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This place was further away from the city, and was considered a suburb of the suburbs. It would take at least ten minutes to take a taxi to the crossroads of the city. There were also some broken brick houses on the far side of the road. There were a few stray dogs happily running around the fields as if they were hunting some prey. This village that was less than two miles in size used to be quite popular, but at this moment, there were no longer many families here.

The sky had gradually darkened, and the only concrete road divided the small village, which only had a dozen or so broken houses, into two. Inside a dilapidated brick building that had been 'scarred' by the passage of time. A teenage boy was eating a bowl of noodles with relish. An old woman of about seventy was walking around the pot. After washing the wok, he carried two bowls of noodles to the table where the little boy was eating noodles in a tattered pudding and said:

"Where's your military brother? Why didn't he come back? It was going to rain. Eat quickly, then go and see if he's back. "

The woman in her seventies was the one who had adopted Hong Jun. Hong Jun was a citizen of this city, but he lived in the countryside. His parents were honest farmers, and being a farmer in 2885 A.D. was richer than being a teacher. However, Hong Jun's father was a gambler, not only had he lost all his family's wealth, but he was also forced to leave the small village.

Later on, he moved to the city because he did not have any skills or education, so naturally he could only do the most tiring jobs and had no money. Of course, this was all because Hong Jun's mother, Wong Ningfeng, had killed herself and pulled back the gambling man, Hong Shanbao. From then on, Hong Jun's family rented a house in the city and stayed there.

Originally, everything should have gone in a good direction, but unfortunately, the heavens did not want them to. Hong Shanbao and Weng Ningfeng once tried to pull a rope from the landing pad to tie it up, but an accident happened and both of them fell from the six-storey building and died on the spot.

Later, the public security intervention, because of a series of unqualified on the site, and now a human life, and finally the foreign owners went abroad to escape the law, and the Hong Jun from then on became orphans.

Later on, Hong Jun wanted to get the compensation back with the help of a few relatives, but the boss ran away. The company could drag relatives as they liked, and seeing that they couldn't get money for Hong Jun, they left without any benefits. Hong Jun had no one to rely on. He was just a student who was about to enter middle school and had no money on his hands. In the end, he would be forced to live on the streets, begging all day long for money.

It wasn't until one day, when Hong Jun arrived at the village and was extremely tired, that he was saved by this old lady and adopted by her. It had been five years now, and the old woman had long since treated Hong Jun like her own grandson.

The little beggar lifted his head to look at the old woman. "There's no need to shout. He's been hit by a car and killed." He didn't seem sad at all.

The grandmother laughed. "You can't curse your brother. Actually, your brother really loves you. The reason he picks up trash every day is so that you can read more books and grow up in the future. Last time you bought presents for the little girl and he stole your family's money, he was in the wrong. But that was also money he saved up for you countless of times to go to school. You can't afford to read with that little bit of government support. Let's stop talking, let's stop talking. Hurry up and eat. When you're done eating, go and call him back. "

A series of grants from the government in 2885, of course, were available, but less than teaching. It was fine if one person was alive, but not if there were more people. After all, people have been living in peace for too long, and their mindset of letting things go smoothly is very serious. In 2550 A.D., government subsidies were so large that the government ran a huge budget deficit. If you don't do anything, the government will subsidize you so everyone wants to be lazy. As a result, the financial crisis, currency inflation, reached an unprecedented high, and the government started to enforce the financial subsidy strictly. At this point, the government no longer cared about the matter of the old lady bringing the two children with her. Everything depended on him.

Little Xing Shi finished his meal and stood to the side. He was still angry, as if he was still angry that day.

Seeing that Xing Shi did not have the intention to go, the old granny urged him, "Quickly go. It's going to rain. "

Granny Xing knew that they were quite a distance away from the big city now. He only wanted Little Xing Shi to go and take a look at the road in front of the door, but if Hong Jun took too many things, he would help out, not ask Xing Shi to go to the city to look for them.

"I told you, he's dead." The little boy's voice was very loud, causing the old granny to jump in fright.

"Oh?" The old granny was getting a little angry. You are not allowed to curse your brother, if you did not spend all your money, he would not have let you go out with him to pick up trash. Hurry up and go, if your face gets cold, it won't taste good anymore. "

Xing Shi's face turned red as he angrily shouted, "He's really dead! I saw him being dragged away!"

Only then did the grandma believe him. He anxiously pulled Xing Shi and asked, "Are you joking? What happened?"

Seeing that his grandma's tone had calmed down, Xing Shi said, "He bullied me again after leaving today." Whoever picked up the least would be beaten. "Later on, he ran to another person to snatch the empty bottle, and was accidentally sent flying by the car. He flew far away with a whoosh. Later on, he was said to have run over and died, and then was sent away." Xing Shi spoke so lightly, as if he was speaking of someone else's matter.

The old granny's face turned green. She had never given birth to her own child, and her husband had died a long time ago. Five years ago, he accepted Hong Jun as his grandson and the two of them relied on each other for survival. The thunderbolt from the clear sky had aged her by a few years. Since the stone was still young, Hong Jun didn't want to go to the orphanage government, so he didn't care. Everything in the family was maintained by the Hong troops. Needless to say, the two of them would starve to death without Hong Jun. Most importantly, grandma had long since recognized Hong Jun as her grandson. It was better for her to grow up than to give birth to him.

"Remember, child, good and evil are always on your mind. "Remember, remember."

