Genius Super-visioned Doctor/C11 A Counter Plot will Kill You
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Genius Super-visioned Doctor/C11 A Counter Plot will Kill You
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C11 A Counter Plot will Kill You

Ma Dafu and the rest saw him put the money away with their veins bulging.

They didn't have any money on them. Originally, they wanted to cheat Wang Sheng, but who knew that this guy would earn so much in the end!


Absolutely not!

If they were to see this fellow walk out proudly, they wouldn't have any face left!

Hehe, it seems like I won't be able to continue today. Everyone, take a break. Wang Sheng took off his jacket, bundled up the hundred thousand yuan in cash, got up and was about to leave.

"Halt!" Ma Dafu was anxious. He slammed the table and stood up abruptly.

"What is it? "You won't let him go?" Wang Sheng stopped and looked at him with a faint smile.

When the opponent lost, he would strike. As he had expected, if he was afraid of this, he wouldn't have come. With the ability of these two Heaven's Eyes, making these guys take a breath was no more of a problem than taking a breath!

"It's impossible for you to be so damn lucky!" It must be over a thousand! " Ma Dafu roared.

The moment he shouted, the three friends immediately came to their senses. They all stood up and pointed at Wang Sheng as they shouted.

"That's right!" There must be a thousand of them! "

"I knew it! Why is it so strange today? All the good cards are in this kid's hands!"

"Search his body!" There must be something fishy going on with him! "

Seeing the four of them, if Wang Sheng still didn't understand what they meant, then he could go and crash his head into the wall.

Ma Dafu was indeed a failure in his scam, he wanted to make a move.

It looked like he would have to relax his muscles and bones today.

Just as he was about to make his move, he suddenly had a thought.

Wait a minute, we can't let that Ma guy be so relaxed. Since we're going to play, then this grandpa will play with you!

"Brother Ma!" This... This is different from what we said! " Wang Sheng's face revealed a hint of panic, but he immediately forced himself to calm down.

"What is it? You dare to say that to me after playing a thousand cards? " Ma Dafu still didn't react, he walked around the table and walked towards him with a grin.

"You … Didn't you say that today's card game is a bet between us? Now this is... "This is …" Wang Sheng pretended to be shocked and retreated two steps back. He couldn't suppress his fear anymore and fell to the ground.

Everyone was stunned when they heard this.

Then, three pairs of eyes shot towards Ma Dafu at the same time.

"Damn!" What the f * ck are you talking about! " Ma Dafu was caught off guard and roared.

"Let him finish!" Ma Dafu couldn't help but shiver and didn't dare to say anything else.

Although he was called a "friend", Ma Dafu didn't dare to offend him. It wouldn't be weird for the other party to fall out with him!

"You clearly said that you would set up a bet and find a few people who like to gamble. Oh! I understand! "You want to take all the profits for yourself?!" Wang Sheng said in a trembling voice, almost in tears.

What deceiving him was actually deceiving those three people's money.

If he got the money, he would leave the city. Then, Ma Dafu would meet up with him and they would split the money equally.

If he pursued the debt, he wouldn't be able to pay it back no matter what.

It was as if such a thing really happened!

At the end of his sentence, Wang Sheng was a little impressed by his ability to make up stories! Although the story was full of holes, it made a lot of sense in the ears of the barbarians.

"F * ck!" "Ma Dafu, you!" The person who did it was good, but his brain obviously wasn't that good. He shouted in both anger and surprise.

Ma Dafu had lent them a full 90 thousand yuan. Although it wasn't a lot, it wasn't a lot. If they really had to renege on their debt, the three of them would be too embarrassed to return the money!

"F * ck!" I'm fine! This brat is speaking nonsense, he's lying to you all! " Ma Dafu's forehead was covered in sweat as his tendons started to bulge. He angrily roared at his companions.

"No wonder when I was building the Dark Bridge just now, you actually cut the wrong card!" Old Qian gritted his teeth and said.

Upon hearing his words, his other two companions immediately became more or less convinced. Their previously doubtful and uncertain gazes also became angry.

This guy was always smart, otherwise the three of them wouldn't believe him and would run over to help him play Wang Sheng. Now that they thought about it, they believed almost 90% of Wang Sheng's words!

"I'm not wrong!" It's clearly you who are unskilled, making the Dark Bridge in the wrong place! " Ma Dafu was also infuriated, the other party actually believed Wang Sheng so easily!

"Surround them!" Neither of them can let go of even one of them! " Old Qian was even more furious. With an order, the three of them quickly surrounded Wang Sheng and Ma Dafu.

On the surface, it looked like they were fighting two against three, but none of them were not good fighters, and they were often together. It wouldn't be difficult for three people to fight seven or eight, let alone more.

"You, you, you dare to touch your father!" Ma Dafu panicked and screamed in fear.

"Brother Ma, don't be afraid! "You may be heartless, but I have to be righteous!" Wang Sheng was overjoyed. With a loud scream, he suddenly grabbed his arm, turned around and ran out.

How could those three let them leave so easily? The guy with thousands of punches grabbed Ma Dafu's other arm while the other two punched and attacked Wang Sheng.

Wang Sheng sneered. The scene in his eyes instantly slowed down.

It seemed fast, but in fact, it was slow!

In that instant, the other side seemed to have entered a world that was even slower in terms of time frequency. However, in that world, Wang Sheng could maintain normal movements!

Wang Sheng stepped between the two of them. Looking at their slow attacks, Wang Sheng used a left hook fist and a powerful kick to hit their lower abdomen and left ribs respectively.

In the eyes of others, the speed of those two was normal. However, Wang Sheng was so fast that he was like a ghost. That bastard was immediately shocked.

Peng peng!

The two men screamed as they fell out and crashed into the wall. Then they fell down, clutching their ribs and screaming for a little while.

"Don't even think of harming my Ma Ge!" Wang Sheng roared, turned around and charged towards that guy, with an expression of "vowing to protect my brother".

That guy was shocked, he subconsciously let go of Ma Dafu's arm and quickly retreated.

Wang Sheng chuckled and forcefully dragged the stunned Ma Dafu towards the door.

After a while, the two of them ran out of the apartment building. Ma Dafu finally came to his senses and struggled out of his grasp: "Let go of me!"

Wang Sheng ran a few more steps before he turned around and looked at him with a smile. "Boss Ma, thank you so much for today." As he spoke, he waved the coat in his hand, there was a total of two hundred thousand gold coins inside!

"You!" Ma Dafu was so angry that he vomited blood, but he didn't dare to step forward. Just now, Wang Sheng's fighting ability had already been engraved into his bones. He definitely wouldn't dare to challenge the opponent alone!

"How about this? How about I give you half of the money?" Wang Sheng suddenly took two steps forward and put his arm around Ma Dafu's shoulder.

"Huh?" Ma Dafu wanted to break away, but when he heard this, he was shocked and looked at him in disbelief.

"Hey, I'm just saying that your three friends are on the balcony of your house, looking at us. What do you think they would think, seeing us so close? " Wang Sheng chuckled and whispered.

Ma Dafu was shocked, he suddenly looked up, and his face immediately became ashen.

Sure enough, on his balcony, the three men who had been the leader of the group all looked at them with ashen faces, their eyes burning with fury.

It's over! This was the crime of plotting!

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