Genius Super-visioned Doctor/C13 You Can't Afford to Pay Two Hundred Thousand Dollars
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Genius Super-visioned Doctor/C13 You Can't Afford to Pay Two Hundred Thousand Dollars
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C13 You Can't Afford to Pay Two Hundred Thousand Dollars

Waiter sent the man and woman in attentively, and when she turned around and saw that the duo was still inside, her face immediately turned cold: "Why are you still standing here? "Let's go, let's go!"

Wang Sheng took a deep breath and suppressed his anger. He looked around and suddenly turned around. He walked towards the huge vase on the right side of the gate and gave it a kick.

Crash! *

The huge vase was broken into pieces, and the water and flowers scattered all over the floor!

"What are you doing!" The Waiter was shocked and stepped forward, wanting to stop him.

Wang Sheng took a few steps back to avoid him. Then, he kicked the remaining five big vases on the right side one by one to break them one by one.

"Stop!" The Waiter shouted in shock. He wanted to stop him, but Wang Sheng dodged left and right, how could he possibly catch him?

On the other side, Yun Yueyu was dumbfounded.

Wang Sheng shouldn't be so angry, right?

"What's going on!" Inside the door, a well-dressed, middle-aged man with well-combed hair walked out quickly as he asked in both surprise and anger.

"Manager!" This brat is ruining everything! " Waiter immediately rushed over and explained the situation in a few sentences.

Wang Sheng ignored them and went to the left side of the door, kicking one vase after another.

"He still dares!?" I'll go call the security guards! " The Waiter said in shock.

"Hmph, let him kick me!" The manager understood what was going on. Not only did he not stop him, he stopped Waiter and did not allow him to call anyone over.

"Manager, this …" The Waiter did not understand.

"You have to compensate for kicking the bad stuff. I want to see what that brat is going to compensate for!" The manager sneered.

He had been in this line of work for more than ten years, so he was very experienced. With one glance, he could tell that his subordinate's judgement was correct.

After a while, all twelve big vases on his left and right were all broken. Wang Sheng then turned around and walked in front of the manager and Waiter.

The manager looked him in the eye coldly and calmly, "You dare to make trouble at Glazed Residence? You sure are bold!"

Wang Sheng opened his mouth as if nothing had happened, "Didn't you just break a few vases? I'll just compensate you. "

Hearing that, the manager and the Waiter laughed at the same time.

Yun Yueyu, who was at the side, panicked and walked behind Wang Sheng.

However, he couldn't help but grumble inwardly. It was just a meal, and he had caused such a huge commotion. This was going to be troublesome!

After laughing for a while, the manager stopped smiling, and only kept a hint of it on his lips: "Compensation? Haha, do you know how much this vase is worth? "These are the yew flowers from New Zealand, each one is worth 1200 yuan!"

Wang Sheng shrugged, "It's pretty cheap, 12 plants, only 14,000 plants."

The manager could not help but laugh, "Do you think that there is only one fruit per bottle? Each bottle contained four stalks! 12 bottles meant 48 stalks! Just this flower alone is more than 50,000! "

Yun Yueyu's expression changed instantly.

So expensive!

Waiter on the side could not help but gloat at Wang Sheng's misfortune. He was prepared to see Wang Sheng's frozen expression and reveal an expression of disbelief or regret.

With over 50,000 yuan, the average salaried worker would have to pay a year's salary!

Unexpectedly, Wang Sheng didn't even raise his eyebrows, but he was still calm: "Heh, 50,000. Let's call it 60,000, I'll compensate you." I didn't bring any cash, so I just swiped the card! "

The expressions of the manager and Waiter froze.

This fellow actually did not have any expression of heartache!

After all, the manager had seen a big situation before, so he was momentarily stunned before calming down. He sneered: "Sir, please wait a moment, I am not done yet. These flowers are actually just small flowers. What is of real value is not them. "

Wang Sheng replied without batting an eyelid: "Oh?"

The manager's smile deepened, "These twelve vases were all custom-made from the Jingdezhen area. They are all limited quality products and are inlaid with blue and gold porcelain, and the gold on them is real gold. Each vases are worth twelve thousand! Twelve vases, for a total of 144,000! "

The door immediately turned silent.

Yun Yueyu opened her mouth wide, unable to utter a single word.

Didn't this mean that bringing flowers into these vases would cost around two hundred thousand!?

It's over!

Wang Sheng was just an intern and a consumer, so he couldn't have much money. Even if he gave her 30,000 yuan, 50,000 to 60,000 yuan was already a huge effort, but now it had tripled!

This time, just for a single breath of air, he threw out two hundred thousand!

"So expensive?" Wang Sheng couldn't help but raise his eyebrows.

"Heh, it's fine, it's fine if you can't afford it. The police will tell you how to take responsibility for these twelve vases!" The sneer intensified as ridicule filled the manager's face.

An average family wouldn't be able to afford two hundred thousand in one go, not to mention that this brat knew from a glance that he was most likely a college student!

"You are really courting death!" Waiter at the side was extremely pleased with herself for being able to gloat like this.

Serves him right!

Yun Yueyu, who was at the side, clenched her teeth.

There was no other way. He still wasn't going to go up. He couldn't just watch him get taken away by the police, right? She could only use her own savings. Two hundred thousand, she could still afford it.

Sigh, this Sheng was too impulsive! I hope I can teach him a lesson. In the future, don't be so impulsive …

Before she could say anything, Wang Sheng laughed: "Heh, it's only two hundred thousand, right? Still, it's time to swipe your card! "

The manager and Waiter were instantly petrified.

This brat could actually compensate!

A thought flashed through his mind, and the manager purposely said, "I'm sorry, but our Glazed Residence doesn't support the use of credit cards." This kid was so young, and looking at his appearance, it was definitely impossible for him to have that much money. He most likely relied on his credit card to support his image!

"It's okay, I'm not a credit card anyway." Wang Sheng took out his wallet and took out a Huaxia Bank savings card.

The manager's facial expression finally changed drastically.

Wang Sheng looked at his expression. Although his heart was in pain, but at the same time, it was also filled with joy and pain.

Who would have thought that the two hundred thousand he won from Ma Dafu would be spent so easily!

However, even if he had to do it again, he would not regret it. This was the only way for a tree to live and a person to live!

A few minutes later, under the fearful and shocked gazes of the manager and the Waiter, Wang Sheng and Yun Yueyu left the Glazed residence together.

How would he dare to eat here after paying the compensation? He had spent almost all of his money on the card. If he were to continue holding on, he would really be exposed if he were to go in for a meal.

However, looking at the manager and the Waiter's expression, it was obvious that they had completely changed their opinion of him. They no longer dared to treat him as a poor bloke with no money, and completely treated him as a wealthy man who hid her strength.

Then, he purposefully said arrogantly, "This kind of crappy place doesn't even have an appetite. Don't even think about coming back in the future!" Not only did those two not look down on him, they even kept apologizing to him.

They had never thought that they would offend such a wealthy man. Judging from the way he was spending his money, he was likely worth several million even if he didn't have more than ten million. It wasn't something they could afford to offend!

Yun Yueyu had been silent all this time. After she had left the Glass Bead Palace with him, she finally asked softly, "Sheng, where did you get all this money from?"

Wang Sheng cursed in his heart.

Yun Yueyu disliked gambling the most, so he never dared to tell her about playing cards with Ma Dafu. Now that she asked, was she going to lie to her?

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