Hong Jun woke up, thinking about this sentence that he had been repeating in his dreams ever since he had become sensible. He could not figure out why. Who was that white-haired old man whose face he could not see in his dreams? And why did he always emphasize such a sentence to himself? After thinking about it for a long time, he felt that perhaps everyone's dream had an old man in it. There was also a saying. Thinking of this, he felt relieved. So what if they didn't understand? What was the use of everyone having thoughts? Besides, what did that mean? He didn't understand either.

Hong Jun was still very worried about the old granny. However, he unexpectedly discovered that the old granny and little Xing Shi had also arrived at the hospital. There was another person who was thinking about Xiao Lan day and night. Only after seeing that Hong Jun was fine did the old granny relax.

At this time, Xiao Lan said, "I met Granny Xing at the door and asked her about it. Only then did I find out that she had been looking for you all night." So I brought them here, and yesterday I should have sent word that you were all right. However, since you didn't elaborate, I didn't pay much attention to it. Are you really embarrassed? "

When Granny Xing saw Xiao Lan, she was extremely happy. It was as if she was looking at her own granddaughter-in-law. She smiled and said, "This Xiao Lan is really sensible." It took me a night of walking to this hospital. Thank you for taking care of Hong Jun. "

Xiao Lan saw the uneasiness in the grandma's heart as she said, "No need for that. It's all because of me, Hong Jun. It's only right that I take care of him. After all, I let you guys down first."

Hong Jun looked at Xiao Lan and apologized, "You don't have to say sorry, I'm really fine now."

Only good people like Hong Jun and Granny Xing were able to take care of him even though he had been run over. But the world is cold. If the two sides were of the same level, then the one being hit would definitely receive a large amount of compensation. However, Hong Jun was the weaker one. For those unreasonable upstarts, if they accidentally ran into someone, they would lose some money. You may not even get compensation under normal legal rules. Hong Jun was most impressed with his parents' accidental death at the construction site. The other party had only accompanied him with a little bit of money, and he had taken the trouble to ask for that money every day in order to give it to him. Xiao Lan was apologetic and guilty at the same time. Compared to those people, he was much more 'magnanimous'.

When the general manager of the company saw this, his face turned ugly. She was worried that Hong Jun was not worthy enough for him.

Weiyuan Company is a very large company in H City. It has branches all over the country. It was established not long ago, only sixty years ago. But his first chairman was a retired high-ranking military official. In City H, Wei Yuan was enemies with another company, Cheng Jie. However, these two companies were considered the two most powerful companies in City H at this time.

Hong Jun saw that Xiao Lan was tired, but due to politeness, he did not express dissatisfaction. He hurriedly helped Xiao Lan to resolve the situation:

"Xiao... Xiao Lan, didn't you want to take the exam? "Hurry up, we're going to be late."

For the first time, Hong Jun used Xiao Lan's name and his face actually turned red. Xiao Lan was stunned for a moment before she understood that Hong Jun was helping her out. She followed the flow and said that she had to take the exam to escape.

When she saw that Xiao Lan had left, she felt a little disappointed. What a good girl, it would be great if she could be my granddaughter-in-law, but it's a pity, her grandson is just like a beggar, aiya!

Hong Jun saw his grandma sigh and did not know why. Seeing the fruit on the table, she said, "Grandmother, please eat the apple. It's fresh."

Xing Shi swallowed his saliva when he saw the apple. He wanted to eat it but didn't dare to ask for it. He still didn't know much about this brother of his, and never dared to act so impudently in front of him again. Granny Xing took the apple and gave it to Xing Shi.

"Eat, you have to accompany me to the hospital today. I haven't eaten yet."

Xing Shi took the apple and began to eat without a word.

"Grandma, why are you walking? Why are you so far away from the hospital?" Hearing his grandma say that she walked over, Hong Jun could not help but feel sad.

"Forget it, our family's money is not enough for Little Rock's tuition next time. If we can save it, we should at least save a bit. Besides, every hospital runs, how expensive is a car?"

Hong Jun blamed himself. He was already seventeen years old, but he had not allowed his grandmother to live a better life. The seventy year old man had actually walked the entire night just to find him. Just thinking about it made his heart ache. If it wasn't for his bad luck, 17 years old people wouldn't have to pick up grades every day. There were a lot of factories in this society. Although it was a bit tiring, it was still possible to earn living fees.

Every time he entered a factory, he would definitely not exceed three days. Within three days, he would definitely be forced out of the factory due to some mysterious problem, and it was the most depressing thing about him being expelled from the factory. After a while, many of the surrounding factories knew of Hong Jun's misfortune, and no one would be able to recruit him anymore. And Hong Jun has since lost the confidence to enter the factory.

Seeing that Grandma was a little tired, Hong Jun took out all the items and placed them on the table. "There are biscuits and water here. You can eat your fill and then sleep on that bed for a while. "

After she ate some, she was about to go to bed when a nurse walked by and saw a dirty old man about to go to bed. She walked in unhappily.

"Who are you people?"

Hong Jun quickly answered, "They are my family."

The nurse looked at the two of them, and Granny Xing smiled at her. The beautiful nurse pulled up the quilt and placed it on her hand. She then glanced at the old granny before rushing out of the room.

Hong Jun was speechless. "I'm fine," she consoled him. "I just want to take a nap. It's raining outside and my clothes are dirty from the exhaust. It's hard for me to wash after dirtying my blanket."

Hong Jun couldn't leave. After his grandma fell asleep, he called over Little Rock, who was eating a biscuit. "Little Rock, put your bag on Grandmother."

Hong Jun handed his thin blanket to Little Rock, who took the blanket and covered it with it. Before long, the entire ward became quiet. One of them was sleeping soundly, another was pondering over something, and another was eating a biscuit with relish.

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