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The next day, Lan Yutian, along with Lan Qiuhe and Xiao Gui, came to the Fengyu Hotel to see Du Hao.

"Your Du Family wishes to marry into our Lan Family. I didn't hear wrong, right? " Lan Yutian immediately said.

However, Xiao Gui was extremely happy. He especially liked Du Chengjie, who was sitting by the side. It was a pity that his daughter fell in love with such a beggar. Just the thought of it infuriated him.

"What's so strange about that?" There are no eternal enemies in this world. My Du Family has never had any grudges with your Lan Family. Besides, the Lan family didn't kill any members of my Du family. It's also because of my master. But that was a matter of the previous generation. Why can't hatred be formed? " Du Hao lightly wrote that Old Man Lan didn't agree because the Lan family was stingy and had the heart to make an enemy of the Du family.

Xiao Gui also nodded his head and said that Du Hao was right. Lan Yutian felt the same way. If there was a feud between the Lan and Du Family, it was also because of a feud between his mother and Du Hao's master. There was no enmity between the Lan and Du families. The two families fought for their last wishes. The Lan family fought for Lan Yutian's mother. And the Du Family fought for the sake of their ancestral master.

"We'll talk about it later. After all, my master is not a member of my Du Family. The truth was that only the Lan family felt that the Du family was a thorn in their side. If you want to dial, do it quickly. And my Du Family has never thought of it this way. "

Du Hao's words were very good. The meaning was very clear. My Du Family has never thought of going against the Lan Family. At most, he thought of that when his master was still alive. Now his master was dead. Of course, it was the clan that mattered. He would not risk his life for the sake of someone else's surname.

Why did Lan Yutian have to do that? Of course he could make sense of it. It was just that Du Hao was too cunning. It would be a lie to risk your life for your master and the Lan family. But it is a fact for the sole purpose of dominating the earth.

Lan Yutian could only say, "It's not good for me to agree to this. What era were they in now? It's no use if the child disagrees. Everything depends on the child's volunteerism, right? "

Du Hao could hear him. This Lan Yutian was going to refuse. They were just being tactful.

"It doesn't matter. I just hope that in the future, our relatives can give our children an opportunity to interact more. "

After the two families finished talking. Lan Yutian was the first to leave. How could he not know Du Hao's thoughts? Reconciliation. He would be a fool if he was believed. But I can't offend him now. It wasn't a good thing to make a ruckus. Anyway, didn't he want the children to communicate first? Then let him communicate. It also allowed his side time to improve their own abilities. Du Hao saw that old man Lan had left. He secretly sent someone to pass on a message to Xiao Gui. At this moment, Xiao Gui was in Du Wu's office.

"Why did Director Du call me here?" Xiao Gui said carefully.

"This is colored gold. "From now on, you have to clean up the matters between my son and your daughter." Du Hao handed Xiao Gui a cheque.

Xiao Gui wanted to take it. But he didn't dare to take it. Looking at the numbers, he felt extremely uncomfortable. So many.

"Take it." I know what you've been betting on lately is no longer available. That's why I asked you to come quietly. Next time, I'll ask the people below to let you win more. In the future, those people will not dare to win your money anymore. " Du Hao said to Xiao Gui with a fake smile.

Xiao Gui was truly happy. Just as he was worrying about how to repay the debt, he didn't expect someone to personally deliver it to him. Director Du. That... Did you open it? "

Du Wu nodded. "Xiao Gui finally realized that the casino he frequented was opened by Du Hao." Thank you, Director Du. "

"Don't thank me yet. "Sign it." Xiao Gui was stunned.

Du Hao looked at him and said, "It's only a formality. As long as your daughter and my son are together. It's just a deposit. There's more after it's done. "It's my son who likes your daughter so much."

It made sense to Xiao Gui when he thought about it. It was only natural for him to spend his own family's money. He happily signed his name.

When Lan Yutian returned home, the first thing he did was to chat with his daughter, Lan Qiuhe.

