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Genius Super-visioned Doctor/C7 Heaven-defying Luck
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C7 Heaven-defying Luck

The conversation between Ma Dafu and Wang Sheng immediately attracted the attention of many people in the restaurant.

At this moment, the colorful citizens in the store all looked over at Wang Sheng and started discussing in low voices.

"This young lad is quite funny!"

"Maybe I was provoked by Boss Ma just now, and now he's here to give money to someone else."

"Hehe, let's see if this kid can have heaven-defying luck later. He really has a hundred and eighty yuan, haha!"

Wang Sheng snickered in his heart. Ignoring what the others had said, he pulled out a stool and sat inside the restaurant. Immediately, he took out a piece of lottery ticket paper and started using the plastic film used in Ma Dafu's store to scratch the lottery ticket.

Very quickly, the first ten-denomination lottery ticket was hung by Wang Sheng.

A series of 'tsk tsk tsk' sounds came from his mouth as he shook his head and sighed. "Damn, this luck is too …"

"It's alright, little brother. You still have so much in your hands even if you miss one." "Even if you're unlucky, you can still get ten or five dollars." Ma Dafu gloated. Immediately, sparse laughter sounded in the restaurant.

However, at this moment, Wang Sheng shook the lottery ticket and shook his head: "Boss Ma, I'm afraid I have let you down. It's just the first lottery draw, and I actually won three thousand. "

"Three thousand?" Ma Dafu was stunned.

Three thousand was not a small sum, and the people in the store immediately surrounded them.

When everyone saw this, they all cried out in alarm …

"Wow, it really is three thousand."

"Aiya, this luck is too good."

"That's right, that's right …"

When Ma Dafu heard the words of the people around him, his face instantly turned ugly. He counted his money as he walked over.

After counting three thousand, Ma Dafu held the money and said to Wang Sheng, "Show me the lottery ticket first."

Wang Sheng handed the money to him in a magnanimous manner. Ma Dafu looked at it and then clenched his teeth. He then handed the money to Wu Tie and said, "Consider yourself lucky."

Wang Sheng smiled charmingly and specifically took the money with both hands. His honest face had a hint of a cheap smile: "Aiyo, thank you so much Boss Ma."

With that, Wang Sheng started scraping again.

Due to the crowd surrounding them, as Wang Sheng blew away the ticket, someone immediately shouted: "Aiya, I've hit it again, I've hit it again!"

"This is too weird, this time it's actually four thousand."

"Damn, this luck is really heaven defying."

"Another hit?" Ma Dafu's voice even changed a little. He leaned his head over to take a look.

Wang Sheng showed his cheap smile again, "Aiyo, I'm so annoyed. Boss Ma, I actually..." "It hit again."

Ma Dafu bit his lower lip with his upper teeth and immediately counted out another four thousand yuan and gave it to Wang Sheng. You lucky brat! "

Wang Sheng was hit by two scrapes in a row, and the people around him could no longer sit still. Some of them got 400, some got 300, and one after another, they started looking for Ma Dafu to buy scrapers.

While Ma Dafu was holding the lottery tickets for the citizens, Wang Sheng suddenly started to 'tsk tsk tsk tsk …' Get up.

Hearing this voice again, Ma Dafu's body trembled.

"No way, could it be that he hit again?" Ma Dafu thought like this, but Wang Sheng had already said it out loud, "Ai …" "I only got a little less this time, only getting a thousand."

Ma Dafu took the lottery ticket from Wang Sheng's hand. After checking, he didn't say anything else and just started counting the money for Wu Tie.

However, before he could count the one thousand yuan properly, Wang Sheng suddenly said, "Tsk, tsk, tsk …" He got up.

"Aiyo, Boss Ma." What kind of lottery ticket is this? You actually won it again. This time, it's one thousand eight hundred yuan, you can count it out with me. "

The people in the lottery stopped watching Wang Sheng get the lottery tickets, and he started to get it himself.

But then came the sound of their sighs.

Ma Dafu stared at Wang Sheng with his bull-like eyes.

He watched Wang Sheng scratching the lottery ticket, afraid that he would do something funny. However, Wang Sheng made a "tsk tsk tsk tsk" sound before he even scratched it twice.

Now, all the people in the lottery knew what this voice meant.

Everyone asked in unison, "Another hit?"

"Sigh …" Wang Sheng's signature sigh sounded.

Ma Dafu closed his eyes. He immediately started to count the money without listening to Wang Sheng's words.

However, at this moment, Wang Sheng said: "This one didn't hit anything."

"Pfft", almost everyone in the store spat out a mouthful of blood. Ma Dafu suddenly felt like he was about to spurt blood.

Wang Sheng threw the lottery ticket away and then scratched it again.

A moment later, he began to cluck again.

Everyone asked in unison, "How is it? Did you get it? "

Now that Wang Sheng was not successful, the people in the store seemed to be more nervous than him.

Wang Sheng: "Hai …" It hit again. Boss Ma, this time, it was actually five thousand yuan. This shop of yours is such a paradise. "

Ma Dafu's face was gloomy. After he received the lottery ticket and verified it, he started to count the money without saying a word.

Just like that, Wang Sheng got one lottery ticket after another, winning forty-seven thousand eight hundred and fifty yuan in the end.

Wang Sheng stood up, his hands sore from scraping, and put the eight hundred and fifty yuan in his pants pocket. Then he took off his coat and wrapped the money around his arm.

He also took out his bank card and kissed it, because Ma Dafu had just transferred the money to him through the internet.

