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For the past few days, Xiao Lan had been exceptionally busy. The last time she was discovered playing the zither, she had already informed the teacher in charge of hosting the Zither Competition. The person in charge requested for Xiao Lan to represent the school in the Zither Arts Competition. Xiao Lan had a special preference for the primary school zither. Naturally, he was very happy to agree.

He had lost to the zither arts genius Cai Xiaofu in the last selection and was not disappointed to be in the top three. Now that he had the opportunity, of course, he would be very happy. Thus, Xiao Lan practiced the zither almost every day. However, the more he wished to play well, the less ideal his playing would be. Hong Jun knew that this was due to Xiao Lan being too nervous. He was able to play that kind of music last time, but now he couldn't. Xiao Lan was anxious because he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to bring out the same effect during the match. When that happens, he'll lose face for the school.

"With this level of skill, if he's worthy to participate in the Zither Arts Competition of the top ten schools, did teacher's brain short circuit?" A young girl wearing a plaid shirt and a school dress suddenly appeared outside the zither room. Her long slender legs were exposed, and under her legs was a pair of exquisite crystal sandals. Her charming face was even more beautiful than Xiao Lan's, and her long hair fluttered in the wind as she spoke in a delicate voice. If it wasn't for the fact that his words were extremely sharp, the impression he gave would have been very good.

She slowly walked into the zither room, giving off a cold and elegant feeling. Hong Jun was displeased to see such a person. When he was young, he had seen too many people who acted so arrogantly. The reason why relatives were so unbridled was because Hong Jun was poor, while this young girl was because she had a unique talent in zither arts.

"You are the substitute for this round, right? I heard that the last time you played a song, people who passed by had to stop when they heard it. Is it real or fake? It can't be that they want to participate in the competition to find a backer, right? " When a beautiful woman spoke, she did not care about the feelings of others. Hong Jun could tell that Xiao Lan was obviously not his opponent's opponent. He could only step forward and help her:

"Hey, who are you? Are you speaking in human language? " When Hong Jun heard this, he wanted to curse out loud. He really couldn't take it anymore. He didn't want to give the opposite party any face.

"I'm not looking for a hand. "I …" Xiao Lan's resistance was weak. He didn't dare to continue speaking after that.

Cai Xiaofu came here to find out who the legendary female student who played the zither was. He hadn't thought that he would be the one to be defeated. What kind of powerful person did he think he was? She hated people who relied on relationships the most. Seeing Xiao Lan, she felt that he must have relied on his connections to participate in the competition. This was why he wanted to embarrass himself.

"No. Heh heh; I know your level. You were defeated by me in the last audition. I know you want to participate in the Zither Arts Competition, but why did you have the privilege this time? Cai Xiaofu did not give Xiao Lan any face as she seemed to think of something to say. This made Hong Jun especially angry.

Xiao Lan muttered, "Then wouldn't you also lose to Lin Yishu?"

These words were said by Xiao Lan in a low voice. He just wanted to say that failure once wasn't a big deal. But it just happened to be heard by Cai Xiaofu. She hated him so much that her teeth itched. Lin Yishu, who lost to Peking University last time, was not because his skills were inferior. It was the rule during the match that everyone could only play once. It just so happened that Cai Xiaofu played the first ball in the first round, while Lin Yishu from Peking University played the last bullet in the last round. That's easy to understand. It was just like how Tian Ji had lost the first match against Qi Wei back then. Every time he heard Sun Bin's words, he would change the order and end up winning. It was also a principle. Cai Xiaofu was strong. However, there were three people competing. As the first player to get high points, she also lost the last two. Besides. He would first lose the opportunity to do so. There's a way for the people behind to catch up with you; but you won't have a chance to catch up with them after the match. Unless you suppress the other heroes with your skills. Otherwise, it's impossible for you to not lose if someone on your level has the mind to prepare for it. Therefore, in Cai Xiaofu's heart, she had never lost. Even Lin Yishu, who had beaten her, said that if they compared it to the same song, she was not confident that she could win.

These words rang in Hong Jun's ears and made him happy. So even this proud woman had lost before. He no longer said anything and said loudly, "So we, the geniuses in the zither arts, have also lost before." It's really hard to believe. "

Xiao Lan was constantly pulling at Hong Jun's clothes. Tell him not to. However, how could Hong Jun let go of this opportunity to turn the tide?

"I didn't lose." Cai Xiaofu was very angry. Losing to Lin Yishu was the most painful experience in her life.

When Hong Jun heard that this woman actually didn't admit it, he wanted to say something more. "Losing to her is actually not shameful. The most embarrassing thing is that someone still refuses to admit it even after losing. The quality of our school's experts is really not that great."

