Genius Super-visioned Doctor/C2 Fluoroscopic Eye
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Genius Super-visioned Doctor/C2 Fluoroscopic Eye
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C2 Fluoroscopic Eye

"We've been together for two years, and two years of love is no match for her mother's unreasonable condition!" Didn't her mother say I was poor? Didn't her mother say that she thought I had no future studying traditional Chinese medicine? Wasn't her mother … I, Wang Sheng, swear that I will make you beg me to marry your daughter in the future!

Wang Sheng, who was sitting on the side of the road, said to himself while drinking. It had been three days since he last saw Sisi. Since he left Sisi's home, although he had been texting Sisi Tong the last two nights, his heart was still empty.

Today, Sisi was forced out of the country by her mother. The distance between them was too far, which made Wang Sheng feel even more disappointed. Although he said that he shouldn't bully the poor, even he himself didn't believe that he would be able to fulfill such harsh conditions within two years.

Ah …

"Heavens, be careful. We're about to collide."


Right at this moment, a wave of alarmed cries sounded out, followed by the ear-piercing sound of a sudden brakes.

Wang Sheng looked up and saw a truck heading towards a woman who was about 30 years old. Wang Sheng actually recognized that woman. She was Yun Yueyu, the department head of gynecology at the Third People's Hospital.

"Director Yun, be careful!"

Wang Sheng, who had drank the wine, felt a sense of courage in his heart. After he shouted, he rushed over without thinking.

When Yun Yueyu woke up from her stupor, the front part of the truck was already very close to her. The terrified Yun Yueyu stood in place, not knowing how to react. Her mind was blank.

But then, a huge force pushed Yun Yueyu away.


Yun Yueyu was pushed away by Wang Sheng, but the truck heavily crashed into Wang Sheng. Not only did the truck knock Wang Sheng over, but it also took out a three-eyed jade statue and pressed down on Wang Sheng's body.

"Am I going to die? I've been with Sisi for more than two years, but I'm still a virgin!" "Director Yun …" Before the wave of dizziness hit her brain, Wang Sheng muttered this sentence.


"Doctor Zhao, how is the child?"

"After the surgery he should be considered to be out of danger, but whether or not he can wake up depends on his willpower. In addition, his eyes had been scraped by the jade-like protrusion of the eye. Both the eyeball and the retina were severely damaged. At the moment, there is a high chance of blindness. "

"The situation is this serious? No, I have to cure him. He did it to save me. If it wasn't for him, I would have died a long time ago. "Such a young child …"


"Where am I?"

After an unknown amount of time, Wang Sheng gradually regained his consciousness. He looked at the white ceiling of the room and recalled the scene where he flew out to save Yun Yueyu.

"Is it in heaven or hell? It must be hell. It's a heaven's room, why is the ceiling so ugly? "

Hearing Wang Sheng mumbling to himself, Yun Yueyu cried out in surprise: "Little Wang, you're awake? Good heavens, you're finally awake. How do you feel about being in the Third People's Hospital? "

"Director Yun?" Wang Sheng tilted his head and glanced at Yun Yueyu, "I remember that a truck almost bumped into you. Are you alright?"

"It's fine, I'm fine. I was thinking about something and didn't notice a car coming. "If you didn't save me, I would …"

As Yun Yueyu spoke, tears began to flow down her cheeks.

"Director Yun, don't cry. If you're fine, then that means I'm still alive. Isn't that good enough? "

Wang Sheng smiled as he spoke.

But soon, he couldn't smile anymore because he saw that Yun Yueyu wasn't wearing any clothes.

That pair of breasts, that perfect Holy Maiden Peak, that smooth and flat belly, that … At this moment, they were all displayed perfectly in front of Wang Sheng.

He didn't dare to look anymore. Wang Sheng could already feel the burning sensation in his lower abdomen and the rapid expansion of his body.

Wang Sheng quickly closed his eyes. The scene just now was too shocking for Wang Sheng.

