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Genius Super-visioned Doctor/C18 Old Chinese Medicine at the National Treasure Level
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C18 Old Chinese Medicine at the National Treasure Level

How was this possible!

This kid's words weren't profound at all, to the best of everyone's knowledge. Before this, no one had thought of thinking "oh" from this point of view, but it was the answer Elder Liu wanted!

All of a sudden, everyone, including Liu Chengde and Gu Kaiyi, was dumbfounded.

Wang Sheng did not expect Elder Liu to confirm his words. He said in surprise, "Elder Liu is not a pedantic and ignorant person."

These words vaguely pointed to the other people being 'pedantic and ignorant'. This caused everyone to feel secretly angry in their hearts.

However, looking at Elder Liu, who was wearing a slight smile on his face, how could the crowd even have the thought of retaliating against Wang Sheng? They all felt shock in their hearts.

"What you said made me feel better, but young people still need to be modest. Don't be too arrogant." Elder Liu said with a smile. Although it was a reprimand, it was quite gentle and didn't sound like it was reprimanded at all.

"Yes, Elder Liu is right. However, it's not that I don't want to go against them for no reason at all. These guys, they look down on me and my Master. Wang Sheng said angrily. He did not care that the person in front of him was the old senior of the Chinese Medical Association, Taishan Beidou. He quickly told him the truth.

"Is that so? Alas, it is inevitable that one should be prejudiced against. " Everyone lowered their heads when they heard Elder Liu's bland words.

"However, I didn't mean any harm to Elder Liu. To be able to invite my master to this banquet, you are much better than them!" Wang Sheng's grievances and favors were still distinct.

"Heh, let's not talk about that anymore. Wang Sheng, what do you think about the medical application of 'Qi'?" Elder Liu changed the topic.

"Then you asked the right person!" "Didn't I just say it?" The human being is equal to the human being. It is responsible for maintaining the normal behavior of the human being, eating, drinking and dispersing. "So, if there is a problem with the blood, people will naturally get sick!" Wang Sheng said it out in one go without any hesitation.

Although everyone hated him, they were moved when they heard this.

The theory that Au is the way of heaven and earth and one with the human body has been written in medical books before. However, those medical books were not as straightforward and easy to understand as Wang Sheng's words.

Could it be that this kid really understands this and isn't talking nonsense?

"This is referring to illness, then what if it's an injury?" Elder Liu continued asking with interest.

"It's the same logic. It's just that when you get sick, there's a problem with your body first, and when you get injured, there's a problem with your body." It was Wang Sheng's first time meeting someone who agreed with his opinion. He couldn't help but get excited and answer every question he asked.

"It sounds reasonable, but who doesn't know how to use their mouths?" A cold voice was suddenly heard from the left.

Everyone turned their heads and saw a tall and skinny old man speaking. He looked to be about the same age as Elder Liu. He had an aquiline nose and a cold gaze.

Wang Sheng did not know him, but Gu Kaiyi cried in his heart.

This person was a famous Famous Medical Hall member, a national treasure that received a special allowance from the nation. His surname was Ji and he was not one of the people present, other than Elder Liu, he was the only one with a high position!

To think that he would ignore his status and speak to a junior like Wang Sheng. It was really strange.

Thinking of this, Gu Kaiyi's heart skipped a beat. He looked towards a young man who was about the same age as Wang Sheng, standing beside Ji Guangbo. The latter looked very similar to Ji Guangbo, with an aquiline nose and a proud look in his eyes.

Gu Kaiyi's heart jolted as he came to his senses.

The purpose of these two coming here was the same as his! It seemed that he had also received the 'news' and knew that Elder Liu had other intentions for today's banquet. Thus, when he saw that Elder Liu seemed to care a lot about Wang Sheng, he immediately interfered regardless of his status.

"What does Elder Ji mean by this?" Elder Liu asked in surprise.

"Elder Liu, you have seen much of the martial arts world, so you naturally understand that principle. People who can speak well, talk well on paper like the ancients, Zhao Qi, immediately appear on the battlefield, adept in rhetoric and not good at actual actions, don't we see much of him? This young man seems to have a point, but any theory of medicine needs to be put into practice. If he can just say it, what's the use of it? " Ji Guangbo's few words made a lot of sense, and Elder Liu also revealed a pondering expression.

The surrounding people immediately became agitated.

"Elder Ji is right!"

"You can talk as much as you want, this isn't much of a capability at all. Only by being able to treat illnesses can you be truly capable!"

"From what I see, this kid only knows how to move his mouth. If he really had this ability, then wouldn't his name have already spread far and wide?"

"Right, right!" His master, Gu Kaiyi, was also just a commoner, how could he have any ability? I think this brat only knows how to bluff! "


Wang Sheng couldn't help getting angry after hearing that.

These guys!

"Elder Ji, what suggestion do you have?" Without waiting for him to speak, Elder Liu asked first.

"If we want to prove that he isn't just talking, then we'll have to try it on the spot!" Ji Guangbo said confidently.

"How?" Elder Liu already knew what he was going to do.

"Let's find a patient nearby and let him try. "If he can really use 'Jiu' to cure it, then it means that he really does have some ability, but if he can't cure it …" A hint of a smile was on Ji Guangbo's face.

Elder Liu looked at him and then at the young man beside him. He couldn't help but laugh.

"Elder Ji, you and I have been friends for many years, so there is no need for us to hide. This time, you brought your grandson here to congratulate me on my birthday, so you must have other desires, right? " Elder Liu said with a faint smile.

"Ha!" Nothing can be hidden from your eyes, all right! I've brought Wen Xuan here so that you can have a look and see if there's a chance. " Ji Guang pulled over the young man, Ji Wenxuan, who hurriedly greeted Elder Liu.

Elder Liu looked at the young man, then looked at Wang Sheng and suddenly smiled.

"In that case, let me be the villain! "Cheng De, take everyone to the west wing courtyard."

When those words came out, everyone was stunned.

Why did it sound as though he was prepared for it?

Elder Liu had already turned around and walked towards the gate.

The West District's preparation was originally not for these two people, but for the important matter that he wanted to announce today. However, it just happened to be useful now!

Wang Sheng looked at Gu Kaiyi, who said in a low voice, "Let's go take a look."

Gu Kaiyi was pleasantly surprised. Originally, he didn't know why would he be finished, but he never expected Wang Sheng to blurt out an opportunity with just his mouth. As for whether he could succeed or not, at least he had hope now!

Everyone followed him all the way out of the courtyard. After walking for a short while, they arrived at another small courtyard.

This courtyard was much smaller than the previous one. After entering, it was packed to the point that there was not even a place to sit.

Elder Liu instructed Liu Chengde a few words. The latter entered the room and quickly pushed a wheelchair out.

In the wheelchair, a middle-aged woman with a pale complexion sat. Her expression was sluggish and her eyes seemed to have lost all strength. She was in an extremely bad mood.

"This is a patient of this old man. The illness that he suffers from is extremely difficult to cure. I will have to trouble the two of you to take a look for me today and see if you can cure her illness. " Elder Liu said lightly.

Everyone's spirits were lifted as they looked at Wang Sheng and Ji Wenxuan who were standing in front.

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