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Hong Jun was lost in his thoughts, but he was still unable to fall asleep on the couch. It was unknown how much time had passed before he finally fell asleep on the lake.

"Does the child remember who I am? Hahaha … Did you insist on doing it every day when I taught you how to do it? What's different these days? "

In his dream, Hong Jun encountered the old man again. This old man had disappeared for quite some time, and he had finally come today. Hearing the old man's words, Hong Jun nodded his head and thought to himself that these past few days had indeed felt much better than before.

"Old grandpa, thank you. These few days, I have been doing what you told me to do every day. The doctors always say that I'm doing well very quickly."

"That's good. Do you know what I meant by that sentence I gave you every day? "

Hong Jun thought about it, this old man always asks me the meaning of that sentence when he comes to see me, can it be that that sentence is very important? the old man asked again, seeing that Hong Jun had lost his mind. It just happened to pull Hong Jun's heart back from flying away.

Hong Jun must be very important, or else the old grandpa wouldn't ask him every time. He still didn't understand what this important thing meant and he never seemed to care about it. He felt very sorry for the old man.

Hong Jun said with a red face, "I'm really sorry, I haven't read any books, and I still don't know what it means."

The old man smiled. "I haven't read it before, so let's start now. I came here today because I have something important to discuss with you. In the future, you will have to take on some big matters, but you won't be able to do it without reading. For example, what I passed on to you, if you don't have enough comprehension ability, you won't be able to reach great heights. "Sigh, it's my fault. I should have given you a better family background back then …"

The old man stopped mid-sentence as if his words had leaked the meaning of the heavens.

"Forget it, I'll pass you something today. An old friend entrusted it to you."

Hong Jun saw the old man opening and closing his hand. He felt something hanging from his neck, and when he looked down, he saw that it was a very ordinary necklace. Hong Jun knew that generally, necklaces would have something below them, like a square heart shape, but this necklace was a chain, it was more accurate to call it a bracelet, just that the bracelet seemed a little too long.

Hong Jun was still surprised when the old man said, "Remember, you just need to focus your mind on this necklace and say the word 'receive'. Then, it will hide the thing that I pass to you, and just say the word 'present' will cause the thing that's hidden to appear. "Remember that."

After the old man saw Hong Jun nod, he turned around and left. After the old man left, a few words still echoed in the large army's mind, "Remember, you must not speak of the matter between you and me. Remember, good and evil always think about one thing."

After the old man left, Hong Jun was jolted awake, thinking of the dream that was more real than real life. He hurriedly touched his neck, and discovered that there really was a necklace. Then who was he? Why did that old man treat me so well? Could it be that I'm really going to do something big in the future?

After thinking for about half an hour, he could not think of anything else. He was extremely afraid. Although Hong Jun had only read a primary school, he had read some fantasy novels he had picked up from the ground. However, he absolutely did not believe that demons and gods existed in this world. Because now that science had developed to such an extent, almost no one believed in the existence of God anymore. Although there were also people who worshiped Buddha, it was only a kind of faith. Hong Jun was extremely happy after being extremely frightened, so he focused his attention to see what was inside the necklace. Just as he said the word 'present', something dropped from his mouth. Hong Jun was so scared that he didn't know what to say. After looking carefully, it was a book. The moment Hong Jun saw the three large words on the cover, he couldn't help but read it out loud. Fire Cloud Art!

Looking at these three words, he felt as if he had known them before, but not. It was a very strange feeling.

Hong Jun did not think too much and hurriedly opened the first page. In his mind, all he saw was white mist rapidly rolling up and turning into thick black clouds. Amidst the dark clouds that filled the sky, a giant palm suddenly struck the ground from above. After being struck by the palm, the ground immediately shook, and countless dust and dirt were sent flying in all directions. Just this one second of reaction caused Hong Jun to suddenly wake up and close the book reflexively. His entire person seemed to have walked out of the rain; it was simply too shocking. Hong Jun wiped away the sweat on his face. When he picked up the book again, there was a line of tiny words written on the page. 'If you want to practice the secret arts in the book, train my technique to the level of being able to retrieve objects through the air.'

Hong Jun secretly regretted his carelessness. It seemed that this book wasn't something that anyone could learn.

Hong Jun also stopped thinking about it. Taking advantage of the time, he began to draw the taiji diagram to cultivate according to the method that the old man had taught him.