Yun Yueyu was the doctor in charge of gynecology at the Third People's Hospital. At the same time, she was also the goddess in Wang Sheng's heart. Other than her girlfriend Sisi, this woman charmed Wang Sheng the most. Being infatuated with this goddess in the hospital didn't mean that Wang Sheng wasn't infatuated with Sisi. In his heart, he explained that this was a infatuation or appreciation for beautiful things.

Even though she was already thirty years old, her figure, disposition, character, and personality were all exceptional.

The most important thing was that she had never been married, and it was said that she had never even been in a relationship before.

"Little Wang, how do you feel with your eyes? These days may feel painful and itchy, after two days to remove the gauze began to apply medicine will be much better. Don't worry, I'll definitely think of a way to heal your eyes. "If she can't be cured …"

Yun Yueyu gritted her teeth. "If you can't cure it, I'll take care of you for the rest of your life."

It wasn't hard to tell that Yun Yueyu's tone was firm and determined. However, her words confused Wang Sheng.

"Eyes? "Gauze?" Wang Sheng was confused.

Hearing Yun Yueyu's tone, it seemed that her eyes were still covered by gauze. How was this possible? The white ceiling and the naked Yun Yueyu …


Wang Sheng was instantly stunned.

Because as he thought about this, he reached out and touched his eyes. As expected … He felt the thick layer of gauze.

At this moment, Wang Sheng was shocked beyond words.

Wait! That's not right!

With Yun Yueyu's personality and identity, how could she appear in front of him without any clothes on? Besides, this was in the hospital room.

Wang Sheng swallowed his saliva and asked Yun Yueyu tentatively, "Director Yun …"

As soon as Wu Tie said those two words, Yun Yueyu immediately grabbed her hand. Yun Yueyu said sorrowfully, "Don't call him 'Director' anymore. Just be my little brother from now on, okay? You call me Sister Yu, I call you Sheng, what do you think? "

"If Sister Yu is willing to take me as her younger brother, of course, I would wish for nothing more. "Sister Yu, can you tell me what color you're wearing now?"

Wang Sheng couldn't help but open his eyes when he asked that.

At this moment, Yun Yueyu was bent over in front of Wang Sheng. This posture, coupled with her naked body, made Wang Sheng feel like he was about to bleed out of his nose.

However, Yun Yueyu didn't notice Wang Sheng's abnormality and replied, "Sister Yu is at work. She is wearing a white coat. As for the interior, Sister Yu is wearing a blue striped shirt today. "

They were indeed wearing clothes!

Wang Sheng took a deep breath and thought to himself, "Oh god, I can't watch this anymore. If I look any further, Sister Yu will find my 'brother' singing the national anthem."

Just as Wang Sheng thought this, he noticed that Yun Yueyu had changed into her clothes.

White coat, blue striped shirt...

At this point, how could Wang Sheng not understand what had happened to him.

Perspective! His eyes could actually see through everything after the accident!

Wang Sheng suppressed his excitement and said with a trembling voice, "Sister Yu, I..." Am I dreaming now? Can you pinch my arm a bit? Remember to use some strength. "

"Sheng, don't be like this. You just woke up, don't get excited. Don't worry, Sister Yu will take good care of you. "Even if you want Sister Yu to give you her eye, Sister Yu will not hesitate."

As Yun Yueyu spoke, her tears started to flow.

Wang Sheng knew that Yun Yueyu must have misunderstood, but he was really afraid that he was dreaming right now.

Wang Sheng had no choice but to pinch his own thigh with his own hands …

"Hiss …"

A clear pain came from his thigh. After Wang Sheng confirmed that he wasn't dreaming, he couldn't hold it in and started to smile foolishly.

His strange smile made even Dr. Zhao, who was in surgery, shudder.

Yun Yueyu cried harder and harder. She thought that Wang Sheng couldn't bear the pain anymore and had lost his mind.

Dr. Zhao, who was standing by the side, also felt the same way.

He walked to Yun Yueyu's side and whispered to her, "This child must have found it hard to accept the news the moment she woke up. Let the nurse take a look at Old Li's brain. "

"Thank you, Doctor Zhao. I'll go call the nurse."


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