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C10 It Seems like I Won Again

Ma Dafu immediately understood that his old friend had placed his trump card in his hands.

But how could Ma Dafu have thought that Wang Sheng had seen the cards clearly the moment he finished cutting them.

He was someone who studied Chinese medicine, and his finger skill was not something an ordinary person could compare to.

If that Qian could hand out a second card, wouldn't Wang Sheng be able to do that?

Wang Sheng used a seemingly clumsy method to deal the cards, but in reality, he had always been controlling the cards.

In the end, the pair of leopards made by Ma Dafu's old friend was in the hands of Wang Sheng, while the pair of 555 leopards that he wanted to make for Wang Sheng was in the hands of Ma Dafu.

The bets started. Ma Dafu's three friends all casually bet 500, 1000, and 1,500 each.

In the end, Ma Dafu followed with a 1500 bet, and Wang Sheng also followed up without any hesitation.

Ma Dafu's three friends looked at the cards one by one and then threw them away.

Ma Dafu and Wang Sheng went up and bet again and again. Soon, the number on the table exceeded 1500.

Ma Dafu saw that he already had quite a bit of money, so he was a bit worried. He was afraid that his old friend would fail.

He looked at the cards and saw that they were three five-card leopards.

Ma Dafu directly dropped three thousand yuan.

However, Wang Sheng still didn't look at his cards and continued to bet 1500 points.

Ma Dafu was very confident in his friend's ability. Plus, he had looked at his cards and Wang Sheng had not looked at his cards, so Ma Dafu was even more confident.

Without a second thought, he threw in another three thousand yuan and said, "Follow me!"

Wang Sheng continued counting the cards and threw them into the middle of the table, with no intention to compare in size with Ma Dafu.

Ma Dafu was determined to win, so he followed Ye Chong for another 3000 yuan.

After repeating this, Ma Dafu lost thirty thousand yuan at the center of the table, while Wang Sheng lost fifteen thousand yuan.

Adding on the previous fifteen thousand, the stakes at the center of the table now amounted to more than sixty thousand.

These sixty thousand yuan were written down in words, so it probably didn't seem like much.

But in reality, the 100 yuan bills on the table had already piled up into a small mountain. Ma Dafu looked at the money on the table and his breathing became rapid.

On the other hand, Wang Sheng was still calm, so he threw another 1,500 yuan in.

This time, Ma Dafu finally hesitated.

Although he was a hundred percent sure that he would win, he inexplicably felt a little flustered in his heart.

People with gambling experience would all feel the same way.

When the amount of bets was over a certain amount, he would feel indescribably nervous.

Ma Dafu thought about it for a while, then counted out 3000 yuan and threw it in. His voice was a little shaky from excitement: "Never mind, brother won't win against you too much, open up!"

As there were only two people left, Ma Dafu and Wang Sheng, any one of them asking for a deal was a must.

Ma Dafu directly flipped it open and revealed his three fifties.

"Bro, I'm sorry. I'm a leopard. "Take your time and look at your cards. See if you can have a card bigger than your brother."

Ma Dafu didn't notice that the moment he revealed his card, his old friend's face turned pale.

That Old Qian felt that his tongue was dry. He continuously swallowed his saliva and nervously stared at Wang Sheng's card.

Wang Sheng shook his head in frustration and muttered, "How could it be like this, he actually played such a big card, it's only the second round."

Ma Dafu crossed his arms in front of his chest and smiled with pride. "Come on, brother. It's death anyway."

Wang Sheng sighed and said, "I guess you won." He then flipped the card over.

The moment Wang Sheng flipped open the card, Ma Dafu subconsciously reached for the money on the table.

But his three friends cried out.

"F * ck!" "Three J's!"

Ma Dafu, who was pressing his hand on the money, instantly froze. At this moment, Wang Sheng also burst out laughing loudly.

"Aiyaya, what kind of luck did I get today? I actually got such a big card."

Surprisingly, Ma Dafu immediately looked at his old friend. That Old Qian quickly made a gesture and told him that he definitely cut the Dark Bridge incorrectly.

Wang Sheng sorted out the money on the table and counted out thirty thousand yuan and threw it to Ma Dafu.

"Boss Ma, this 30,000 yuan is back to you." I'll have to trouble you to click on it and say thank you first. "

Ma Dafu had almost lost the money he took out. With a stern face, he took the money and put it in front of him. He said stiffly, "No need to count, I believe in you, little brother."

Wang Sheng shrugged and smiled evilly.

Could it be that he would take the initiative to tell Ma Dafu that he had only counted to 28 thousand?

After dispersing the 60,000 yuan, there was still a lot of money left. It took Wang Sheng quite a bit of time to sort it out, so Ma Dafu's old friend waited for an opportunity to ask Wang Sheng, "Bro, how about you organize your money. I'll deal with it for you."

