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C3 Seemingly Fast but Slow

After staying in the hospital for two days, Wang Sheng didn't even receive a message from Sisi. It made Wang Sheng's lonely heart feel troubled, confused and anxious, but he gradually calmed down.

In the end, Wang Sheng laughed dumbly and muttered to himself, "Maybe Sisi and I are really incompatible. Where on earth does Sisi have to fall in love with a single flower? If it's a two-year period, maybe she'll forget about me."

At this moment, Wang Sheng was the only one in the ward.

He sat up in the bed and reached out to take the gauze from his eyes.

Only when he opened it did he find that his eyes were still covered by two pieces of pure cotton cloth. There were no mirrors in the room, so Wang Sheng had to get up and walk to the door of the bathroom.

Wang Sheng pushed open the bathroom door and saw a mirror.

The mirror reflected Wang Sheng's current appearance. He was wearing the hospital gown of the Third People's Hospital, and there was a white bandage around his neck.

He didn't have any injuries on his face, which was about the same as his usual plain and honest appearance.

The only difference was Wang Sheng's pair of eyes.

What kind of eyes were these? Although the pair of eyes that went deep into the pool wasn't very large, they gave off a very deep feeling.

It was a clear black and white eyeball. It didn't have any special brightness, but it gave off a strange feeling of clarity.

It was as if a casual glance from the pair of eyes could wash away one's soul.

It was also because of the existence of this pair of eyes that Wang Sheng, who had ordinary facial features, had a different charm.

Wang Sheng gently caressed the area around his eye socket with his trembling right hand.

The him of the past, how many times had he felt inferior for his ordinary facial features? Why was this? He had trained for so many years, and even created a good body.

In the past, how many times had his eyesight been poor, so he was not allowed to be scolded by his teacher?

However, the current him was able to clearly see even a speck of black dirt within the water droplets the size of a grain of rice on the mirror.

Just as Wang Sheng was getting excited, he suddenly heard a gentle and melodious voice.

"Sheng, why did you get up?"

Wang Sheng turned his head and looked in the direction of the sound. The first thing he saw was Yun Yueyu, who was dignified and extremely beautiful.

Wang Sheng smiled and called out, "Sister Yu."

Yun Yueyu stared at Wang Sheng with her beautiful eyes, as if she was completely immersed in it.

She murmured, "Sheng, your eyes …"


"A photographic memory!"

"It seems fast, but it's actually slow!"

"Observe every inch of it!"

"Silk Skinner!"

After a few days, Wang Sheng had completely recovered. In the office of the Chinese Medical Department of the Third People's Hospital, everyone else had gone to the cafeteria to eat. Only Wang Sheng was sitting in his seat, constantly experimenting with his pair of eyes.

Through continuous experimentation, Wang Sheng had summed up the four abilities of his eyes.

There was no need to talk too much about photographic memory. What you had seen would never be forgotten.

Although it seemed fast, it was actually slow. Wang Sheng found it interesting as the only female intern in the office, Zhu Xiaorong, tripped and fell.

The falling speed was certainly very fast, but after Wang Sheng used his "fast but slow" ability, it was as if he slowed down Zhu Xiaorong's falling speed by a dozen times.

In the end, Wang Sheng ran over to support Zhu Xiaorong, making her blush when she saw him, making Wang Sheng feel uncomfortable.

After all, Wang Sheng had Sisi's shadow in his heart … And now, he even had his Sister Yu …

Wang Sheng felt warm inside when he thought of Sister Yu. This was the first time Wang Sheng felt such meticulous care in the past few days after being discharged from the hospital. This made Wang Sheng, who had lost Sisi, quickly walk out of his disappointment.

Although Wang Sheng had repeatedly told Yun Yueyu that he had recovered and was able to take care of himself, Yun Yueyu still insisted on cooking, cleaning the room and washing his clothes.

Wang Sheng's bed in the original school was out of date. Yun Yueyu paid for the rented house for him, and the house was just opposite of Yun Yueyu's own house, becoming the neighbor of the family.

Even Gu Kaiyi, the teacher that Wang Sheng was currently following, was a famous acupuncture master in the Chinese Medical Department of the Third People's Hospital. Those who never brought students also accepted Wang Sheng as a student under Yun Yueyu's many pleas.

