General's Teacher Wife/C19 You Spoke so Well in Class
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General's Teacher Wife/C19 You Spoke so Well in Class
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C19 You Spoke so Well in Class

When Zha Le heard this, he looked at Qin Wei again. His eyes were like those of a lost child, big and wide, and then he smiled faintly as if he was a child who had been given candy. He was very satisfied.

Seeing him like this, Qin Wei was captivated by his cute expression. In fact, Qin Wei had a secret, and that was that when he saw something cute, or when everyone liked it, Zha Le unknowingly became Qin Wei's favorite.

Zha Le's expression was also seen by Crenor, who was leaning against the wall. He rolled his eyes at the ceiling and then closed his eyes again.

As the class was about to end, Qin Wei walked to the podium and looked down at the students. He said, "Study hard and don't lose your future because others don't care about you. There is only one future in a person's life. Now you have given up that future. They are not the ones who will regret it in the future." Qin Wei had just finished speaking when the class ended.

As soon as Qin Wei walked out of the classroom, he saw Ye Tine standing in the corridor. Qin Wei quickly walked over and pulled him over. He asked in a low voice, "Didn't you go home? Why are you here?"

Ye Tine took his arm and put it on his hand before answering, "How can I miss the first lesson of my wife's first day?"

Qin Wei pulled him to the teacher's office and sat in his seat. He looked at Ye Tine and said, "So you heard everything I just said?"

Ye Tine nodded firmly and said to Qin Wei with a smile, "Madam, you spoke very well in class just now!"

"Aren't you afraid that others will see through you? Also, aren't you too free as a general? Is there nothing else to do at the front line?" Qin Wei said while holding his forehead.

"Father gave me permission. He told me to take good care of his wife and give him a fat son," Ye Tine said as he stared at Qin Wei's stomach.

Qin Wei raised his head and looked at Ye Tine. He actually had the nerve to say that. If he hadn't said that, would his mother and grandfather have come looking for him?

"What are you doing in school? You're not a teacher," Qin Wei asked.

"I'll be there soon," Ye Tine said as he took his cup from Qin Wei's hand and went to pour some water.

"What do you mean?" Qin Wei asked as he looked at Ye Tine, who was pouring him a glass of water.

"The military training is the day after tomorrow. I'm the instructor of your class. Do you think it's fast?" Ye Tine said as he placed the poured water in Qin Wei's hand.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. You, as a general, are here to be an instructor for these brats. It seems like they are going through a lot. Hey, remember to give them some water. I'm afraid those brats will tell me how ruthless you are." Qin Wei took a sip of water as he spoke.

Ye Tine thought to himself, How could they make it so obvious that they are going to throw the water? Let's see if they still dare to disrespect my wife until they die.

"Yes, don't worry, they will definitely go easy on you, but the condition is that they must fulfill my request," Ye Tine said to Qin Wei.

Ye Tine didn't know that he had changed. He was now concerned about Qin Wei, concerned about whether he would be hurt or not. He was worried about Qin Wei when he saw him vomit. Originally, he wouldn't laugh, but now he slowly started to smile at Qin Wei.

In fact, Ye Tine and Qin Wei had been in contact for more than a month. When the original Qin Wei escaped, he found him and brought him back. The two of them stayed on the ship for almost a month. Perhaps it was at that time that Ye Tine quietly paid attention to Qin Wei.

Qin Wei looked at Ye Tine and said helplessly, "You should go back. I can't concentrate in front of you."

As soon as Ye Tine heard what he said, he immediately left Qin Wei's area. He found a chair and sat down, looking at Qin Wei quietly.

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