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As Yu Lan's host, the Zither Arts Competition of the top ten universities held by Yu Lan was naturally a great publicity event. The other academies all had strong experts present. Naturally, there were many people. Almost all of the students of the school came to watch. Using a huge open space as a venue. In the middle was a high platform, above which was the spot where the contestants had gone to commit the crime.

When Xiao Lan arrived at the competition venue. The match had already begun. He had reached the final stage. There were only two people playing. The other was Lin Yishu, whom Xiao Lan had met the last time. Moreover, the two of them used a zither. This was an absolute pinnacle duel.

Cai Xiaofu looked like she wanted to wash away her shame. The duo not only focused on playing the zither, they also competed with each other. Let's see who will completely fuse into the sound of the zither. If one side was distracted, the other side would definitely run. Looking at their expressions, it was hard to tell who was the winner. Seeing this scene, Xiao Lan no longer cared whether he came or not. It seemed that the school had already changed since he hadn't come.

Xiao Lan's father, on the other hand, loved to give him face. His daughter had been disqualified from the competition just because she came a little later. She was not giving him any face at all. Besides, wasn't he already here? That was why he had been dragging a teacher to say good words. After hearing the teacher's words, Xiao Lan also understood that the school was indeed because she did not come to replace them. He was in a hurry to get back. He didn't expect the phone to ring. Xiao Lan had no choice but to walk to a quieter area to pick up the phone.

Lan'er, the army is awake. He wants to talk to you. "

After hearing her words, Xiao Lan mumbled a response. The tears of happiness had already flowed uncontrollably.

Lan'er, you... Compared to... Is it time? I... Want to hear... "Breaking Zither ~ ~"

Xiao Lan continuously listened to the familiar voice and replied. She didn't want to tell Hong Jun that she had been disqualified, so she quickly ran to the music room to play alone for Hong Jun to hear.

"I'm going on stage now. I left my cell phone on. You can hear it too. "

Xiao Lan ran to the music room and opened the lid, placing the phone to the side. He began to play the Zither Break Hymn.

Cai Xiaofu and Lin Yishu were still playing. It was hard to tell who would win or lose in a short period of time. Everyone was completely silent as they listened to the beautiful music. Xiao Gui pleaded with the teacher. The teacher only said one sentence, "There's no need to make her do it again." The meaning was very clear. Xiao Lan had yet to reach this extreme.

In order to let his beloved hear more clearly, Xiao Lan used two microphones to place it at the side. Thus, the noise in the room became even louder. This melodious melody spread to the entire venue. Some of the people on the outskirts of the venue heard this first. There were already people who could not help but move towards the music room.

Later on, there were more and more people. Some people also noticed the strange scene and went to watch the commotion. However, almost everyone who heard the melodious sound of the guqin stopped making any sounds. They all unwillingly walked towards the music room.

Lan Yutian also heard the zither. He soon found out the name of the song. However, he could not believe that his granddaughter and grandson were beside him. No one in this world seemed to know of this song. But why did someone make this song sound like it had decayed? He also stood up and walked in the direction of the sound of the zither.

Lan Shiyu and Lan Shanyu also heard the sound of the zither coming from the zither room, so they naturally followed after their grandfather when he left. More and more people started to walk away from the scene.

Cai Xiaofu and Lin Yishu were disturbed by the sound as well. The two had no choice but to give up.

Lin Yishu said, "There's actually such a sad song in this world." He stood up and followed the voice. As soon as Cai Xiaofu and Lin Yishu stopped playing, everyone heard the sad song from afar. They all walked toward the sound of the zither at the same time.

His voice brought everyone back to reality from their sorrow. He then rushed towards the boundless bliss. This speed was simply too fast. Just a second ago, everyone was still feeling sad for what they had done before. The next second he felt happy for the happiness he was in. As the zither music stopped, everyone's face was still covered in tears. At this moment, he was crying tears of happiness.

Xiao Lan's zither music stopped. He had just awoken from his reverie when he heard thunderous applause. A voice came from the other end of the phone, "Lan'er. The army heard it. "You play so well."

Xiao Lan's first thought upon answering the phone was to see Hong Jun. He ignored everyone else. He rushed out of the zither room.

After Xiao Lan left. Only then did the teacher in charge of the zither arts say loudly, "This is the last gift I want to give to everyone." Thank you. Everyone, hurry up and get into your seats, then we'll evaluate the results. "

Lan Yutian was full of smiles. He praised, "I never thought that the Lan family would have such a genius. Repairing the soul. Hahaha. Who would have thought that Lan'er wouldn't be able to cultivate. He didn't think that she would actually be able to cultivate the Zither Breaking Roar to a realm where she could restore her soul. What was the Du Family afraid of? Why would the Du Family fear him? "Hahaha."

Lan Yutian was overjoyed in his heart. Everyone thought that the old man had gone insane from listening to the zither music. They all looked strangely at Lan Yutian. Lan Shanyu and Lan Shiyu, on the other hand, didn't know what this zither music was used for. Hearing his grandfather's words, it sounded as if the zither music was very powerful. Zhang Xuan was perplexed. However, it was hard to ask directly. We can only talk about it when we get home.

As soon as he returned home. Lan Shiyu asked, "Grandfather. You said the soul. Cousin, she can heal souls. What's going on? "

At first, I had the three of you think of teaching your family mental cultivation methods when you grow up. However, your cousin was born with only one soul and two souls, so she couldn't cultivate. So he didn't teach her to learn. This was the reason why her body was so weak. Afterwards, you saw that your cousin's body was too weak to teach her mental cultivation methods. I didn't approve. But I also couldn't bear to see her being plagued by illness since she was young. "I didn't expect this, sigh."