Before going out of the store, Wang Sheng waved at Ma Dafu and said with a smile, "Thank you, Boss Ma. I will come again next time when I'm free."

Ma Dafu's expression was terrifyingly ugly. He was still cursing in his heart, Come, come your head!

Wang Sheng laughed out loud and walked directly towards the entrance of the district.

After Wang Sheng left, Ma Dafu's customers also left one after another. They did not have Wang Sheng's good luck today, so each of them lost several hundred yuan.

Therefore, when they left, almost everyone's faces were downcast as they sighed.

Ma Dafu had always been unhappy with Wang Sheng. As he watched Wang Sheng leave complacently, he became even more infuriated.

He thought to himself, what right does that kid have to repeatedly win prizes? Could it be because the Lucky Draw Center had increased the rate of returns?

Thinking about this, Ma Dafu directly put a box of lottery tickets on the table, grabbed a stack of tickets and started to scratch.

After scraping for a long time, Ma Dafu only managed to scratch out a maximum of ten pieces. And this 10 lottery tickets, with a face value of 20 …

Ma Dafu couldn't calm down no matter how hard he tried. He took out his phone and immediately dialed a number.

On Wang Sheng's side.

Selecting the lottery ticket and scraping the lottery ticket had wasted a lot of his time. Therefore, after entering the district, his pace was very fast. He was afraid that if he delayed it for too long, it would anger Yun Yueyu.

However, while walking, Wang Sheng still couldn't hold it in. He took out a lottery ticket that he carefully placed in his pocket and took a look at it.

This lottery ticket was called "Golden Age," and the highest prize was one million.

Wang Sheng did not win the highest prize, but the prize money was not low either, a total of six hundred thousand yuan.

The reason why he didn't open this lottery ticket in front of Ma Dafu was because he was afraid that his special ability would be suspected by Ma Dafu and the others. After all, he didn't want to be tied up by a bunch of weird scientists in white coats and be studied like a mouse on the bed.

Second, even if it was scratched open in front of Ma Dafu, Ma Dafu still wouldn't be able to immediately give him the award, so there was no need to cut it open at all.

Then, he carefully put the lottery ticket into his pocket and thought to himself, "This is my first bucket of gold. It seems like a villa that has earned 50 million, 1 million level luxury cars and 1000 square meters in two years isn't a difficult task!"

When Wang Sheng entered the elevator, he suddenly felt his vision darken. Wang Sheng shook his head, only then did his eyes return to normal.

However, this sudden turn of events made Wang Sheng wonder in his heart. Could it be that there will be side effects after the special ability of this eye is used too frequently?

Wang Sheng remembered this matter in his heart and decided to find a chance to test it out and see if the ability to use this eye would have any side effects.

Wang Sheng knew that his eyes were his biggest reliance. Anything that had to do with eyes, he couldn't just treat casually.

As he thought about these things, he realized that the elevator had arrived.


The elevator door opened and Wang Sheng saw that the door to Yun Yueyu's house was slightly closed. The thick aroma of food continuously wafted out from her room.

Wang Sheng directly carried the money and walked into Yun Yueyu's house.

The first thing Wang Sheng saw when he opened the door was Yun Yueyu, who was dressed casually. She had been waiting at the dining table for a long time.

Seeing Wang Sheng sticking his head out, Yun Yueyu rolled her eyes at him in annoyance.

"What are you still looking at? Hurry up and come in. What about buying shampoo and shampoo? "

Wang Sheng stuck out his tongue in the face of Yun Yueyu's questioning.

He chuckled. "It was only after I ran out that I remembered that Sister Yu had bought the shampoo at home. It was the exact same one from Sister Yu's house, so I don't need Sister Yu's for now."

"You still know?" Yun Yueyu stood up and went to get a new pair of men's slippers for Wang Sheng. It wasn't hard to guess that Yun Yueyu had specially bought these slippers for Wang Sheng.

For a moment, he was lost in thought as he stared at Yun Yueyu. He could not understand why a woman as beautiful, sexy and gentle as Yun Yueyu would be single all the time.

Suddenly, Yun Yueyu, who was squatting in front of Wang Sheng, patted her shoes, raised her head and said to him: "What are you standing there for? Change into slippers. "

"Oh, oh." Wang Sheng quickly helped Yun Yueyu up, "Sister Yu, I can do it myself."

Yun Yueyu rolled her eyes at Wang Sheng and pretended to be angry, "What? You're being polite to Sister Yu? Do you take me as an outsider? "

"No, no, how could that be possible, Sister Yu?"

As Wang Sheng said this, he changed his slippers. At the same time, he pulled Yun Yueyu and said, "Let's go, Sister Yu. Let's eat."

Wang Sheng held Yun Yueyu's hand and felt the delicateness and softness of her hand. He really wanted to hold her hand like this forever and never let go.

However, Yun Yueyu patted the back of Wang Sheng's hand and said, "Stop interrupting. Where did you go and why are you back so late? Why aren't you telling me?"

Wang Sheng stuck out his tongue, smiled and said, "I went to buy shampoo but couldn't get it, so I was prepared to come back.

Along the way, he passed Boss Ma's lottery ticket store and bought two scrapers with an itch in his hand. "I didn't expect …"

"I didn't expect to lose, did I?" Yun Yueyu walked to the sofa in the living room, took out several hundred yuan and walked over.

"How old are you to believe that? But even if I lose, it's fine. After all, it's a charity. "

Yun Yueyu said as she reached out her hand to Wang Sheng.

At this moment, Wang Sheng had already unfolded his clothes and directly shook the money on the floor.

"I didn't expect to win so many prizes in one blow …"

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