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C12 Our Shop Is Closed

"Do your best, haha!" Wang Sheng patted his shoulder with a smile and let him go, saying loudly on purpose, "Brother Ma! "You want to bite off more than you can chew, but I saved you, so we owe each other nothing!"

He turned around and left.

Behind him, Ma Dafu's heart sank.

It's over! The three fiends were staying in his house. If he went back, it would be strange if they didn't beat him up!

Wang Sheng hummed a song as he carried the money, went straight back to his house and closed the door.

This counterplot was enough to make the one surnamed Ma suffer. He probably wouldn't dare to find trouble with him for the next few days.

Returning to the bedroom, Wang Sheng laid all the money on the bed. It was about two hundred thousand dollars scattered all over the bed, making people feel happy!

He suddenly leaned on the money, feeling comfortable all over.

Using money as a bed was a life that he had only seen on television before. It had once filled him with envy, but now his dream had come true!

Especially when he thought about Ma Dafu's life in the future, he was extremely happy.

This fellow was simply asking for it. To think that he would dare to harm him, he deserved it!

The next day, Wang Sheng slept soundly until noon.

If it wasn't for Gu Kaiyi's sudden call, Wang Sheng might have gotten up at some point. Gu Kai repeatedly reminded him, "Sheng, I'm just trying to supervise you. Don't just take a rest at home and just focus on playing. You have to read the medical book properly." "Don't forget to dress up like that the day after tomorrow. I want to take you to see a senior in Chinese medicine."

"Yes, Master, I remember this." Wang Sheng replied respectfully.

Gu Kaiyi had mentioned this to Wang Sheng a long time ago, and now that he specifically called to remind him, it showed that he was very respectful to the senior in Chinese medicine and also very concerned about this matter, so Wang Sheng didn't dare to neglect it a bit.

During these two days of rest, it was a good time for him to read more. The more he learned about Chinese medicine, the more profound he found it to be, and the more interested he was in it.

In the evening, Wang Sheng put down his medical books and went to pick Yun Yueyu up from work from the hospital. When he returned to the district, he intentionally looked at Ma Dafu's lottery ticket store and saw that it was closed.

Of course, Wang Sheng wasn't worried about Ma Dafu. It would be a good thing for society if someone were to kill this scumbag!

For the next two days, Wang Sheng stayed at home and read all the medical books he could find one by one.

With his' photographic memory 'ability, he could read every book for at most twenty minutes and memorize every single content. In these two days, he had even been a little lazy. He had actually read over a hundred medical books, and he had even read a few years' worth of books compared to an average person.

But even though he was reading, he did not forget to accompany Yun Yueyu. Wang Sheng had to take her to work every day and then pick her up in the afternoon.

After work that day, Wang Sheng went to the Third Hospital Gynecology department to pick up Yun Yueyu as usual.

Wang Sheng laid on the table and fell asleep when it was late at night and he was bored.

After sleeping for who knows how long, someone suddenly patted his shoulder. "Hey! "Sheng!"

Wang Sheng was jolted awake. He looked up and saw Yun Yueyu's concerned face in her white coat. "Ah, Sister Yu, you're done?"

Yun Yueyu felt both amused and pained. "Why have you been waiting for me here? Didn't I tell you to go back first? "

Wang Sheng stretched his back and yawned, "How can I do that! Besides, I don't trust you to go back alone at night. Oh right, what time is it now … Wow! It's almost time! " He saw the clock on the wall.

I didn't expect it to be past midnight!

Lili felt her heart warm as she smiled. "Sister Yu is about to age. What kind of danger can you run into?"

Wang Sheng calmed himself down and looked at her with a strange expression on his face. "Sister Yu, are you joking? "In the whole hospital, from internal medicine to paediatrics, from neuroscience to anus and intestines, find a second beautiful girl who is as beautiful, elegant, refined, and mature as you. I, Wang Sheng, will never be surnamed Wang, and change my surname to Yun!"

Yun Yueyu couldn't help but burst out laughing. "You're just talking nonsense!" In her heart however, she didn't know why, but she was extremely happy.

When others praised her, she would only feel that they were trying to flatter her and covet her beautiful body. However, when Wang Sheng praised her, he would only warm her heart and make her feel happy.

Wang Sheng smiled and said cheerfully, "I'm so hungry that my stomach is flat! Let's go eat! "

Yun Yueyu was stunned. "Where are you going to eat so late at night?" "Forget it, I'll just go home and do it."

Wang Sheng couldn't bear to make her work harder than she already was. He shook his head and said, "Let's go to the Glass Bead Palace!"

Yun Yueyu's expression changed instantly, "What!?"

The Glazed Residence was one of the most luxurious restaurants in the city. It was open 24 hours a day.

If one were to spend even one cup of plain water here, they could sell it for the price of an aged wine. At Yun Yueyu's level, even though she was the department head of gynaecology, she never collected red packets or anything of the sort. She simply didn't have the ability to spend them!

Twenty minutes later, standing outside the front door of the Glazed Residence, Yun Yueyu's heart beat like a drum. She hesitated and said, "Forget it, this place is really expensive …"

For example, if Wang Sheng and her were to eat here for a bit, they might be able to leave for tens of thousands of dollars. That would be equivalent to her monthly salary!

Wang Sheng grabbed her shoulders, half pushing and half pulling towards the big door of the Glazed Residence: "Didn't you say it already? I'll treat you today! "

The 200,000 that he earned from Ma Dafu was enough for him to eat eight meals out of ten meals here. Especially towards Yun Yueyu, he was even more willing to spend money.

Even if he had used up all his money, he still had a lottery ticket worth six hundred thousand yuan. Money was something that he wouldn't come back for if he didn't want it. He could come back if he went!

When they were almost to the door, a Waiter wearing a small formal attire came to welcome them, full of warm smiles on his face: "Welcome to the two of you! Don't know is... "Huh?" The smile on his face quickly disappeared, and she frowned as she sized up the two of them.

They were both in casual attire, and Yun Yueyu looked embarrassed. Although Wang Sheng had a dignified demeanor, wearing blue casual wear with a pair of sneakers. No matter how you looked at it, he didn't seem like he had the ability to spend at Glazed Residence!

It was unknown how many people Waiter received every day, but with a single glance, she knew that these two had definitely never been to such a high-class place like the Glazed Residence. Her expression immediately darkened as she said politely: "My apologies, our shop has already closed."

This kind of customer would probably hesitate for a long time even if they were to order a dish. If they were to give them a tip, it would probably cause a ruckus, so it would be useless for them to enter.

How could Yun Yueyu not hear the indifference and disdain in his words, but she, who has never experienced such an occasion, was unable to say anything even though her beautiful face was filled with anger. She could only hold Wang Sheng's arm and say in a low voice, "Let's go …" "Let's go."

However, Wang Sheng was furious and did not move at all.

The other side was looking down on them. Judging from their clothes, they thought that they had no money to spend here, so they came up with a reason to close the store. However, who didn't know that Liu Li was open for business around the clock!

At that moment, a silver sports car drove in from the outside and stopped in front of Glazed Residence's parking lot.

Soon after, a man and a woman, who were talking and laughing as they got out of the car, putting on their clothes, it was obvious that they were wealthy.

Waiter immediately smiled as she greeted him like a pug: "Young Master Wei! Lady Zhuang! The two of you, please come in. The private room has already been prepared for you! "

On the other side, when Yun Yueyu saw this scene, she was even more embarrassed and angry. She lowered her head and whispered: "Sheng! Let's go! "

Wang Sheng said coldly, "Bastards look down on people. Today, I must enter!"

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