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C16 What Is Ajia

"What's going on?" A middle-aged man who accompanied the old man walked over first and asked with a frown.

"Sheng, let go!" Gu Kaiyi immediately reprimanded him upon seeing the other party recognize him as Elder Liu's son, Liu Chengde.

"Humph!" Wang Sheng had no choice but to release Doctor Huang.

"Brother Liu! You must uphold justice for me! This brat actually … "He actually ignored the courtesy and attacked me!" It was as if Doctor Huang saw his savior and immediately sued him.

"Gu Kaiyi, be careful of your people. Today is my father's birthday feast. I don't want any trouble to occur!" Liu Chengde's face was filled with displeasure. Even though he was the host, he was not polite to Gu Kaiyi, who was the guest. It was obvious that he did not think much of him.

"Yes, yes." Gu Kaiyi was the only one who agreed to it.

Wang Sheng stood at the side with his head lowered. Although he was angry, it was more of a mystery.

From the looks of it, the Apricot Forest Hidden Manor seemed to be very unpopular. What was going on?

Liu Chengde turned his head and spoke to Doctor Huang a few more times, to the effect that he had something to discuss after the birthday banquet ended. Then, he turned around and walked back to Old Xing's side.

Everyone sat down, and as the atmosphere recovered, they began to eat and drink again.

Gu Kaiyi heaved a sigh of relief and whispered to Wu Tie, "Good boy, today I will remember your contribution and help my master!"

Wang Sheng originally thought he would be blamed for his recklessness, but unexpectedly, the ones waiting for him were praises. He was slightly stunned as he said: "Master, what exactly is going on with these guys? Why are you doing this to me? "

Gu Kaiyi sighed and whispered, "Do you see that bracelet they are wearing on their left wrist?"

Wang Sheng looked over and noticed that almost everyone at the table was wearing a strangely shaped copper bracelet on their left wrist. The only ones that they were not wearing were Gu Kaiyi and him.

"That's the 'Famous Doctor's Bracelet' of the China TCM Union Association. As long as you can pass the TCM Union examination, you will be able to obtain it. But the requirements and difficulty to obtain it are also very high. "I haven't learned well and I still haven't passed, so I'm not popular in the circle of doctors who have been certified as' famous doctors'." Gu Kaiyi was also helpless. Of course, it was not that he did not want to obtain it, but because of certain reasons, he was unable to pass the examination.

"That's too much of a discrimination!" Wang Sheng was very dissatisfied and very angry.

In this life, there was truly discrimination everywhere. They thought that this circle was an elegant tradition and would respect each other more, but they didn't know that the truth was like this!

"Forget it, let me introduce you first. You have a plan." The man over there, Lord Longevity, was the master of this place, and also the father of the middle-aged man, Liu Chengde. His surname was Liu and he was a genius doctor of this world. The reason why I am learning Chinese medicine is because of him. He is your Master's idol! " Gu Kaiyi whispered.

"How powerful can he be?" Wang Sheng curled his lips. Liu Chengde did not have a good attitude towards his master and left a bad impression on him. Naturally, he did not have a good impression of Liu Chongyang.

"Heh, all the doctors who came to congratulate him were basically certified famous doctors. There has not been a second person in the entire country who had such rallying powers!" Gu Kaiyi couldn't help but laugh.

"You must be bragging. How could that old man have such strength?" Wang Sheng was still holding it in his heart.

"Hmph, stupid boy, the reason why your master learned acupuncture is because of Elder Liu's Unparalleled Needle Technique! It was known as' Needle God ', with one hand at Liu Family Nine Needles, it had saved countless lives and brought back countless lives! "You can say that Elder Liu is the only one among all the unworthy people!" Gu Kaiyi scolded him with a straight face.

"Yes, disciple understands." Even though Wang Sheng agreed on the surface, he was very unwilling to accept it.

There were too many people who were more famous than average. The more famous he was, the more likely it was that he would become more famous. This Liu Chongyang was probably the same kind of person who taught his son so well!

After the birthday feast, Wang Sheng didn't have any more thoughts. He just randomly ate something and wanted to leave.

However, after the birthday feast ended, there was still the Yu Xin program. Elder Liu wanted to share his medical knowledge with everyone, so he gathered in the empty space in the small courtyard and chatted as if he was chatting.

The crowd gathered around him as they held their breaths. They listened to his casual discussion about the way of medicine, and all of them had a look of reverence on their faces. Naturally, people like Gu Kaiyi and Wang Sheng could only surround the outermost part of the human circle. It was impossible for them to go inside and get close to Liu Chongyang.

Regardless of whether it was fake or from the bottom of his heart, this proved that Liu Chongyang's identity was indeed extraordinary. Although Wang Sheng was discontented, he could not help but have a whole new level of respect for this old man.

At this moment, Elder Liu's words caught Wang Sheng's interest.

"..." The so-called 'Heavenly Dipper' followed the rules of the earth and fiends, and it was also compatible with the circulation of the inner Qi of the human body. "Speaking of which, what do you think of 'Qi'?"

Wang Sheng couldn't help but be surprised as his ears pricked up.

Because this thing is too mysterious, modern Chinese medicine rarely studies "Qi", did not expect to hear it here.

An elder with a voice as loud as a bell shouted, "The origin of essence, the beginning of blood, the foundation of the body, the foundation of all gods! "The five viscera are consolidated by it, and the six organs are strengthened by it. It is the most basic thing in a person!"

Elder Liu nodded and said, "Little Song, you have a good understanding, but this is only the word 'Qi'. Answer my question: Do you know this, and have you ever cured anyone of it? "

The old man was instantly at a loss for words.

A middle-aged man with clear eyebrows laughed and said, "Isn't the word 'Qi' '' 'angry' when used against us?" "With qi and blood being irrigated, the airlock will break, qi stagnation will pass, qi stagnation will be suppressed, and qi loss will be reversed. Elder Liu, don't we usually focus on this' Qi 'to save the injured?"

Elder Liu smiled. Before he could say anything, the old man who had shouted like a large bell snorted and said: "Humph, you look shallow! "The ancient 'Qi' refers to the source of power of humans. Later generations have continuously misinterpreted and evolved it into the 'Qi' of today. Actually, this' Qi 'can only be said to be similar to the old' Qi 'but not like the' God '. It's not the same thing at all!"

The clear and bright man was a little unconvinced as he said, "There is a book about this kind of dialectical dispute, who hasn't read it before? However, even the ancients did not come to a clear conclusion. Old Song, how do you know it is different? "

The old man sneered: "Xiao Xiao, you are still too young. If these two were the same thing, why would Elder Liu mention it today?"

When everyone heard this, they all felt that it was true.

That handsome man fell into a disadvantageous position and said unwillingly: "Elder Liu only mentioned it, he never said it was special!"

These words contained the meaning of forcing himself to endure it a bit. Some among the crowd burst out in laughter, and there were also people who discussed in low voices. They all revolved around the word 'ah'.

Only Elder Liu, who was in the middle of the crowd, slightly frowned as he heard the discussion of the crowd. There was a trace of disappointment on his face.

Just then, a cold voice sounded out, "A group of people are blabbering for a long time. Not a single one of them managed to get to the point, I wonder if all these years of reading medical books were wasted! If you say 'ah', then you will be 'ah' by waving your hand. If you blink your eyes, then it's' Qi '. Even farting would be' Qi '. What's so difficult about that! "

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