Wang Sheng suddenly realized how abnormal the situation was today as he was thinking about Yun Yueyu's well-being.

Normally, Yun Yueyu would bring food to eat with him at this time of day. Why wasn't she here today?

After thinking for a while, Wang Sheng took out his phone and called Yun Yueyu.

The phone was picked up after two rings. Yun Yueyu had just said: "Hello, Sheng?"

Then, Wang Sheng heard a "peng" sound. It sounded like his phone had dropped.

At the same time, loud curses came from Yun Yueyu, "Your father is talking to you and you're even f * cking answering the phone. Are you f * cking looking down on your father?

"Don't think that just because you're a woman, your father won't dare to hit you. Your father will tell you …"

After hearing those two lines, Wang Sheng's eyes narrowed. He stopped listening to the rest of the sentence and immediately left the office after hanging up the phone.

Wang Sheng was so anxious that he didn't even take the elevator as he rushed all the way to the fifth floor of the department of gynecology.

Yun Yueyu's office was on this floor.

As soon as Wang Sheng got to the fifth floor, he heard a loud curse, only to hear a man swearing: "I don't care, but they sent it to you, and you died without being treated, so it's your responsibility to tell the truth. This old man will ask you now, whether you want to compensate me or not! "

"This gentleman, your wife had a heart attack caused by excessive drinking. This belongs to the medical category. As a gynecologist, I don't even know how to treat this.

How can you blame us for hanging the wrong number and causing the death of the patient when he couldn't be treated properly? "

Even though her opponent's attitude was bad, Yun Yueyu still explained patiently and politely.

If it were anyone else, they would have realized their mistake and left immediately.

But today, this person clearly wasn't someone who would act in a reasonable manner.

Yun Yueyu explained it so clearly, but the man who shouted just now did not budge at all.

"I don't care. Since you want a gynecologist here, you specialize in treating women. Even if it isn't, it's because you haven't made it clear. The responsibility is still on your side!

I'll ask you one last time, do you want to lose money or not? "Do you believe that I'll flirt with you?"

"I'm sorry, sir, but please don't cause trouble here. This was the hospital, and there were doctors examining patients in the building. Please leave immediately, or I'll call the police. "

"I'll report your mom's B!"

As the man spoke, he waved his hand towards Yun Yueyu's face.

Yun Yueyu subconsciously shrunk her neck back and put her hand in front of her.

However, the expected slap didn't land on her face as expected. Instead, the man who had hit her slipped away.

"Let's see who dares to touch even one of my fingers today!"

Wang Sheng kicked over the man who was about to slap Yun Yueyu. At the same time, he stretched out his arms to block in front of Yun Yueyu.

Yun Yueyu reached out her hand to grab the clothes on Wang Sheng's shoulder and nervously called out, "Sheng."

Wang Sheng stared at the man he kicked to the ground vigilantly. At the same time, he comforted Yun Yueyu, "Sis, don't worry. With me here, no one can touch a single hair on you."

"Sheng, you be careful too."

As soon as Yun Yueyu finished her sentence, the man who was kicked to the ground had gotten up.

He cursed, "Fuck you!"

He aggressively charged towards Wang Sheng.

Instead of retreating, Wang Sheng advanced and thought to himself: "Seems fast, but in fact, it's slow!"

Suddenly, the man's actions became extremely slow in Wang Sheng's eyes. Wang Sheng, who seized the opportunity, rushed forward.

Pah pah pah …

First, he slapped the man four or five times. Then, Wang Sheng fiercely kicked the man's stomach, causing him to turn into a curled up shrimp.


Wang Sheng kicked again and the man was kicked onto the ground.

Wang Sheng clearly didn't know any martial arts, but with the added bonus of being fast but actually slow, fighting with ordinary people is simply as fierce as becoming a professional fighter.

But at this moment, the elevator door suddenly opened and seven to eight men and women pushed out a stretcher.

Suddenly, the elevator doors opened and seven or eight men and women pushed a stretcher out.

On the stretcher was a fat woman with a body that reeked of alcohol. Her eyes were closed and her face was ashen.

From the looks of it, he should be dead drunk.

When the man saw the crowd coming out of the elevator, he immediately pointed at Wang Sheng and shouted, "Quick! Kill this fucking couple for me. This guy hit me just now! "

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