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C6 Boss Ma

"Master, this gift of yours …"

Before Wang Sheng finished, the family members of Fat Sis and the other doctors in the office had already started clapping.

Gu Kaiyi extended his hand to help Wang Sheng up as he smiled and said, "I didn't accept you as my disciple because of your silk banner.

Firstly, you risked your life to save Doctor Yun. This is proof of your character. Secondly, just a few days after you received acupuncture, you used acupuncture to save a sick patient. This proves your talent. For a disciple with good character and talent, who would not want to accept him? "

"Thank you, Master." Wang Sheng said emotionally.

Xu Shaohua, who was watching from the side, was stunned. He originally wanted to make things difficult for Wang Sheng, but in the end, he became a typical idiot!

It must be known that students and disciples, especially those who entered the room, were not simple people in the field of traditional Chinese medicine.

First of all, this represented a type of seniority. After all, traditional Chinese medicine was not easy to be trusted. In the future, when Wang Sheng practices medicine and has the title of "Gu Kaiyi as an entry disciple" as a safeguard, he will definitely be able to save a lot of trouble.

Then there was the inheritance of medical techniques. There must be a qualitative difference between treating a student who had followed him to study and treating him as a personal disciple.

After Wang Sheng sent the Fat Sis and the others off, the first thing he did was to call Yun Yueyu and share the joy with her.

Yun Yueyu was also overjoyed when she heard this. She immediately announced on the phone that Wang Sheng would wait for her to leave after work and then go to the market to buy food. She would cook a big meal for him personally.

When Wang Sheng heard Yun Yueyu's words, he immediately felt as if he drank honey. After obtaining the ability to see through other's eyes, it seemed as if his luck had also started to increase, and his entire life had undergone a new change.

He decided to forget Sisi for the time being, not really. What he needed to do now was to cherish everything in his eyes and try to work hard for that harsh condition.

In the afternoon, Gu Kaiyi's teaching attitude towards Wang Sheng went through a 180 degree change.

He first examined Wang Sheng's medical problems and figured out Wang Sheng's background. Then, he threw books such as the Yellow Emperor's Internal Canon, the Divine Farmer's Classic of Herbs and the Soup Dove to Wang Sheng, telling him to memorize the contents of the book to perfection in a short period of time.

Wang Sheng casually flipped open the book and read a few pages. Only then did he realize that these books had all been annotated in detail by Gu Kaiyi. After reading it, he would soon understand the meaning of these books.

After Wang Sheng received the book, he immediately started reading.

His eyes could see the past. In just one afternoon, Wang Sheng had already memorized a few books.

However, he was afraid that his performance was too shocking, so he didn't tell Gu Kaiyi about this.

When it was close to the end of the afternoon, Gu Kaiyi said to Wang Sheng, "Sheng, you won't need to come to work tomorrow. Rest for three days at home and take a good look at the medical book I gave you. The day after tomorrow, dress up a little and come with me to meet a senior from the Chinese Medical Association. "

"Yes, Master." Wang Sheng replied respectfully.

Gu Kaiyi smiled and patted his shoulder, and even asked Wang Sheng if he wanted to take him home in a car.

Wang Sheng naturally rejected his tactfully. He still had to wait for Yun Yueyu to go grocery shopping.

Wang Sheng and Gu Kaiyi walked out of the hospital together. Then, he waited for Yun Yueyu at the entrance of the hospital.

Not long after that, Yun Yueyu also came out. When she saw Wang Sheng, she immediately held his hand and asked intimately, "Tell me, Sheng, what do you want to eat today? I'll make you anything you want to eat. "

Wang Sheng felt his heartbeat quicken because he felt his arm touch Yun Yueyu's chest.

Soft, elastic, full.

Wang Sheng secretly swallowed his saliva, "Sister Yu, do whatever you want. I feel that it's delicious no matter what you do."

"Is it so easy to support? "Then I'll just give you some Kobold Grass to feed." Yun Yueyu chuckled.

The two of them took a taxi to the market. Yun Yueyu was really determined to make a feast. Not only did she buy prawns, but she also bought a Groper. Just the two of them alone cost a lot of money.

Wang Sheng, who accompanied them on the side, made up his mind that he had to think of a way to make money. He couldn't let Sister Yu spend money all the time.

Despite Wang Sheng's efforts to stop her, Yun Yueyu still bought a lot of dishes.

After buying them, the two of them took a taxi back home.

When they passed by a lottery betting station at the entrance of the residential complex, the owner of the store, Ma Dafu, suddenly ran out.

"Yo, Doctor Yun is back."

Yun Yueyu politely nodded to him and called out, "Boss Ma."

Ma Dafu waved his hand and laughed, "Aiya, Doctor Yun is too polite. I'm only running this betting station for fun, and not to make money. You call me 'boss' and you call me 'Dafu'.

"As you know, I have three houses in my small district. Just the rent is enough for me to eat for the rest of my life."

Hearing Ma Dafu's words, Wang Sheng, who was standing beside Yun Yueyu, could not help but sneer in her heart.

Ma Dafu was already in his forties, and he had been divorced twice. He actually dared to have any ideas about Sister Yu. He was truly a toad that wanted to eat swan meat.

What Wang Sheng thought in his heart, Ma Dafu was so conscious. As soon as he finished his words, he started to pay his respects to Yun Yueyu.

