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"To be honest, this book was given to me by an old man in my dreams. I practiced according to his instructions. The only reason I was able to finish my five years so quickly was because I hadn't slept much in the past year. It doesn't feel like you'll ever be sleepy, either. "

Besides being shocked, Xiao Lan did not have much of a reaction. If it was before, she might have thought Hong Jun was not a human being. However, ever since he and his cousin had learned about cultivating immortality, he was only shocked by Hong Jun's fortuitous encounter. He heard his cousin say that there are only two cultivation families on this planet. How could Hong Jun have one?

When Hong Jun saw that Xiao Lan did not speak, he thought that he was scared stiff. With excitement, she asked, "Do you want to learn it?"

After hearing what Hong Jun said, Xiao Lan could not believe his ears. He heard his cousin say that cultivation was a very secretive thing in the world. If someone was secretly amused by this fortuitous encounter, it could be shared with others.

It would be strange if Xiao Lan wasn't moved by Hong Jun's intention to teach him. Furthermore, after listening to the words of Hong Jun for just a year, he had been able to practice almost daily without sleeping. It was definitely not on the same level as the techniques he practiced. How could he not know about the love Xiao Lan had for Hong Jun?

Hong Jun saw that Xiao Lan was in a daze and thought that he did not believe her. He anxiously asked, "Do you not believe me?"

Only then did Xiao Lan come back to his senses and carefully said, "This, can I learn it?"

When Hong Jun heard this, he thought it was because the other party was happy. Hong Jun nodded with a smile.

"Although that old man forbade me to tell others, I have never treated you as someone else. I thought you were …"

Hong Jun's words made him regret his words. [What a shame. You don't treat others as your own. But it doesn't matter if I say it out loud anyway.] Although his heart was beating very fast, Hong Jun was looking at Xiao Lan expectantly.

When Xiao Lan heard Hong Jun's words, she naturally understood what he meant. It was just that the girl was so reserved that she blushed and was unable to say anything.

When Hong Jun saw this situation, he also understood a lot of things. The past year of studying was not wasted. Although he wasn't proficient in things or emotions, he understood Xiao Lan's intentions more than enough.

"Lan'er, although I know that my family background is not good and I don't have any special abilities, I truly like you. For you, I can change myself until you feel that you can accept me."

After Hong Jun finished speaking, he felt much more relaxed. Xiao Lan actually liked Hong Jun too, otherwise she wouldn't be helping him so tirelessly every day. Although she used to pity Hong Jun, after so many days of interaction, it was impossible to say that she didn't feel anything towards him. Towards Hong Jun's current confession, her heart was in a state of chaos, not knowing how to react. He stole a glance at Hong Jun and nodded slightly when he saw the urgent look in his eyes.

Hong Jun saw Xiao Lan's expression and thought to himself, "You promised me. You really promised me. Hahaha. I'm so happy. Today is the happiest day of my life. Let's go celebrate. "

On this day, it was rare for Hong Jun to not have studied and trained at home. He accompanied Xiao Lan as they strolled around the entire H City. Xiao Lan only returned home when it was dark. Watching Xiao Lan entering the villa area, the excitement in Hong Jun's heart had yet to subside, and she happily ran home by herself. When he arrived at his home, he saw a text message from Xiao Lan, "If you don't abandon this life, you will definitely marry me."

Hong Jun looked at Xiao Lan's text message and giggled for an hour, which confused her. He was worried that Hong Jun had gone stupid.

When Hong Jun returned to his room, he already had plans for the future. Therefore, he decided to work hard to finish all the things in this year, in order to try to study with Xiao Lan in his second year of college.

Xiao Lan took advantage of the holidays to teach Hong Jun every day. However, Hong Jun's Tian Bin was terrifying. He could understand anything just by saying it once, and he could even say things against it. No, it was more than four against five. This left Xiao Lan with nothing to do all day. In addition, Hong Jun's photographic memory was extremely fast. Xiao Lan followed Hong Jun's instructions and started cultivating the Fire Cloud Incantation. Every day, when Hong Jun was learning the Fire Cloud Incantation, he would also practice the Fire Cloud Incantation. Like this, the days passed quickly.

Today was the start of school. Xiao Lan accompanied Hong Jun to Yu Lan.

Yulan University was located on the edge of City H, next to City H. It took up hundreds of miles of land, and many places had to be taken in a small car. The extent of the land occupied could be seen. He looked at the wide and heroic school gate in front of him. And the endless stream of people entering and exiting the beautiful cars. Hong Jun was secretly shocked. On both sides of the door, there was a large stone lion statue, and in the middle of the room, there was a statue of the greatest educator of the motherland, Confucius.

He hadn't expected to see Lan Shanyu just as he entered the main gate. When Lan Shanyu saw how intimate Hong Jun and Xiao Lan were, she was slightly unhappy, but she did not show it on her face. She even took the opportunity to tease them, "Why are you betrothed so quickly?"

At first, Xiao Lan wanted to help Hong Jun learn so she couldn't go to the Zither Garden. It wasn't a big deal if he didn't go to the Zither Garden in a day. If he didn't go to the Zither Garden every day, his teacher would notify his family. This way, his parents would know. That was why he asked Lan Shanyu for help. The Zither Garden was for the Lan family. As long as Lan Shanyu said something, those teachers wouldn't dare to report to them. Hong Jun also knew about this, so he was very grateful to her. He wouldn't be angry if he heard Lan Shanyu tease him. The three of them were already very familiar with each other.

Hong Jun answered straightforwardly, "Yes, haha!"

When Xiao Lan heard Hong Jun's reply, she blushed and lowered her head. He didn't dare to say a single word.