"If the Du Clan suddenly wants to make peace with us, it won't be that simple. For the sake of you protecting Xiao Lan better in the future, there are some things that I must let you know about. "

Lan Qiuhe looked at his serious father. His heart was filled with doubt. Hearing that Xiao Lan would be in danger, he was even more worried. "Father, what danger will Lan'er be in?"

Lan Yutian said seriously: "You should also know that the Du Family has always been enemies with my Lan Family. But why did you suddenly think of marrying our family? "

"I don't understand either. Logically speaking, it shouldn't be justified. Don't tell me they think they can't beat our Lan family and want to make up with us? "

Lan Qiuhe was only guessing.

"You're half right. The Du Family was never afraid of us. We can't do anything to them. But now we have another Xiao Lan. "

"Dad. I didn't hear wrongly, right? The reason why the Du Family is afraid of us now is because of Lan'er. "What abilities does Lan'er have?" Lan Qiu asked doubtfully.

"There are some things I should let you know." After he finished speaking, Lan Yutian looked directly at Lan Qiuhe. Lan Qiuhe felt his brain churn. He almost stood there and did not hide himself. She looked at her father in surprise. There was no way to understand it.

"Everyone on this earth says that there are no gods. How could they not know that their knowledge was shallow? This set of mental cultivation methods passed down by our Lan family is called the Hymn of the Broken Zither. On the other hand, the Du Clan trained in the Moon-Swallowing Dragon Slaughtering Scripture. Originally, the Lan and Du Families were evenly matched. No one could do anything to him. I never thought that Xiao Lan's unintentional act would produce an ability that can heal the soul. "

"Give me some time. When Xiao Lan had achieved mastery, the Du Family was no match for our Lan Family. The Du Family actually found out about this matter, which was why they wanted to reconcile with us. But now, Xiao Lan had reached mastery in cultivation. Although it was a bit helpful, it wasn't much. So today I'm going to tell you these things. Firstly, I want you to protect Xiao Lan properly. The second reason is because I'm afraid that when I ascend to the God Realm, the Lan family won't be able to fight against the Du family, so I wanted you to cultivate your family's inheritance as well. However, this secret art ancestor had said that even if he died, he could not tell anyone else. Can you do it? "

Lan Qiuhe did not expect things to turn out like this. He had thought that the previous conflict between the two clans was just a lesson in business. But who would have thought that this would involve a true battle between the two clans? He immediately guaranteed that he wouldn't speak of his family's secret technique even if he died.

"You should just sit here and watch. After memorizing all of them, he returned home to practice with the zither music. Xiao Lan only played the first small part of the zither song. You will also pass on your lower part to her. Remember. Not even your husband. Do you know? "

Lan Qiuhe knew the seriousness of the situation. Naturally, he knew what to do. He didn't say anything. He took the score from his father and started reading it carefully.

"Also." The Du Family wants to marry us. You don't have to stop and watch and do it. As long as we can preserve Xiao Lan's life, that is fine. " Lan Qiuhe nodded.

On this day, Hong Jun slept in the hospital ward. He dreamt of the old man again.

"Child. How's your training these past few days? "

Hong Jun was overjoyed to see the old man that had not appeared for many days. He thought that the old man had forgotten about him after not appearing for so many days. But when he thought about how he wouldn't listen to the old man and teach the Fire Cloud Art to others, he began to worry. But then he thought, since the school had already taught this old geezer. He was afraid that he wouldn't be able to trick him, so it was better not to wait for him to ask and admit his mistake first.

"Old grandpa." I didn't hear your words and passed the Fire Cloud Formula on to a girl. You don't blame me, do you? " Hong Jun put on an expression of wrongdoing so that the old man could forgive himself.

"Oh. Let me guess. That girl is what you love, right? "

"Hong Jun was taken aback. This old man is not just any common tribulation." "Yes!"

