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In the dead of night. Hong Jun carefully climbed up the room that Xiao Lan was in. He then carefully entered the room. He saw Xiao Lan sleeping peacefully on the bed. Hong Jun carefully woke Xiao Lan up. However, he did not expect Xiao Lan to be unable to hold back her tears after seeing Hong Jun. Hong Jun did not understand what Xiao Lan had experienced that made her so sad. Sad.

"Army, can you not leave today?" Hong Jun nodded. He wanted to ask why, but he couldn't. If Xiao Lan wanted to say it himself, he would naturally say it. Hong Jun did not want to give Xiao Lan any pressure either. The two of them lay on the couch quietly. No words.

"Take me." Xiao Lan said shyly. Hong Jun never thought that he would want to wait for the other party to sort out their thoughts and tell him what had happened. But who would have thought? The girl was thinking about this. That was normal. In the dead of night, it was the easiest night to arouse the lovers' desire.

"You really want to." Although Hong Jun hoped that the two of them would do this on the day of their marriage, if Xiao Lan wanted him to, she wouldn't have such a tradition.

Xiao Lan nodded. As if it was already prepared. Looking at his captivating face in the darkness, the flames of desire in Hong Jun's heart suddenly rose. How could he still have the thought of refusing? The most important thing was that this was suggested by the girls first. If he refused again, he wouldn't be a man. He had forgotten his true purpose in coming here.

Just as Hong Jun was about to kiss the other party, he didn't expect that Xiao Lan would already have her head close to his face. Hong Jun felt as if his heart was about to leap out of his body. Although Hong Jun was twenty years old, he was still a character who knew nothing about this. He had not seen some bad stuff before.

For example, a little beggar working all day for the life of the time to think about that. Although Hong Jun was about to suffocate from the kiss, he did not want to stop. Fortunately, his training had succeeded, and he was able to take the initiative in just a short amount of time. Because they could not turn on the lights, the two of them could not see clearly in the dark. Before long, the two of them had already become naked fruits. No matter what, Xiao Lan was shy and covered himself tightly with a blanket.

How could Hong Jun let her off at this moment? Without saying anything further, he lifted the blanket and hugged her. His hands naturally held the jade figure high up in the air. Although Xiao Lan was thinner, his chest had already grown quite well. Hong Jun discovered that what was normally wrapped within his clothes didn't look particularly tall. His hand actually just happened to grasp onto it.

This was the first time she was touched by someone's skin. Xiao Lan was instinctively shocked. Her body shook as she tried to stop Hong Jun with her small hands, but as soon as she thought of it, she immediately put down her raised hands. Then, she relaxed her entire body to welcome Hong Jun's warm kiss and touch.

In another place.

In an ancient room. A young girl suddenly woke up. "Who is he? How can he do this to me... "How can I …" But then he remembered the love in his dream. The girl's face turned even redder.

"Let's go. Don't let my family know. " Xiao Lan seemed to have formed a seal in his heart.

"Why? You have to tell me why. "Where did I fail?" Hong Jun woke up from his shock.

"No reason. I don't love you. "You should hurry up and leave." Xiao Lan kept pushing Hong Jun towards the window. Looking at his resolute lover. Hong Jun knew that no matter how much he asked, he wouldn't be able to get an answer out of it. Looking at the patch of red on the sheet, Hong Jun bit his lips and had no choice but to jump out of the window and head straight home.

Xiao Lan looked at the departing back of Hong Jun. However, he could not speak of the bitterness in his heart. Even more so. I can no longer control my tears. "I wish for an afterlife. I'll be with you again. "

Hong Jun returned home. He couldn't sleep. He had no choice but to call Lan Shanyu for help. The two of them made an appointment to meet at the school gate the next day.

The next morning. Lan Shanyu was waiting at the school gate. Seeing that Hong Jun had arrived, the two of them went to a small restaurant to eat breakfast while chatting.

"Tell me quickly. Why did Xiao Lan want to marry Du Chengjie? What exactly happened here? " Hong Jun waited for an entire night. How could he not be anxious?

"I have to start from a long time ago." Lan Shanyu did not start talking about Xiao Lan, but prepared to start from the beginning.

Hong Jun said anxiously, "Then quickly tell us. It's simpler."

Lan Shanyu nodded and said, "At that time, there weren't any cultivator clans on Earth …"

"There are no cultivation families. This. Isn't it true for your family and the Du Family? "This …" Hong Jun could not figure it out. Any random person from the Du Family would be able to defeat him. From this, Hong Jun realized that the Du Family must also be a cultivation family.

"Don't cross your legs. "Listen to me." Hong Jun nodded his head.

