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The next morning, after Hong Jun had washed up, he headed out. It just so happened that Granny Xing and Little Rock were having breakfast.

"Soldier, let's eat before we leave."

Only after hearing her voice did Hong Jun realize that they were about to eat. Just thinking about it made him feel hungry. He had no choice but to sit down. When Hong Jun saw Little Rock eating with his head down, he remembered that he had never been to school with Little Rock before. He said, "Little Rock, is it alright if big brother sends you to school today?"

"No." Little Rock rejected it without even thinking.

Hong Jun did not expect Little Rock to refuse. He felt really ashamed. Grandma Xing said, "Forget it. Little Rock has an appointment with Wan Ting from next door today."

Only then did Hong Jun understand. He thought to himself, 'What a small fry. "She started flirting with girls at such a young age."

When Hong Jun arrived at the classroom, he saw three people sitting together. Two of them were known as Xiao Lan and Lan Shanyu. The other man was a stranger.

"Army, let me introduce you." This is Shan Yu's brother, my cousin. Seeing that Xiao Lan was in a good mood, Hong Jun started to carefully observe the handsome man in front of him. This man's eyebrows were very thin and curved, and if one were to look at his eyebrows, they would think he was a girl. His eyebrows were thin and his eyes were big. The overall outline gave Hong Jun the feeling of being handsome. He was especially handsome. If this Mr. Lan Shiyu was a girl, he would definitely be a beautiful lady.

Hong Jun had thought of this idea for no reason and almost laughed out loud. However, in the end, he managed to hold it in. Lan Shiyu was wearing a slightly smaller school uniform, exposing his robust body to the crowd. A bunch of girls were daydreaming, but Lan Shiyu was still looking at Hong Jun playfully.

Seeing that it was Xiao Lan's cousin, Hong Jun naturally had to be polite. Just as he was about to introduce himself, he did not expect Xiao Lan to look at him with hostility. Hong Jun was naturally not afraid of the other party. Others might not know what Lan Shiyu was doing. However, Lan Shanyu knew. He called out to his brother, "No!" Although it was only a short exchange of looks. However, Lan Shiyu had already released his spiritual attack.

Lan Shiyu didn't use any heavy-handed tactics. His methods of controlling his opponent just happened to be enough to make them feel uncomfortable. But once his soul attack entered Hong's brain, he couldn't find where his opponent's soul was. He could not figure out why. Although Lan Shanyu had also told him that Hong Jun wasn't afraid of soul attacks … Lan Shiyu only felt that his little sister was lacking in offensive skills. He didn't think that his soul attack would be useless against Hong Jun. He couldn't find his soul where it was. It was as if this person didn't have a soul. This was too strange.

Xiao Lan didn't know that soul attacks could be sent out from his cousin's eyes, so he naturally didn't know what his cousin was doing. But Lan Shanyu knew; she was relieved to see her brother stop and discover that Hong Jun was not worried.

Hong Jun didn't know that the other party was testing him. He thought that the other party was trying to make things difficult for him. This was why he met eyes with others so recklessly. Lan Shiyu knew that she wouldn't be able to teach him a lesson, so she left impolitely.

Lan Shanyu was very embarrassed and quickly explained to Hong Jun: "I'm really sorry. "My brother is such a person, please don't take offense to him."

Lan Shanyu was also curious. Why was her brother so worried about Hong Jun when he attacked her? No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't figure out why.

"It's fine, I don't care." Hong Jun hurriedly made his intentions clear. In the future, if they were to be together with Xiao Lan, it was inevitable that they would have to come into contact with her relatives. Thus, it was better to leave a way out than to teach them.

However, Hong Jun was a little angry. The other party was too rude. It seemed like he had already let Lan Xueruo know about his relationship with Xiao Lan. It seemed that it was true that Lan Shiyu felt sorry for his younger cousin.

Only then did Hong Jun understand why he was displeased with the other party. It was probably because the other party felt that he was incapable and not handsome enough and was unable to give Xiao Lan happiness that she refused to give him any face. This also made Hong Jun think about whether he should get more money or power if he became more powerful in the future. It used to be hopeless, now; it's simple.

Hong Jun was wrong. If he knew that Lan Shiyu was like this because he liked his cousin, it would probably make Hong Jun depressed.

