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Wang Da Niu told everyone to get off work early and told Hong Jun to go back by himself. He and Master Hao had matters to attend to, so Hong Jun obviously knew what the two were up to, so he pretended to walk far away and followed the two of them.

After eating at the snack bar for a while, they took a taxi to the underground parking lot of the violin garden. Hong Jun had long since come to the parking lot to wait for Wang Da Niu and company, so he nervously gave them face inside as if he was afraid of being seen by others. Because there were also some rubbish placed in the renovated parking lot, Hong Jun hid inside. Master Hao said:

"I don't know which beauty will fall into our hands today. It would be best if we could have the girl in the short skirt with the girl in the white dress. That way, we would be able to make a profit."

Wang Da Niu laughed: "Hur hur, aren't you afraid that the Lan family won't let you off?"

When Master Hao heard Wang Da Niu's words, he despised them in his heart. Who the hell didn't know that you had this special ability? And you still pretended to be in front of me. But Master Hao still said a few words of praise: "With Director Wang around, anything can be settled."

Wang Da Niu was happy in his heart and said, "Hur Hur, of course."

After the two of them laughed evilly for a while, they did not speak anymore. This building was originally in the process of being renovated, but there weren't any cars inside. Most of them were the personal cars of the young miss who was learning the zither arts.

Hong Jun was so anxious that he was sweating profusely. However, he couldn't think of any other way. He could only be anxious. In his heart, he kept thinking of Xiao Lan, don't come down alone. Hong Jun was in a daze when he suddenly discovered that Wang Da Niu and Master Hao were carrying a girl around a corner. He wanted to stand up and stop them, but he saw a group of people clamoring as they got off the car. Hong Jun was worried about that girl, but with so many people coming at once, if he went out like this, it would be a misunderstanding and he would think she was a pervert. He wanted to wait for these people to go and save the girl.

After a while, all the girls got on a carriage and left the basement. Hong Jun wanted to stand up to save them, but he found that Wang Da Niu and Master Hao had returned. Hong Jun guessed. When Hong Jun saw that Wang Da Niu had returned, as Xiao Lan had not come down yet, he decided to wait a bit longer and go save the girl after Xiao Lan had left.

Wang Da Niu only caught one, but because he didn't catch Lan Shanyu, he returned. Master Hao was currently wearing a security uniform. It seemed that the security personnel had already been knocked unconscious by the two. Hong Jun was not too far away from the two of them, so he could hear their voices.

"Director Wang, a lot of girls left just now. Do you think that Lan fella has left yet?" Master Hao was worried.

"He probably hasn't left yet. Look at that car, the red BMW is still here." Wang Da Niu nodded as he said this, but in his heart, he was very proud.

After a while, Hong Jun heard the two of them say, "Be careful, someone is coming down."

Hong Jun was actually worried for nothing. Xiao Lan did not have a car, so she was picked up by her cousin. She would never come to the basement to pick up a car. Hong Jun wanted to see who had come down to pick up the car. He carefully looked up and was startled. Who else could it be other than Lan Shanyu?

By Wang Da Niu's side, Lan Shanyu naturally didn't see him. At this time, Master Hao, who was pretending to be a security guard, suddenly shouted at Lan Shanyu, "Miss Lan, is this bag yours?"

Lan Shanyu looked up and said, "No, you should go upstairs and hand it to Little Wang. Maybe it was some student who dropped it."

Master Hao felt displeased in his heart. His mother didn't even look at him when she spoke. Wait and see how I'll deal with you later. Even though he thought this in his heart, he didn't say it out loud. He then said, "Ok."

Master Hao was waiting for some time. He wanted to wait for Wang Da Niu to hide behind her and knock out Lan Shanyu. Hong Jun saw that Wang Da Niu was getting closer and closer to Lan Shanyu. His heart was in his throat, but if he were to continue supporting Wang Da Niu, then something big was going to happen.

This shout was indeed timely. Wang Da Niu's palm strike was dodged by Lan Shanyu. Wang Da Niu failed to hit her again. Although Lan Shanyu was a woman, she was also not an ordinary weak girl.

Wang Da Niu knew that he had lost the best opportunity, but he wasn't in a hurry. In any case, he still had Plan A if not, Master Hao had already blocked his path. Hong Jun and Lan Shanyu had to pass through Master Hao before they could leave.

Although Lan Shanyu had learnt the techniques passed down from her family, she didn't have any special methods to deal with enemies in a short amount of time. The two men had no chance of winning, so they secretly took out their phones and sent a message to ask for help. Lan Shanyu wasn't in a hurry. After she sent the message, all she needed to do was to wait for the right time. However, her wishful thinking was not accurate, and Wang Da Niu was still able to notice her delicate movements.

Wang Da Niu's heart skipped a beat. The Lan family was so rich that they even did protective work. It was not something an upstart could compare up to, so he decided to end the battle quickly.

Wang Da Niu gave Master Hao a look and Master Hao walked towards Hong Jun. Hong Jun was still young, but a big and tall man walked towards him. He was so scared that he kept backing away from Hong Jun. Lan Shanyu cursed him for his incompetence, but she was not in a good mood either, and Wang Da Niu also approached her.

