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One side was happy while the other was sad. Du family's head, Du Hao, was in his company's office. He wouldn't believe in a police accident. He also went to see his son's car. There was a small, unremarkable handprint on it. He already knew that it wasn't just a car accident.

"If I find the culprit, I'll make sure he disappears." Du Hao smashed the table with a palm. The surrounding people all stood to one side in terror, not daring to move. It was a marble table. The crowd was speechless as they looked at Du Hao.

Hong Jun naturally didn't know just how much trouble he had caused, and was still cultivating in joy.

Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, the day of the Zither Arts Competition arrived. Yu Lan was already making arrangements. A lot of people also came to Yu Lan. Yulan School was on vacation for an exceptional day.

Xiao Lan still did not find that kind of feeling and felt depressed all day long. Hong Jun accompanied her on the school lawn.

"Lan, don't think about it if you can't figure it out. You can play that lullaby your cousin taught you in the competition tomorrow. That song sounds very good. "

Xiao Lan said, "Nonsense, that was a sad song, used for training. How can you play such a sad tune tomorrow? I've already thought of a song. "

Hong Jun had been practicing with Xiao Lan for the past few days, so he understood a little bit about the music. When he heard that Xiao Lan did not break the zither, he said, "I really don't feel much listening to you play something else. It has a special flavor to it to just play the broken zither. "

"What did you say?" You mean my harp doesn't sound good. "Haha …" With that, he laughed sinisterly as he arrived beside Hong Jun and began to ruthlessly pinch his thigh.

Hong Jun hurriedly begged for an explanation, "No, no. Heh heh. Don't misunderstand, I'm serious. That song is really very unusual, do you think the person who created it was especially sad? " Hong Jun grabbed Xiao Lan's small hand and began to play with it. His mouth began to change the subject.

"I don't know about that. Maybe she missed him too much after his lover left. " Xiao Lan said in confusion. It was as if he was in the midst of the pain of parting from life and death.

"It's also possible. Every time you play, I feel like I'm out of steam. Wasn't this next one a zither song as well? "It's really strange to have this kind of cultivation method in this world." Hong Jun had truly experienced it. However, in the future, his knowledge would grow even more.

Xiao Lan replied, "I don't know about that. I only now understand one thing. "

"What is it?" Xiao Lan finally discovered that his little hand seemed to always be in the hands of a pervert. After shaking it off, he did not forget to give Hong Jun a glance. Only then did he reply with a serious expression.

"Look, I only remembered it in the past few days." "My eldest cousin played the zither in an extremely dangerous way, even my elder cousin …" Xiao Lan stopped speaking.

Hong Jun thought about it and agreed, "Could it be that Lan Shanyu also knows this zither music?"

"I'm not sure. I've never seen her play before." Xiao Lan replied truthfully.

Hong Jun shook his head, "Don't even think about it, you can't ask them anyway. How's your cultivation of the Fire Cloud Art? Are there any developments? "

Xiao Lan replied, "I still don't feel anything." It seems like I've never practiced before. "

"Forget it." "I'm just asking casually. If there's no progress, then forget it. Take it slow." Hong Jun also couldn't figure out the cultivation method that Xiao Lan cultivated with him. Why was the other party doing nothing when they were cultivating the same way? He shouldn't have; his improvement was godly fast.

"Then have you felt anything different from when you practiced till now?" Xiao Lan decided not to feel depressed anymore. She suddenly became lively.

"I still train every day, but I don't feel anything anymore. It was almost the same as before. I think if I'm going to make progress, that old man will come looking for me; heh heh. "

Of course Xiao Lan was happy for Hong Jun, but he was unable to cultivate because he was destined to separate from Hong Jun in the future. He couldn't help but stare dumbly at Hong Jun for a while.

"Alright, the match is going to start tomorrow anyway. Let's go out and play today, shall we? " Hong Jun suggested.

Xiao Lan nodded as Hong Jun and Xiao Lan strolled along the streets for an entire day. Xiao Lan was sent home only at night.

"You're called Hong Jun?"

After Hong Jun sent Xiao Lan home, he ran all the way home. However, he met a person in a small alley. It could be said that he was dressed in black. The lights were a bit dim, so Hong Jun couldn't clearly see his face, but he could clearly see that he had very white teeth in the darkness. The man asked the moment he saw Hong Jun.

Hong Jun did not dare to be careless. The person who came wouldn't find him for no reason. And it was in the dead of night.

"Yes, why are you looking for me?"

After hearing what Hong Jun had said, the person said in a flat tone, "Then you will die today."

