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Genius Super-visioned Doctor/C4 This Godly Doctor Is Called Wang Sheng
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C4 This Godly Doctor Is Called Wang Sheng

Hearing the man's words, those people who just got out of the elevator rushed towards Wang Sheng without a word. br/


"Pa Pa Pa Pa …"

Wang Sheng used his eyes' seemingly fast but actually slow 'ability. To him, the movements of these seven to eight men and women were like slow motion footage that was several times slower than before.

Under the opponent's slow movements, it was easy for Wang Sheng to dodge their attacks. At the same time, he did not show the slightest trace of politeness while dodging. Slaps after slaps came continuously, fanning the faces of these people.

"All of you, stop! "Since you're not dead yet, if you want her to live, then give me some peace!" Wang Sheng shouted as he beat them up, causing everyone in the corridor to be shocked.

The relatives of the patients who had been slapped were all stunned on the spot. They had pushed the stretcher here just to get some money. It had never occurred to him that the woman on the stretcher might not be dead.

"Bullshit!" Your hospital's doctor said she can't be saved, and now you're telling me she's not dead? "

The man who was beaten up by Wang Sheng shouted loudly.

Wang Sheng looked at him coldly, "If I say she is not dead, then she is not dead. But if you say a few more useless words, then she is really dead."

Wang Sheng was so sure that a few people in the patient's family were starting to feel skeptical.

One of them, who looked similar to the fat woman on the sickbed, pulled the man and said to Wang Sheng, "Doctor, is my sister really not dead yet? If not, can you please save her? "

Wang Sheng glanced at the other family members. The woman who was talking to him was the only one who didn't make trouble with the other family members.

After a moment of silence, he nodded his head and turned to Yun Yueyu, saying, "Sister Yu, give me an empty room. I need to deal with this patient."

"No way!" Yun Yueyu answered very straightforwardly.

Her answer shocked almost everyone present, but Wang Sheng understood immediately after a brief moment of surprise.

Yun Yueyu wanted to protect him and didn't want him to get involved in this mess.

The families of the patients were obviously not reasonable people, and the patients were currently in a terrible situation.

If Wang Sheng didn't revive the patient in the end, it was very likely that he would be in big trouble.

Hearing that Yun Yueyu did not want to borrow the ward, the patient's family members immediately became excited. They all shouted, "What kind of doctor are you? You're not going to save anyone when you see them die, right? "

"Shut up!" Wang Sheng roared again and everyone was shocked again. At the same time, he looked at Yun Yueyu and said, "Don't worry, Sister Yu. I'm confident."

With that, Wang Sheng said to the patient's family, "You guys form a human wall, surround the patient and I will immediately treat her."

"Good, good, good." The patients' families immediately surrounded the stretcher bed.

Wang Sheng walked to the patient's side and once again used his eyes to observe the situation inside the patient's body.

Ordinary X-ray, B-mode. They can also see inside the patient's body, but these scientific instruments do not see a vague presence inside the human body.

Wang Sheng called it "Qi".

In other words, it was the "inner strength" that the martial artists of the martial arts world constantly mentioned.

In the field of traditional Chinese medicine, it is "Qi".

Qi can also be understood as "Qi", but "Qi" is innate Qi, a kind of gas stored in the human body.

From ancient times till now, many people had proposed the concept of "Qi" but were unable to confirm its existence.

However, Wang Sheng could easily capture it through his perspective.

A few days ago he experimented, using acupuncture method to guide the "Zhu" operation. The findings are feasible.

That was why Wang Sheng was so confident in treating this patient.

The pale yellow "Qi" in the fat woman's body was running in disorder, several parts of her body had been blocked, and "Qi" couldn't pass through.

Wang Sheng took out the silver needles that he brought along with him. He didn't even do the basic disinfection procedures. Instead, he stabbed the needles directly into a place that was blocked by the fat woman's body.

The first shot had an immediate effect.

The fat woman trembled as she opened her mouth and spat out a mouthful of filth.

The pungent smell made him nauseous, but Wang Sheng ignored it. His expression was serious and grave, the silver needles in his hands stabbed one by one, aiming at all the impassable places.

Slowly, Wang Sheng discovered that the temperature of his silver needle was actually increasing, and the needle was turning red.

The fat woman's body suddenly started to release a dense white mist. When the mist was sucked into her nose, it actually carried the smell of alcohol.

"Wah …" "Wow …"

The fat woman's abdomen continued to contract as she vomited out who knows how many things.

After vomiting for 4 to 5 minutes, the fat woman who had been unconscious suddenly said in a daze, "Water..." "I want to drink water …"

"He's alive!" It's really alive! "

The fat woman's sister shouted excitedly.

Wang Sheng walked out of the crowd feeling a little tired. He wiped the sweat off his forehead with his sleeve and looked up at Yun Yueyu.

Yun Yueyu heaved a long sigh of relief, tears flowing down her beautiful eyes.

Wang Sheng walked up to Yun Yueyu and said with a smile, "Don't cry, Sister Yu. I know you were worried about me just now …"

"I cried because I was happy." Yun Yueyu pulled Wang Sheng's hands, "Sheng, your medical skills are already very good. "With this patient's condition, I'm afraid there aren't many doctors in the hospital who are confident that they can rescue her."

"No matter how good my medical skills are, it's all because of Sister Yu. If it wasn't for Sister Yu helping me out, how could I have learned medicine together with Teacher Gu? "

"You don't need to speak any good words to make me happy. Your achievements today are all because of your own hard work.

Alright, I won't tell you anymore. When the patient wakes up, she needs to get some glucose and then do a detailed examination. "

Just as Yun Yueyu finished her sentence, her expression changed slightly.

Wang Sheng also heard a sound coming from behind him. He turned around and saw that the fat woman's family members were all kneeling on the ground.

"Thank you, doctor, for saving my little sister. Thank you, doctor …"

"Doctor, I'm really sorry. I just made a move on you. "I'm really a bastard, I'm really an animal, I'm not human …"

"A genius doctor that came back from the dead, a genius doctor …" May I know what your name is, Godly Doctor? "

"This Godly Doctor's name is Wang Sheng, you don't need to ask me what my name is. A doctor should be kind to his parents, a conscientious doctor like me doesn't want to leave my name behind when doing good deeds." Wang Sheng waved his hand. He clearly said his name, but he put on a righteous front.


Wang Sheng's words made Yun Yueyu laugh, but the others acted as if they hadn't noticed Wang Sheng's self-display.

"Godly Doctor!"

"Divine Doctor Wang, you're too great!"

The family members of the patients shouted excitedly once again. Seeing this scene, Wang Sheng was also slightly touched.

Back then, he didn't have enough points in medical school, so he had no choice but to enroll in a Chinese medical university.

In today's society, the future of Chinese medicine is far less bright than that of western medicine.

However, now that Wang Sheng had a pair of penetrating eyes, he realized how vast and profound Chinese medicine was.

For example, if he were to use western medicine to treat this patient who had been rescued, it would be very difficult for him to save the patient again.

Wang Sheng clenched his fist, and for the first time, a thought appeared in his mind.

"Heaven allowed me, a Chinese medicine student, to possess these magical eyes. "Perhaps it was to let me build up my Chinese medicine and reproduce its glory."

This thought had just flashed across Wang Sheng's mind when he immediately felt Yun Yueyu poking his waist from behind.

Only then did Wang Sheng realize that there were still seven or eight people kneeling on the ground in front of him.

As a holy apricot, a godly doctor, he should be helping them up with enthusiasm at this time.

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