"Oh right, Doctor Yun, my friend sent me a lot of crabs from Suzhou. Can I get you to eat with me after I've finished cooking tonight?

"No need, I'm allergic to crab." Wang Sheng couldn't stand it any longer and directly refused to help Yun Yueyu.

Yun Yueyugang nodded and said 'yes'.

Ma Dafu suddenly opened his mouth and said, "Yo, this guy with a white face just moved in, right? Doctor Yun bought so many dishes because he was going to cook and eat with you. "With so many dishes, I'm afraid that Doctor Yun will have to spend quite a bit of money. Doctor Yun sure treats you well."

Ma Dafu's words did not sound like much on the surface, but if one listened carefully, it was easy to tell that Ma Dafu was mocking Wang Sheng. He was a pretty boy who had nothing to lose.

Although Wang Sheng was angry in his heart, he didn't show it on his face at all.

He took Yun Yueyu's arm and said with a smile, "Let's go, Sister Yu. Let's go home and cook. I'm hungry."

"Alright, alright, alright. I'll go home and cook for you immediately."

Yun Yueyu looked dotingly at Wang Sheng when he arrived. Before he left, Wang Sheng didn't forget to give Ma Dafu a provocative look.

Watching Yun Yueyu and Wang Sheng walk into the residential complex hand in hand, Ma Dafu spat on the ground and cursed, "Scoundrel."

Wang Sheng wasn't that far away from Yun Yueyu when he suddenly shouted, "Oh yeah, Sister Yu, I remember that I have used up my shampoo at home. I have to go buy a bottle." Carry the dishes home first, I'll come back and help you. "

"I have more at home. I'll bring it to you in a while."

"No need, Sister Yu. I'm used to using my brand."

Wang Sheng put the vegetable into Yun Yueyu's hand, turned around and ran out of the district. Yun Yueyu looked at Wang Sheng's departing back with a confused face, "Didn't I buy the shampoo from Sheng's family?" With my family's brand. Sigh … This stupid ghost. "

As for Wang Sheng, after he ran out of the district, he directly walked towards Ma Dafu's betting shop.

He was the only lottery betting shop nearby, so his business was pretty good. At the moment, there were a few old colourful people still studying the lottery.

Seeing Wang Sheng walk over, Ma Dafu immediately smiled and said, "Hey kid, can I let you and your sister doctor stay in the empty room alone?"

Wang Sheng glanced at Ma Dafu and ignored his obscenities. He then walked straight into the shop, pointed at his shop and asked, "This lottery ticket is ready right away?"

"If it is under 5000, it shall be exchanged at once. At least 5,000 lottery tickets were accepted by the distribution center. What? Are you interested in having fun? " Ma Dafu smiled.

Wang Sheng nodded and took out all his belongings. There was a total of 560 pieces on the table.

"Could you please bring out a little more lottery tickets? I'd like to pick one myself."

Ma Dafu frowned impatiently, "What?" There are so many lottery tickets here, is it not enough for you to pick one? "

Wang Sheng looked at Ma Dafu and immediately retorted: "What? You can't choose? Or are you out of business here, so you haven't won much of the lottery? If that's the case, then I won't buy it. "

"Sigh." Ma Dafu quickly held down Wang Sheng's hand that was about to collect the money and nodded, "Sure, I'll take out all the lottery tickets right now. You can pick however you want, right?"

Wang Sheng shrugged.

Ma Dafu immediately went to the store's warehouse and came out with two big boxes of Scratch Lottery tickets.

Wang Sheng didn't stand on ceremony, directly grabbing a handful from the box and starting to pick.

Ma Dafu, who was at the side, sneered. He had been in the betting shop for several years, it would be hard to find one person among the one hundred who had earned money from the scrape lottery.

There was a lot of news about the prize in the lottery, but that was all to trick people into buying the lottery. There were people who won the lottery, but what about those who didn't?

Of course, Ma Dafu's theory was suitable for ordinary people, but for Wang Sheng, it was a little different.

After all, his eyes … But he could see through it.

Wang Sheng used his eyes' perspective function to look at the lottery tickets one by one.

The maximum face value of Scratch is twenty-one pieces, and the minimum is two.

Wang Sheng had spent a lot of effort, yet he was still only able to get the five hundred and forty yuan.

He still hadn't chosen the last ticket, and almost flipped through the two boxes of lottery tickets. Only then did he take a fancy to one of the twenty-side lottery tickets and put it in his pocket.

Wang Sheng dusted the rest of the tickets in his hands and said to Ma Dafu, "Boss Ma, please count and see if it's a 540 RMB lottery ticket."

Ma Dafu quickly added it and nodded, "Yes."

Wang Sheng immediately smiled and said, "Alright, then I'll start shaving now. But I have to ask, don't tell me you don't have the money to do it after I've made a few lottery tickets? It's not so good to delay the payment. "

Ma Dafu sneered in disdain.

He walked straight to the cashier's counter, took out his purse first, took out three stacks of 100-yuan bills, and threw them out.

"Look carefully, this is thirty thousand."

Then he opened up his computer's bank account, pointed to the numbers on it and said, "Look, I have 170,000 in my bank. If you can pay me thirty thousand in cash, I'll transfer it to you immediately.

So even if the stack in your hand is all five thousand, I, Ma Dafu, can still afford it.

After all, I, Ma Dafu, am like some people who can learn to be a pretty boy at a young age and eat soft food. "

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