Xiao Lan also felt a little confident. His cousin was willing to secretly pass down the cultivation method to him, it couldn't possibly be because he cared about him from the perspective of a relative. Of course, she understood it better. He was only treating the other party as a big brother. Besides, Lan Shiyu had never made it clear. Back then, when Lan Shiyu had helped Xiao Lan to cultivate her mental cultivation method, she did not mention that it was an extremely valuable item. At that time, Xiao Lan did not know that it was such an important secret. Now that he knew, he understood what his cousin meant. He felt that he owed her a lot.

Xiao Lan glanced at Hong Jun and faintly smiled at him. Without saying anything, he sat down to study.

As for Lan Shiyu, he was incomparably depressed. He didn't say anything along the way and went straight to his grandfather's room. Lan Shiyu was about to knock on the door when Lan Yutian spoke up, "Shiyu, come in."

Lan Shiyu entered the room and said very politely, "Grandfather, I found something very strange today. What I said the other day was true." Lan Shiyu's grandfather, Lan Yutian, was dressed in Tang suit. Although he was a bit old, he did not have a single strand of white hair. His eyes were unusually lively.

"Heh heh, what's the matter?" After Lan Shiyu entered, she raised her head to look at her grandson and continued to read with her head lowered.

"The other day, little sister said that she met someone who wasn't afraid of my Lan family's Hymn of Broken Zither's attack. I originally thought it was because little sister's skills were lacking. But I went to see that kid today. but he really can ignore my attacks. " Lan Shiyu said as he tightened his fist.

"Oh. Although there is indeed someone in this universe that can ignore spiritual attacks, I don't think there is anyone on this earth. How could such a person exist here? " When Lan Yutian heard this, he couldn't help but to be careful. He closed his book and began to converse with Lan Shiyu.

"Grandfather, do you think he is a helper that the Du Family has hired these past few years? That brat is fighting with his cousin very passionately right now, if that's the case, Shan Yu and the others will be in great danger." Lan Shiyu revealed the doubt in his heart.

"It's hard to say whether or not he's a member of the Du Family. You better watch him closely." If it's a member of the Du Family, then I'll think of everything to get rid of him. If not, then I'll have to personally go meet him. " Lan Yu was clearly a bit interested.

"Yes." "Grandfather." Lan Shiyu replied.

On the other hand, our Lan family's strength has not increased. Your father is a businessman and is unwilling to cultivate, so only you and your grandfather can barely support this family on the path of cultivation. Originally, Shan Yu could have lived a normal life, but she couldn't do anything about the Du Family. If one day I ascend to the Immortal World, I'm afraid the Lan family will be ruined. As a descendant of the Lan family, your path of cultivation is one that cannot be neglected. Do you know? " Lan Yutian was actually a bit disappointed after he finished speaking.

"Don't worry grandpa, Shiyu will definitely work hard." Just as Lan Shiyu finished his promise, Lan Yutian let Lan Shiyu leave worriedly. Hong Jun did not know that the members of the Lan family were paying attention to him. He was still happily playing with Xiao Lan as usual.

"Lan, how's your training these past few days?" Hong Jun asked occasionally when he saw Xiao Lan having fun.

Xiao Lan was slightly unhappy when he heard this, "The Fire Cloud Art doesn't have much of a feeling, it's as if I've never practiced it before. Do you think I'm stupid? "

Hong Jun scoffed, "Nonsense, then how is your cultivation of the Cry of the Broken Zither?"

Xiao Lan was quite happy when he heard the Zither Breaking Roar. "This Zither Breaking Roar actually has some feeling. However, there wasn't any special feeling. Cousin didn't send me the next paragraph. He didn't teach me how to attack, nor did I know what it could be used for, nor did I know how to use it. Of course I don't feel as sick as I used to. "

When Hong Jun heard this, he felt bored. "Then why didn't you ask your cousin for it?"

"How can I ask him for it? Naturally, my grandfather didn't pass down the mental cultivation method to me because he didn't want others to know about it. How could I have the nerve to ask for it? " After Xiao Lan finished speaking, he felt slightly humiliated. But he had to learn the Cry of the Zither in order to use it.

"It's not like you can cultivate the Fire Cloud Incantation. How about I trade the Fire Cloud Incantation for your grandfather and have him teach you the complete set of the Cry of the Broken Zither?" "Can you?"

Hong Jun didn't place too much importance on the Fire Cloud Incantation. It seemed like Xiao Lan could only practice the Roar of the Zither. As long as Xiao Lan could accompany him for the rest of his life, he would teach the Fire Cloud Art to others.

"Forget it." Pfft, could it be that you hate me if you want to become an immortal? Hmph, I won't bother with you anymore. " After Xiao Lan finished speaking, he began to tickle Hong Jun.