Lan Yutian's words made Lan Shanyu's eyes drop. It was because she was born into the Upper Sky that her grandfather did not pass on his family inheritance to her. He used to blame his grandfather for being biased.

As you know, the Lan family's secret technique has a flaw, which is to injure the enemy one thousand times and damage yourself eight hundred times. There is no way we can make a full blow. Even if I kill the enemy after using my full strength, I will still be severely injured. Because of Wang Da Niu, I already wasted a Gold Soul-Dan for Shan Yu. But now my Lan family has Lan'er. Compared to the Du Family's strength, they were not on the same level. As long as Lan'er could cultivate to the first level precelestial stage, then the power of her soul recovery would increase. At that time, it would not be difficult to destroy the Du Family.

Because of what Lan'er did today, my soul has already recovered. Maybe I'll be recruited by the Heaven Realm soon. At that time, it would be impossible to rely on Shiyu, a level two precelestial expert, to block the Du Family's retaliation against the Lan family. Therefore, the two of you should not only strengthen your cultivation. He had to protect Xiao Lan as well. She is the key to our Lan family's victory. This news must be kept confidential. If the Du Family finds out, we'll be in trouble. "

"Grandfather." "You always say that the Du Family cannot be provoked; can you tell us why?" Lan Shanyu was the one who knew that there was the least inside information.

"I can't tell you. The Du Family's Patriarch, Du Hao, was an Aurous Core stage expert. Even I might not be able to defeat him. Moreover, he also had his younger brother, Du De, who was a Xiantian Third Order expert. Who knows when he might break through to the Aurous Core stage. Not only that, they even raised a powerful expert. From what I know, that person is at least a level one precelestial. On the other hand, our Lan family. Because your father doesn't like to train in mental cultivation methods. The only people my Lan family has to take care of are me and your brother. And you. He hadn't even reached level 1 precelestial. "Sigh."

When Lan Shanyu saw her grandfather so worried. He was worried as well. He really wanted to raise his abilities. After saying this, Lan Yutian felt tired. He then told the two of them to go out and train.

"The reason I chose not to heal myself was so that I could slow down my ascension. Sigh. Could this be heaven's will? "Sigh." Lan Yutian was not happy that his injuries had healed. Instead, he was worried.

"" When Xiao Lan returned to the hospital, she saw that Hong Jun's eyes were filled with tears. Army, you've made me worry to death. "

Hong Jun patted Xiao Lan on the back. She said a few words not to worry. He couldn't say anything. After sobbing for a while, Xiao Lan felt much better. Only then did it gradually calm down.

"Army, do you still feel pain? I'll help you massage the parts that are uncomfortable after lying down for the whole day. " Xiao Lan was indeed a meticulous person.

"…" Hong Jun shook his head. Do you want some water? " Hong Jun shook his head again.

"Then …"

Xiao Lan was about to say something when he saw Hong Jun staring at him. This caused Xiao Lan to blush.

"Why are you looking at me? Is my face dirty? " As he spoke, he began to wipe his face.

Hong Jun wrote the word 'beautiful' on the back of Xiao Lan's hand. Xiao Lan's face turned even redder. She turned her face away from him. Inside the room, Xing Nanzi's grandma continued to laugh as she watched. Xiao Lan's face turned even redder.

Then there was the Du Family. At this moment, Du Hao's younger brother, Du De, rushed into Du Hao's room. He said, "Big Brother. Something terrible has happened. "

Du Hao was still reading the document. "Oh, Second Brother. What happened? "

Dud said angrily, "There are two bad things. Sirius' attack had failed. We were unable to kill that person called Hong Jun. "

"Oh. It seemed that this Hong Jun was truly an expert. I almost thought of that. And the other one? "

Du Hao stopped what he was doing and said.

"The second thing is that the Lan family has actually produced an expert that can heal souls. This is trouble. " Du Hao's heart suddenly trembled when he heard these words.

"Quick, tell me the details."

Du De explained the match's details to Du Hao.

"Looks like it. That girl had just gained some insight. Not a threat to us yet. However, if she becomes strong in the future, we'll be in trouble. " Du Hao's expression was sinister, and his entire body was filled with killing intent.

"That's right. The Lan family's mental cultivation method had a major flaw, but that was if that little girl could fix her soul. Then, the old man from the Lan family would have no more worries. Then we'll be in trouble. Or not. How about I go and kill that girl first? " Dud said worriedly.

"No. According to what you said, old man Lan was also present that day. How could he not know about this? Now. I think you were killed by old man Lan before you could kill him. Don't worry about it. Let me think about it. "

Du Hao waved his hand, signaling for Du De to leave. He had to think. Dud knew his brother's temper and had to go out.

"This child is called Xiao Lan." Xiao Lan, this name is very familiar. Oh. I remember. "Hehe." Du Hao finally thought of a solution.

He quickly called for his secretary. "Go and get the vice president; I have something to talk to him about."

The secretary had to send word. It took a moment for Dede to arrive.

"Big brother, you've thought of a way." Dud looked worried.

"Prepare a generous gift for Old Lan tomorrow." There was also a need for a good attitude. Do not be angry with him. Invite him to the Feng Yu Hotel. Remember to call Xiao Lan's parents as well. Especially that guy called Xiao Gui. Understand? "

Du Hao laughed in his heart after he finished speaking.

"Big brother, what are you trying to do?" Could it be that the Lan family had a child? You're scared. Don't forget what Master told you before he died. Our Du Family and the Lan Family will not rest until death. " Dede was anxious.

"Just do as I say. I will not forget my master's words. Don't worry. "Go ahead." Only now did Du De believe Du Hao. He accepted the order and left.

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