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The two of them worked outside the glass door. Soon, it was noon and the crowd was about to disperse. It just so happened that Hong Jun was carrying a small barrel of paint to Wang Da Shan. Wang Dashan was standing on a small ladder. When he saw that everyone was about to leave, he was about to jump down and run into the oil barrel handed over by Hong Jun. The oil in the barrel immediately spilled out. The two of them were already at the door, and now that someone had come out, it splashed onto the legs of the person who came out. Fortunately, the people who came out wore short skirts, but they also had stockings. The two of them were shocked. When they raised their heads to look, they were greatly shocked. Who was this person? Lan Shanyu. The person that he should not offend. Wang Dashan stuttered, unable to speak. Seeing this, Hong Jun hurriedly apologized:

"I'm sorry, we didn't do it on purpose. Take off your socks, or oil on your skin may cause allergies. "

Hong Jun was still aware of this point. Although paint was harmless now, it was normal for human skin to be allergic to paint. Therefore, Hong Jun kindly reminded him.

Lan Shanyu did not know this, but she was very angry and did not say a word. Hong Jun then said, "Miss, quickly take it off, otherwise the allergy will be very hard to bear."

At this moment, the manager of the garden rushed over. Seeing Lan Shanyu like this, he angrily scolded Wang Da, "What are you doing? I told you to come brush the wall, I'm not asking you to paint people. You don't need to come tomorrow."

Hearing that, Wang Da became anxious, he hurriedly apologized to the person in charge: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. "I didn't do it on purpose. Please give me one more chance, please give me one more chance."

Wang Dashan had already promised that he would never be able to lift up his head in front of his father. He would never have anything to do in the future and would only be his brother, Da Niu's follower.

Hong Jun did not expect that this job would be so important to Mountain, seeing that Lan Shanyu was already taking off her socks, he also came to help Mountain beg for the blame. Some people came out from the corridor, and some people only looked at them from inside, everyone looked at Hong Jun and Wang Da with peaceful expressions as they begged for the person in charge. And now, the paint on the door was so dirty that no one would dare to come out.

When Xiao Lan saw Hong Jun at this moment, she felt that she needed to help him. He then walked up to Lan Shanyu and said:

"Sis, I don't think these two did it on purpose. This job seems very important to them, so just forget about it."

Others might not know, but Xiao Lan was very clear that this violin garden belonged to the Lan family. Although Lan Shanyu was angry, Xiao Lan had to give her face no matter how much she begged. He then said to the culprit:

"Forget about it, they'll do it tomorrow."

After saying that, she pulled Xiao Lan away without looking back. Hong Jun heard what Xiao Lan said, so he could only keep his gratitude in his heart. Wang Da almost kneeled down to the person who paid the price, he did not expect Lan Shanyu to actually say something, and he immediately became happy. The manager replied and angrily looked at the two of them before leaving.

Unexpectedly, those beauties were able to learn for only half a day, but since they had nothing to do in the afternoon, the two of them worked much faster. After finishing their work early in the evening, the two of them were eating in a small restaurant. Even though it was considered delicious, the dishes on the table were all ordinary dishes, such as green stir-fried vegetables and the most expensive of the three dishes in the table should be that plate of green peppers fried meat.

Wang Dashan downed a glass of wine and said with the smell of alcohol, "See, following your Big Brother Dashan is fine, what luck? Today's luck is bad enough, it's still not that bad."

Hong Jun watched as Wang Dashan mocked him, speechless. If Xiao Lan had not appeared today, he would have harmed Wang Da.

Actually, Hong Jun couldn't be blamed for what happened today. If it wasn't for Wang Dashan, who couldn't wait to see the beauty, jumping down from the stage, this wouldn't have happened. However, because Hong Jun had the thought of first come first serve, he always felt that bad things would only happen because of him.

Wang Dashan drank too much, and once he got drunk, he began to chat again. He even took out something from his bag; it was the stockings Lan Shanyu had taken off today. Hong Jun had not drunk much due to his alcohol tolerance and was still conscious. After snatching the stockings from Wang Dashan's hands, he prepared to go home and wash them before returning them to his parents.

The two of them fell asleep in the rented house, but Hong Jun was still unable to fall asleep. Xiao Lan's smiling face would always appear in his mind, making him feel uneasy. Had she forgotten herself? Why did she ignore me? After wandering around countless times and asking himself countless times, he had unknowingly fallen asleep.

They got up early in the morning and went to work in the violin garden. Just like the day before, Wang Dashan was looking forward to Lan Shanyu, while Hong Jun was thinking about Xiao Lan.

Wang Shan had long since seen Lan Shanyu enter, and Lan Shanyu had also looked towards the two of them. She saw that one of them was staring at her lecherously, while the other one was looking at her from behind as if she was staring at the air. Lan Shanyu was very confident that as long as she was here, no other woman would pay attention to her, and all of their gazes could only be locked on her, without exception. But today he had met someone who could see her beauty as air, and she was a little annoyed. Was there anyone here more beautiful than herself? The answer was definitely no. When Lan Shanyu saw Wang Da, she gave a disdainful smile, but Wang Da believed that Lan Shan Yu had a good impression of him.