Every day, Hong Jun would try to retrieve items through the air countless times. Because of Xiao Lan, Grandpa Xing and the elders' demands, Hong Jun also began to decide to study. From the age of middle school onwards, he would study diligently every day. This was because there were no longer any worries in the family. This way, Hong Jun would be more focused. At night, he would draw the tai chi according to the old man's method. This old man had not dreamt ever since he came here last time. Even the words he had said before no longer rang out in his dreams. When he met someone who didn't understand, Hong Jun would call Xiao Lan and explain. Although Xiao Lan was on leave, she did not have much time to play, so she had to learn the zither every day. Occasionally, he would visit Hong Jun's home and personally inspect his lessons. Lan Shanyu also finally understood the true situation of Hong Jun. At first, she came to visit him, but every time she saw the ambiguous look in his eyes, she would never come to see him again.

Just like that, two months passed.

"I've finally met the requirements, I've finally succeeded, hahaha …"

On this day, Hong Jun finally succeeded in his attempt to retrieve an item through the air in his room. Only then did the wolves howl.

"Army, what succeeded?"

"Granny Xing stuck her head out and asked Hong Jun." "Hehe, it's nothing, it's nothing. Gramps, go busy yourself, haha."

She shook her head and went back to cooking.

Hong Jun took out the Fire Cloud Formula from his necklace and hurriedly opened it to look at the first page. Hong Jun had originally thought that there would be an earth-shattering change like the last time. However, there was nothing. He felt like he had been dumped.

Foreword: Fire Cloud Palm. Essence realm.

Hong Jun had never learned the words in a book before, but he seemed to be fluently reading them out loud as if he was familiar with them. Then, as if someone was teaching him how to do something, he sat down cross-legged and began drawing circles from above to below. After finishing all these movements, Hong Jun's hands returned to his knees and his left hand quickly tapped each of his right acupoints. After gathering Qi, he suddenly struck forward with his palm. A faint red stream of air was about to emerge from his palm. However, he was still unable to break through the bottle's strength, so he didn't need to hide behind it. Hong Jun did not know why he would make such an action, but the action he did just now was deeply imprinted into his mind. Although he could read these words, he definitely didn't know anything about the acupuncture points in the book; it was as if someone was teaching him to do so. Hong Jun couldn't figure out why, but he had a feeling that it had something to do with the old man in his dreams.

Granny Xing never disturbed Hong Jun's studies, but she always brought three meals a day to his room on time. As a result, Hong Jun immersed himself day and night in the sea of knowledge. When he reached the end of his training, Hong Jun was surprised to find out that he could stay awake for a few days. Because he did not feel unwell, he was in an extremely good mental state and body condition. Every day, the gates of Hong's army would be closed. To be locked in the room was either to learn or to cultivate. A few more months passed. Hong Jun actually found out whether it was memorization or a foreign language. He had actually memorized all of it, and now he had finished learning all of the five years' worth of books in less than a year.

Hong Jun was a smart person, and his talent was greater than that of teaching. Of course, the most important thing was the awakening of his power. And the reason for his training.

Thus, Hong Jun simply wanted the first-year textbooks of Xiao Lan University. During the two months of vacation, Xiao Lan helped Hong Jun to study.

Unknowingly, a month had passed. Xiao Lan was secretly shocked at Hong Jun's talent. On this day, Xiao Lan taught Math in Hong Jun's room.

"You have been through a lot. In one month, you actually learned a year's worth of things from me. Quickly tell me, do you have any secret techniques?"

How could Hong Jun say that he had met with a fortuitous encounter that could only end in silence? This way, Xiao Lan felt that Hong Jun had some sort of secret method. The two began to fight. This way, unintentionally, Xiao Lan picked up a book.

What book is this? I actually can't read the words on it. "

Hong Jun thought, "This is bad, but when he thought about it …" If he let his beloved one study this book, they might be able to be together forever. Although the old man said that he couldn't let anyone else know. But he didn't say that he wouldn't let others learn it; Xiao Lan could just not tell others after learning it. This was just an opening for the Hong army. Didn't Xiao Lan just know about it?

After this thought passed, Hong Jun felt that this idea was especially good. Although he didn't know if he would be like the deities after he practiced this book, it was still possible to practice for the rest of his life. After suffering from the last loss, Hong Jun no longer dared to open the next page when his abilities were insufficient. Therefore, he didn't know what the Fire Cloud Art would become after he cultivated it.

Hong Jun did not explain as he struck out with his palm. All the books on the table fell to the floor. Xiao Lan looked at Hong Jun as if he was a monster. He was so shocked that he couldn't speak.

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