?

Her past life had taught her not to underestimate anyone. The more harmless the surface was, the deeper the concealment of poison.

This person either had a pure nature or an unfathomable scheming mind. If it was the latter, then in the future, he wouldn't be willing to give in.

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