"Did you see that? Lan Shanyu is smiling at me! Did he fall for me? Hehe, sleeping with such a beauty every night is such a great pleasure!"

He didn't expect that these words would be heard by Lan Shanyu. Someone actually had the guts to insult him. He was simply courting death. Lan Shanyu clenched her fists. A formless energy rushed towards the two of them and attacked them through the glass. Wang Dashan let out a cry, and fell to the ground, in so much pain that he was about to die.

When Hong Jun saw this, he was frightened and anxiously said: "Big Brother Mountain, what happened to you? I told you not to drink too much yesterday. You didn't listen, you had a stomach upset today. Let me help you sit up."

Wang Dashan nodded, the pain was so painful that he couldn't even speak. Hong Jun helped Big Mountain up and sat him down, fanning Big Mountain with his hands.

Lan Shanyu had just learned this when she released a spiritual attack. She was so tired that she could barely stand. She was only able to hold her body up after pressing her palm on the table. When he looked back, he thought that the two of them must be in so much pain that they had to die. But he didn't expect that Hong Jun was completely fine. It was just that Wang Dashan was extremely weak.

Wang Da said helplessly, "I'm not doing it today, I must have drunk too much yesterday." After saying that, he stopped talking. It seemed that the pain was not light.

Lan Shanyu was curious. If a normal person was attacked, they wouldn't die, but at least they would die from the pain. However, this Hong Jun was strange. He actually ignored her attack. Could it be that he was also a cultivator? Lan Shanyu was secretly frightened. Offending her seniors was not a good thing. Ordinary people were afraid of the Lan family, but cultivators were fearless. If they were careless, they would offend someone.

Lan Shanyu sent a text message through her phone, asking someone to investigate the origin of this Hong Army that could ignore her attacks. After sending the message, she happened to see Xiao Lan smiling at Hong Jun.

Lan Shanyu looked at the skinny Hong Jun as she helped Wang Da and left, her mind filled with endless thoughts. Seeing how Xiao Lan was dealing with Hong Jun, he thought that Xiao Lan might know the origins of this Hong Jun.

"Sister." You know those two people? " Lan Shanyu suddenly answered. Xiao Lan had just sat down when she heard her cousin's question. She nodded and then shook her head.

"I only know one. His name is Hong Jun, and he lost his parents very early on. He was with an old lady who adopted him. Life is hard. "

Xiao Lan answered truthfully. When Lan Shanyu heard this, she didn't notice anything special. He then asked, "Is that the one who helped you?"

"Yes." Xiao Lan took out a book with five lines on it and placed it on the table.

"Didn't you notice that this Hong Jun is a little special?" Lan Shanyu continued her investigation.

"Special?" Xiao Lan curiously turned her head to look at Lan Shanyu.

Lan Shanyu was stunned for a moment before regaining her senses. She was not a descendant of the Lan family and did not have the qualifications to learn the family's inheritance. It was normal for Xiao Lan to not know.

Xiao Lan saw that Lan Shanyu did not say anything, so she did not say anything. Lan Shanyu almost said it out loud, but luckily, she reacted quickly.

"There must be something wrong with my mental attack that I ignored. There might be a big exception with this Hong Army."

Lan Shanyu had made up her mind to thoroughly investigate this Hong Jun.

Soon, class ended. The two of them walked out of the main entrance, only to see a young man waiting outside. If it wasn't Hong Jun, who else could it be? Xiao Lan walked up to Hong Jun and asked.

"Hong Jun, what are you waiting for?"

Hong Jun mumbled, "I'm here to return the goods." As he spoke, he took out an item from behind him. It was a pair of socks that Lan Shanyu had taken off the day before.

As soon as Lan Shanyu saw him, she realized that he was returning the item. He said in a coarse voice:

"Return the goods. I can say that I don't need a nameplate. Little sister, can you help me see what brand I have? "

Lan Shanyu had thought that the two of them had bought a new one, but how could she have known that it had only been washed by Hong Jun?

When Lan Shanyu saw it, she saw that it was filled with some kind of material. What kind of brand was there? It might have been bought by some kind of carpet.

"You're going to use this to compensate?"

Lan Shanyu was deliberately making things difficult for him, so how could she care about such a small matter?

Cousin's actions were a bit too excessive. Hong Jun said very embarrassedly, "I don't have the money to buy a new one, this is something I washed for you. That day you didn't chase us away and let me keep my job. Thank you very much." After Hong Jun finished speaking, he bowed.

Lan Shanyu saw that this Hong Jun definitely wasn't some senior. This senior must have his own pride. Perhaps it was because he was born unafraid of her spiritual attack, but such a person existed. She had heard her grandfather speak of such a person before.

Hong Jun only had a self-abasement of being "inferior" for a long time. Or rather, it was not an inferiority complex. It was a form of neither servility nor haughtiness, a form of courtesy, or equality. Xiao Lan hurriedly took it. She knew that Hong Jun was poor, so she took it to let Hong Jun feel at ease.

Seeing the two of them receiving the items and bowing respectfully, Hong Jun finally left.

When Lan Shanyu saw this, she felt somewhat discontented. She wanted to make things difficult for him, but she didn't expect Xiao Lan to beat her up. If she wasn't a cultivator, why would she, Lan Yanyu, be afraid?

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