After a short moment, the three of them restrained their emotions. This wasn't the time to be compassionate, they still had a lot to do.

"Regarding the Second Prince, I don't know if my performance tonight will make him suspicious or not. I can only blame myself for not being able to control my emotions enough. " Mu Ran blamed herself in her heart.

But standing in front of such a living, like-looking person, she thought that if they met again in the future, she would not be able to stop her heart from beating faster.

Yin Huaizhen could faintly guess that the story of the person who resembled the second prince in his previous life with Mu Ran wasn't as simple as she had described it to him.

There should be a deep grudge between them, or else with her calm nature, she wouldn't be in such a state of panic. He felt a lingering fear. If Ran'er was truly related to the Second Prince in the future, what kind of pain and disaster would he bring to Ran'er?

However, as long as he was here, he wouldn't let that happen.

"Ran'er, calm down and wait. There are only princes here, not your fianc? from your previous life. Moreover, to outsiders, the Second Prince was not a threat. However, the children of the royal family could not be underestimated.

Ran'er, matters of the heart are entirely up to you. We won't interfere, but you must remember not to bring your previous life's feelings into this world. Daddy wants you to stay away from the court, away from the royal family, and be a happy and carefree person. "

"Daddy, I'll be back in a while." Mu Ran was full of agreement. If only he knew that in the future, he would be entangled with that person several times, then he would know how laughable it would be today.

"Ran'er, you're still young. Wait for the ceremony. Mom will look for a good marriage for you. There are plenty of men in this world." "The beauty of the flowers and the beauty of the moon that we are born with might even break the threshold of our manor before we reach adulthood." Xie Yueqing changed the topic and started teasing her.

"Mother, you are making fun of me." Mu Ran didn't want to continue. How could her mother praise her daughter like this?

Mu Ran's blushing appearance instantly made the two of them laugh.

"Ran'er, your name in your previous life was Zhuang Ci. Why don't you use your makeup when you're 15 years old?" It was difficult to conceal her makeup. "Is that good?" Yin Huai really was thinking for Mu Ran.

"Truly pleasant to listen to. Ran'er thanks daddy for thinking so well of me." The different words of the same voice contained the tolerance, understanding and hope that my father and mother had for me to be reborn as a person.

I never thought that father's literary talent would be so outstanding. I will definitely learn from father in the future. " Mu Ran felt a wave of gratitude in her heart. It felt really good to have a father like this.

"Your father was the imperial court's top scholar for civil and military affairs back then. All these years, he had been thinking about sword dance and spear play. His literary talent is not as great as it was back then."

Xie Yueqing held Mu Ru Yue in her arms as she teased a certain someone whose complacent expression had turned ashen.

"Qing Er, good madam, can you not insult me in front of Ran'er? "Anyhow, you should at least at least leave me some face so that Ran'er can have a good footing in the future, right?" Yin Huaizhen started to cheer for the two of them.

The two of them laughed out loud at his teasing.

The room was relaxed and harmonious. The sadness and resentment from before had all vanished into thin air. They accepted the current situation in tacit understanding, throwing away their predecessors.

Many years later, when Mu Ran recalled this scene, her heart was filled with emotion.

If she hadn't transmigrated and been reborn in the Residence of the High General, wouldn't the tragedy have happened?

However, if she did not come, then who would be able to overthrow their enemies and return their innocence after the tragedy?

When Yu Huan and Mei Lin returned, they saw Uncle Fang standing in front of the courtyard, a faint smile on his face.

The two of them were a bit confused. They heard a burst of laughter coming from the study room, and understood that it must be a family of three that were blessed by the heavens to have been infected by their childless uncle Fang for so many years.

Yu Huan stepped forward and patted Uncle Fang's shoulder, teasing him, "Old Fang, our boss and his family are inside talking. No matter what, you should stand far away from them. It's not good to listen to others around the corner. You say so. "

"Yuhuan, don't act so wildly in front of Uncle Fang." He respected this Uncle Fang a lot, and he was also very polite to him. Yu Huan's ability to joke around with anyone was truly a headache.

Uncle Fang waved his hand. "It's alright. I'm inside chatting with the mistress. It should be about time. You can go in. "

He had been standing outside for a long time, and for many years his habit of waiting nearby had never changed. He had heard some of the family's conversation and could vaguely guess what was going on, but he would not ask. When the time was ripe, Ah Zhen would tell him.

"Old Fang, how long have you followed me for? I remember when I first came to the manor to follow you, you were already there, were you not? "

After taking a few steps, Yu Huan turned her head back and asked for privacy, as if using her mouth to break the sound of the casserole.

His eyebrows slightly twitched. Why is he working with such an unreliable person? He turned around and tried to pull away the gossipy person. Did he think that things weren't messy enough?

"It's been over thirty years. This year is the thirty-fifth year."

Uncle Fang didn't seem to be displeased. He stared into the distant starry sky, as if he was reminiscing about the past.

The smile on Yu Huan's face froze. He was just about to ask, but who would've thought that he actually told him about it? Not only that, he was greatly shocked by the results as well. Even Sakura lowered his hand.

All they knew was that Uncle Fang had been in the estate for a very long time, but they hadn't expected him to be here for more than thirty years.

