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He saw that Wang Da and Hong Jun had already been in the Zither Garden for five days. Today, King's Mountain and Hong Jun were eating and drinking in a small restaurant.

Wang Dashan said, "Brother, today is your 18th birthday, so we should both eat better. Tonight, you have to go back home, and since Granny Xing is celebrating your birthday, I won't go. Old man told me that I have something to do, so I can't go. I'm sorry."

Hong Jun finished listening and said, "It's fine, you can go. This place isn't far from home. I'll take a taxi."

Wang Dashan took out a piece of 100 yuan and handed it to Hong Jun: "Take this, I gave it to you. Happy birthday, go home and buy some good food. Granny Xing never had a good life, so buy more."

Seeing Wang Dashan take the money, Hong Jun quickly said: "Big Brother Mountain, I can't take the money. I haven't done anything to help you these past few days, how could I have the face to take your money?"

"Nonsense, what do we have to do with each other? We're brothers, it's not right for Big Bro to give Little Bro some money for Little Bro's birthday." Take it, take it. If you keep up the nonsense, don't blame me for turning hostile. " Wang Dashan desperately wanted to give the money to Hong Jun, and Hong Jun had no choice but to accept it.

Honestly speaking, Hong Jun was very touched. There were many good people in this world. Xiao Lan was one, and so was Wang Dashan.

Seeing that Hong Jun didn't say anything more and just accepted the money, Wang Dashan smiled in satisfaction. The two of them had enough to eat, so they paid up and went back to their own business.

When Hong Jun returned home, he saw that his grandma had cooked a lot of dishes. There was meat and fish, and there was even a small bottle of wine. When the grandmother saw that Hong Jun had returned, she asked him all kinds of questions. She knew that everything was fine, so she was relieved. Only now did Hong Jun realize that she had worked with Wang Dashan for six days and that her bad luck didn't seem to have done her any harm. Only then did she gain a bit of confidence and Hong Jun gave her the one hundred yuan.

The three of them ate on the table. Hong Jun loved to protect Little Rock and always served him with food and wine. Little Rock was too young to drink, and the old granny made him drink a little today. This was the first time the small stone drank wine. It choked and shook its head, causing the two of them to laugh out loud.

After a pause, Granny Xing said, "Army, the Xiao family gave us some money as well. I think we should let you and Little Rock go to school together. You two should go to high school together. You may be older, but your knowledge is still better."

Of course, Hong Jun wanted to study, but he wanted to leave that money for Little Rock to study in college. If he worked hard to earn more money, coupled with the money provided by the Xiao family, Little Rock would be able to finish university.

Hong Jun thought about it and still thought it would be better to leave it to Little Rock to read than to teach. If he were to read it himself, then how tired would his grandmother be, so he decided not to read it. Forget it, I haven't read for many years anyway. If I were to go again, I wouldn't be able to read it anymore. It would be better to save up some money and leave it to Little Rock. "

What kind of person was Granny Xing? She naturally knew what Hong Jun was thinking, and since Hong Jun had already made up her mind, she would give up.

"Then forget it. Little Rock will be doing well in university in the future. You have to take care of your big brother Hong Jun, don't you know that?" Granny Xing joked to Little Rock. Little Rock nodded and took a shower before going to bed.

Hong Jun was lying on his bed, unable to sleep. He only had a primary school education, so it was impossible for him to pursue Xiao Lan. Xiao Lan had already passed his university entrance exams and would be leaving for university in a month's time. Hong Jun fell asleep in a daze. The old man in his dream appeared again. "Child, do you still remember me?"

Hong Jun found it strange that this old man hadn't said "Good and evil are always on the line of thought" when meeting him today.

Hong Jun had always wanted to converse with this old man. He wanted to ask him what the meaning of this sentence was and why he had to repeat it in his dreams every time.

"Who are you?" Hong Jun asked.

"You'll know when it's time to know who I am." That white-haired old man who did not know the truth said some useless words. However, Hong Jun did not dare to speak of it in front of him.

"What does that mean?" What Hong Jun said was the same line that he had always repeated in his dreams ever since he was young. 'Good and evil always think with one thought.'

"If you don't know what that means, then learn more. Only you can understand it for yourself. I want to tell you something else today. " After saying that, the old man paused for a while before continuing.

