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C8 Gambling Invitation

Thirty thousand yuan, if completely spread out on the ground, it would look like a lot.

When Yun Yueyu saw this scene, she was so shocked that her sexy little mouth slightly opened.

"Sheng, you... What kind of award did you win? "

Wang Sheng spread out his hands, "I didn't count. It was in the 5000, 4000, 2000 range anyways. That's all I got.

Oh, yes. You still have more than 10,000 points. "

"There's more in the card?" Yun Yueyu opened her eyes wide. Wang Sheng actually felt it was cute looking at her.

But seeing Yun Yueyu's surprised expression, Wang Sheng didn't mention that he still had a ticket for the 600,000 yuan prize money in his pocket. Otherwise, he was afraid that Yun Yueyu would faint out of shock.

Wang Sheng squatted on the floor and once again carried the money into his clothes. After he was done, he stuffed the clothes that contained the money into Yun Yueyu's hands.

"Sister Yu, take the money and spend it. You can consider it as my little brother's filial piety."

"How can this be?" Yun Yueyu pushed it back to Wang Sheng as if she received a kettle.

"This is your money, how can Sister Yu take it?" Besides, you're still an intern, and your salary isn't that high. It's time you ran out of money. "Besides, at your age, you should save up a bit more, so that you can find a girlfriend in the future …"

Wang Sheng felt that Yun Yueyu was about to continue reciting it, so he quickly said, "I don't need a girlfriend. Unless I can find someone as beautiful and gentle and kind as Sister Yu. Of course … The best person would be around the same age as Sister Yu. "

After Wang Sheng said this, his face immediately turned red because his words almost directly said, "I want Sister Yu to be my girlfriend."

This was not to say that Wang Sheng was tired of keeping up with the olden times and had forgotten about his girlfriend so quickly. It was because Yun Yueyu had been taking care of him these past few days, which made Wang Sheng a little overwhelmed.

Yun Yueyu was not a fool, she must have heard Wang Sheng's meaning.

However, she pretended that she didn't understand what he was saying at all and lightly twisted Wang Sheng's arm.

"What nonsense are you spouting? You're so young, how can you find someone as old as Sister Yu?"

"I …"

Wang Sheng was about to argue, but Yun Yueyu pushed the money directly into her hands and interrupted him.

"Alright, alright. Quickly take the money back and keep it. I'll go and see which ones are cold, and then I'll go and warm them up. "

Wang Sheng took the money and gave it to Yun Yueyu. He insisted, "Sister Yu, take the money. Take it to buy clothes, take it to buy jewelry, whatever you want. If you don't want it, I'll throw it away. "

Yun Yueyu finally looked at Wang Sheng in silence.

A strange look flashed in her eyes, but she quickly concealed it.

Silence. Silence.

The atmosphere suddenly became somewhat tense.

Especially Yun Yueyu's incomparably beautiful face, from her neck to her ears.

Wang Sheng's heartbeat kept accelerating because the current Yun Yueyu was too beautiful. It was so beautiful that it was hard for people to control themselves. F * ck, this definitely wasn't the feeling of a man looking at his family. This was f * cking …

In his heart, a voice kept saying to Wang Sheng, "Cry her, kiss her …"

Just when Wang Sheng was determined to take the risk and give it a try, Yun Yueyu suddenly said, "How about this, I'll open a bank account and help you save the money. When you need it, Sister Yu will help you take it out. "

"Sister Yu, you …"

"Then it's decided."

Wang Sheng was about to persuade Yun Yueyu, but he decided on this matter right away. There was no room for negotiation in his tone.

Wang Sheng did not dare to say anything else as he was afraid that the relationship between the two of them would be frozen.

He knew that he was too impatient, and that some things had to be done step by step.

"Mm, step by step. "Yes, just like that …" Wang Sheng was secretly cheering himself on in his heart. He suddenly smiled and said, "Aiya, Sister Yu, let's not talk about money anymore."

Anyway, it was a great thing to earn so much money today. Shall we have a drink? "

"Sure, I have two bottles of red wine here, so I haven't had a chance to drink them."

Yun Yueyu smiled cooperatively, and the frozen awkward atmosphere was instantly dissolved.

Subsequently, Yun Yueyu heated up some of the cold dishes and then opened a bottle of red wine to drink with Wang Sheng.

There was a saying that if a woman wasn't drunk, a man wouldn't have a chance. Wang Sheng was secretly happy, but he immediately scolded himself, "Truly shameless. We are gentlemen, how can we be so dirty?"

He suggested drinking. If Wang Sheng didn't have any ulterior motives, then it would be "burning white paper on a grave in the clear, even deceiving ghosts."

What Wang Sheng didn't expect was that Wang Sheng and Yun Yueyu drank half of the bottle of red wine, but Wang Sheng felt a little dizzy. Yun Yueyu only blushed a little, but her eyes were still as clear as water.

On the contrary, it was Yun Yueyu who took the initiative to ask Wang Sheng if he wanted to drink a little more.

Wang Sheng quickly raised his hand and surrendered, not daring to drink with Yun Yueyu anymore.

After dinner, Wang Sheng took the initiative to accompany Yun Yueyu and clean up. However, Yun Yueyu pushed Wang Sheng out of the room and left him to go back to his room to look at the medical books.


The door to Yun Yueyu's room was closed. Wang Sheng, who was standing outside, felt a bit disappointed.

Wang Sheng took out the key from his pocket and opened his door. After entering the room, he first placed the lottery ticket for the six hundred thousand prize money into a medical book, then poured himself a cup of water and sat down on the sofa to drink.

Wang Sheng realized that his door was still open after he drank a glass of water.

Just as he stood up and was about to close the door, the door was suddenly pushed open. Ma Dafu, who had a fat head and big ears, stuck his head in with a smile.

"Hey, little bro is here."

Wang Sheng frowned slightly as he looked suspiciously at Ma Dafu.


Ma Dafu chuckled and said, "I'm playing with three friends, but these four people aren't that fun to play with, so I'm here to invite you to play. How about it, let's play together."

Wang Sheng couldn't help but laugh in his heart.

Isn't it obvious that someone who has a grudge with you is suddenly looking for you to play cards?

Was this Ma Dafu too dumb, or did he take him for a fool?

However, Wang Sheng's mind quickly changed. He smiled and said: "I play cards, I don't play if I can't get the cash."

"Fifty thousand apiece. First it's money, then it's cards." Ma Dafu immediately said.

Wang Sheng nodded, then took out the remaining eight hundred and fifty yuan in cash.

"All the money you got from you is in the bank. That's all you have left."

"You!" Ma Dafu suddenly felt as if he was about to explode with anger at Wang Sheng.

This guy just said that he wouldn't play if he couldn't see the cash. In the end, he only had 850 yuan.

Then where did you get your confidence from to be able to say that you can't see the cash and don't play?

However, Ma Dafu endured it in the end. He smiled and said, "It's alright, brother. Anyway, I know you have money." This brother can lend you 30,000 first, if you win, then return it to me. If you lose, just take it out of the card and give it to me. "

"Oh? "You can do this?"

"Of course, which one of us is the same as the other?" Ma Dafu laughed.

Wang Sheng nodded after thinking for a while. "Alright then. I'll close the door and go with you."

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