"Anyway, I owe an old friend a favor. "If you taught me, then so be it." The old man continued to smile. This made Hong Jun unable to see through the other party's discontent.

Old grandpa. But there is something else I do not know; I would like to ask you. "

"Speak, child." The old man almost never had any special expression. Obviously, Hong Jun couldn't see it clearly, but he could be sure that the old man was smiling from beginning to end. It was more professional than the smiles of those courtesans.

"Why can I cultivate this Fire Cloud Art?" But can't she? " Hong Jun said anxiously. He had wanted to ask this old man about it all along, but now he finally saw him. He naturally wanted to understand why Xiao Lan was unable to practice.

"About this, everyone can train with it. How could there be a person who couldn't cultivate? "Aren't you being too anxious?"

When the old man said this, he was stunned for a moment. It seemed that he already knew the reason, but he didn't tell it to Hong Jun. It was a pity that after Hong Jun heard the old man's words, he felt that he had been too anxious. He didn't find any flaws either.

"Oh, that old grandpa. "What did you ask me to teach me today?" Hong Jun also did not give more advice on this matter. He wanted to know why this old man had come to see him.

"Today, I came to calculate that you have almost started cultivating in the sect. It's time to give you a mission. " The old man said.

"Old grandpa." What task are you going to give me? "No matter how hard it is, I will try my best to finish it." Hong Jun felt that the old man had given him too much. It was time to do something for the old man.

"The beginning of the Primal Chaos and the trials of the mortal world. Therefore, the Heavenly Dao ordered the four holy beasts to descend to seek peace and happiness for all living beings. The final goal of your cultivation is to see these four Saint Beasts. in order to get them to use their real skills for you. Although this Fire Cloud Art is easy to learn, with the four holy beasts guiding you, your achievements will be even greater. In the future, it will be easier to deal with new missions. Do you understand? " The old man paused for a moment.

"Oh. I know. But what were these four sacred beasts? Where am I going to find them? " Hong Jun could only ask more clearly.

"It's likely that no one in the mortal world would be able to not recognize these four Saint Beasts. Haven't you heard of it? " The old man was sure that Hong Jun knew of the same thing.

"It can't be the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, or Black Tortoise, right?" These are all in the novel. " Hong Jun really wanted to faint. It was just that it was similar to a novel.

"It's just their name in the world. Their real names are... Sigh. Let's not talk about it anymore. Too long. It's not easy for you to know. Before he went to them. You have to find someone. " The old man said.

"Find someone." "Will he take me there?"

"No. No. The Four Sacred Beasts were not people that could be seen just because someone said they wanted to. It depends on your luck. If you are fated to be with them. "We should naturally see …"

"Then how do I find it?" If I don't have fate, wouldn't I forever be unable to find it? " Hong Jun said unhappily before the old man finished speaking. Let me finish. "

"I'm sorry. Gramps, continue on. " Hong Jun also thought it impolite to interrupt him.

"But if you see the Yellow Emperor, it will naturally be much easier for you to find the Four Sacred Beasts. The Yellow Emperor is on your continent right now. You'll naturally find the Yellow Emperor if you follow it. " After the old man finished speaking, he tossed Hong Jun a small steering wheel.

"Remember. Only after you find the Yellow Emperor will your path truly begin. Whatever you get in the future. Or lost something. Remember. "Good and evil always think about it." After the old man finished speaking, he left in a hurry. Only Hong Jun was left.

"Yellow Emperor, the ancestor of humanity, the Yellow Emperor? He's actually still alive. "

The next day. Hong Jun woke up. He took the steering wheel out of the necklace. He felt as if his entire life had been predestined for it. What was to come would always come. He also finally understood that not everyone's dreams contained the existence of an old man. He felt like the heavens had already chosen him. That was why he was so lucky. But the next step might be as the old man had said. Abnormal danger.