"Your path is destined to be different, and the Wheel of Fate has already begun to turn. And the special power in your body will one day be activated. In the future, I might have to rely on you to save the world. Remember, child, the greater your ability, the greater your responsibility. "Remember, remember."

Hong Jun and Ben did not get his answer, but the old man disappeared again.

Hong Jun was very depressed. After he woke up, he found that he could no longer sleep. Save the world? What did that mean? Did the world need to be saved? Isn't the world fine? Hong Jun felt more and more that perhaps there was something wrong with his brain, but the dream was so real, could it be true? If there really was something big in the future that he needed me to save, then why would he need me to? As a primary school student, what could he do?

Sigh, didn't he say that my energy would be developed? "Then take it slowly. Maybe I can really become a great hero." But the greater the power, the greater the responsibility. What exactly does that mean? Hong Jun muttered to himself.

Suddenly, Hong Jun giggled, "I'm dizzy. Did I read too many novels on the beach and always want to be some big hero? Sigh, it seems that he really was hallucinating. "Sleep, sleep."

Hong Jun gloomily covered himself up with a blanket. He was enlightened on himself, but because that dream was really too realistic, and now that he was doing it again, he could no longer fall asleep. In the end, he got up early and went to the construction site alone.

On the construction site, he coincidentally bumped into Wang Dashan.

"You can't sleep either, you came so early." Wang Dashan had been troubled, so he hadn't slept for the entire night. When he saw Hong Jun, he thought that Hong Jun had something to say to him. Hong Jun didn't even notice anything different from Wang Dashan, so he followed up with Wang Dashan's words:

"That's right; you came here when you couldn't sleep. What's wrong with you going home?"

Wang Dashan was fuming, "I won't say anymore; let's do something."

Wang Dashan did not say anything all day, not even Lan Shanyu, the person he loved the most, the two of them could not see him now either. In the other room, they had to go to the corridor, and Wang Dashan had to take a look at him from time to time, but today, he did not go and did not say a word, just stood there and did what he wanted to do; Hong Jun did not dare to say anything, and both were speechless.

At night, after he finished his work. The two of them sat in the snack bar and started drinking again. This time, Wang Dashan was not teasing her about the beauty, but rather, he was scolding her.

"His, his mom's, and his mom's brothers all complained about me. They said that I, his mom, and I don't do anything in there and only look at beauties. I've done so many things, and I don't have eyes, so I don't know how to look. His grandmother. "Cheers."

After Wang Dashan finished his speech, he downed another cup of wine. Hong Jun felt very guilty. It was all because of me that I was like this. As I said, whatever I do is bad luck. If I wasn't here, this wouldn't have happened. "It's all because I've let you down, Big Bro Mountain. I'm sorry."

"You, him, mom, stop talking nonsense. Damn it, it has nothing to do with you. It's that cow's doing."

Wang Dashan was trembling with anger. When Hong Jun saw that Mountain was like this, he felt even more guilty. He kept saying that he was sorry, that he was sorry.

"Him, huh, it's none of your business, you should apologize. Was it a sin to be so unlucky as to spoil him? Blame it on that cow. The old fogey only knows to listen to that vixen's words. China still has bigamy. This old fogey won't go to jail even though he's married to two wives. If it wasn't for the fact that our mother died too early. "Who's being angered by him? Rub."

Seeing that Wang Dashan was angry, Hong Jun did not dare to say anything more. Wang Dashan's anger had completely dissipated, and his heart was much calmer. Not long later, Wang Dashan took out three hundred yuan and said to Hong Jun:

"Brother, I only have three hundred yuan left. You can consider it your salary. Tomorrow, I will go out and fight. Do you want to come with me?" I thought this old man would be more fair to me on the account of my dead mother. Looks like I was wrong, brother, you will never grow up under the protection of others. "

Wang Dashan knew that it was impossible for Hong Jun to leave. He still had his Granny Xing, so he only asked her a question.

Hong Jun gave the three hundred yuan back to Wang Dashan, saying, "Big Brother Dashan still needs money to go out and explore. I'll use these to send you off. I can't not accept it. This is just a small token of my appreciation. "

The old man would definitely not give him the money, he only had about a hundred yuan left on him. Wang Da wanted to take it, but he was afraid that he would let his brother down, so he steeled his heart and took the money from Hong Jun's hands.

"You really are my good brother. When brother is rich, you'll have your Hong army as well as mine."

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