Wang Da Niu was caught off guard, he thought that no one on Earth could have any special skills other than himself. Wang Da Niu felt the world spin around him, and a sweet mouthful of blood came out of his mouth. After a while, he felt that it was difficult for him to even walk, but he did not expect Lan Shanyu to be so serious. Her face was completely drained of blood, and she almost lost her balance as she supported herself on the carriage, on the verge of collapse. Only now did he recall his grandfather's words. This cultivation technique could injure an enemy by injuring himself, but unless it was a last resort, he must not use it.

Master Hao had already beat Hong Jun to the ground. Hong Jun lay motionless on the ground, as if he was dead. When Master Hao saw that Lan Shanyu's first thought was to run, he didn't expect her to lose all her strength after performing her strange technique. Thus, he was happy.

Wang Da Niu was able to withstand it because of the jade soul in his body. As a result, he was able to withstand the attacks of Lan Shanyu, who had just started cultivating. After a short pause, he felt much better. Lan Shanyu was so anxious that she could die. The members of the Second Monster Family were slow in their actions. Actually, they couldn't be blamed on the family. It had only been half a minute or so since Lan Shanyu had sent out the message. Her family needed some time to locate her. They also needed some time to rush over. 110 minutes to arrive at the scene.

Master Hao smilingly walked to Lan Shanyu's side and wanted to touch her face, but Wang Da Niu angrily said, "Quickly take her away! Leave this place! The Lan family is about to arrive."

Only then did Master Hao put away his smile and carried Lan Shanyu away. After Wang Da Niu was heavily injured, he slowly followed behind Master Hao.

Lan Shanyu felt extremely humiliated. Just now, she had no strength left in her body, so she had to use all of her strength to twist herself. Tears were already flowing out of his eyes.

Just when the two of them were about to turn the corner, Hong Jun stood up and rushed over shouting. When Wang Da Niu heard the sound from behind, he immediately turned around and was knocked down by Hong Jun. Wang Da Niu felt an incomparable pain all over his body. Because of the injuries from the previous attack, he was so angry that he wanted to stand up and kill Hong Jun. He was not able to stand firm on the ground for a moment.

Seeing this, Master Hao placed Lan Shanyu on the ground. He was going to hit Hong Jun again. Lan Shanyu had been gathering her energy and wanted to launch another attack. She would wait until she landed and use the last bit of her strength to release the Cry of Broken Zither. Master Hao was just a mortal that hadn't learned any secret techniques. Wang Da Niu could withstand it, but Master Hao definitely didn't have the ability to. After the hit, Master Hao felt that he had lost all five of his senses and his seven orifices were bleeding. Ah, hahaha! A person ran out crazily.

After Lan Shanyu made her last strike, she immediately fainted and no longer felt anything. Wang Da Niu slowly stood up. He wanted to kill Hong Jun, but he did not expect Hong Jun, who had a pig's head and was beaten up, to crawl back up again. He glared at him. Wang Da Niu was a bit scared. He wanted to run away first, but he saw Hong Jun charging towards him. Hong Jun's fighting style was one that completely disregarded his own life; he wanted to smash Wang Da Niu to death.

Wang Da Niu didn't notice that he was hit just now, so this time he was prepared and was not afraid. When Hong Jun rushed over, he turned around and dodged the attack. Then, he took Hong Jun's leg and kicked back. Hong Jun's face swelled up even more when he crashed into the stone pillar. His skin was cut open and bleeding. Wang Da Niu wanted to carry Lan Shanyu along, but after wiping his arms twice, he decided to leave by himself.

Seeing Wang Da Niu walk far away, Hong Jun thought of the girl he captured, and then went to look for Wang Da Niu. Wang Da Niu came to the security room, pulled the glass curtain a little to block the bed, and drank a mouthful of water.

He should have run away now, but he was now in a great mess. Not only was he seriously injured when he was messed up by Hong Jun, he could only vent his anger in his heart, since the girl was tied up and could not struggle, so he could only close his eyes in pain.

When Hong Jun arrived and saw a security room with a sound inside, he pushed open the door with his foot. When the girl saw a pig-faced Hong Jun, she became even more desperate. Two streams of tears flowed down uncontrollably. Knowing that no one could save him today, he closed his eyes in despair.

When Wang Da Niu saw the ferocious and evil Hong Jun enter, he felt angry in his heart. He punched out, and without further ado, Hong Jun closed his eyes and rushed forward with the intention of smashing Wang Da Niu to death. When Wang Da Niu's fist was about to come into contact with Hong Jun, he saw a faint trace of white light on Hong Jun's body. He didn't think much of it and only thought of quickly ending Hong Jun's life. Unexpectedly, as soon as they touched, Wang Da Niu's entire body disappeared from this world. In the instant he disappeared, a green face that was like smoke painfully twisted. It screamed but no sound came out. Finally, it disappeared together with Wang Da Niu.

The girl only felt a flash of white light. When she opened her eyes, she saw Hong Jun sprawled on the ground. The bad guy's figure was long gone from the room.

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