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Genius Super-visioned Doctor/C5 A Famous Teacher Gives Birth to a Great Disciple
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C5 A Famous Teacher Gives Birth to a Great Disciple

Wang Sheng quickly took action and put on a serious expression. After supporting the families of the patients one by one, he did not forget to tell the doctors, "The patients should be fine. Next, Director Yun will arrange for the patients to send some glucose. "Remember, she must never eat anything spicy or drink anything spicy for a year.

"Yes, yes, yes …" The sick man's sister kept nodding her head in agreement.

Wang Sheng, who was friendly a moment ago, suddenly turned sullen. He pointed at the man who was arguing with Yun Yueyu and shouted, "You, come here!"

The man was still hesitant to face Wang Sheng, but the patient's sister grabbed him.

Wang Sheng asked him with a serious expression: "What is your relationship with the patient?"

"I... I'm her husband. " The man shrunk his neck as he spoke.

Wang Sheng said coldly, "Did you forget to do something?"

The man stared blankly. Subconsciously, he was about to kneel down again as he called out, "Thank you, Doctor Wang, for saving …"

Wang Sheng grabbed him and turned to look at Yun Yueyu.

"I don't need you to thank me, but you must apologize to my sister."

Only then did the man react. He quickly bowed to Yun Yueyu and said, "I'm sorry doctor, I'm really sorry." I'm just not human, let me apologize to you. "

"Never mind, it's fine." Yun Yueyu shook her head.

After that, the nurses in the gynecology department arranged for the obese female patient to go to the ward again. The patient's family members also went to check up on the patient and paid the examination fee.

This was the end of a farce.

Yun Yueyu and Wang Sheng had not eaten lunch yet, and on Yun Yueyu's suggestion, the two of them ate a duck cooker outside the hospital.

When Wang Sheng returned to the office of the Chinese Medical Department, all the doctors were there.

The moment Wang Sheng entered the office, he walked towards his teacher, Gu Kaiyi. However, just as he took two steps, Xu Shaohua, who was sitting opposite of Gu Kaiyi, shouted, "Stop!"

Wang Sheng immediately stopped and looked at Xu Shaohua in confusion.

Xu Shaohua asked coldly: "Where did you go? It's long past lunchtime. Why are you only at the office now? "

Wang Sheng got angry the moment he heard Xu Shaohua's question.

There were only two chief doctors in the Chinese Medical Department, one was Gu Kaiyi, and the other was Xu Shaohua.

Originally, there was one more, namely the original Director Of Chinese Medicine Department Jiang Chao.

However, Director Jiang had retired a few days ago, so the position of Director Of Chinese Medicine Department was now up in the air. In the entire Chinese Medical Department, Gu Kaiyi and Xu Shaohua were the two people who were the most qualified to take up this post.

It was obvious that Xu Shaohua was going after Wang Sheng, but the real source was from Gu Kaiyi.

However, Wang Sheng didn't give Xu Shaohua any face and immediately replied, "Director Xu, where did I go? Why am I only at the office now? I should be reporting to my teacher, right? "Why are you so free today? Why are you so concerned about me?"

"Wang Sheng, what do you mean!?" As a chief physician, I don't have the qualifications to ask you, an intern, a question. Who did you learn it from? "

The moment Xu Shaohua said this, Wang Sheng was immediately set on fire.

He replied bluntly, "I'm not a small fry. I learned it from someone who likes to take liberties with others."

"Wang Sheng!"

This time, before Xu Shaohua could say anything, Gu Kaiyi called Wang Sheng first.

He didn't say anything before because Wang Sheng's words didn't offend Xu Shaohua too much. However, the latter part was a bit too much.

Gu Kaiyi had to help Wang Sheng get the hat back, otherwise, a hat that did not respect his teacher would definitely cover Wang Sheng's head.

In the circle of Chinese traditional medicine, people had always valued the difference between high and low. Those who studied Chinese traditional medicine had a sense of being respected by their elders.

If Xu Shaohua were to accuse Wang Sheng of offending him in public, then Wang Sheng's internship in the Third People's Hospital might not go too smoothly.

Gu Kaiyi walked up to Wang Sheng and pulled him. With a fierce face, he lectured, "How can you talk to Director Xu like that?" "When Chairman Xu asked you where you'd been at noon, you could have just said so directly. Why are you talking so much?"

Wang Sheng knew that Gu Kaiyi was doing this for his own good. He opened his mouth and was about to speak when he suddenly heard noises coming from outside the office.

"What's going on outside?" Xu Shaohua shouted in dissatisfaction.

Suddenly, a large group of people walked into the office. Wang Sheng recognized them immediately. These people were the family of the patient he saved just now.

The leader was the patient's elder sister, a fat elder sister.

