General's Teacher Wife/C20 Become an Instructor
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General's Teacher Wife/C20 Become an Instructor
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C20 Become an Instructor

On the second day, he brought the principal's papers to the students and said, "Students, tomorrow you will have the harshest military training of the semester. I hope you come back alive."

One of the two girls in the class stood up and said to Qin Wei, "Teacher, do you really want us to die that much?"

Qin Wei still remembered some people. After all, he went back to the office after class yesterday and memorized the names of his students. "Kexin, I don't want you to die. You'll know tomorrow. I really want you to live. After all, you'll be training for three weeks."

"Ah! Why do you say that the instructor who came this time is very powerful? Then I want to see how powerful he is." Yu Kexin said as she sat down.

Qin Wei looked at her with a pitiful expression. The most powerful soldier in the Federation. Just look at him and you will know how powerful he is.

The next day, while the students of Class A were still sleeping under their blankets, they were awakened by a smoke bomb, followed by the sound of a whistle, and the students realized that their instructor had arrived.

The students were flustered, like ants on a hot pan.

"Who! Who took my military pants!"

"F * ck, where's my belt? That brat took it, quickly take it out!"

"Hey hey hey! My shoes! My shoes! Don't kick them!"

"F * ck, where's the hat? Where's the hat? That shameless gigolo took it!"


The fastest ones were the two girls. Because they were the only two girls living in the same dormitory, they were the fastest. When Yu Kexin saw Ye Tine's face, she was instantly stunned. She could not stop crying in her heart. Class teacher, I was wrong to ask for a new instructor. Why is General Ye here? Why is he so free to come back and wait for our instructor?

It took a minute for the boy to come running, and when he saw them, the girls laughed.

Some of them wore their pants upside down, while others wore socks on their hands as hand socks and hand socks on their feet.

Some of them had a belt in one hand and a pair of pants in the other, and some of them looked up at him and laughed when they saw what he was wearing.

Ye Tine turned his head and didn't look at him, but said, "I'll give you five minutes to tidy up. If you can't clean up, run ten laps around the field."

When they heard that he was going to run ten laps, everyone looked at each other and quickly tidied up their uniforms.

Five minutes later, Ye Tine put down the terminal and looked at the neat students in front of him. Only then was he satisfied.

"From today onwards, I will be your instructor. Don't think about how to slack off. If you let me know that you will be punished twice, do you understand?" Ye Tine no longer had the gentleness he usually had for Qin Wei. Now, he was domineering.

"Understood!" All the members shouted.

"Alright, turn right now! Let's go!" Ye Tine said.

They all turned right and began to run. Ye Tine followed them and shouted, "For the next three weeks, come here at five-thirty every day. If anyone is late by a second, you won't have breakfast."


They had been very good instructors the previous term, and now that the General had come to train them, they felt a mixture of love and hatred for him.

They ran from 5: 30 to 6: 00. Many of them couldn't take it anymore. Only a few students were holding on, but they couldn't run anymore.

Ye Tine was very relaxed. It was like taking a walk for him.

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