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Hong Jun, who was resting on his sickbed every day, was once again dreaming of the old man who had appeared in his dreams since he was young.

"Child, I was wrong about some things a few days ago, so I came today to fulfill my promise. I wanted to ask you, do you know the meaning behind those words that I always said to you?"

Hong Jun was just a primary school student, how could he understand this? He could only shake his head.

"Knowledge is a good thing. It allows you to understand a lot of things. Only by understanding things can you truly understand yourself."

Hong Jun still shook his head.

"Reason can be learned at any time, and no one visits you earlier or later, but as you grow up. The energy hidden within your body will naturally awaken. Today, I will pass on a cultivation technique to you so that you can clearly see my movements. "

After the old man finished speaking, he sat down cross-legged and drew a circle with his hands from top to bottom and then with his hands clasped together, he pointed at the S shape on his right hand. After doing this, the old man placed his hands above his knees.

He said, "When I do this, I will silently recite 'Kun Kun Five Elements Tao technique' and then take a deep breath. Bear in mind that the longer you train, the better it is for you. Do you understand? "

Although Hong Jun had never read any books, it was still easy for him to remember all of them. He then nodded to the old man to show that he understood. The old man already knew the truth when he saw Hong Jun. He nodded with relief and said:

"Before you leave, let me enlighten you, okay?" After saying that, he pointed at Hong Jun and disappeared in a flash.

In the dream, Hong Jun felt a sudden chill on his forehead. He looked left and right, only to find that he was surrounded by a dark green circular tunnel. There were even traces of white fog in the distance. "After looking around, Hong Jun discovered that he did not seem to recognize this place." "Where is this?" Hong Jun stood at the side, not daring to move. "A voice suddenly appeared in my mind." "Follow the fog and open all the doors you see. You can finally get out."

Although Hong Jun didn't understand, he still followed the words in his head and began to rush towards the white mist. There was not much white fog ahead, and in this dark green tunnel, one could see the white fog floating everywhere. Hong Jun had no choice but to quickly run away. The most important thing was to leave this damned place as soon as possible.

After running for less than half a day, Hong Jun discovered a large door. This door blocked off the entire passageway. If one did not open the door then they would not be able to go in. Without hesitation, Hong Jun gently opened the door. The door seemed to be very big and heavy, but Hong Jun only used a tiny bit of effort to easily open it. When the door was opened, it completely disappeared, as if there had never been a door before. Moreover, when the door opened, it was accompanied by a relatively strong gust of wind, which immediately refreshed Hong Jun's spirit.

In a room that was extremely quiet and had no one to accompany him, a sleeping figure that was covered in white bandages suddenly shook. Afterwards, a cyan light suddenly shot out from somewhere within his body. However, after dispersing once, he was able to regain his calm.

After Hong Jun was blown away by the strong wind, his mind shook and he felt very good. His strength seemed to have returned, and he quickly ran forward again. One had to know that this passageway was a straight path. Hong Jun only needed to run down this path. Another door appeared in front of them, and they gently opened it. When he opened it, the white mist around him gathered together happily and floated forward, as if he was looking at Hong Jun and saying, 'Let's go, there's still a door open in front of us?' Hong Jun shook his head and charged forward.

Hong Jun charged forward and opened the door to the passageway. Although the path wasn't very long, he had run for a very long time. He also felt powerless. However, as long as he managed to open a door, the moment the gale blew in, Hong Jun would feel as if all his fatigue disappeared. After opening dozens of doors consecutively, Hong Jun arrived at the only intersection in the passageway that appeared once. The passageway was divided into two directions, with a door in each direction.

Hong Jun didn't know how to choose, but he soon came to an understanding. The old man in the dream had said that if all the doors were open, they would naturally leave. Hong Jun carefully approached a door on the right, but was unable to open it. He pushed with all his might, and it seemed as if he only moved once, no matter how much he pushed. It was as if the gale from over there was very violent.

In order to get out, Hong Jun had used up all his energy. He was so tired that he was sweating profusely and his hands and feet were weak. However, Hong Jun still persisted. As the door slowly opened, Hong Jun felt some hope in his heart.