Big Sis Pang immediately shouted in excitement when she saw Wang Sheng: "Here! Here! "

She walked over and grabbed Wang Sheng's hand and said excitedly, "Aiya, Doctor, we finally found you.

We offended you, and you saved my sister. We are ashamed of you for repaying us with such kindness.

I know that you doctors have a rule that you can't accept gifts from patients like red packets. Thus, we specially made a silk banner for you. Please, please accept it. "

With that, the Fat Sis turned around and saw a few patients' family members walking in with red flags in their hands. The flags had the words' noble medical ethics and benevolent arts' written on them.

Fat Sis took the pennant and shoved it into Wang Sheng's hand, "Doctor, I know you can accept this pennant, please accept it no matter what."

Gu Kaiyi, who was standing aside, laughed when he saw this scene. He walked over to Wang Sheng and patted on his shoulder.

"Sheng, so you just came to the office to save the patient."

Gu Kaiyi's words were obviously meant for Xu Shaohua.

But how could Xu Shaohua be easy to deal with? The moment he heard Gu Kaiyi's words, he immediately harrumphed, "What kind of ability can a doctor who is still in the intern have?" Is there a need to send a silk banner if you want to treat a cold? "

"A cold?" Hearing that, the Fat Sis immediately took out a piece of paper from her pocket, walked over, and slapped Xu Shaohua. She then said in an intimidating tone, "Please look carefully, this is called the Instant Codex. The chief physician of your hospital opened it. This is called having a cold? What was a serious illness? If you don't have the ability, then don't be jealous of how capable you are! "

"You said I'm jealous of him? As a chief physician, how could I possibly be jealous of him as an intern? "

"Hmph, there are a lot of people who don't know their place these days. "If you're capable, why don't you tell me how many patients you've treated before?"

Traditional Chinese medicine was not the mainstream of modern medicine. How could a patient who had received a notice of danger be handed over to traditional Chinese medicine for treatment?

Therefore, Xu Shaohua was forced into a corner by Fat Sis's question. His lips trembled for a long time, but he was still unable to answer Fat Sis's question.

Wang Sheng, on the other hand, smiled. He reached out to pull Fat Sis over and said, "Big Sis, you are actually thanking the wrong person for this."

"Huh?" Fat Sis was stunned.

Wang Sheng quickly pointed at Gu Kaiyi and said, "This is my teacher. He's the one who's been my medical knowledge source. I've only learned a hair's breadth from him.

The few needles I gave to your sister today were also the ones my teacher handed over to me yesterday. Therefore, this banner of yours should be given to my teacher. I have yet to master my skills, so I do not have the qualifications to accept this honor. "

A pennant, a note of thanks.

This thing was useless to Wang Sheng. But to Gu Kaiyi, that was just a bargaining chip.

Perhaps it wasn't a big deal, but what had caused Victory to tilt was just an unremarkable piece of straw.

Fat Sis was clearly a person who would come to handle matters, so when she heard Wang Sheng's words, she immediately thanked Gu Kaiyi enthusiastically.

"Aiya, so you're the doctor's teacher. An esteemed disciple of a master teacher, an esteemed disciple of a master teacher. "

As expected, Fat Sis obeyed Wang Sheng's words and directly put the pennant into Gu Kaiyi's hand.

"Great Master, since the little doctor has said so, you must accept this banner." In the future, I will introduce you to those around me who are ill.

Just based on the little doctor's medical skills, I know that you must be an extraordinary genius doctor. "

Gu Kaiyi was full of praise from the Fat Sis, while his face was full of smiles.

He passed the flag to Wang Sheng and said, "Sheng, you cured the patient. Please accept this flag for me. You haven't learned anything yet, so you'll need to work even harder in the future. "

"Yes, teacher. In the future, student …"

"Hmm? Call him teacher? Didn't you hear that I called myself "Master" earlier? Master is so old now, but I do lack a room disciple by my side … "

Since Gu Kaiyi said so clearly, Wang Sheng naturally couldn't react.

A look of ecstasy appeared on his face. He immediately picked up the teacup on Gu Kaiyi's desk and knelt down, "Master, I'm here. Disciple Wang Sheng is here to offer tea to master."

"Alright." Gu Kaiyi walked to the drawer of his desk, opened it and took out a needle kit to give to Wang Sheng.

"Take it. This is your master's gift to you." This set of needles is not simple at all. It was used by the famous doctor of the Qing Dynasty, Xue Shengbai. It is an ancient artifact. "

Wang Sheng borrowed the flag of the patient's family to help Gu Kaiyi fight for the chips of the department's director. He even slapped Xu Shaohua in the face.

He even won the title of Gu Kaiyi's personal disciple. It was definitely killing three birds with one stone, and it also laid a solid foundation for his development in the Third People's Hospital.

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