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Unknowingly, a month had passed. Xiao Lan came to the hospital when Hong Jun was discharged, so she gave a sum of money to Grandma. Hong Jun didn't have to go through too much trouble every day. However, every day, Hong Jun would think about that smile.

On this day, Hong Jun returned to the house, sprinkling the empty bottles he had picked up on the corner of the room, sitting on a chair without any tassels. He discovered that there was no one at home but himself. Normally, she wouldn't go out. Hong Jun came back too early and sorted out the empty bottles. Just as he was about to go out and find his grandma, his grandma was walking home with a smile on her face.

"Grandma, where did you go?" Hong Jun, who was standing at the door, asked his grandmother who was walking in from afar.

There was a person following behind her. He was not considered tall, and was about 1.75 meters tall. At first, they weren't able to see who he was, but when they got closer, they discovered that he was very dark, like a piece of charcoal. He wore a large ball shirt, and his hands were rubbing around as if they were dirty. There was also a big 23 on top of the shirt. The man saw Hong Jun opening his mouth and baring his white teeth, "Hong Jun; do you remember me?"

"Black" giggled as if he was very happy to see Hong Jun.

At first sight, Hong Jun thought he looked familiar. Upon hearing his voice, he recognized him: "It's Big Brother Mountain."

Wang Dashan. He had been working outside for two years and had learned how to paint and come back. He was older than Hong Jun by three years, and this year, he was already twenty years old. Because Wang Dashan didn't read or mix with the society, he met the fearless Hong army while strolling in the city. Wang Dashan sympathized with Hong Jun's encounter, so the two became good friends.

Wang Dashan's father, Wang Sheng, had a paint company that specialized in painting and the like. Of course, Wang Dashan's half-brother, Wang Da Niu, was even more powerful. Because of his father's relationship, he gathered some people and started a construction company that was even bigger than a school. Specialized in painting.

Wang Da Niu recently came to find a good friend of his from many years ago to help him because he was alone in a building and lacked the help of an assistant. He was on the Blue Ball at the street and wanted to try his luck when he met his old buddies, Wang Da Shan. In the end, she remembered that she had a good brother like Hong Jun, and immediately told her about the situation. Seeing that Hong Jun could have a job, she naturally raised her hands and agreed.

"Good boy, luckily you didn't forget me, or else I would have crippled you." I heard that you have nothing to do, so come and help me for a few days. I'm lacking a person right now, what do you think? " Seeing that Hong Jun knew him, Wang Dashan was quite happy.

It was not that he did not want to go. On the contrary, he wanted to do something, at least it was better than picking things up. However, he was too unlucky, and things would always go wrong, so he did not want to cause trouble for Wang Dashan.

Wang Dashan saw the troubled look on Hong Jun's face and said, "Don't worry, even though we are brothers, we will still settle the score. I will not let you down, what price do I have to offer you outside? I will treat you to a meal first, what do you say?"

Wang Dashan thought that Hong Jun was worried about losing money because they were familiar with each other, so he made the matter clear.

Hong Jun saw that Mountain had misunderstood. He was anxious, but it was not good for him to speak. He couldn't say that he was unlucky and couldn't do anything, right? Was this also the reason? Granny Xing knew the difficulty of Hong Jun. He said to Big Mountain:

"It's not that the military doesn't want to go, it's just that his luck is too bad. No matter what he does, there will always be an accident."

Wang Dashan wanted to laugh. He became a bit angry and said, "Although the salary I offer is not very high, it will not be a loss to you. It's fine if you don't want to go, but I'll look for someone else. "

This Wang Dashan also had a bad temper. This couldn't be blamed on Mountain. Wang Dashan's father had two sons. Big boss, Big Mountain is number two. Originally, it was not his turn to do this job, it was for his brother. However, before he could vouch for Wang Sheng, his father agreed. After all, it was his first time being the boss. Secondly, because it was easy to talk to, something happened that couldn't reach his father's ears, so he stayed quiet. Since he had a bad temper, he really didn't have many friends. If Hong Jun didn't go, his only good friends would stay in the factory, and if they came out, they would give him a month of odd jobs.

Seeing that Wang Dashan was angry, Granny Xing quickly said, "No, I misunderstood you." This soldier was really unlucky. He had searched for many factories in the past few years, and in less than three days, he was able to find one. Just a while ago, he finally got into a factory and got into a fire for no reason. As a result, he was kicked out.

