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After Wang Dashan left, Hong Jun picked up his trash. Today, he began to aimlessly wander the streets, thinking about something he had never thought of before. It was impossible for him to grow up under the protection of others. Perhaps what Wang Dashan said was right, and if he should go challenge them too. However, the moment he thought about how no one would take care of his grandma Xing, he felt like retreating.

'Forget it, I won't grow up until I'm old. I've heard people say that I'll get a lot of trouble when I grow up. Big Brother Shan seems to have never been happy before. Even though he has a bad temper, he's still trying to protect himself so that others can be afraid of him.' As for him, he had nothing to fight for. The only people he was concerned about were his grandma Xing and Little Rock. She had lived too hard in her life. If he could make things better for her, sacrificing himself was nothing. Now that he thought about it, he had a goal, which was to let the people around him live a happier life.

Hong Jun became spirited again and began to search for "prey" like before. Not long after, a fat man walked over. Hong Jun recognized this person; it was Wang Da Niu. Wang Da Niu himself could really live up to his name. His body was full of fat, and his face was full of fat. It was disgusting no matter how one looked at him, but he did do a lot of things.

It was still the third day of summer, and although it was already eight or nine in the morning, the air was still filled with heat waves. As for Wang Daniu, he was even more casual. He wore a pair of black shorts that were five points long and a green, narrow shouldered vest. Just like that, he walked towards the opposite side of Hong Army.

Hong Jun knew Wang Da Niu's character and did things well. He said that both black and white were better at teaching than black and white. So Hong Jun ignored him and wanted to pass by him. He didn't think that Wang Da Niu would stop him, and that Hong Jun would go somewhere else, so Wang Da Niu would stop him again. This made Hong Jun feel a bit angry.

Wang Da Niu laughed: "Brat, you don't want to spend your entire life picking up trash right? Follow me and I'll guarantee that you will make a fortune."

Hong Jun continued to ignore him and went straight away. Wang Da Niu didn't stop him this time and shouted at Hong Jun:

"Seven hundred yuan a month. Do you want to do the same thing as me and Mountain? Are you going to do it or not?"

Hong Jun actually wanted to do it, because there was Xiao Lan inside, but he was afraid that helping Wang Da Niu would let Wang Da Niu down.

Wang Da Niu saw that he could not say anything, and said: "800, 800 a month, are you willing to do it?"

Wang Da Niu saw that Hong Jun had stopped moving, and said, "You should think about it for your Lady Xing. He has never been blessed in his life, so if you follow me, you can guarantee that he will live a happy life without worries for at least a month, and men need to take responsibility for their food. I know what your difficulties are, but none of the factories around here want you, so why don't you help me out?"

Hong Jun was indeed shaken. Firstly, because he wanted to see Xiao Lan and secondly, because of Granny Xing.

"Alright, I promise you, but I'll leave once I have a new job."

"Fine, fine, fine. I'm lacking in manpower and have a large company to hire me. My men are all gone, and now that I have a master, I don't have any more small jobs. Since I can't afford to offend Director Lan, I'll have to do it myself tomorrow." Wang Da Niu began to brag to Hong Jun.

Hong Jun was too lazy to listen to his boasting. He replied without turning his head, "I'll be there on time tomorrow." Then, Yang Chang left.

Wang Da Niu said in a bad mood, "A poor bastard. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm in need of people, I wouldn't have come looking for a bad luck ghost like you, who is even friends with Mountain."

The next day, Hong Jun came to the violin garden early in the morning and prepared everything. Wang Da Niu led the other young miss Shan and when they arrived, the two of them were like two hooligans looking at each other as Wang Da Niu muttered. "Yo, he really does look quite good."

Today, Hong Jun did not see Xiao Lan. On the other hand, Lan Shanyu was here, and Hong Jun wanted to ask about Xiao Lan's situation, but he was not close with Lan Shanyu, so he had no choice but to give up.

At noon, the three of them had lunch. As usual, Hong Jun was in the toilet when he heard two voices outside.

"Director Wang, it's been a long time since you've worked hard, right? Tonight, find someone to work hard. There are so many beauties inside, don't waste them."

Wang Da Niu said solemnly, "It's not just the rich who are expensive. If there's a problem, it'll be worse than death. You better not be fooling around."

"Of course I wouldn't dare to do it for others, but what's there to be afraid of if I follow Boss Wang? After doing your work, she won't be able to remember who to find for anything."

Wang Da Niu giggled. That's true. "

Speaking of Wang Da Niu's special ability, it went back to when Wang Da Niu was eight years old. At that time, when Wang Da Niu was playing by the river, he obtained a very beautiful rock. Since then, he has always carried it with him. The young Wang Da Niu used this piece of jade as his lucky stone. Wang Daniu met a girl by chance when he was seventeen years old.