Those who played cards often knew that regardless of the reason, the right to be the dealer must not be given to anyone else.

Only novices would give away this power.

However, when Wang Sheng heard this, he immediately looked at him gratefully and nodded, "Aiya, then I'll have to trouble you, Big Bro. Thank you for your help."

"It's fate that everyone can sit at the same card table. Why are you guys being so polite?"

Ma Dafu, this old friend of his, had some ability.

He washed the cards three times and controlled three A's to the bottom of the cards. Then, he sent the three Aces to Ma Dafu as a cover account.

After sending it, Qian made a gesture to Ma Dafu and secretly gave him a thumbs up.

Ma Dafu's eyes immediately lit up when he saw Old Qian's actions.

This was because he knew that Old Qian's actions represented that the card in his hand this time around was the biggest "AAA" card.

Ma Dafu took a deep breath and nodded his head to show that he knew.

The gambling continued. This time, Ma Dafu was the first to launch his firepower, throwing fifteen hundred yuan onto the table.

Wang Sheng also did not hesitate as he chanted: "Just treat it as not winning the match, I'm coming with you!"

In order to make the game more lively, Ma Dafu's three friends also chose to bet on it.

After the five of them followed him twice, Ma Dafu's three friends took turns to pick up the cards.

Then the three of them all chose to discard their cards.

Now, only Wang Sheng and Ma Dafu were left in the game.

To prevent his old friend from making another mistake, Ma Dafu picked up the card and looked at it.

After confirming that it was three Aces, Ma Dafu immediately felt relieved.

He smiled at Wang Sheng and said, "So, little brother, how much money are you going to take from me?"

Wang Sheng smiled, and directly picked up a pile of money and said: "I'm a very superstitious person, since I have such a good card in the game, I will definitely rely on luck to win.

No matter what, I won't shout for the cards to be opened. "

"Good!" That's what you said. "

Ma Dafu immediately threw out three thousand and shouted: "Follow!"

Wang Sheng lost another fifteen hundred yuan.

Ma Dafu threw another 3000 yuan at him, "Follow!"

The two of them went back and forth, and soon, the money on the card table exceeded a hundred thousand.

However, the two of them did not stop fighting. Ma Dafu had no money left, so he borrowed 30,000 from each of his three friends.

The amount of money Wang Sheng had was also gradually decreasing.

In the end, Wang Sheng took out his bank card and threw out all his cash. He said to Ma Dafu, "Boss Ma, I have over fifty thousand yuan in my bank card." What if I bet all the money in my bank card, plus my cash, on that little bit on your desk?

In any case, we will decide the outcome of this match. Regardless of whether we win or lose, we will end this game. "

Ma Dafu had already seen it several times, he had three Aces in his hands.

No matter what, he was definitely going to win this game. Therefore, Ma Dafu didn't say much and immediately nodded: "Okay, we'll do as you say."

Ma Dafu threw all the cash in front of him onto the table and shouted, "Bro, you have a good impression of this Bro's cards!"

As he said that, Ma Dafu revealed his three Aces.

The moment he revealed his card, Wang Sheng's face turned ashen and he shouted with a trembling voice: "What? Three... "Three Aces?"

Ma Dafu smiled as he held the money in front of him, "Brother, don't you dare blame your brother. It seems that the last person to laugh is still big brother. "

Wang Sheng shook his head dejectedly and opened his card.

Ma Dafu wasn't in the mood to look at Wang Sheng's cards. No matter how big they were, they wouldn't be bigger than him and his three Aces. There were only four Aces in a pack of cards, so Wang Sheng didn't even have the chance to be as big as he was.

However, what Ma Dafu didn't expect was that his three friends exclaimed again: "What?"

At the same time, Wang Sheng put his hand on the money and said in a faint voice, "Sorry, Boss Ma. I seem to have won this game again."

"I beat your mother …"

Ma Dafu was ready to curse, but he couldn't utter a word after that.

Because Wang Sheng's card surface, is a plum blossom 2, a square piece 3, and a peach 5.

A completely different colour, "235". He only wanted to eat three 'A' s worth of cards!

Ma Dafu's mouth was slightly open. He was stunned on the spot, and his face turned red like the color of a pig's liver.

Wang Sheng took his hand away and pushed the money towards him. Moreover, he was secretly happy in his heart while he held the money. Originally, he had planned to let this match go to waste, so he had allowed the other side to do as they pleased. He didn't want to win at all. After all, he had already won quite a few, so he couldn't be too extreme.

However, he never expected that Wang Sheng would be able to score 235, which was completely unexpected. He thought that the biggest leopard would be able to win without a hitch, but he didn't notice any other cards.

Before he turned the cards over, Wang Sheng was dumbfounded when he saw the three in his hand. However, since the heavens wanted Ma Dafu to die, then he could only follow the will of the heavens and let this fellow die completely!

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