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C1 Chapter 1

Doula, Cameroon.

21st July, Wednesday 2004.

I had gotten ready and was about leaving for school . When I heard a call from mom who was downstairs "Raisa, someone is here to see you",my mom was so loud that you could basically hear her voice from the next house.

"Okay mom, but you don't have to be so loud. I can hear you, you know", I said as I was running downstairs to see who it was, thinking it was Betsy. I ran to the living room and was looking at the door when to my greatest horror, standing in the sitting room was the guy I hated the most which unfortunately for me, my parents loved, cherished and treated as a son. This guy had an ego as big as an elephant. A complete jerk he was. An arrogant fellow and someone I despised and hated, not like he didn't show me the same. But most of all I hated his hypocritical nature especially when he was around both our parents.

' Yeah right and it has to be that one person who was going to damage the rest of my day before it even started. Hell no! I wasn't going to let that happen', I said to myself trying to not look angry than I already was.

And there he was standing like an innocent puppy when deep inside was a devil. I don't even know how our parents met in the first place like this whole sh*t will not have been happening now. For God's sake not today, when am trying as much as I can to prepare myself for the the hectic day I had ahead of me. I was writing a test that day and didn't want to get angry no matter the situation. Like seriously, this wasn't going to be necessary at the moment.

"I seriously thought it was Betsy, mom, why would you shout my name like that in the first place? All because of a guy",I said as I walked over to meet my mom who at this time had already set the table for breakfast.' Just because of this piece of sh*t over here', I muttered under my breath as I walked over to the dining table which she luckily didn't hear. Like it would have been a whole sermon.

"Wouldn't you greet our guest, besides he came to see you", my mom said ignoring what I had just said.

"Huh, who did he come to see?, I don't even have the energy for this right now. Mom I really don't see any guest in this house", I said trying to avoid greeting him".

"What?", My mom exclaimed. " Don't you see the handsome lad seated on the sofa, or did you suddenly become blind", my mom uttered as she pointed to the direction of "the handsome lad" on the sofa which was definitely him.

"Hi there", I uttered in a cold and some what arrogant tone.

"Hello Raisa, looking beautiful as always", He said in a calm flirtatious tone. " How are you doing?".

I really didn't want to answer so I didn't utter a word to him again, besides he was being all nice infront of my mom but a total devil when she was absent. I just shrugged.

"Haha mom you're so funny, is that the guest you wanted me to greet, more like your favorite child from another mother", I said to my mom in a very cold tone avoiding him at all cost.

"Shut up Isa, I love you very much. You are my only child and I cherish you with everything in me and you are my favorite child",my mom uttered in a very soft and calming tone, " so don't say that again ok?".

"Yeah right", I responded while sitting down. Why was he even here in the first place, it was very early in the morning and knowing who he was, he was supposed to be in school by now. Anyways it wasn't my business, hence I stayed away from asking and just sat on the dining to dish my food. No matter how I felt, nobody could ever make me loose appetite for food. Especially breakfast in the morning. Hence, I sat and started dishing my healthy breakfast when all of a sudden I heard my mom say, "Son, why don't you come over to the dining and eat breakfast with us besides you look like you didn't have breakfast this morning", my mom said this in the sweetest tone ever.

" Yes ma'am, thanks a lot I really didn't have any food before coming over to your house. So a little breakfast will help", he said this as he walked over to the table and sat on the chair opposite to mine. " Oh no, no, no", I said to myself, not the devil. As he sat beside me I could perceive the scent of his expensive cologne and I swear it gave me chills. I just gulped down my throat and continued taking my breakfast which was a sandwich, sauted broccoli, bacon, and a slice of chicken. A glass of juice, and a piece of cake.

My mom was an excellent cook and didn't need a maid for the kitchen. Most things I knew how to do was as a result of her guidance. She always changed the menu everyday so I didn't get bored. While the so called guy was happy I was seated there boiling with anger and and inhaling the scent of his cologne. It was almost like he wanted me to perceive the rich expensive perfume from his body.

"For a minute I thought you weren't going to come like you promised", said my mom to the lad beside me.

"Of course not ma'am, why would I give fake promises. Besides, I said I was going to give a ride to school today to my pretty lady today. Besides our schools are close to each other and it's not going to be difficult", said he, in a very calm tone yet I could hear a proud tone in his voice.

"Wait what, is he giving me a ride to school. No,no,no. Could this day get even worst", I muttered under my breath as I choked over the food I was eating.

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