Seeing the girl's young appearance, Wang Da Niu's heart naturally moved. He took this chance to be alone and forcefully had a relationship with the girl. Later on, Wang Daniu was extremely regretful. Because he was afraid that the girls would call the police, he held the Lucky Stone in his hand and begged the heavens to let him go. In the end, a strange thing happened. Because Wang Da Niu pulled on the jade stone with the woman, it broke the palm of the woman's hand, and all the blood in the jade stone disappeared into nothingness.

Wang Da Niu was so scared that he was half dead. He ran away, and then the woman knew that he had been bent by a bow. He was furious, but he couldn't remember who the murderer was. From then on, Wang Da Niu became apprehensive. Later on, he gradually grew up and discovered a secret. As long as he sincerely begged for something, it would mysteriously take effect.

Of course, turning into a million was impossible. It only made people forget a few things. With this, it was unknown how many women Wang Da Niu had crippled. But today, seeing these beautiful girls around the age of seventeen or eighteen, Wang Da Niu's heart jumped.

Hong Jun jumped in fright. These two seemed to want to do something bad, what should he do? He wasn't a match for them, so he thought about it and couldn't come up with a good idea. Thus, he decided to just wait and see what the two of them would do that night.

Hong Jun's spiritual flame flickered. It was as if he had discovered a flaw. The two of them had not attended any classes this afternoon, so what was there to be afraid of? They were looking for a bird at night.

When the crowd left, they realized that they wouldn't be attending class in the afternoon, and they would still be in a coma. But when he arrived at his place of work, he was scared half to death. It was already afternoon, and the ancient music room had already been renovated.

In the morning, he would study modern zither knowledge and practice. In the afternoon, he would practice ancient zither. It was good that he didn't see them, but he didn't expect that Xiao Lan was also here. Now he was even more worried. The two of them wanted to do something evil, but he knew he had no power to stop them.

Hong Jun was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan. With the two of them working together, he, who was just a servant, naturally had to rush. With sweat pouring down his body, Hong Jun couldn't think of a good plan, nor could he say anything about it. He hurriedly took two buckets from the side of the corridor. He slipped and hit the glass with a "bang". A bucket of paint and wine entered the music room, causing the room to be filled with screams. The glass shattered and Wang Daniu angrily ran out as he loudly cursed:

"You stinking brat, you are doing this on purpose, aren't you? Are you trying to piss me off? "

Then, as he apologized to the person in charge, Hong Jun fell into the zither room, and some girls' bodies were sprayed everywhere. Hong Jun was the most miserable, he threw out one barrel and the other one poured onto his own body, turning into a green person. The girls laughed, and Lan Shanyu, who was sitting right in front, laughed the loudest. But because it was Hong Jun who held himself back and even lightly pulled Lan Shanyu, only then did Lan Shanyu stop laughing. But after a while, she smiled again and her voice became a lot softer.

"Hurry up and wash, otherwise you'll have skin allergies."

Only then did Hong Jun realize that he was about to go out and wash up. He hurriedly ran out.

Wang Da Niu's face was still big. The person in charge scolded him a bit, then he arranged for the girls who had been splashed to take a bath and change their clothes.

Wang Da Niu and another teacher entered the house and started making the floor. Because the house was dirty, the class was cancelled.

Wang Da Niu gritted his teeth in anger, wishing he could eat Hong Jun, who did not have any clothes on him. But luckily, Wang Da Niu bought him a set of clothes, although it was not a precious thing, but they were still his subordinates.

The next day. The three of them went back to work. In the afternoon, Hong Jun heard the teacher say:

"There's a famous old man from the country, Mr. Huo Qing, who's coming to teach you tonight. We'll start at 7: 30, about half an hour. Please be here. Do you understand?"

Everyone made it clear. Lan Shanyu said excitedly.

"I've heard old Mr. Huo play it once. Just by listening to him play it, you can see how profound the music of ancient times is."

"Uncle won't have the time to come tonight. I'll personally send you home." After Lan Shanyu finished her praise, she did not forget to tell Xiao Lan about the important matter that happened today.

Xiao Lan smiled, "It's fine; I'll go back alone."

Seeing that Xiao Lan did not want to return, Lan Shanyu quickly objected, "I'm not at ease. My aunt only has your precious daughter, I can't afford to lose her hair. Big sister will send you back, no matter what, no one will come pick me up tonight."

"Who would believe you. Elder Cousin is back today. If you siblings aren't going to have a good chat, then I won't go." Xiao Lan knew that her eldest cousin had returned today, so she didn't want to disturb the siblings' conversation.

Lan Shanyu laughed, "Who doesn't know that my brother likes his cousin? He doesn't even see me as his younger sister. It seems that I have to go back by myself."

"I'm ignoring you. Nonsense!" Xiao Lan was embarrassed and ignored Lan Shanyu.

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