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The next day, after finishing the first year of university, Hong Jun went to the second year of university to look for Xiao Lan. After finding the Second Year Class 3, he saw two girls waving at him. One was Li Mingzhu, and the other was, needless to say, Xiao Lan. Hong Jun did not even think twice before heading to Xiao Lan's side. It seemed that Xiao Lan had already reserved a seat for Hong Jun.

When Li Mingzhu saw Hong Jun go over to Xiao Lan's side, she was angered to the point that her small mouth started to become lustful. He could only switch seats with a handsome guy in the front row, who tactfully knew that it was the principal's granddaughter.

The person who came to the class was a sexy beauty who was about 30 years old. This was a foreign language class. When Xiao Lan introduced this teacher to Hong Jun, Li Mingzhu interjected, "Hong Jun, look, am I beautiful today?"

Li Mingzhu had come very early today and had even specially dressed up, which was why she asked this question.

Hong Jun heard someone whispering to him. With a casual glance, he nodded his head. He said it was beautiful. Li Mingzhu didn't know that Hong Jun was only fawning on her, but it was as if flowers were blossoming in her heart.

When Li Mingzhu saw that Hong Jun was already starting to listen in class, she stared at him.

Ever since Hong Jun had started cultivating the Fire Cloud Art, his six senses had become even more sensitive. He felt a warm gaze on him. This caused Hong Jun to feel very uncomfortable, so he could only pretend that he didn't know.

Of course, Xiao Lan had also noticed Li Mingzhu on the left, and she wasn't happy about it either. However, seeing that Hong Jun clearly knew about it, yet pretended to ignore Li Mingzhu, Xiao Lan could only give him a mischievous smile. Then, he viciously pinched Hong Jun's thigh. Hong Jun could tell that Li Mingzhu was staring at him. How could he not know that Xiao Lan was jealous? He could only cry out in pain.

Perhaps Hong Jun sat in the middle and felt very unlucky, but those handsome men sitting at the side would not think this way. Think about it. It was already very beautiful for a beauty to sit by his side. Moreover, there were two of them. One was the granddaughter of the principal.

This wasn't all. When class was over, Li Mingzhu gave him water and also invited him to a meal. This caused Hong Jun to feel very uncomfortable. Li Mingzhu was happy, but Xiao Lan was about to lose her temper. [No way! He was kind enough to reject it. It is too outrageous to make him feel bad.] However, after weighing the pros and cons, Hong Jun could only refuse. Xiao Lan was his girlfriend. Haha.

Hong Jun's refusal also made Li Mingzhu understand something, she knew that if she didn't let Xiao Lan let go of her, she would definitely have no chance. Thus, she asked Xiao Lan to meet with them. And at this time, Hong Jun was also discussing with Xiao Lan how to make Li Mingzhu give up on him. Seeing Li Mingzhu asking Xiao Lan out, Hong Jun gave Xiao Lan a look with the obvious intention to help me reject her.

Li Mingzhu pulled Xiao Lan out of the house and said with a creepy voice, "What is your relationship with Hong Jun? Why are you so intimate? " When Xiao Lan saw the other party being so embarrassed, she did not want to make things too extreme and said, "You're just an ordinary friend." Li Mingzhu knew that their relationship had yet to be confirmed so she felt a little embarrassed to have Xiao Lan leave Hong Army. Xiao Lan also noticed Li Mingzhu's thin face so he spoke first

"Do you want me to leave the army?"

Li Mingzhu saw that the other person had already said these words, so she didn't deny it and said, "I like Hong Jun. Ever since he saved me, I've liked him. So will you please leave him? "

"Then I like him too. Why should I leave him?"

Li Mingzhu didn't expect the other party to be so direct. But since the other party had asked him, of course he had to give a reason …

"You must leave him, because …"

The following words were too shameful, so Li Mingzhu was too embarrassed to continue.

However, Xiao Lan wanted to know the reason, so she held onto the feeling of watching a good show as she asked, "Because of what?"

Li Mingzhu knew that she had to tell him the reason today, so she did not care about anything else and hurriedly said, "Because he saw my body."

When Xiao Lan heard this, he was dumbfounded. This was also the reason. However, when did this Hong Jun see Li Mingzhu's body? Li Mingzhu saw the look of disbelief on Xiao Lan's face.

Then he said, "He saved me that time, and I was seen by him."

Only then did Xiao Lan remember that when his cousin sent someone in, there was a girl whose clothes were a little untidy. However, it was a bit excessive to say that she was naked. Furthermore, at that time, Hong Jun was still unconscious. To say that his cousin saw it would make sense. However, Xiao Lan couldn't say these words out loud.

"So that's how it is. This isn't the past. Although I saw it all, it was still to save you, that counts. " Xiao Lan felt that this reason was too far-fetched.

