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Genius Super-visioned Doctor/C20 Victory Has Been Decided
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C20 Victory Has Been Decided

Wang Sheng forcefully suppressed his fluctuating emotions and twisted the silver needle twice. He immediately realized that something was wrong.

This blocking point seemed to have a strange power that affected the effect of his needle.

The human body's access, like a water pipe, is generally smooth. When he was sick and in pain, the "water pipe" was blocked.

Normally, this kind of "blockage" occurs naturally and is not serious. But now, Wang Sheng felt that this woman's Qi Flow moved the "water pipe" as if someone purposely stuffed a piece of cloth inside, so it was very difficult for it to be unblocked in one shot.

Thinking of this, his heart skipped a beat as he turned to look at Elder Liu.

Elder Liu smiled. He did not say anything, but his eyes were not as full of malice or schadenfreude as the people around him.

Wang Sheng immediately understood.

It was very likely that the old man had done something to this woman's condition!

Thinking of this, he couldn't help but feel a sense of competitive spirit.

If you want to make things difficult for me, I will treat her today!

He immediately turned his head around and looked at the woman through the surface of his body. He focused his attention on the place where the needle had pierced her. His fingers continuously twirled.

The woman whimpered in pain from time to time, but nothing else.

Ji Guangbo couldn't hold it in anymore. He walked to Elder Liu's side and said, "Elder Liu, his acupuncture technique doesn't seem to be of much use. Do you still need to continue?"

Elder Liu said leisurely, "So what if he tries? You'll know in a minute, won't you? "

Since he said this, Ji Wenbo naturally didn't want to speak anymore. He could only shut his mouth and watch with the others.

After five minutes, the barrier was finally cleared!

Wang Sheng pulled out the needle and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Look at the dozens of blockages on this woman's body. It would take at least two or three hours to finish, much longer than he had expected.

However, although it would take a long time, as long as he succeeded, it was still better than being able to last for three months.

The surrounding discussions got louder and louder, basically expressing their opposition or ridicule towards his "random acupuncture". There was even a bearded middle-aged man who directly reprimanded Wang Sheng, demanding for him to stop immediately.

But why would Wang Sheng care about him? As long as Elder Liu didn't say anything, he wouldn't stop.

Ten minutes passed quickly.

Then another half hour.

Then another half hour.


Initially, the woman only made two soft grunts when she was stabbed. However, later on, her screams became louder and louder, causing the surrounding people to become more and more unsatisfied. They felt that Wang Sheng was completely blind.

However, Elder Liu did not say anything the whole time. Naturally, the crowd could not stop Wang Sheng.

Two hours passed unknowingly.

Wang Sheng used the method of "first outside, then inside". From the outside, he opened up the path for the woman, and the last needle pierced into her chest.

He took a deep breath. His hand, which was slightly trembling because of exhaustion, suddenly shot a needle toward the woman's heart!

"Ah!" An extremely mournful cry was suddenly emitted from the woman's mouth!

After that, she shook herself out of the wheelchair and fell to the ground. It was as if someone had pierced through her heart as she screamed crazily and jumped up and down on the ground. Her pale face was now flushed red!

The surrounding people had been waiting until their legs were a bit weak. Suddenly, they were all frightened by this scene and retreated in fear.

Everyone present was a famous doctor with considerable ability in the traditional Chinese medicine field. Although he had not checked her condition carefully earlier, he could tell from her complexion that she was very ill. Not to mention standing up, if the wheelchair didn't have a back, she wouldn't even be able to sit steadily.

Now, she could actually run and jump as if she was full of energy!

"What's going on?!"

"What did you do!"

"Crap!" Could it be that her condition had worsened? It's so painful! "


Faced with the criticism from the crowd, Wang Sheng harrumphed and retreated to the side without saying anything. He wiped the sweat off his forehead with his sleeve and exhaled deeply.

The heart is a little bit, is the most critical point of opening up, this time she is only because of sudden completely open, body a little unwell, normal reaction.

But these guys didn't know how powerful it was and it was useless to waste words with them. They had to wait for her body to get used to the situation and then use the results to speak!

The woman ran all over the place, and even her wheelchair was knocked to the ground. After several minutes, she suddenly fell to the ground and stopped moving.

"Oh no!" Could it be that someone died? " Ji Wenxuan's expression changed, but he secretly felt pleased with himself. His eyesight was quite good. He could tell that the woman's face was rapidly losing color and her breathing seemed to be weakening. It seemed that her condition had not improved, but had worsened instead!

"Can't you think of patients as good if you can't spit out the tusks from the dog's mouth?" Wang Sheng threw a cold remark over.

"…" Ji Wenxuan was suddenly at a loss for words.

Ji Guangbo, who was standing next to her, wanted to go up and take a look at her.

At this moment, the woman on the ground suddenly moaned. She let out a long sigh, then propped herself up with a blank expression.

Everyone was taken aback.

Then, the woman suddenly flipped over and stood up. Her body only shook a little before she stood up!

After a moment, her eyes quickly turned clear as she looked around.

The crowd watched as her ruddy complexion quickly returned to normal, and they all stood there in a daze.

Suddenly, Ji Wenxuan stepped forward, grabbed her right wrist, and began to check her pulse.

The woman was surprisingly calm. She didn't resist and allowed him to feel her pulse.

The color of blood on Ji Wenxuan's face quickly disappeared. He looked at Wang Sheng in disbelief, "No …" "Impossible!"

Seeing his expression, everyone came to a realization and were all shocked.

This woman had really been cured! This Wang Sheng was not lying!

The woman gently removed her saber from Ji Wenxuan's hand and walked in front of Elder Liu. She respectfully greeted, "Uncle."

Elder Liu smiled and said, "It's been hard on you. Go and rest first."

The woman bowed to him respectfully, then turned and left.

Wang Sheng, who was at the side, couldn't help but to be dumbfounded. He blurted out, "What's going on?"

Elder Liu smiled: "Her illness, was personally 'created' by me with the Liu Family Nine Needles, I never thought that you would be able to break my meticulous work, haha, young lad, you are not simple!"

Wang Sheng's mouth was agape and he couldn't close it for the moment.

They had never heard of a case where an illness could be created!

This old tutor truly had extraordinary abilities!

"Elder Ji, I think the result of this match is already very clear." Elder Liu turned to Ji Guangbo and said with a smile.

Ji Guangbo's expression was extremely unsightly. He absolutely did not expect his grandson to lose, and to a nameless person at that! To someone like him, whose status was extremely high, this was a huge loss of face!

Ji Wenxuan was like a drowned chicken. His previous imposing manner was gone as he stood by the side with his head lowered.

Elder Liu turned around and looked at Wang Sheng. He said gently, "This result is indeed out of my expectations. He didn't expect that there was actually someone in this world who could comprehend it on his own to such an extent! Even I, after learning the family's traditional needle technique, understood the 'one thing'. Young man, Wang Sheng, congratulations! "

Wang Sheng thought that he was celebrating his victory over Ji Wenxuan and couldn't help but be a bit proud: "Haha, it's nothing. "Heh, old gramps, your methods are quite impressive as well. I almost didn't manage to rule the law well enough for her …"

Elder Liu looked at him with burning eyes: "Still not kneeling?"

Wang Sheng almost choked to death, and said in shock: "What? Why should I kneel? I clearly won! "

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