Uncle Fang was usually very cautious and never talked about this with anyone. He is a special existence in the House of the High General, he always has a power that makes people revere him. Even though he is smiling at you, you always feel that his smile is like the clouds in the sky, untouchable.

The servants he trained were all as tactful and loyal as they could be. The Yin family was impressed by Ye Xiao's way of handling it.

Seeing the two of them in a daze, Uncle Fang faintly smiled, his words containing a deeper meaning:

"The two of you are his right and right-hand men, his trusted aides. All these years, you two have accompanied him through many obstacles. Uncle Fang does not usually speak much, nor does he show much gratitude. I'll treat the two of you to some Yun Ji wine some other day. "

When Yu Huan heard the words "cloud wine" that he did not even dare dream of, she was so overjoyed that her tongue became tied. The only bowl she had ever drunk was when she had married her husband. He had been thinking about it for so many years.

Uncle Fang, whose hair had turned a little gray but was still in good spirits, felt his heart tremble slightly.

The care and sacrifice he had given to his grandfather all these years, as well as the management of the entire general's estate, everyone could see that he was the person who had truly given his grandfather the most help.

But some people don't need to know, because he is there, and everyone respects and approves him. To pry too much was to desecrate him.

Seeing that it was about time for the meeting, Xie Yue Qing and the rest went to discuss the matter.

"How's it going?" Yin Huaizhen went straight to the point.

"Master, that person has an important matter to attend to today, so it would be inconvenient to meet him." But he sent word that you can rest assured that he would like to wish you a helping hand. " He had no other choice but to do so.

"I have secretly made arrangements in the camp. "However, there will likely be some unforeseen events in the next few days when the warriors visit their families. It will be troublesome if they become uncontrollable. We'll have to send more men to guard against them now." Yu Huan had taken his usual carefree attitude into consideration.

Yin Huaizhen also desired Yu Huan's worries.

"There has never been a precedent of a three-day visit by the entire army since the founding of the Mo Nation. In all likelihood, the Emperor wanted to use this opportunity to win over the hearts and minds of the people, and to set up spies in order to sever my military might and thus seize our military power. You want to use me, and you want me. "

Yin Huai was truly calm. He had long since expected such a day to come.

"Since you want to keep it for your own use, you have to guard against a power that will intimidate the emperor. "This Emperor is really tired of being a Emperor." Yu Huan sneered.

"Heh heh, why should I be tired? His sons had all grown up like this. In this world, no one can be more skilled than him in plotting to hire people to support him. " Even though he was smiling, he still couldn't see through it.

"Boss, you have been fighting for Ji Mo for many years. For his peace, I do not know how many sacrifices you have made. Miss had been separated for so many years that it was difficult for her to reunite with her family. It's fine if he doesn't sympathize with you, but he even dragged Miss into the dark war against the crown prince ? "

Yin Huaizhen calmly spoke up, interrupting Yu Huan, who had acted on his behalf. "Yu Huan, this is the Overlord." He could cast aside the morality of wife and children, put aside brotherhood and focus on the imperial power of the throne. He could only see the world within his eyes.

Only this way would his throne be stable, and the people of the world would be the tools of his power. If he doesn't want to involve my family and doesn't want to conflict with me, then let him do as he pleases. However, if you want to endanger the people around me, then forgive me for not being able to do as he wishes. "

"Master, what should we do next?" He knew that if this person, whom he had followed wholeheartedly, wanted to fight for that son of his, no one in the world would be his match. However, he wasn't enthusiastic and continued to live a dull life as that person's trusted aide. Now that I have found the young mistress again, I thought that I could live in peace. However, he didn't expect that person to still refuse to let him go.

"Didn't he want military power? Just give it to him. I've been tired of licking blood on the tip of my knife for years. Tomorrow at court, I will preach, willing to release the right to seclusion. According to the current situation, he would definitely not agree. However, based on the pros and cons, he would definitely take a few percent of the military power. "We need to retreat in order to advance, only then will we be able to resolve this urgent situation."

"But only if Miss does not enter the palace to read with me. If they could reach an agreement, both sides would be happy. This will depend on the Emperor's decision. "

"Heh heh, those who know me well can make a living at a time like this." Yin Huai let out a low laugh. This man was like a worm in his stomach.

"Then the Emperor should be hoping for nothing more. Those sons of his wanted to keep it for themselves. This way, the imperial harem would once again be bustling with noise and excitement. "Let's see if he still has the mood to spare for us." Unwilling to be outdone, Yu Huan began to analyze the situation in a structured manner.

"I've already gone back so far. If he doesn't just stop here, I'm afraid he will be like a thin layer of ice in the future. We have to make plans for the long run."

"Master, the person from Fragrant Pavilion ?" When can it be used? "

"Wait." You can't use it unless you have no other choice. That person was a double-edged sword. Many powers were keeping an eye on him. They tried their best to hide their words. If one wanted to use him well, one had to consider his safety. "Well, let's do this. Yu Huan, let's do this next ?."

The hazy black moon was almost in the middle of the sky. The candles in the study room were flickering, and several families were running around.

However, there were also a lot of people who were planning to run away from the palace. Tomorrow at the imperial court, the world would be turned upside down.

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