"I don't care. I am a very traditional girl, he saw my body that he can only marry me after that. "Otherwise …"

When Xiao Lan heard the word 'tradition', he really wanted to beat her up. She wore a tight denim skirt with a sling on the top, revealing a long white leg underneath. If someone had walked past her while being taller, her chest would have been exposed. It was also traditional for her to estimate that there would be no debauchee in the world.

However, these words were still okay to say in his heart. Since it was not good to talk to them like that, Xiao Lan could only say, "Fine, I have no objections. Hong Jun can just agree to it."

Li Mingzhu patted Xiao Lan's shoulder as she smiled and said, "You really are my good sister."

"Don't misunderstand. I said that Hong Jun agreed to marry you before we left. Now, let's fight for fairness."

Li Mingzhu was furious.

Xiao Lan returned to his seat. Hong Jun quickly asked, "How is it? Did you explain it to her clearly?"

When Hong Jun said this, he even thought that Xiao Lan had settled the matter. It was all because of Li Mingzhu's extremely angry expression. However, when Li Mingzhu heard these words, she felt a bitter taste in her ears, "What did you explain?"

Xiao Lan didn't go to help Hong Jun reject Li Mingzhu, so he hastily tried to smooth things over. "I've made it clear, we're just ordinary friends …"

As he spoke, he glanced at Hong Jun.

This time, Hong Jun misunderstood. His heart was anxious, 'Ordinary Friend' Xiao Lan doesn't want him anymore. Could it be that when Li Mingzhu intervened, Xiao Lan was forced to retreat?

Hong Jun quickly said, "You didn't tell her that we were …"

Hong Jun had not finished speaking, but Li Mingzhu could hear the abnormality in his voice, "Who are you?

Xiao Lan was just about to explain when Hong Jun hurriedly stopped her: "Don't tell me that you regret it and think I'm not worthy of you?"

Xiao Lan was startled when she heard that. She didn't mean that. Xiao Lan wanted to slowly get Hong Jun to distance himself from Li Mingzhu. This way would at least be better than refusing Li Mingzhu's help and hurting Li Mingzhu all at once. However, he didn't expect Hong Jun to misunderstand him.

Actually, it couldn't be blamed on the flood army. Since young, they had always been indifferent to others. He naturally cared a lot about the words of those who cared about him, especially those whom he loved.

Xiao Lan still wanted to say something, but Li Mingzhu came to a realization, "So you guys … You... "Humph!"

When Xiao Lan saw Li Mingzhu running away in anger, wanting to chase after her and comfort her, he was stopped by Hong Jun. Looking at Hong Jun's anxious expression, he called him a big idiot. In desperation, he could only scold angrily, "You are such a fool."

After speaking, he was about to run away, but Hong Jun hurriedly followed him out.

If it was any other time, Hong Jun would have thought that the other party was joking. However, at this time, Hong Jun was truly saddened to hear it. Maybe she really didn't love him.

In his heart, he thought to himself, "Yes, I am a big idiot."

Xiao Lan thought that the army would chase after them, but he didn't expect the other party to be stunned after just a few steps. Hong Jun was already angered by the other party's' ordinary friend '. He was dating himself, but he was afraid of being found out. He didn't dare to admit it in front of others. Is this love? Did Xiao Lan really love him? Hong Jun could no longer be sure. Looking at Xiao Lan's departing back view, his heart was in a mess. He recalled what Du Chengjie said a few days ago. Maybe Xiao Lan already had a boyfriend. When Xiao Lan saw that Hong Jun was about to turn around and leave in a daze, she became extremely anxious and hugged him from behind.

"Are you leaving me? You've forgotten all about us. "

Hong Jun did not expect Xiao Lan to return. How could he forget what Xiao Lan had said?

Xiao Lan became anxious when he saw that Hong Jun did not say anything.

He continued, "You misunderstood me. I only did that because I didn't want to hurt Li Mingzhu. You know that she also likes you."

Only now did Hong Jun understand why this was happening, but he asked again, "Are you really not going to leave me? Do you really like me?"


This word surpassed a thousand words. Hong Jun knew that he had misunderstood Xiao Lan. She hurriedly turned around and apologized to Xiao Lan, "I'm sorry. I overthought it. "Do you forgive me?"

"When Xiao Lan saw his lover, she no longer had any misunderstandings or misunderstandings towards him. However, she did not want to just let Hong Jun off like that." It's fine to forgive you, but what are you going to do about Li Mingzhu? "Between her and me, why don't you choose one?"

"In this life, you won't marry."

As he spoke, he lightly kissed Xiao Lan. This was the first time Xiao Lan's heart had been kissed. She ran away shyly.

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