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Genius Super-visioned Doctor/C1 Do Not Bully the Young When They Are Poor
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C1 Do Not Bully the Young When They Are Poor


"Aiya! I hate it! Be careful not to be seen by my mother. " Sisi retreated back a meter before pouting. Two red clouds appeared on her fair and delicate oval face, and a natural charm could be seen in her purity.


Wang Sheng grinned, "Your mom isn't back yet. Come, kiss a …"

"No, this is the first time you've come to my house. Don't do this."

"It's fine. Since we're already set on doing this, why don't we hug …"


Suddenly, the door was pushed open by someone from the outside. Furthermore, the Force s that pushed the door were big, and even the door boards slammed onto the wall.

"Ah!" "Mom!


Sisi quickly pushed Wang Sheng away and the two of them stood at attention, looking at the middle-aged woman who appeared at the door.

This woman was Sisi's mother. Although she was in her forties, she was normally well maintained and looked a lot younger than her actual age.

"You're called Wang Sheng?" Sisi's Mother's face was a little gloomy as she looked Wang Sheng up and down.

Wang Sheng was 1.75 meters tall and of medium height. Although he wasn't considered handsome, he had the simple and honest look rarely seen in modern times. It was just that his simple clothing set of stalls made him look a bit more ordinary.

"Yes, auntie." Wang Sheng replied with a silly smile.

"I hear you're a doctor?" Sisi's Mother walked up and sat on Sisi's bed, not offering to let Wang Sheng sit down.

"That's right, I'm a doctor at the Third People's Hospital …"

"I heard he's just an intern who's just been admitted to the hospital, right?"

Sisi's Mother interrupted Wang Sheng and asked the intern with a hint of disdain.

"Yes." Wang Sheng said.

"I heard you're even in the Chinese Medical Department?" The more Sisi's Mother asked, the more contemptuous her tone became.

"Mom!" Wang Sheng is an intern in Chinese medicine, didn't I tell you that? " Sisi quickly sat beside her mother and hugged one of her arms in a spoiled manner, saying, "Today, you asked me to bring Wang Sheng to my house. We agreed that you …"

"Sisi, shut up! Doctors did indeed have a bright future now, but Chinese medicine was a leisurely subject in the hospital, so how could there be a future? You silly girl... "Sigh!" Lili interrupted her daughter, showing her contempt for Wang Sheng. She stared at him and asked bluntly, "How much do you earn per month?"

"Two thousand!"

"Only two thousand?!" How many houses do you have? "


"You don't even have a house? What kind of car do you usually drive?"


"What do your parents do? How much money is in the family? "


Facing Sisi's Mother's series of disdainful questions, Wang Sheng was already a bit angry. Although he was a beginner in Chinese medicine, although he was a poor kid, although he looked simple and honest, in reality, Wang Sheng was not a person without anger or dignity.

Sisi's Mother could see that Wang Sheng was angry, but she went on. "Nothing. Ever since Sisi started middle school, her monthly allowance had been no less than 5000 yuan. In high school, she drove the MINICLUBMAN, which was worth hundreds of thousands of yuan. She told my daughter to practice Chinese medicine with you, who had no future! "

When Wang Sheng heard this, he clenched his fists. He knew that Sisi's family had always opposed their relationship, and he also knew that Sisi's family background was very good. She lived in an independent villa, and the two of them were like a fairy tale of a rich family falling in love with a poor boy.

But Sisi had always been a parent. After all, they had been together since college, and they had a strong emotional base. When Sisi told Wang Sheng today that she was taking him to see her parents, Wang Sheng thought that spring had come. It was his heartfelt love for Sisi that had moved her parents, yet in the end, he had ruthlessly mocked and ridiculed her.

"What is it? Are you angry at me for saying all this? " Sisi's Mother looked at Wang Sheng with a sneer on her face, "If you have a daughter, are you willing to let her marry a man who is destined to have no future?"

"Mom!" Sisi shook her mother's arm and angrily rebuked, "Mom, didn't you promise me yesterday that you can accept Wang Sheng? Didn't you say that you could give him a chance? "

"Yes, I can give him a chance." Sisi's Mother seemed to be replying to her daughter's words, but her eyes were still staring at Wang Sheng, "Very simple, I'll give him two years. As long as he can take out 50 million, buy a 1000-square-meter villa, and own his own millionaire car, I'll agree to your relationship."

Wang Sheng clenched his fists tightly. A 50 million, 1000 level villa, and a million level luxury car. To an intern of a hospital, this was a task that could never be completed!


"Shut up!"

Sisi protested helplessly with a wronged expression, but her mother stopped her once again.

"Sisi, I'm telling you, I'm not going to let you marry a pauper unless Mom dies." Lili said resolutely, "The reason I had my opinion of him yesterday was so that I could explain everything clearly today."

"Auntie!" "Don't forget what I said. I would rather bully the white beard young man than bully the poor!" Wang Sheng was furious, but he calmed down when he heard Sisi's Mother's suggestion, which made it impossible for the poor guy to complete his entire life.

"Don't bully poor youths?" Hehe! Did I bully you? " Sisi's Mother sneered, "Don't boast in front of me. I've seen too many poor kids with no future like you. If you really have the ability, then go and earn some money. I'll wait for you to come to my house in a millionaire's luxury car and slap my face with 50 million."

"Alright, I agree to your conditions." Wang Sheng said calmly.

"Wang Sheng …" Sisi was getting anxious, but just as she was about to speak, his mother stopped her.

"Sisi, shut up!" Sisi's Mother pulled at her daughter and continued, "Wang Sheng, don't forget. I'll give you two years. "Also, I will send Sisi abroad for a master's degree in medicine. In order not to affect her studies, I hope that you will stop pestering Sisi for the next two years!"

"Mom, isn't this …"

"Shut up! If you dare to defend him again, mother will die for you! What mother in the world wouldn't do for her daughter? "Why are you so disobedient?"


"Stop talking, didn't this poor kid say you shouldn't bully poor youths?" I'm waiting to see him create a miracle! "


"Sisi, don't say anything." Wang Sheng shook his head at Sisi, then turned to Sisi's Mother and solemnly said, "I agree to all of your conditions. I'm willing to work hard for Sisi to create miracles. Sisi, wait for me!"

"Wang Sheng, don't just randomly agree. Such harsh conditions are simply …"

"Sisi, shut up!"

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