When Lan Shanyu heard this, she laughed out loud, "I didn't expect that in just a short year, you would be able to win over my cousin. It seems that you are truly extraordinary. Tell me what method you used? "

Xiao Lan saw that Lan Shanyu had no end. She quickly pulled her cousin back. "Cousin, we came here today to register for Hong Jun. You don't need to ask. The principal has said that he wants to test Hong Jun personally, so Hong Jun and I will be leaving first. "

After which, he fiercely glanced at Hong Jun. That means you go first. Hong Jun naturally opened his mouth and said, "That's right; the principal said that he wanted to take the test, so I left first."

When Lan Shanyu saw that Hong Jun had left, she swallowed the words in her heart that had yet to be spoken.

"Sister, has Hong Jun finished learning the language of the high school? "Isn't that too terrifying? Isn't it only a year and a half in total?"

Xiao Lan nodded. "That's right, not only did he finish learning all the information from the middle school, he has even finished learning all the information for his first year in university. Now, I'm going to register for my sophomore year. "

When Lan Shanyu heard this, she felt speechless. Was he even human? Six years of study in a year and a half.

"It can't be true?" Lan Shanyu truly didn't dare to believe it. She had heard of geniuses, but she had never seen anyone as talented as them.

Xiao Lan saw Hong Jun waving at her from afar, implying that she should hurry over. Only then did Xiao Lan understand. This was the first time Hong Jun had come to Yu Lan. She really didn't know where this principal was.

I'm not going to talk to you anymore. I'm going to take a look at him. I'll tell you next time. "88"

After Xiao Lan finished speaking, she immediately ran off. Lan Shanyu was stunned on the spot. In her heart, she was stunned that Hong Jun was not an ordinary person.

In one breath, Xiao Lan ran to Hong Jun's side and apologized, "I'm really sorry. I forgot that you don't know where the Principal's office is?"

Seeing his beloved running away with a flushed face, Hong Jun took out a bottle of mineral water as if he was performing a magic trick.

"Drink, don't get tired."

Xiao Lan held onto the water that Hong Jun handed to him with a warm feeling in his heart.

Yullan was truly not an ordinary large thing. The two of them walked for about twenty minutes before reaching the principal's office. Moreover, the principal's office was at the front of the entire university. If someone had nothing better to do, they would have to spend a day to go around the university.

Hong Jun and Xiao Lan entered the principal's room. Li Fengqing was looking at the two of them with a smile, as if he already knew that they were about to come and wait for them. Standing at the side, Li Mingzhu was even happier. When he saw Hong Jun, he immediately greeted him.

Hong Jun, you have finally come. I heard that it would take three years for you to come to Yu Lan. I didn't expect you to arrive so soon. I'm so happy. " This time, Li Mingzhu was wearing a very proper school uniform, and the short skirt that did not even reach her knees revealed her long legs.

Hong Jun was somewhat favoured, but this Li Mingzhu, Hong Jun still remembered, was the woman he had saved. As Li Mingzhu spoke, she walked over to Hong Jun's side and pulled his arm. Xiao Lan stood at the side and looked at Hong Jun with a smile that was not a smile. Hong Jun looked at Xiao Lan's smiling face and felt worried. He quickly pulled Li Mingzhu's hand away and switched it to Xiao Lan's other hand, not knowing what to say.

Li Fengqing was not an ordinary person. With a single glance, it was clear to see what he was thinking. In his heart, he was thinking that the reason why Hong Jun was able to finish high school in a year was definitely because of Xiao Lan. Then he calmly said, "Ming Zhu, come over here. Too rude. Nephew, I know that you must be well-prepared since you came to register today. Let's take the test first. This is the test question given by the teachers of Youlan.

Li Mingzhu pouted and then went to Li Fengqing's side. Hong Jun nodded his head and began to work on the test questions at a table he had already prepared.

The three of them did not speak, afraid that it might affect Hong Jun's mental state. Li Mingzhu looked straight at Hong Jun, while Li Fengqing felt worried in his heart. It seemed that this little granddaughter had really taken a fancy to Hong Jun; however, seeing the relationship between Xiao Lan and Hong Jun, her granddaughter would be sad in the future.

Hong Jun finished answering all the eight questions in less than two hours. Looking at Hong Jun's answer, Li Fengqing was extremely shocked in his heart. He had actually scored a perfect score. His opinion of Hong Jun could no longer be described as genius. He was simply a genius amongst geniuses.

"Let's not talk about anything else. Come to class tomorrow. Choose for yourself which class you want to enter."

Hong Jun replied, "I just want to be in the same class as Xiao Lan."

Li Fengqing nodded, but then he realized that something was wrong. This Xiao Lan was in his second year and Hong Jun was only one year old. How could she be in the same class?

Before Li Fengqing could reply, Xiao Lan continued to speak …

"Principal, you may not know this, but Hong Jun has already finished a year of university classes in the past year. Now, he can be in the same class as me."

Li Fengqing glanced at his granddaughter when he heard this. This granddaughter of hers was going to be rejuvenated, and now she was fine. He went straight to his second year. Zhang Xuan chuckled to himself. When Li Mingzhu heard this, she nearly fainted. She had thought that Hong Jun had come to study at the same age as her, causing her to run off to the same age as him.

However, Li Fengqing still had to go through some procedures, so he said, "You have to pass a test before you can enter your second year. How about this?" In a few days, I'll have someone bring you an age one exam. Once you pass it, you'll be able to enter the second year. "

It was also normal for Li Fengqing to not be prepared for the incident. Hong Jun could only nod his head, but his name was actually from the second year of university.

Xiao Lan and Hong Jun left the principal's office. Since Hong Jun had never been to Yu Lan's office and would be studying here in the future, Xiao Lan had no choice but to bring Hong Jun around to familiarize themselves with the area.

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