The characters that only appeared in novels seemed to be on the verge of appearing. He also truly understood the true meaning behind that line of thinking about good and evil. Perhaps the road ahead was not only full of danger and temptation, but it was also one of the reasons why the old man could not truly control him and needed his self-confidence every day.

Hong Jun did not know if his future was good or evil. However, Hong Jun was certain of one thing. If possible, he would not disappoint the old man's painstaking efforts. For the past few days, Hong Jun had been focused on his training. His injuries had mostly healed. He could get out of bed now. He didn't care about anything else. He went straight to school.

It was strange. For the past few days, the Hong Army had not seen Xiao Lan. It was as if he had vanished from the face of the earth. The reason she went to school was because she wanted to see Xiao Lan earlier. However, when he came to the school, he did not see Xiao Lan either. Xiao Lan actually did not attend the class. He also didn't come to class to find Lan Shanyu. Hong Jun had to call Xiao Lan. However, the person who answered the phone was Xiao Lan's mother, Lan Qiuhe.

"Hello, Auntie. Why didn't Xiao Lan come to class today? " Hong Jun was still very polite to Xiao Lan's mother.

"Xiao Lan is sick. So I took a few days off. Also, if there's nothing else, don't try to win over my Xiao Lan. It's impossible for you to be with her. " Lan Qiuhe spoke very calmly. But how could Hong Jun remain calm?

"She's sick. Can I see her? "I'll take a look and leave." What Hong Jun was most afraid of was the opposition from Xiao Lan's family. Xiao Lan, Hong Jun, still believed it. He was just afraid that his family would use underhanded methods. This way, they wouldn't be able to see each other every day. Or send Xiao Lan abroad. Hong Jun was the most afraid. Hong Jun and Lan Qiuhe couldn't come to a conclusion. Besides, Hong Jun did not want to have a falling out with Xiao Lan's family right now. He decided to go in secret at night. Although he couldn't fly. However, in terms of speed, Hong Jun was still very confident. Don't let yourself see it. He just went to see her secretly.

After Hong Jun made up his mind. He was no longer in the mood for lessons. I just want to go home and see my grandma Xing. Unexpectedly, he met Du Chengjie.

"Did you come to look for Xiao Lan?" Sorry. Soon she will be my wife. So I came to tell you today. Stay away from my wife. Otherwise … It's not like the last time you were in the hospital for a few days. Until you die. " Du Chengjie still had his unsightly look. This time, he had stepped on Hong Jun's feet with an achievement that he had never felt before.

Hong Jun had long since thought of the fact that the people who beat him up that day were the Du Family. He didn't take it to heart either. But he heard from Du Chengjie that Xiao Lan was going to be his wife in the future. This anger came from nowhere. He had rushed over to grab Du Chengjie's sleeves, but he didn't expect Du Chengjie to be even faster. He dodged to the side. Hong Jun had caught nothing.

"You're angry, right? I'll tell you. Even though you are also a cultivator. But my family too. I didn't notice it the last few times, but now that I've ravaged you more than enough, you better be careful. " Du Chengjie looked at Hong Jun in disdain.

Hong Jun knew that he was too weak. It was impossible for him to be a match for the Du Family. Ye Zichen thought about it. He decided to wait until he saw Xiao Lan tonight before he went to find the Yellow Emperor to increase his strength. In any case, he couldn't catch Du Chengjie in a short while, so it wasn't good to cause too much of a ruckus in the school, so Hong Jun decided to forget about it. Without further ado, he walked out of the school. How could Du Chengjie let him go so easily?

"Kid. Laozi will also send you an invitation on the day of the bridal ceremony. If you have nothing else to do, come and make a ruckus. "Hahaha …"

Although Hong Jun was angry, he also knew that it would not do him any good to fight with the other party. Besides, even if they beat him up once, it would be impossible for him to not marry Xiao Lan. Right now, the most important thing was to find Xiao Lan and ask him the truth. He had a hunch. Something must have happened while I was in the hospital. You could say so. Right now, Hong Jun was more rational than before and would not act rashly.

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