Seeing that Xiao Lan was trying to make things difficult for him, Hong Jun hurriedly said, "Alright, alright. I promised you. Don't change it; we'll talk about it later. "Hehe." Hong Jun thought to himself, who said that cultivating this would help one become an immortal? Up until now, this earth has already become very prosperous. None of the scientists had an answer. How could becoming an Immortal be so easy? Maybe he would die after living for seventy to eighty years. What's the use of thinking so much now? It was better to spend time with Xiao Lan now.

The two of them had unknowingly arrived outside the music room. On a whim, Xiao Lan said, "Should I play the zither for you?" Hong Jun nodded.

The next day, as Hong Jun was listening in on the lecture, he saw an old man looking for him. Lan Shanyu recognized him as soon as she saw him. It was her grandfather, Lan Yutian. For some reason, he felt uneasy. Lan Shanyu knew about the internal affairs of the clan. Naturally, he could guess why his grandfather had come here. It was likely that he had already found out the reason for this Hong Jun's arrival. If Hong Jun was with the Du Family, then this Hong Jun would definitely die. If that wasn't the case, then why would Grandpa look for Hong Jun? Lan Shanyu was anxious, but she could not help Hong Jun.

Xiao Lan also saw it. However, he didn't feel as uneasy as Lan Shanyu did. Xiao Lan did not know too many inside information. Grandfather came to visit Hong Jun to check on his character. Lan Yutian knew that Grandfather was not a man of the secular world, so as long as he thought he was nice, everything could be discussed.

Besides, the efficiency of the Lan family was high. In just half a day, he had thoroughly investigated all eighteen generations of Hong Jun's ancestors; Lan Yu knew that Hong Jun and the Du Family had no special relationship. This was why he wanted to rope in the Hong army.

Hong Jun followed Lan Yutian to an office. There were only Hong Jun and Lan Yutian inside.

Lan Yutian went straight to the point: "I am Shan Yu's grandfather. is also Xiao Lan's grandfather. "

"When Hong Jun saw that the other party was an elder and that he was Xiao Lan's grandfather, Hong Jun, he became even more courteous." I wonder what business do you have with me? "

"From what I see, this young man has a well-built body. It seems that you are also a cultivator, right?"

As soon as Hong Jun heard this, he knew that something was wrong. Could it be that his own cultivation had been seen through by the other party? He did have a plan to teach the Lan family a secret technique. It seemed that this old man had cultivated to a very profound level. It would not be excessive to see that he was also a cultivator. He didn't deny it immediately.


Lan Yutian didn't expect the other party to answer him in such a straightforward manner. Could it be that he had already let him know about his investigation? But just think about it. He then asked, "May I know which sect this young friend is from?"

Lan Yutian knew that only the Lan Du and Lan Clan were cultivator families on this earth. I've never heard of a third house. That was why he purposely asked.

"I don't have a master. It was just a chance opportunity for me to get a book."

Hong Jun did not want to hide anything, especially that the other party was Xiao Lan's grandfather.

"Oh, then you can come and find me if you have any difficulties on the road of cultivation in the future." "Although I haven't cultivated for more than a hundred years, I still have some experience that might be of some help to you."

Hong Jun nodded. He thanked her. Lan Yutian clearly felt that Hong Jun did not want to teach him more about this matter. He could only take a step back and say, "This Lan family member will naturally bring you to me in the future."

As he spoke, he gave Hong Jun a gold card. Hong Jun received the gold card and saw two golden words, 'Lan family'. Hong Jun nodded, indicating that he would definitely ask senior for guidance if there was a chance.

"Alright, I won't disturb your studies anymore." I will take my leave. I hope to see you again. "

With that, Lan Yutian left.

Hong Jun couldn't understand why this Lan Yutian would treat him so well. No matter how he thought about it, he couldn't think of any reason, as there were some difficulties on the path of cultivation. What difficulties are there? What else could he do other than meditate? Is there a problem? I don't think so. Only now did Hong Jun begin to train, because the old man in his dream had helped him to be smart. There was indeed nothing difficult about this threshold. But in the future, he would know that this cultivation path could not be described as difficult at all. Of course, that was something to be said later.

Back in the classroom, Xiao Lan kept asking what had happened to Hong Jun. Only when Hong Jun took out Lan Yutian's gold card did Xiao Lan feel completely at ease. Grandfather would be very satisfied with Hong Jun if he was able to give him a gold card.

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