After Wang Da heard this, he felt that he had misunderstood. Seeing that it was all luck, he continued, "What is there to be afraid of, come with me. What the hell is luck? "I don't have the family name of 'evil', how can people be forced to death by luck. Let's go, we'll go tomorrow. That place is full of beauties, there are many rich young mistresses in there."

Seeing Wang Dashan's actions, Hong Jun was cheering for himself in his heart. That's right, how could he be forced to die by luck? However, he wasn't confident and said, "Okay, if there really is an accident and something happens, you can't blame me."

Seeing Hong Jun agree, Wang Dashan was happy in his heart. He said, "Of course, since the sky is falling, I will bear the consequences."

The next day. The two of them arrived at a skyscraper in H City and took the elevator up to the 30th floor. There were a few words placed beside the corner. The Fibre Zither Garden.

Only then did Hong Jun understand that this was the place to learn the zither. The two of them entered the room and looked through the glass at the various zither in the room. They had truly gained experience. There were both modern and ancient ones. No wonder all the young mistresses are studying here. Just by looking at the zither, he could tell how powerful the teachers here were.

Just as Hong Jun was gaping at him, Wang Dashan glanced at him and said, "You're shocked right now. When those beauties arrive, don't you always drool? You've never seen the world before." After which, he shook his head.

Hong Jun also felt that he had lost control of himself. He followed Wang Dashan to where he was working, and as soon as the two were ready, they began their work. After an unknown amount of time had passed, Hong Jun heard a large number of voices coming from the corridor and laughed. The beautiful ladies are here. "

In just a short while, forty to fifty young girls had entered the glass room. When Hong Jun looked at the young girl through the glass window in the corridor, he felt a tinge of excitement and anticipation. Hong Jun did not know what this trace of excitement and expectation was either. However, in the end, he smiled. He now knew why he was looking forward to it. It was because he had seen Xiao Lan.

Wang Dashan teased.

"Do you find out who's the prettiest?"

Wang Da saw that Hong Jun did not say a word, and said: "Do you see that person in the miniskirt? The one in the black sock is so sexy. Such a low neckline, if I passed by her, I would definitely be able to see her, hehe heh heh, and also, that skirt is short, do you know what that is called? Absolute domain. If it was short, it would dew up. If it was long, it would be unnecessary. Tsk tsk tsk, it really is, ah, sexy. Oh right, her name is Lan Shanyu, she's the prettiest and sexiest one among them. She is also my favorite, a daughter of Weiyuan Company. In Weiyuan Cook City, she wears all of her clothes, which is better than a model's figure. She was the one who had endorsed all of Wei Yuan's costumes. "It's very famous."

Lan Shanyu, Weiyuan Company is the largest company in H City, a family-owned company with a wide variety of industries." With regard to all the female industries, such as apparel, jewelry, famous cars, etc., Weiyuan Corporation rarely invited famous models, because Weiyuan Company had a natural beauty of a miss. When she was fifteen, Lan Shanyu was already 1.7 meters, and now, when she was 18, she had a perfect 1.7 meter body. It would not be an exaggeration to say that they were like a fish in the water, a goose in the clouds, or a flower in the moon. And his own clothes have always been bold, is every love of the beautiful woman's weathervane. Her personality was cheerful and daring. On his 18th birthday, he even started off with a show to show off his underwear. From then on, all of his clothes were explained by this Lan Shanyu, who was not in the entertainment circle but had a famous figure. Although he had yet to enter the entertainment circle, his fans were already countless.

Looking at Wang Mountain and its endless waves, Hong Jun felt a bit depressed. Are we here to work or to see beautiful women? Wang Dashan had long forgotten that he was here to work, so he continued happily.

"And her family is great. Needless to say, her money was not going to last forever. The most important thing was that her grandfather was a general. They have a lot of influence in the military too. "

"Big Bro Mountain." The oil is all over the floor. " Hong Jun's sudden outburst scared Wang Dashan. He could not afford to make a mistake. He stopped and took a peek inside the house. He said, "Work, work."

Logically speaking, she shouldn't be able to listen to him. The teacher inside was already teaching, and although the sound wasn't loud, the two most important people in the classroom spoke very quietly, but she could still hear them.

The two people outside the house were completely unaware that Lan Shanyu was listening to their conversation, while Wang Dashan peeked inside the house as he brushed. Hong Jun also did the same, one was peeping at Lan Shanyu and the other was peeking at Xiao Lan.

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