Cai Xiaofu's face turned red as she heard this. She walked out of the Zither Sect angrily without forgetting to say, "This time, I will win for you guys." "Hrmph."

"We will not send off the talent in the zither arts. Let's go."

Hong Jun smiled evilly. He was secretly delighted. I told you to be arrogant. Humph. When Cai Xiaofu heard others calling him Zither Arts Genius, she was so infuriated that she was rendered speechless. Losing was a fact. Although he had never admitted it. However, there was always a gap in his heart.

After Xiao Lan saw Cai Xiaofu leave. Annoyed, he said, "How can you say that to others? Actually, she didn't lose at that time. Her zither skills were indeed very good. I should have learned from her. "

"My good Lan. You can't be so easy to talk to. Since she's not giving you face, there's no need to give her face. " Although Hong Jun was a kind person, he did not think that he could be bullied by others.

"No, at my current level, Senior Cai should be worried that I would be disgraced by the school." Actually, she did it for the sake of the school. But do you think I can do it? " Xiao Lan was still worried about losing face for the school in front of so many people.

"Absolutely. My Lan is the best in the world, you know. "Hehe." Hong Jun had a lot of confidence in Xiao Lan.

"Then tell me, how can I shoot out the same level as last time? I've tried it several times. "None of them."

Hong Jun was also thinking about this problem. It seemed that even after Xiao Lan played it last time, there was no longer that effect. Hong Jun's mind suddenly flashed with a bright light …

"Lan'er, when you played last time, what was in your mind?" You can try it now. " Xiao Lan also felt that this made sense, so he played the zither while thinking about his happiness bit by bit.

"After playing for a long time, Xiao Lan finally gave up." Forget it, forget it. I don't feel anything. I don't feel anything. " Xiao Lan was on the verge of tears. He didn't feel anything for the whole afternoon, especially when Cai Xiaofu's words embarrassed the school. Just thinking about it made him feel like he had been humiliated.

Hong Jun saw that something was wrong. He quickly said, "Yes. Not anymore. Don't even think about it. "We'll talk about it later. If it doesn't work out, we won't fight."

When Hong Jun returned home, he practiced the Fire Cloud Palm again. He seemed to have seldom slept. He sat there until dawn. Then he went to class. Time passed by very quickly. Apart from lessons, Hong Jun would practice with Xiao Lan. Xiao Lan tried countless times, but still could not find the feeling she had back then.

Today, Hong Jun sent Xiao Lan home. Xiao Lan sat behind the bicycle without saying a word. He was obviously in a bad mood. Hong Jun didn't know what to say. The two of them drove on the road in silence. Du Chengjie had just finished class and was returning home. While waiting for the green light, he caught a glimpse of Hong Jun and Xiao Lan. As the red light flashed, Du Chengjie followed the two of them.

On a dark road. He ferociously sped up as he charged towards Hong Jun. How could Hong Jun and Xiao Lan have noticed Du Chengjie, who was following them? Only when they got closer did Hong Jun realize that a car was charging towards him. When he turned around to look, he was shocked. She quickly used her left hand to hug Xiao Lan from behind. He threw the car with his right foot. It was too late to say anything. The car passed by Hong Jun and Xiao Lan. He had knocked the bicycle far away. Fortunately, neither of them was injured. He just fell to the ground.

Du Chengjie watched as the two escaped danger. He made another sharp turn towards Hong Jun. Hong Jun was panicking. Ye Zichen gathered all his strength and shot out a palm, only to see a light palm colliding into the front of the car at a visible speed. It made a loud 'bang' sound, and then it collided with a car that was parked by the roadside at an extremely fast speed. Du Chengjie's head hit the steering wheel even more miserably, so he had already fainted.

Someone had already called the police in the vicinity after such a loud noise. The police car immediately rushed to the scene. A sparse road became congested by the accident.

Only now did Hong Jun regain his senses. He had not expected that his palm strike would be so powerful. The police asked the local residents for the same answer, saying that someone accidentally hit a bicycle and hit a small car. Causing an accident. Because no one died and the only person injured was the driver himself. After comforting Hong Jun and Xiao Lan not to be afraid, the police officer left with the related items.

Hong Jun sent Xiao Lan home. His heart was filled with endless thoughts. This palm was too terrifying. He could even hit a speeding car until it turned a corner. In the future, he would be even more proficient. Hong Jun had long forgotten about Du Chengjie. Just silence in joy.

Actually, it wasn't Hong Jun's palm attack that turned the car around. It was Lu Chengjie who had witnessed a light palm attack coming at him from the direction of the turn and coincidentally struck by Hong Jun's palm. That was the reason for the scene. Of course, our protagonist was currently in a state of deep joy and worry.

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