Hold on and use more strength. Hong Jun had always been cheering for himself in his heart. Honestly speaking, although Hong Jun was thin and weak, he had suffered for many years. Naturally, he had worked hard as well. "Therefore, they are still slightly stronger than their peers." Hong Jun let out a muffled grunt. The door opened and a violent gale blew past. Hong Jun was almost blown away. Just as his feet touched the ground, a blue light shot out. Hong Jun stood there unsteadily. After the door was opened by Hong Jun, it vanished like the dozen or so doors before it.

His strength was restored and the door was opened, but he did not go out. Hong Jun looked at the far end of the door. It was still dark green in front of him, but he didn't want to run anymore. It was too boring and tiring. Let's open the next door first. After pausing for a moment, Hong Jun began to forcefully push open the doors to the passageway.

Once again, he was covered in sweat and his hands and feet were weak. Then, Hong Jun forcefully opened the door. An extremely violent gale blew over, and the other door seemed to sense it and let out a furious roar. Hong Jun could no longer stand firm. After a series of mysterious twists and turns, he regained his consciousness.

When Hong Jun woke up, he felt his entire body was drenched in sweat. He looked at the clock on the wall. It was only two o'clock. Seeing that he was the only patient in the ward, and that his grandma Xing had returned home with Little Rock for some matters, Hong Jun was secretly happy that she didn't have a bed to accompany him.

Although his body was injured, Hong Jun still wanted to do what he had done in the dream. He forced himself up. He did what the old man told him to do. He read the words as well, then took a deep breath. At first, he didn't feel anything, but his body felt a little cold. It was normal for ordinary people to feel cold at night. However, after about half an hour, his body felt warm and comfortable. He was so happy that he sat down for six hours before he stopped.

In order to train, Hong Jun didn't even let Granny Xing accompany him every day. During these five days, Hong Jun unexpectedly left the hospital earlier than expected due to the doctor's budget, and on this day, it was the start of university. Xiao Lan and Lan Shanyu didn't come, so Granny Xing was the one to bring Hong Jun out.

When the two of them took a taxi home, Granny Xing actually brought Hong Jun to a very spacious big house. It was a residential area with many tall buildings. One of the buildings that Hong Jun was staying in was on the third floor.

Granny Xing said, "This was given to you by the Lan family in order to thank you for saving Miss Lan's life." Do you still like it? "

Hong Jun was so happy that he didn't know how to describe his current mood. He had always wanted his grandmother to move out of that run-down house. He could only blame himself for not being able to make Granny Xing suffer. Now that he had saved a person's house, he really had to thank the heavens for their kindness. For Hong Jun, who was used to poverty since he was young, a family that was more decent and able to let his family live a good life was even happier than the cultivation method of the old man in his dreams.

At dinner time, Granny Xing seemed to be thinking about Xiao Lan's book plan when she saw how worried Hong Jun was.

"No matter what, you have to give it a try. Don't think too much." Granny Xing would never let Hong Jun give up his studies.

Hong Jun thought about it and was still a little worried. "I …"

I think what Xiao Lan said to you was enough. You just have to work hard at home to finish your middle school lessons and then go to university. Although it is a little difficult for you to complete five years of high school in three years, I believe that you will definitely be able to do it. "

Hong Jun was very grateful for what Xiao Lan had done for him, but even though there was a place to live, it was not a big deal for his family to live without any financial resources.

"You don't need to say anything, nor do you need to worry about your family. The Lan family gave me a huge amount of money as thanks this time. I can't use it to my death. If you want to have an ending with Xiao Lan, you have to study hard and when you have a future, everything will be fine. "

After Hong Jun heard what his grandmother Xing said, he had some thoughts in his heart. He returned to his bedroom and looked at the pile of books inside. He didn't know how to decipher it, but when he looked at the phone on the bed, there was a piece of paper pressed down on it. Hong Jun was fiddling with the phone in his hand. He then picked up the paper and saw the words "If you don't understand, then call me. Remember to work hard to learn it."

Hong Jun looked at the only number on the phone and had the urge to call it. It would have been nice to hear the other party's voice, but he didn't have the courage to make the call in the end.

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