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Genius Super-visioned Doctor/C14 Second Brother Pig Is Here to Receive the Award
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C14 Second Brother Pig Is Here to Receive the Award

Looking at Yun Yueyu's beautiful eyes and her slightly worried expression, Wang Sheng's heart trembled slightly.

"Sister Yu, this money was won from Ma Dafu and the others." Wang Sheng took a deep breath and spoke the truth without holding back.

Yun Yueyu's eyes widened as she listened. In the end, she even covered her mouth in shock.

"That's the whole thing, Sister Yu. If you want to blame me, then blame me. But don't ignore me, that would be my biggest punishment. " Wang Sheng braced herself and said as she looked at Yun Yueyu.

Yun Yueyu maintained her shocked expression for a while before letting out a long sigh.

"Sheng, this really makes me sad." Yun Yueyu said softly.

Wang Sheng's heart tightened.

It's over!

If he knew earlier, he wouldn't have told the truth!

"I didn't expect Ma Dafu to harm you because of me. Sorry, Sister Yu let you down!" Yun Yueyu said guiltily.

"Huh?" Wang Sheng was instantly stunned.

Originally, she was sad about this?!

In fact, the whole thing had a lot to do with her. If it wasn't for her, Ma Dafu wouldn't be so bored as to mock and ridicule Wang Sheng.

But how could an ordinary woman take on such responsibility? Sister Yu being nice to him, Wang Sheng, was too good!

Thinking of this, Wang Sheng could not help but blurt out, "Sister Yu! This is not your fault. For you, not to mention Ma Dafu and the others, even if all the hoodlums in the city come to find trouble with me, I still won't retreat! "

Yun Yueyu could not help but blush, her heart was moved: "Sheng!"

Wang Sheng found it hard to suppress the turmoil in his heart. He reached out his hand and pulled her into his embrace.

For a time, soft jade was filled with warmth and fragrance.

Yun Yueyu only gave him a gentle push, as if she was speaking in a symbolic manner, before she stopped moving.

Ever since her heartbreak back then, there had never been a man who could give her such a warm and safe feeling like Wang Sheng's arm.

Feeling her soft breasts pressing against his chest, Wang Sheng couldn't help but feel a little upset.

Just then, someone passed by. Yun Yueyu was startled and hurriedly pushed him away.

Wang Sheng came to his senses. He was a little worried that she would blame him for being frivolous. However, Yun Yueyu smiled sweetly and took her arm. She said, "Let's go home to eat. Sis will feed you next."

Wang Sheng almost coughed up blood.

Give it to me to eat?!

As soon as Yun Yueyu finished her sentence, she realized something was wrong with her words. "No …" "Don't let your thoughts run wild!"

Wang Sheng's heart skipped a beat as he looked at her extremely flirtatious face. He smiled and said, "I don't think we have any noodles left at home. Let's go to the supermarket first, shall we?" Gently, he moved the topic aside so that she wouldn't feel awkward again.

How could he bear to embarrass such a good Sister Yu?

Early the next morning, after Wang Sheng sent Yun Yueyu to work, he immediately went to the lottery distribution center for Golden Age, which was located in the center of the city.

After spending 200,000 yuan last night, his hands were empty. He decided to exchange the Golden Age Lottery for the second-class prize first, since he had some money on him. In any case, there were still two hours until the appointed time with his Master, so there was still plenty of time.

As he was passing by a toy store in a taxi, he caught a glimpse of the various masks hanging in the store.

Many of the winners were wearing masks when they received the prize, just in case they were found out and brought about a fatal disaster. Even though he only received six hundred thousand, if he was seen by others, he might really bring about some trouble.

Thinking of this, he immediately made the taxi driver stop by the roadside, told the driver to wait a moment, and then entered the toy store.

After a while, he came out with a mask of Zhu Bajie and returned to the taxi.

He was no longer afraid of anyone recognizing him!

At Golden Age's lottery distribution center, Wang Sheng wore a mask before he got off the car. With the exception of his two eyes, everything else was covered behind the mask.

When he entered the center, a few of the staff were startled when they saw him.

"You are …" a girl behind the desk asked hesitantly.

"Ahem, is this Golden Age's distribution center?" Wang Sheng coughed lightly.

"Yes, but you're …" The girl looked at his' pig face 'and found it funny.

"I'm Second Brother Pig, I'm here to receive the award." Wang Sheng took out the second prize ticket. In order to avoid being suspected, he had already scratched out the prizes in advance. Otherwise, others would definitely find it strange that he would know that he had won the second place prize even before he scraped it out.

"Pig Pig Second Brother?" The girl took the lottery ticket in surprise and confirmed that it was indeed a second-class prize, a prize of six hundred thousand yuan.

"Can I trouble you to show me your ID card, driver's license, student pass and the like." the girl said politely.

"You still need your ID?" Wang Sheng was a bit surprised. He had never received a big prize before, so he thought he could just directly receive it. But in this case, wouldn't it be a waste of time and effort for him to reveal his fake name?

"Rest assured, our center will not tell anyone about your identity." The girl was obviously able to see through his thoughts so she said in a funny tone.

"That's good." Wang Sheng was relieved. He took out his ID and handed it over.

When the examination was completed, the girl reached out to him with a smile.

"Congratulations! He had won Golden Age's Second Prize, and his reward was six hundred thousand gold coins! We will pay you a 20% personal income tax. Please provide your personal account. The rest of the $480,000 will be transferred to your account within 24 hours. "

"And taxes?" Wang Sheng shook hands with her and was a little surprised. He was, after all, a freshman in society, so he really didn't know much about this.

It hurt to lose one hundred and twenty thousand dollars in one go. However, thinking about it, this amount of money was equivalent to getting what he wanted.

Just as he was completing the procedures, Wang Sheng's cell phone rang.

"Hello? Oh, Master! " Wang Sheng picked up the phone.

"Are you ready?" Gu Kaiyi asked.

"Uh, not good …" "It's about time." Wang Sheng looked at himself and felt a little guilty.

It seemed that he still had to buy a set of clothes. The senior in the traditional Chinese medical field would definitely place great importance on etiquette. If he were to wear it too casually, it wouldn't be appropriate.

An hour later, Wang Sheng, who had changed into a new Chinese mountain suit, sat in a Cadillac with her master Gu Kaiyi and headed out of the city.

"Brat, you're quite spirited." Gu Kai was quite satisfied with the way his disciple was dressed.

"Thank you, Master." Wang Sheng replied obediently. This Chinese tunic was bought under the recommendation of a young and beautiful girl after going to the city center's biggest clothing market. Traditional Chinese medicine was a traditional Chinese style and naturally it was more suitable than traditional Chinese clothing. A Chinese suit or Tang suit was the best, but he was too young and Tang suit was a bit awkward, so a Chinese suit was more suitable.

Wang Sheng was rarely dressed. Now that he was wearing it, he actually looked a lot more handsome than usual, giving off a refined aura.

The car continued on its way. In the blink of an eye, it had already left the third ring, but it did not seem like it was going to stop.

"Master, where are we going?" Wang Sheng couldn't hold it in anymore.

"To the home of the most respected senior in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. This senior normally lives in seclusion and rarely appears. This time, she suddenly invites everyone to attend his eighty birthday banquet, probably because she has something important to announce. " Gu Kaiyi gave him a thoughtful look.

"What's important?" Wang Sheng was also curious.

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