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When Hong Jun woke up, he found that he was already in the hospital. He wanted to move, but he felt an excruciating pain all over his body. He felt as though he lacked the strength to do so, so he tried to think of what could have happened. However, he discovered that there were four clear eyes looking at him. Only after a closer look did he realize who the two of them were. One was the extremely familiar old granny Xing Meng, while the other was Xiao Lan.

"Army son, you're finally awake, anxious grandmother." As she spoke, she wiped away her tears.

Xiao Lan was happy to see Hong Jun wake up, but she didn't show it. He only faintly said, "Hong Jun, you've finally awoken."

There seemed to be a few other people in the room. Little Rock walked over to look at his big brother who was usually fierce towards him, and his heart was filled with joy.

Hong Jun felt incomparably blissful. When he woke up, he saw that even if Grandmother Xing didn't say anything, Xiao Lan was actually accompanying him. He was groaning in pain, unable to speak.

At this moment, Hong Jun's entire body was tied up. Even his head was tied up, leaving only his eyes exposed. At this moment, a very unfriendly voice rang out …

"Hong Jun, you've finally woken up. I've been waiting for you for a long time."

"I didn't think that Lan Shanyu would want to settle accounts with Hong just after coming back from the bathroom." "I was knocked out the other day and you actually ran off by yourself. If something were to happen to me, you won't be able to bear the consequences."

Xiao Lan helped her by saying, "Cousin, if it weren't for Hong Jun, you wouldn't have been able to bear the consequences. Why aren't you thanking Hong Jun?"

Lan Shanyu was also joking. Although she was angry and had left first, Hong Jun had also gone to save people. Besides, she wasn't in any danger at the time. It was true that the girl who was being held was in danger.

Lan Shanyu saw that Xiao Lan was pouting, expressing her dissatisfaction. How could her cousin's arms stick out? He didn't say anything. Hong Jun wanted to explain, but couldn't say it out loud. Xiao Lan saw Hong Jun and anxiously said:

She doesn't even know how to thank you for saving her. That day, after you beat up that bad guy and saved that girl, my cousin also rushed over, and I only saw you lying on the ground, and didn't see where that bad guy went. Do you know where he went? "

The Lan family had been searching for Wang Da Niu, but they hadn't found him for three or four days. It was as if he had vanished from the face of the earth.

Hong Jun thought about it, but still couldn't think of how he managed to beat away Wang Da Niu in the end. He only knew that he fainted at that time, probably because he was beaten unconscious by Wang Daniu. He originally felt guilty for not being able to save the girl, but after hearing that the girl was not hurt, he felt a lot better. But in the end, he couldn't figure out where Wang Da Niu had run off to. Xiao Lan saw Hong Jun shake his head and understood that Hong Jun probably didn't know either.

At this moment, Granny Xing said, "Forget about it, just forget it. That Wang Da Niu isn't a good person. He offended the Lan family this time, so he must have gone into hiding."

Lan Shanyu was furious. "Even if he hides at the edge of the Sky Cliff Sea, I will find him, skin him, and flay his meridians. "You dare to have any ideas about me."

Xiao Lan knew that Lan Shanyu was truly angry this time, so she didn't try to persuade her. She just hoped to find Wang Da Niu as soon as possible, so that the other girls wouldn't be harmed by him.

The first person to come in was an old man. His bald head had some hair on it, and he looked like he was in his sixties, but he gave off a very experienced and energetic feeling. His spirit seemed to be even greater than that of a twenty year old young man, and he wore a light blue suit. A pair of pale blue trousers. The other one was a young and beautiful girl. She was wearing a short skirt which was shorter than the one the teacher was wearing. It was a very hot day right now, so many girls wore the same clothes. He had a long, clawed face and mischievous eyes, blinking and blinking brilliantly. Her long hair was tied up and looked similar to Xiao Lan's current hairstyle. It was all tied up high.

"Nephew Hong Jun has awoken. I have truly come late." The old man greeted Hong Jun as soon as he entered the door, even saying that he was too late.

Hong Jun was wondering when his uncle and uncle came to look at him so kindly. When he turned around, he realized that he didn't recognize this person. That young lady looked familiar, but he couldn't figure out who she was.

When Lan Shanyu and Xiao Lan saw the old man enter, they immediately called out to him respectfully.

