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C19 A Good Cure Is Better than a Bad One

"Wen Xuan, go ahead and take a look." Ji Guangbo was a bit selfish. He was afraid Wang Sheng might really have some skills. If he went up to treat his grandson first, then his grandson would be at a disadvantage.

"Yes." Ji Wenxuan's brows rose as he walked forward. He looked at her face, looked at her tongue, and finally looked at her pulse.

Gu Kaiyi's heart was in his throat.

Ji Wenxuan was Ji Wenbo's grandson. He definitely had real ability. He went first, so Wang Sheng probably wouldn't be able to get sick in time!

On the contrary, after Wang Sheng sized up the woman, he didn't have the slightest bit of anxiety on his face.

With his eyesight, he was able to see through the distribution and flow of the woman's body. There were dozens of obstacles on her body. She wouldn't be able to be cured in a short time, so he wasn't in a hurry.

This situation was even worse than the fat woman he saved the other day. However, because she was not in a good mood and didn't react well, she didn't seem to be very strong.

The question Elder Liu came up with was not simple at all!

Before long, Ji Wenxuan had already finished checking his pulse and said with certainty, "The pulse is tight but the tongue is blue and moss. Moreover, the body has kidney and essence energy that has been lost for a long time. "After taking seven or so servings, if you are able to see the first effects, you can go down to the ground and walk around. After taking fourteen servings, she will be able to recover to her normal state; after taking three consecutive servings, she will be able to fully recover!"

"Wah!" "As expected of the grandchild of Elder Ji, he really does have real talent!"

"That's right!" Since ancient times, a hero has always been a young man. For such a young man to have this kind of ability, his future is limitless! "

"Hey, the most rare thing is that the symptoms are clear. All the Chinese medical students these days have only a superficial understanding of the symptoms. How could it be as profound as it is during this period?"


Praise immediately rose in unceasing waves. Hearing Ji Guangbo's smile, Ji Wenxuan couldn't help but reveal a proud expression.

Even Elder Liu couldn't help but slightly nod his head, showing a look of admiration.

Gu Kaiyi's heart turned cold when he saw this.

This Ji Wenxuan came up to treat his illness and confidently gave him a treatment plan. Wang Sheng was a step behind him even if he wanted to cure him.

"Hmph, three months. Do you want Elder Liu to wait three months for you to come and see if you can cure the patient?" Wang Sheng suddenly let out a cold snort, breaking through the crowd's praise.

"Ignorant! This is a critical condition and not something that can be easily cured easily. Three months is already enough to be considered very fast! " Ji Wenxuan said unhappily.

These words immediately drew the agreement of everyone.

"Hehe, don't spout nonsense if you don't have the ability. Who said that her illness would take so long to cure?" Wang Sheng sneered.

"So, you have the ability to cure her right now?" Ji Wenxuan sneered. This was impossible! In particular, the traditional Chinese medicine was a "warm treatment" method. It stressed on slowing down one's mental state, so how could it be possible to cure a seriously ill person so quickly?

"It's impossible to cure her completely, but I have the confidence to make her walk on the ground right now. She'll be able to return to normal within three days. With a little rest, she'll be able to recover completely within seven days!" Wang Sheng spoke with a resolute and decisive tone.

"Hahahaha …" Ji Wenxuan couldn't hold it in anymore and started laughing loudly.

Is this fellow crazy? The woman in the wheelchair was suffering from a long illness, and Chen was suffering from an illness that left her on the spot? Dream on!

Everyone was smiling at Wang Sheng. Only Elder Liu revealed an expression of surprise.

"You don't believe me? "What if I can do it?" Wang Sheng held his breath.

"Hehe, if you can do it, I, Ji Wenxuan, will immediately acknowledge you as my master. From now on, you are my master!" Ji Wenxuan sneered.

"That's not necessary, I don't like taking men as disciples. How about this, if I can do it, you invite me to Glazed Residence for a good meal, how about that? " Wang Sheng said calmly.

Elder Liu smiled on the side.

This young man did not have a high demand. This showed that he was kind-hearted and not bad at all.

How could he have known that Wang Sheng originally wanted to say, "In the future, if you see me once, you can call me 'Old Ancestor, my great-grandson Ji Wenxuan will kowtow to you'" and take advantage of his grandfather, Ji Guangbo, on the way. However, thinking about it now, if he were to say it, these famous veterans of the traditional Chinese medical community, especially Elder Liu, would definitely look at him with a lower opinion, so they temporarily changed their minds.

"No problem!" But if you can't do it, then kneel down and kowtow three times to me on the spot, what do you say? " But Ji Wenxuan wouldn't let him off.

Elder Liu, who was beside them, couldn't help but frown.

"It's a deal!" Wang Sheng was waiting for these words. He suddenly took out the needle kit that Gu Kaiyi gave him and quickly walked forward.

Everyone was stunned as they watched him take out a silver needle.

Was this acupuncture?

And then he laughed to himself.

This brat actually used acupuncture in front of Needle God and Liu Chongyang. Wasn't this Guan Gong playing with swords in front of Guan Gong?

Looking at his technique, his needlework was slightly unfamiliar. Even the doctors present who were not proficient in long needle s, they knew that they were much more proficient in needlework than this brat!

Wang Sheng didn't pay any attention to them. After condensing his Qi for a moment, he suddenly shot a needle into the woman's left shoulder!

"Eh? Wait a minute, this kid seems to be randomly stabbing! " Suddenly, someone shouted.

At this time, everyone was also aware that the most common method of acupuncture was to touch the acupoints. Needles were meant to puncture the acupoints, but if the acupoints were pierced blindly, not only would it be ineffective, but it would also easily pierce the blood vessels, causing unnecessary bleeding.

However, Wang Sheng did not touch any acupoints when he inserted the needle just now. Wasn't he acting recklessly!?

"Oh!" The woman let out a low cry. Her half-closed eyes suddenly opened wide, revealing a painful expression.

Gu Kaiyi was also frightened, he had never taught Wang Sheng to be so impetuous!

Only Elder Liu's eyes were filled with surprise.

Wang Sheng didn't pay any attention to them. With a stab of his needle, the originally unstoppable Qi on the woman's shoulder was immediately broken into pieces, fusing together with the Qi below.

The first shot was done!

Wang Sheng was even more confident. He quickly pulled out the silver needle and pierced it down along the passage below. His actions were fast and ruthless!

This time it was below the woman's shoulder bone and above her chest.

"Ah!" The woman cried out in pain and her body trembled.

Wang Sheng's expression suddenly changed.

Strange, why did the second node of the block fail to open this time?

When he looked through his eyes, he saw that the road was still separated, not as the previous needle had been, a single needle had broken through the passage!

"She seems to be in great pain …" Someone on the side said hesitantly.

"It can't be that she's in the wrong place, causing her condition to worsen, right?" Dr. Huang, who had his collar grabbed by Wang Sheng earlier, immediately said maliciously.

Wang Sheng still ignored them as sweat started dripping down his forehead.

What was going on? Why is there no access to the road?

"Heh, why didn't you continue?" Ji Wenxuan had a mocking smile on his face as he replied at the right time.

Although he could not see through Wang Sheng's needle technique, he could tell from the expression of others that Wang Sheng was in trouble. Clearly, the matter did not go in the direction the latter expected.

The bet just now, he had won for sure!

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