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Genius Super-visioned Doctor/C17 A Person Who Really Understands
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C17 A Person Who Really Understands

The entire courtyard went silent.

Everyone's face turned green.

Who actually dared to say something like that in front of everyone after scolding them?! This kind of grand meeting of the apricots actually said such indecent words like "farting"!

Gu Kaiyi, who was outside, was also frightened. He pulled Wang Sheng, who just spoke, and whispered, "What nonsense are you spouting!"

"That's what that kid said!" Some people had already noticed it.

"Who? Who?"

"It's that brat!" It's Gu Kaiyi's disciple! "

After saying that, everyone turned around and looked at Gu Kaiyi and Wang Sheng.

Gu Kaiyi was scared to death this time. He had originally come here to try his luck, but who would have thought that Wang Sheng would say something like that. Not only did he offend everyone, but he was also so unrefined. He would definitely leave a bad impression on Elder Liu!

Sure enough, in the human circle, Elder Liu frowned again. His expression seemed to be quite unhappy.

"You dare to repeat what you just said!" A lean middle-aged man, who was the closest to Wang Sheng, shouted.

"Learning medicine is so bad? "You're so close, yet you can't hear me even when I say it so loudly?" Wang Sheng originally regretted saying those words out of anger. However, when he heard the other party's rebuke, he could not help but become angry and charged back at that person without caring about anything else.

"You! You, you, what kind of status do you have, you actually … How dare you speak to me like that! " The skinny middle-aged man was so angry that he trembled as he pointed at Wang Sheng.

"Exactly! Even your master would not dare to be this rude to Dr. Yang, you brat, you are quite bold. " Another man with a withered face beside him interrupted.

Wang Sheng's words just now were equivalent to firing a cannonball at a map, instantly offending everyone present. At this moment, everyone wanted to go up and drown him in their saliva, so they naturally wouldn't be polite.

"So what if he doesn't have any status? You all do have some status, and are capable of explaining to me what 'Qi' is! " In terms of bickering, how could Wang Sheng lose to these guys? He rolled his eyes.

"Hmph, don't tell me that you've already explained your difficult to understand words?" The sallow face was quite smart, and he immediately retaliated.

"Yeah, what do you mean, wave your hand and say it..." Ahem, what does these actions and behavior have to do with 'Qi'? "It has nothing to do with me at all!" "But it's something inside the body!" The skinny middle-aged man immediately agreed.

"That's right!" This brat is talking nonsense. He has no medical knowledge at all! "

"Hmph, don't forget whose disciple he is. Gu Kaiyi, what kind of good disciple can he teach?"


Everyone kept talking, causing Gu Kaiyi's face to turn pale and red. He lowered his head, unable to say a word.

He had come here today for a chance, but now it was all a mess!

At this moment, Wang Sheng suddenly roared and instantly suppressed all of his voices: "You bunch of idiots, shut up!"

The people here were basically scholars. They were used to being gentle. When they suddenly heard Wang Sheng's "terrifying" roar, they all quivered and immediately quieted down.

"You feigned ignorance, yet you criticize me!?" You guys must have read all the books to the point where they should be at your maternal grandma's home. Read the books till you die, read them till you die, and even passed down the good stuff passed down by the ancestors, yet you all fail to comprehend it, and still dare to call yourself a 'famous doctor'! " Wang Sheng was like a cannonball. He said it out loud in one breath, and his momentum exploded at once.

Elder Liu, who was standing in the center of the human circle, couldn't help but be shocked.

Liu Chengde who was beside him finally regained his senses and could not help but get angry. He pushed through the crowd and walked straight in front of Wang Sheng and shouted, "Get out! Impudent people are not welcome here! "

Wang Sheng sneered, "What? Did I hit the mark? Do you feel guilty because I forced you to leave? Hehe! Aren't you Mr. Elder Liu's son? "You must be very good at medicine, then explain to me what 'Qi' is!"

Liu Chengde looked angry, but he did not say anything as he opened his mouth.

It wasn't that he couldn't answer. In fact, he was filled with medical books, so that he could say ten or eight definitions of "Qi" at any time.

But on the other hand, as the son of Divine Doctor Liu, he was very clear that his father's question about the word "Qi" was not to ask those extremely traditional and inflexible answers. In fact, he didn't know what the real answer was.

However, he could be sure that no matter what the true answer was, it would absolutely not be this kid's mouth full of rude nonsense!

"Brother Liu is only disdainful of answering such a child's question." Someone on the side wanted to flatter him, so he stepped forward to help Liu Chengde.

"What you mean is that Mr. Elder Liu's problem is not worth discussing at all, and is just a child's play?" Wang Sheng glanced coldly at the fellow.

"I... I didn't mean that... "Elder Liu, don't misunderstand, that wasn't what I meant …" The man instantly sagged. He only wanted to flatter and curry favor with this Young Master Liu Family, but who would have thought that he would say something wrong.

"Little Zhou, you don't have to worry, I won't get angry over such a small thing."

The one who spoke was Mr. Elder Liu. He walked out of the human circle and along the way, the crowd automatically parted on both sides to make way for him.

Elder Liu walked in front of Wang Sheng with his hands behind his back. He sized up this young man and said lightly, "Young man, what's your name?"

Gu Kaiyi, who was on the side, couldn't help but turn his head away.

It's over! Elder Liu was also going to be held accountable. As his teacher, he was going to suffer miserably by Wu Tie this time!

"My name is Wang Sheng." Seeing this big shot talking to him, Wang Sheng couldn't help but feel a little guilty, but he still replied loudly.

"What did you mean when you said 'ah' is a wave or something?" Elder Liu asked without batting an eyelid.

The surrounding people all revealed expressions of schadenfreude.

Anyone who knew Elder Liu well, he was the type of person who was reserved. The more angry he was, the more it couldn't be seen on the surface. From the looks of it, Elder Liu was prepared to personally take action and scold this kid!

How could Wang Sheng not notice everyone's gaze? Anger continued to surge in his heart. He simply threw caution to the wind and said: "It's very simple. Because 'ah' is a thing that is one with the world. A person's every word and action, is the direct embodiment of 'Qi'. Speak, wave your hand, walk, eat, drink and so on, all supported by 'Zhu'! "

This was not just nonsense, but a self-experience gained from learning Chinese medicine. Now he was able to cure people with the ability to see through the eye, mainly because of the energy that filled every part of the body.

When everyone heard him speak in such a simple and straightforward manner without any hidden meaning, they all began to laugh.

But before anyone could laugh, Elder Liu suddenly said: "Good boy! "After so many years, I finally got a reliable answer!"

Instantly, the entire courtyard went silent.

Everyone who was laughing had their expressions frozen, petrified in an instant!

Elder Liu actually confirmed this kid's answer!

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