Hong Jun was pondering who the two of them were. Granny Xing said, "This is the Principal of Yullan University, Li Fengqing. This is the girl you saved at that time, Li Mingzhu. They have come to see you a few times already."

When Hong Jun heard this, his heart skipped a beat. He had always been Mayor H, and Yulan University was like thunder in his ears. Yulan University had only been established in recent decades. Although it was only a few decades old, its reputation was impressive. It was on par with Peking University and Tsinghua University. In some ways, it was better than the first two universities, which were famous universities in H City.

Li Mingzhu nudged Li Fengqing and softly said, "Grandfather, you have to keep your promise."

Li Fengqing waved his hand to tell Li Mingzhu not to worry. He continued, "The last few times I came, you didn't wake up. This time, I want to thank you for saving my granddaughter. I don't know what request you have for me. As long as it's something I can help you with. Right, your age is about the same as Zhu'er, what school did you enter this time? "

When Granny Xing heard this, she immediately understood that he wanted Hong Jun to enter Yu Lan to study in return. He felt happy in his heart, but he was worried that Hong Jun would refuse.

Although it was difficult for Hong Jun to speak, he could still force his way through. Hong Jun replied without even thinking, "Thank you for your kind intentions, Principal. I … have no books to read."

Li Fengqing thought Hong Jun was worried about the tuition fees and said, "Don't worry about the tuition fees. I can exempt all the tuition fees from your university and give you a scholarship."

Granny Xing was moved. "The principal gave too much. The military actually didn't do anything?"

Li Fengqing said, "Compared with our nephew Hong Jun saving Zhu'er, is this really nothing? Besides, the conditions for cultivating blue are not very good. But there is no further worry about letting Hong Jun learn from it. "

Li Fengqing was also somewhat aware of the situation in Hong Jun's house, but the conditions in her house weren't very good. After hearing that her granddaughter said that Hong Jun still needed to work during the holidays, he said this.

Hong Jun never said a word. In fact, he really wanted to go to university and study with Xiao Lan. But now that there was such a good opportunity, he could only give it up. Finally he thought about it and said, "Thank you for your kind intentions, Principal. I don't want to study anymore. I think no matter who saw this, they would go and save your granddaughter, so you don't need to worry too much about it. "

When Li Mingzhu saw that Hong Jun refused to give Li Fengqing another push, Li Fengqing glanced at his granddaughter with a bit of displeasure in his heart. Li Mingzhu saw that Hong Jun refused to give Li Fengqing another push. Li Fengqing originally wanted to say something strong, but Li Mingzhu changed her words, "Then let nephew think carefully —"

Xiao Lan had also been looking forward to Hong Jun going to university. However, she was very clear on the real situation of the military. Hong Jun only had a primary school, which was empty at 18 years of age. Not to mention the tuition fee, even if Li Fengqing taught Hong Jun alone, he wouldn't go.

"Teacher, I have something to say to you." Xiao Lan whispered into Li Fengqing's ear.

Li Fengqing's expression was first filled with disbelief, then a burst of surprise. Then he smiled and said, "Alright, good nephew Hong Jun, I will wait for you for three years. If you still don't want to come after three years, then forget it. Also, your brother is studying in Yulan for free. From this year onwards, I will be giving him scholarships. I didn't expect that nephew would be so filial at such a young age.

Hong Jun did not know what Xiao Lan and Li Fengqing had said. However, he was actually grateful to Xiao Lan for doing these things for him. In the future, even if he couldn't handle Little Rock any longer, Little Rock's future would be bright, and the burden on him would be greatly reduced. Hong Jun saw that Li Fengqing was talking about this matter, and there was also Granny Xing who was constantly whispering to him, so he had no choice but to agree.

"Thank you, Principal!"

Li Fengqing smiled. He felt that he had done the right thing this time, so he said, "I still have things to do, so I won't disturb your rest for now."

After everyone sent Li Fengqing and Li Mingzhu off. Lan Shanyu was puzzled, "Hong Jun, this time you've struck it rich. Youlan's tuition is extremely expensive, but I didn't expect him to skip it all. But why do you need to spend three years before studying it? "Why can't we go now?"

The reason why Xiao Lan said those words to Li Fengqing in a low voice was to give face to him. Now, if Lan Shanyu were to ask, then she would naturally not whisper it to Li Fengqing in the first place, and would naturally not say it to her. He found a place to go home. Lan Shanyu chased after him to ask for his answer, and in that instant, the entire ward quieted down.

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