After he finished speaking, he suddenly arrived at Hong Jun's side. His speed was simply too fast. Hong Jun was sent flying with a single punch, not having been able to react in time. He then fell heavily onto the side of the road. Hong Jun fell to the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood. He tried to stand up but fell down again.

"Too weak." After saying that, the man in black rushed to Hong Jun's side and picked him up before throwing him out. With a loud thud, Hong Jun fell to the ground again.

The man in black walked over and kicked Hong Jun away. Then, he walked over and kicked him again. Hong Jun was kicked several times before he fell to the ground. He felt that his bones were broken and he was in extreme pain. Unfortunately, the opponent was too strong for him to fight back, so he was afraid that he would die in the other party's hands today. How could Hong Jun accept this. He pushed himself to the ground and stood up.

The black-clothed man's fight had been meaningless. He had thought that the other party would be able to fight him. He hadn't thought that he would be completely dominating his opponent.

"Make your move. I'll let you perform what you learned before you die." The black clothed man did not move, waiting for Hong Jun to make his move.

Although Hong Jun could no longer speak. But still. The most important thing was that he did not want to die yet. He saw that the other party had stopped moving. He gathered all the power in his body to launch a single palm strike. The man in black shook his head as he saw the incoming light palm. Too slow. Too slow. He used his body to block it. Who would have thought that one palm would be able to push him far away. He ran into a wall.

When Hong Jun saw that his opponent was unable to defend, he quickly ran away. The man was not seriously injured. When he returned to the scene, there was no trace of Hong Jun. In fact, the man in black thought too highly of him. He felt that Hong Jun was nothing more than mediocre because he did not go and check where Hong Jun lived. He only followed Hong Jun from school and waited for him to separate from Xiao Lan before stopping him on the road. As a result, this black clothed man didn't even know where Hong Jun's home was. However, even if they knew, the black clothed man would not go to Hong Jun's house to look for her, because no one would ever think that they would be chased down and then run back home.

However, our main character didn't have that much of a heart for fear that someone would know of our home and not dare to go back. At that time, Hong Jun just felt that he was the closest to home and that he was heavily injured, so he needed someone to help him go to the hospital.

Besides, Hong Jun was seriously injured, and the closest thing to him was his own home. He had to escape home. Granny Xing was shocked to see Hong Jun in such a state. He called for an ambulance. Xiao Lan was the first to receive a call from Grandpa Xing. He hurried to the hospital to see Hong Jun. Hong Jun's entire body was tied up. With only two eyes peeking out, the image was extremely unsightly.

"The doctor said that there were a few bones fractured in his body. "He doesn't need to be in danger of losing his life. It's just that we have to suffer for this child's death. Just who was it that killed our military?"

As she spoke, she wiped away her tears. These words were said by Granny Xing to Xiao Lan. Xiao Lan was also silently tearing up. The police came several times, because no one knew who did it until the person in question woke up. The police had to wait for the flood army to wake up before they could make any plans.

Hong Jun did not wake up for the entire night. Xiao Lan accompanied him throughout the night. This also let Xiao Lan's parents know about Hong Jun. Xiao's father was furious after knowing that his daughter was in love with a young beggar. He would rather die than agree to Xiao Lan and Hong Jun being together. He insisted on bringing Xiao Lan home; in the end, Xiao Lan used suicide to threaten Xiao Gui, making him quiet down.

"Lan'er. You have a zither arts competition today. How about you go to the competition and wait before coming over? " Xiao Lan's mother, Lan Qiuhe said.

Lan Qiuhe was Lan Yutian's youngest daughter, and Lan Yutian had a son and daughter. Lan Caihe had the temperament of a gold-collar aristocrat. She was also the second in command of Weiyuan company. Her status was very high, and her ability was naturally very strong as well, but she did not have a secret cultivation technique. In the past, the Lan family's secret techniques did not pass on men to their daughters, because sooner or later a woman would marry, and once she married someone, she would naturally kiss her husband's side. So, Lan Yutian would naturally not pass on the secret technique to her in order to protect the secret technique.

Xiao Lan shook her head, "Mom, I'm not going to participate. I don't want to leave him. I won't be able to rest until he wakes up. " Lan Qiuhe had not expected his daughter to be so stubborn. However, she didn't want her daughter to lose such a good opportunity to temper herself. She hurriedly asked Granny Xing for help in a low voice. Granny Xing knew what was important. Since Hong Jun's life was no longer in danger, he could only come to help Blue and Autumn Lotus persuade Xiao Lan.

"Lan'er, you should go to the competition first." In any case, there was a grandmother watching over the military. It's all right. I'll call you as soon as he wakes up. Anyway, you're going for a while. "

Hearing her words. Xiao Lan nodded. Only then did he get his father to drive him to school.

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