"At that time, there were indeed no cultivation families on Earth. I don't know about that either. Grandfather didn't say. Don't ask. I don't know. Okay. Begin at a new beginning. At that time, there were no cultivator aristocratic families on this earth. Everyone was ordinary. Until one day. Two people came to Earth. Don't ask. "Wait a moment." When Lan Shanyu saw that Hong Jun was about to join the group, she stopped.

"Those two people are not Earthlings. He was from a planet called Flame Dragon. However, they were all cultivation experts. They're pretty much all Immortal Level experts now. "

"Then what are they here for?" Hong Jun could not help but ask curiously.

"Aiya. Tell you not to ask. Listen to me. The two of them had a grudge against each other. According to my grandfather, that man is a devil cultivator. One of the techniques he trained in was the 'Moon-Devouring Dragon Slaughtering Codex'. As for the woman, she was cultivating the Hymn of the Broken Zither. Curious. "It's the spell my family practices." Lan Shanyu glanced at Hong Jun. Seeing that Hong Jun did not ask, he praised him in his heart that he was pretty cute.

"When the two of them came to Earth, they had a fight. They were both heavily injured. That man was saved by someone surnamed Du. That man knew that his end was near. However, he was not sure if his enemy would die as well. He passed on the cultivation method to the kid named Du. That kid is Du Hao. And the woman. She was also seriously injured. There wasn't much time left. But she met a kind-hearted person. That kind-hearted man saved him. Moreover, the two of them had developed feelings for each other. Originally, she had planned to finish the rest of her days happily just like that. But she didn't expect that before he died, he would provoke her into telling her that he had found a successor. He would definitely let his descendant kill his child. By then they had children. That child is my grandfather. As a mother, how could she bear to put her child in danger? Thus, when my grandfather was ten years old, my grandmother used up all her cultivation to help him reach Foundation Establishment. And then my grandmother went not long after that. "

Hong Jun had been listening for so long, but he still hadn't heard the main point. He was getting a little anxious. Lan Shanyu looked at him. He understood in his heart. So he decided to cut to the chase.

"Later on, the Du Family also opened a company. Just like that, he kept fighting with my Lan family. All these years. The two families were on par with each other because their strengths were on par with each other. No one dared to fight anyone first. Until the day comes. " Hearing this, Hong Jun was moved. It seemed that he had reached the crux of the matter.

"Until the day comes. After her cousin had learned the ability to restore her soul … The standoff between the two families was broken. The Du Family sensed that there was danger, so they took the initiative to express their goodwill towards my Lan family. Require marriage. We could have avoided them. But his grandfather had cultivated successfully. It was about to ascend. And once my grandfather ascends, even if Lan'er's cousin can recover her soul, it'll be useless. Thus … Cousin must be ignoring you because Auntie won't let her. Cousin did it all because of the Lan family. "Speaking of which, the Lan family owes my cousin too much."

Hearing this. Hong Jun understood everything. Why did Xiao Lan do that? Xiao Lan's heart must be very excited right now. Even so. It was also impossible for the Hong army to make Xiao Lan marry Du Chengjie. Everything was because of the Du Family. Since that was the case, he would destroy the Du Family. However, his current strength was simply not enough. Thus, he could only listen to the old man and go find the Yellow Emperor. Hong Jun thought about it and understood. Strength is the truth.

Lan Shanyu saw the Hong army in such a state. He felt sad as well. He said, "It's not like I have no choice but to marry my cousin to Du Chengjie."

When Hong Jun heard this. There seemed to be another way. He hurriedly said, "What do you think?"

"If I let your master and my grandfather join hands, they would definitely annihilate the Du Family." Lan Shanyu already knew from her grandfather that Hong Jun was a true cultivator. He naturally thought that Hong Jun had a master.

"I don't have a master. This was the truth. "I …" Hong Jun was truly speechless. No one seemed to believe that he had no master. That old man could be counted. However, the old man had also said that he would not become Hong Jun's master. Besides. Hong Jun, please let that old man help you. Wait until that old man comes back and begs for his help. Hong Jun did not know when it would be. There was no way to solve the problem. Besides, the old man might not help.

"If there's no way to get your master out, there's still another way. Kill Du Chengjie. But you're in trouble. Not only would he be caught by the police. He would also be hunted down by the Du Clan. I want to do it the way the Du Family did. Granny Xing and Little Rock might be killed because of you. So this won't work. There was only one way. Destroy the Du Family. " Lan Shanyu said.

Hong Jun decided to go find the Yellow Emperor. Let's talk about it later. It was impossible to save Xiao Lan and harm his grandmother, Hong Jun. So he didn't kill Du Chengjie. After bidding farewell to Lan Shanyu, he prepared to go find the Yellow Emperor.

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