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C13 Exposure!

Ye Tine carried him to the sofa. "Wait here, I'll make breakfast again," he said, and turned to the kitchen.

Qin Wei was so sick that he didn't have the strength to lie down. At this time Hei took his terminal and said to him, "Master, master, the school texted you that they want you to come to school around eight o'clock this morning."

Qin Wei got up from the sofa and grabbed the terminal from Hei's hand. He looked at the text message that the school had just sent and then looked at the date. There were two days left before the start of school.

Ye Tine, who was in the kitchen, was a little angry when he heard this. He was not in good health, yet he still had to be a teacher. Wasn't it obvious that he did not care about his health?

Ye Tine brought the porridge and some fruits to Qin Wei and said, "Eat it."

Qin Wei picked up the porridge and ate it. He held the terminal in his hand and looked at something.

Ye Tine, who was beside him, took his terminal and said, "It's delicious. You're too skinny. It's time to replenish your energy."

"Yes, I have to go to school for a meeting later," Qin Wei said to Ye Tine.

"I'll send you there." Ye Tine said, "No need. After all, you are a general and have a lot of things to do. Tell me what you have to do first. I'm just going to school." Qin Wei retorted.

Under Ye Tine's strong request, Qin Wei agreed to let him send it because he was thick-skinned.

When he arrived at the Sway School, Qin Wei saw a female teacher standing at the entrance of the school as soon as he got off the ship. It was only then that Qin Wei remembered that this was the female teacher the school had sent to wait for him.

"Hello, are you Anna?" Qin Wei asked politely.

When the teacher saw Qin Wei, she smiled and said, "Yes, I am Anna. I'll take you to the principal's office now." With that, she turned around and left, with Qin Wei following behind.

Ye Tine left Qin Wei at the entrance of the campus just like that. By eight o'clock, there were already a lot of students reporting to school. Qin Wei looked at the students on the way and thought about how he was still a student studying in modern times. In just a month, he had turned from a student to a teacher.

"Qin Wei, the principal is inside. I have to go now," Anna said, pointing to the door to the principal's office.

Qin Wei thanked her and looked at the closed door in front of him. Then he heard a middle-aged man's voice from inside, "Come in."

Qin Wei greeted the school as soon as he entered. The principal told him to sit down and said, "Yes, I think you're very suitable to be the homeroom teacher, so I'll assign you to Grade One, Class A as the homeroom teacher."

Qin Wei was shocked. It was his first time being a teacher, but he didn't know how to be the form teacher.

The principal made a prompt decision and said to Qin Wei, "It's settled then." He didn't give Qin Wei any room to refute.

When Qin Wei arrived at the school gate, he saw Ye Tine standing there waiting for him. There were a lot of people around him. When Qin Wei saw this lineup, he thought to himself that he shouldn't have let him come today.

Qin Wei wanted to squeeze his way through the crowd, but when he remembered that he still had a bun in his stomach, he decided against it.

When Ye Tine walked through the crowd to Qin Wei, he picked him up and carried him in his arms. All the students here were shocked. This... General Ye was carrying a man?

Ye Tine hugged Qin Wei and smiled at the people present. "Everyone, please make way. My wife is pregnant and needs some peace and quiet. Please don't disturb him. Thank you."

Ye Tine's words were like a bomb thrown into the crowd. Everyone was chattering about Qin Wei, who was in Ye Tine's arms. Qin Wei wanted to dig a hole and hide in it. He didn't expect Ye Tine to respond like this.

Qin Wei said to Ye Tine, "Hurry up and go home."

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