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Genius Super-visioned Doctor/C15 Unwelcome Birthday Feast
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C15 Unwelcome Birthday Feast

"You'll know when the time comes." Gu Kaiyi was puzzled.

Wang Sheng's curiosity was piqued.

However, since his master didn't say it, he could only suppress his curiosity and wait for the right place.

After exiting the third ring, they arrived at the outskirts of the city. The car then turned into a gravel road.

The surroundings became more and more remote, and soon, no signs of human life could be seen.

About ten minutes later, the car arrived at a manor.

In front of the manor's gate, there was a huge floral steel stone about three meters tall and two meters wide. On it, the words "Apricot Forest Hidden Manor" were carved out with flying dragons and dancing phoenixes.

There was a call from the front of the house, instructing the driver to park in an open space to the right. There were already more than 30 cars parked there. It seemed that quite a lot of people had come today.

After getting off the car, Gu Kaiyi brought Wang Sheng into the manor.

Wang Sheng had never been to such a place before. As he paid more attention, he became more and more surprised.

This place is so big!

They walked for at least ten minutes before arriving in front of a small courtyard.

"Brother Zhao!" "It's been a while!"

A few people were chatting in front of the yard, and Gu Kaiyi walked over with a smile.

Wang Sheng thought to himself, looks like he's an old acquaintance of his Master. They should be people of the Chinese Medical Association.

Unexpectedly, the moment the two apprentices walked over, those few people glanced at them. Not only did they not answer, they even continued talking to themselves, completely ignoring Gu Kaiyi.

This time, it was very awkward. Gu Kaiyi stood two steps away from the crowd and looked at them with embarrassment as they chatted. He couldn't leave for a while, nor could he stay.

Wang Sheng was shocked and whispered, "Master, why are these guys so rude?"

An indescribable expression flashed across Gu Kaiyi's eyes as he whispered, "These few people are well-known figures in the Chinese Medical field. Naturally, they look down on small fry like us. "Forget it, let's go."

Although Wang Sheng didn't understand the situation, he could vaguely understand what was going on. He could only follow his Master towards the entrance of the small courtyard.

Although Gu Kaiyi had a high position in the Chinese Medical Department of the Third People's Hospital, it seemed that he had no status in this circle …

"Hmph, why did Elder Liu invite this kind of person? What does this Apricot Forest Grand Meeting have to do with such a shameless philistine!"

"That's right, with this kind of person stepping on it, even their Apricot Forest Hidden Manor has been tainted!"

Wang Sheng had only taken two steps when he suddenly heard these words from behind. He stopped abruptly.

Gu Kaiyi, who was at the front, also heard this, but he didn't turn around and whispered, "Let's go!"

Wang Sheng was furious. "Master!"

How could these guys tolerate scolding Gu Kaiyi like that?

Gu Kaiyi stopped and didn't look back. He said: "Don't worry about it!"

Since Wang Sheng had acknowledged Gu Kaiyi as his master, how could he bear this? But Master had said that if you don't listen, then you are disobeying Master's orders!

He clenched his fists and finally let go after a long while. Then, gritting his teeth, he walked towards the gate again.

Gu Kaiyi also took another step forward and sighed: "These people are all famous figures in the Chinese medical field, so they naturally look down on small figures like me. They want to be recognized by others and improve their medical skills."

Wang Sheng gritted his teeth and answered: "Yes, Master."

There were more people in the small courtyard, in groups of two or three. Each of them was in a formation, standing or sitting position. In total, there were at least sixty to seventy people.

Most of them were over the age of middle-aged. Their clothes were simple and unadorned. There were even some who wore long coats, which matched the atmosphere here. The oldest was a white beard with white hair. He looked to be no less than eighty years old, but he was mostly in good spirits. It seemed that he had taken good care of his health.

After Gu Kaiyi entered the yard, he didn't greet anyone inside. He brought Wang Sheng to a willow tree and stood there quietly.

Needless to say, Wang Sheng could guess that everyone here probably had a higher position than his master. If he chatted with them, he might embarrass them like the people outside.

Thankfully, they did not have to wait long before someone shouted, "The birthday banquet is ready. Everyone, please take your seats!"

Wang Sheng was surprised.

There were actually no gifts and the banquet was being held directly?

However, looking at the surroundings, regardless of whether it was her Master or anyone else, they had all come empty-handed. It seemed that this was probably the master's request.

The banquet was set up in a large room at the other end of the courtyard, with eight tables.

Gu Kaiyi and Wang Sheng sat at a table in the corner. No one at the table greeted them either. It seemed that they were completely unpopular during this birthday feast.

Wang Sheng had been holding back his anger, he lowered his head to eat and ignored the disdainful looks from the people around him.

Although it was a birthday feast, most of it were vegetarian. Luckily, it was still considered delicious, which slightly reduced Wang Sheng's anger.

After a while, someone shouted, "The Duke of Longevity has arrived!"

Everyone suddenly stood up.

Wang Sheng raised his head to look and saw an old man with a head full of white hair and a clean face. He wore a silk uniform and slowly walked in from the door. He wore a smile on his face, his hands behind his back. As he walked, he nodded to the people in the room who had congratulated him on his birthday.

"Who is he?" Wang Sheng couldn't help but ask Gu Kaiyi.

"Hmph, bumpkin, you don't even know the owner of this place and you still dare to come here to congratulate your birthday!" Before Gu Kaiyi could say anything, a middle-aged man with a goatee said in disdain.

"Did I ask you?" Wang Sheng was infuriated.

"Sheng, don't be rude. This is Doctor Huang of the Hall of the Good Samsara, he's a TCM University Master of the first rank!" Gu Kaiyi quickly interrupted. This disciple's temper wasn't very good. If he were to make a ruckus, he would be finished!

The goatee's expression relaxed a bit. Just as he was about to speak, he was already a step too late.

"Master? Was she worthy to be called a master despite her ability to casually insult others? You must be a master buyer! " Wang Sheng sneered. In terms of words, he would never lose to anyone!

"You!" The goatee doctor was so angry that his beard was blown and his eyes were wide open. Unfortunately, his beard was not long enough to be blown.

"Cough cough, Doctor Huang is a magnanimous man, please do not lower yourself to the level of a child." Sheng! "Hurry up and apologize to Doctor Huang!" Although Gu Kaiyi felt comfortable listening to his, he could only scold his with a stern expression on his face.

"Stop being so hypocritical! With a master like you, it's not strange for you to have such a disciple! " However, Doctor Huang did not appreciate the gesture and directly blurted out a few words.

"You!" This time, even Gu Kaiyi's expression changed and he couldn't help it.

"How dare you curse my Master!" Wang Sheng was thoroughly infuriated. He stretched out his hand and grabbed Doctor Huang's collar.

"Let go! Let go! Do you know how much my clothes are worth? You can't afford to lose it! " Dr. Huang was startled and struggled to get up.

"Apologize to my master! Otherwise, don't even think about me letting you go! " How could Wang Sheng let him go so easily? He grabbed him and made him apologize to Gu Kaiyi.

With the commotion over here, the surrounding people also looked over. Even the old man who had already walked to the center of the house noticed the commotion and turned around to look at them.

Gu Kaiyi's expression immediately changed as he cursed in his heart.

This is bad! Sheng was too hot-tempered. Wouldn't he leave a bad impression on Elder Liu? That would be a huge disadvantage for his purpose in coming here!

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