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C11 Open Space

The surrounding people who were watching the show retreated one after another. They did not want to be caught up in it, so they looked at Chu Ang coldly while rejoicing in his misfortune with cold and emotionless eyes.

However, in the next second, the expressions of the spectators all changed. They were stunned.

'Bang! 'a loud sound was heard. It was like the sound of a large stone hitting the ground. Dust flew everywhere.

As for the man who had just spoken, he had already been casually tossed aside. He lay on the ground in a sorry state, a deep pit forming around him.

Everyone sucked in a breath as they looked at Chu Ang with fear in their eyes. To be able to casually throw out a man at the middle stage fifth stage, what level had this girl reached?

Could it be an advanced level?

Was this a joke? She was just a young lady in her teens!

Chu Ang casually patted the dust off his clothes, a cold look flashed past his eyes, and the surrounding people all retreated, opening a path for him.

Chu Ang immediately walked forward, and his cold voice sounded out: "Remember, do not block my way in the future."

Chu Ang went deep into the Fog Mirror Forest, and only stopped when he was the only one left in the area.

Could her Spiritual Energy be at least Intermediate Level 5?

Pursing his lips, Chu Ang's eyes flashed with an unknown light. He continued to walk inside, this time her movements were big, obviously wanting to attract Devil Beast.

"Yami …" Fat Ball yawned on Chu Ang's shoulder, as he looked at Chu Ang adorably with his big eyes, and pointed towards the left.

Suspicion flashed past Chu Ang's eyes, but he still followed the direction Fat Ball was pointing towards.

Just as they stepped into the central area, three Fire Wolf scuttled out.

Fat Ball nestled on top of Chu Ang's shoulder, and carefully called out "yummy".

Chu Ang looked at the flames on the bodies of the three Fire Wolf, and the corner of his mouth twitched.


Damn, all three of them could speak human language, they were at least Mid First Order!

Chu Ang took a deep breath. Since he could not dodge, he had no choice but to fight!

According to the book, when he mobilized the Spiritual Energy, he found out that he was unable to gather the Spiritual Energy!

"What's going on?" Chu Ang was shocked, and inwardly scolded himself for being careless!

Only, Chu Ang felt that something was strange. The three wolves didn't make any movements, and only looked at Chu Ang vigilantly.

Chu Ang heaved a sigh of relief and slowly retreated, hoping that the three wolves would not make a move. However, his plan of escaping was useless, so the three wolves moved at the same time.

Chu Ang was instantly shocked and retreated quickly. However, he tripped over a rock and sat down on the ground, a wound appearing on his arm, fresh blood flowed out in a blink of an eye.

The smell of blood stirred up the three wolves, and they pounced on the head of the red wolf.

Chu Ang stretched out his hand and blocked it, as the blood on his arm dripped onto his chest and the jade pendant he was wearing started to emit a weak glow.

"Yummy!" Fat Ball jumped out and howled at the wolf, the wolf suddenly stopped and retreated quickly, its eyes filled with fear.

And because of the light shining from his chest, Chu Ang had long since fainted, as he sank into darkness.

The warm water wrapped around Chu Ang's body, and let out a comfortable sound.

Opening his eyes, he adapted to the light, just as Chu Ang was about to stand up, he discovered that his body was not even covered by a thread, his face immediately flushed red, and he quickly submerged in the deep water, his heart feeling extremely puzzled.

"What is this place?"

"Three hundred years have passed. Finally, someone from the Chu Family has once again opened up the space!"

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